14 Iced Bears

Hold On Inside - Complete Recordings 1991-1986

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Cherry Red

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Brighton’s 14 ICED BEARS emerged in 1986 as part of the C86 generation of Indie-Pop bands.

Early singles ‘Inside’ (1986) and ‘Balloon Song’ (1987) were quintessential jangly guitar nuggets, issued on ex-TVPs bassist Mark Flunder’s Frank label.

After an EP Come Get Me for the impeccably cool Sarah Records, they signed to Thunderball in 1988 for more psychedelic ‘World I Love’ and ‘Mother Sleep’ and eponymous debut album.

1991’s second LP Wonder was a more sprawling, adventurous creation (close to shoegazer territory) but 14 Iced Bears split soon after. They reunited in 2010 and have since played Indietracks and some shows in the USA.

The band are performing at the Scared To Get Happy Indie festival at London’s 229 Club on June 22nd to pre-empt this welcome anthology.

John Peel’s enthusiasm was clearly evident: "I like these Iced Bears, all fourteen of them!"


Disc 1
1. Hold On
2. Heaven Star
3. Smooth In The Sun
4. These Are The Things
5. When It Comes
6. Rare (Like You Are)
7. Love On A Sugar Mountain
8. Eyes
9. Red Now
10. Summer Nights
11. In The Morning
12. Falling Backwards
13. World I Love
14. Rise
15. Beautiful Child
16. The Wonder Of Coincidence 1

Disc 2
1. Take It
2. Holland
3. Train Song
4. Moths
5. Hay Fever
6. Florence
7. Spangle
8. Dust Remains
9. Cut
10. Surfacer
11. Coming Down
12. Mother Sleep
13. Come Get Me
14. Sure To See
15. Unhappy Days
16. If I Said
17. Miles Away
18. Balloon Song
19. Train Song (Different Version)
20. Like A Dolphin
21. Lie To Choose
22. Blue Suit
23. Cut (Different Version)
24. Inside

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