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Tosta Mista

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Full Time Hobby

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Debut UK album from Polaris-nominated Toronto indie collective Hooded Fang.

‘Tosta Mista’ is a whirlwind of garage indie pop, drawing inspiration from 60s garage, with surf guitars and relentless drum breaks.

This collection of songs on love and heartbreak is definitely one for fans of Iggy Pop, The Sonics, The Strokes, The Strange Boys and the ‘Nuggets’ series.


Darryl says: Top drawer 60s infused garage pop - Like a cross between the Strokes and a more playful Black Lips. This will be essential to all lovers of the Nuggets and Pebbles series.


1. Big Blue I
2. Clap
3. ESP
4. Brahma
5. Tosta Mista
6. Big Blue II
7. Jubb
8. Vacationation
9. Den Of Love
10. Big Blue III
Saddles *
Wanning *
Spastic Heaven *
(* = Digital Bonus Track)

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