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Jesu / Sun Kil Moon

Jesu / Sun Kil Moon

    A collaborative studio album by American indie folk act Sun Kil Moon and British experimental act Jesu. The album also features guests Will Oldham aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy, members of Low, Rachel Goswell of Slowdiveand Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse.

    Jesu and Sun Kil Moon including drummer Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth will play five shows in February and March 2016 to support the album. 

    El Vy

    Return To The Moon

      EL VY is the collaboration between Matt Berninger, vocalist and lyricist of The National, and Brent Knopf, the Portland musician and producer best known for his work in Menomena and his more recent band, Ramona Falls.

      Their debut album, Return To The Moon, is a project Berninger and Knopf have been thinking about for years. Their friendship spans nearly a decade, starting back when The National and Menomena played small half-empty clubs along America’s west coast. Feeling an immediate musical kinship, the pair kept in touch, Brent sending Matt occasional rough sketches of music and Matt responding with ideas and lyrics. Finally, in the winter and spring of 2014-115, they got together to make an album.

      Return to the Moon sounds exactly like you'd hope a collaboration between these artists would: Berninger's darkly funny, lyrical storytelling and his immediately identifiable sense of melody offset by Knopf's playful, architectural arrangements and inventive production.

      Alela Diane & Ryan Francesconi

      Cold Moon

        Singer/songwriter Alela Diane and guitarist Ryan Francesconi have uniquely collaborated to create Cold Moon. The two musicians talked at a friend's show in October 2014, chatting about how they were both experiencing creative standstills.

        Ryan was lacking inspiration to make more instrumental music, and Alela was at a loss for how to dive into writing a new record after the birth of her daughter. A few days later, Ryan asked Alela if she would be into collaborating and then sent her several recordings of intricate, beautiful guitar pieces. Alela listened on repeat while staring out the window at the changing leaves, initially unsure how to sing even a note over what she heard.

        Eventually, something clicked. Words came first, and with words, melody followed. Throughout the winter, Alela made trips across town to Ryan's house to woodshed the songs over cups of tea. Before they knew it, they had a record-a collaboration of voice and guitar with intangible moods and resonances-a collection that calls you to reflect and be hopeful.

        A wintry music born in December. And so rose the Cold Moon.

        Alela Diane is a critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter from Nevada City, CA currently living in Portland, Oregon. She’s released four albums including “The Pirate’s Gospel” in 2007, “To Be Still” in 2009, “Wild Divine” in 2011 and “About Farewell” in 2013.

        Ryan Francesconi is a composer, guitarist, balkan musician, programmer, and cyclist living in Portland, Oregon. Recent projects include arranging Joanna Newsom's "Have One On Me", a solo guitar record "Parables", and "Road To Palios" - his latest album of duets with Mirabai Peart released by Bella Union.


        Moon Safari - 180g Vinyl Edition

          Air's Nicolas Godin and Jean Benoit Dunckel were a couple of cerebral keyboard geeks from Versailles, France, where they obviously don't get out of the studio much. Their space-pop debut, "Moon Safari", was a truly obsessive hommage to easy listening, a sublime Eurocheese omelet. They built their music out of classic 60s French schlock: bongos, castanets, vintage electric piano, dream-weaver synths and shag-carpet organ straight from the soundtracks of movies like Un Homme et Une Femme. The music is full of hidden jokes, as when "Remember" replicates the distorted drum intro from the Beach Boys hit "Do It Again"; Air's Brian Wilson allusion isn't some "Smile"-era obscurity - it's a beach-party blowout. Loads of American bands tried to emulate the fab tackiness of 1960s French pop. But Moon Safari proves that the French really do it better themselves.

          To coincide with the deluxe reissue of “The Virgin Suicides”, Warner / Parlophone will also release remastered versions of Air’s five album discography on 180-gram vinyl with original artwork – their first EP 'Premiers Symptômes' (1997), 'Moon Safari' (1998), '10,000 Hz Legend' (2001), 'Talkie Walkie' (2004), and 'Pocket Symphony' (2007). 

          “Different things are happening in my life now, so there is no doubt that it will be a very different album.” - Mark Kozelek

          ‘Universal Themes’ includes ‘The Possum’, a nineminute track featuring Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley about dead possums and hanging out with Godflesh.

          Guitars and vocals by Mark Kozelek. Percussion by Steve Shelley.

          Recorded in San Francisco, 2014 / 2015. Additional recording in Hoboken, 2015.


          The Possum
          Birds Of Flims
          With A Sort Of Grace I Walked To The Bathroom To Cry
          Garden Of Lavender
          Cry Me A River 
          Williamsburg Sleeve
          Tattoo Blues
          Ali/Spinks 2
          Little Rascals
          This Is My First Day And I’m Indian And I Work At A Gas Station

          “Dream pop with fangs, packing their reverblayered surfaces with punchy playing and swooning melodies” - SPIN

          Toronto duo Moon King, made up of songwriter Daniel Benjamin and singer / guitarist Maddy Wilde, have crafted a raw, rapturous and emotional new record, which documents their ascent from an intimate conceptual project into a powerful live band.

          Following a year of touring in support of their ‘Obsession I’ and ‘II’ EPs, Daniel and Maddy relocated to a cottage in northern Ontario to record the album with a group of Toronto music scene luminaries, all of whom had played in various incarnations of the live band.

          Mostly recorded live off the floor, there is a deep sense of loss and longing in ‘Secret Life’. Moon King channel desperation and project it outwards, each song carrying with it both a weight and a sense of urgency.


          Secret Life
          Come Back
          Golden Age

          Sonic Youth’s second full-length LP Bad Moon Rising was originally released on Homestead and Blast First in 1985. The album is a fascinating examination of “the junction where hippie idealism [meets] the cold hard world,” says guitarist Lee Ranaldo, “where Woodstock [meets] Altamont—Death Valley, Charles Manson, Brian Wilson, musicians, murderers, heroes and villains.” Its original eight-song tapestry of droning guitar feedback, distant clattering percussion, and sullen vocals, all held together with interstitial noise loops and shadowy haze, ambles through a long, dark night before the feverish “Death Valley ’69,” driven by runaway guitar riffs and a frantic Thurston Moore / Lydia Lunch vocal duet, pounds the capstone into place.

          Sonic Youth’s big leap forward from Confusion Is Sex and Kill Yr Idols “reflects the spirit of the time,” to quote All Music Guide. Bad Moon Rising views “American gothic through the glassy eyes of wilful moonlit paranoia.” Back in print on Goofin’ Records, this reissue includes bonus tracks “Flower” and “Halloween,” both from a 12”single of the same era. The sound collage morsels “Satan Is Boring” and “Echo Canyon” are your cue to begin moving toward the exit and get out while you can. 


          1. Intro
          2. Brave Men Run (In My Family)
          3. Society Is A Hole
          4. I Love Her All The Time
          5. Ghost Bitch
          6. I’m Insane
          7. Justice Is Might
          8. Death Valley ’69

          Bonus Tracks On CD / Digital Download:
          9. Satan Is Boring
          10. Flower
          11. Halloween
          12. Echo Canyon

          Lightning In A Twilight Hour

          Fragments Of A Former Moon

            New project from Bobby Wratten (Trembling Blue Stars, Field Mice) and the first full album following the introductory mini-album "Slow Changes".

            It's an album that shows off the two most remarkable facets of the songwriter: pop melodies that intertwine melancholic and evocative shades plus ambiance of experimentation in which the music becomes a bucolic, intoxicating landscape. Fans of Trembling Blue Stars will be delighted at the new songs, but there are also echoes of Mark Hollis, Labrdford, Brian Eno, and even the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. An album for a silent and solitary night.

            Easy Star All Stars

            Dub Side Of The Moon - Special Anniversary Green Vinyl Edition

              Talk about high concept: 'Dub Side Of The Moon' features the house band of noted New York reggae label Easy Star covering Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' in the same sequence and in recognisable but reggae fashion. Here, the All Stars turn Floyd's strangely surreal world even stranger and more surreal, adorning the band's dark psychedelic music with slow reggae beats and head-spinning dub-style production that is both inspired and effective. "Money" opens with the sound of bong hits and coughing instead of the cash register, then grooves to a reggae beat as guitar and organ churn out the classic riff - there's even the mandatory sax break in the middle. The group hits it just right on "Great Gig in the Sky", retaining the soaring gospel voice, while the remake of the chiming bells on "Time" reveals a bit of irreverent humour. Tearing away at the alienation of the original, this infusion of new personality makes it all work, elevating the album's concept from the half-baked to visionary.

              Celebrate a decade plus of this timeless and ingenious musical experiment with this release, which includes two new bonus tracks (including a new version of “Breathe” that features Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany along with Metric Man, Ruff Scott and Sluggy Ranks) and new artwork.

              Sun Kil Moon

              Third And Seneca

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Third And Seneca – 07:41
                2. Tomorrow Is Already Here – 2:10
                3. Natural Light – 1:38
                4. I’ll Be There – 2:20

                Useless Eaters

                Bleeding Moon

                  Seth Sutton has been ripping the shit out of terse Telecaster-sharp riffs and Devo-indebted angular rhythms with Useless Eaters since dude was 18 years old. A young protégé of Jay Reatard, Sutton’s home-fried concoctions are sharp, corrosive mini-masterpieces that drive you to flick cigarettes and push strangers. Psycho-sexual, serrated vocals; thin, acidic guitars; rubbery bass and hot-to-tape traps lather the whole disc. Sutton delivers a really ripping crew of tunes this time around, kicking off with the supremely heavy “American Cars” and not letting up ’til the side break—these are glass-crunching gems with just the right amount of crud to cut your lip a little. A great alienated vibe flows throughout, along with some really sticky melodies, too. Going out under the neon tonight? Take this with you.

                  King Tuff

                  Black Moon Spell

                    King Tuff’s new record is called ‘Black Moon Spell’. It was produced and recorded by Bobby Harlow at Studio B in Los Angeles, California, in the hot winter of 2014.

                    There were many strange occurrences during the recording session - Dracula landlords, flashes of mysterious light, haunted microphones, songs that mixed themselves, demonic vortexes swirling in coffee cups, etc. Under the ‘Black Moon Spell’ you may experience euphoria, demented visions, wet dreams, bouts of backwards laughter, and dazed confusion resulting in primordial dancing.

                    Los Angeles, full of its screaming coyotes and creeping helicopters, surely slathered its sexy, twisted, hairy, polluted spirit all over ‘Black Moon Spell’.

                    Listen to ‘Black Moon Spell’ and give your ears what they’ve been begging for all year; a heavily weird, heavenly dark, hysterically magical rock & roll sexperience.

                    King Krule

                    6 Feet Beneath The Moon

                      As King Krule, 18 year old south east London based singer / producer / songwriter Archy Marshall has quietly and stealthily crafted a reputation for himself as one of the most raw and startling voices of a new generation. With his unexpectedly deep and mournful baritone tracing fissures of disappointment and social disorientation to devastating effect, Marshall has harnessed the inchoate frustration and fury of youth and translated it into a series of brilliant singles released on the likes of True Panther Sounds and Rinse over the past couple of years.

                      Now comes ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’, his first full-length on XL Recordings / True Panther Sounds, and with it, the much anticipated unveiling of the full scope and scale of Marshall’s vision. Over the course of 14 tracks, Marshall’s passions and confusions are rubbed raw and laid bare, the only connective tissue throughout it all being one of searing lyrical clarity paired with a confounding musical deftness which utterly belies his tender years.

                      From the opening clarion call of ‘Easy, Easy’ it is abundantly clear that this is a breathtakingly bold and arresting sonic worldview, as his songs, produced by Marshall along with Rodaidh McDonald (The XX, Savages), open up to become a loose knit meditation on regret and discontent, loss of faith and renewal of hope, and optimism in the face of desperation.

                      Eschewing much of his previously released material, ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’ firmly yet soundly rejects any notion of contemporary trends or peers to occupy its very own unique place on the music landscape, oscillating gently between the classic 50s soul of Gene Vincent and Elvis Presley to the minimal, avant-garde experimentation of Penguin Café Orchestra, to even the electronic smog and dub textures of Marshall’s beloved Rinse FM. This is a record where the nakedly bluesy stomp of the likes of ‘A Lizard State’ and ‘Easy, Easy’ sit effortlessly next to the low-end frequency and shimmering beats of ‘Neptune Estate’ and ‘Will I Come, after all. It is reflective as much of Marshall’s own eclectic tastes as it is of the frenetic pulse and rhythm of the city around him, particularly the rapidly changing south east areas in which he grew up.

                      There is a genuine grittiness and world weariness ingrained here, as exemplified so succinctly when Marshall sings, “Hate… runs through my blood” on the stunning ‘Out Getting Ribs’, the track which started all the fuss.

                      All these esoteric textures and fidgety, off-kilter rhythms make perfect sense as an album however, especially when you consider that incredible voiceWhether he is singing ruefully of youthful disaffection and “the heat of my own treason” (‘Ceiling’), or spitting out venomous lines like “I’m not going to crack like you cracked… I don’t want to be trapped in the black of your heart” over the jittery ‘A Lizard State’, its clear that something which marks Marshall out is his stunning ability to turn intense emotional peaks and troughs into spectacular pieces of artful, atmospheric and anthemic balladeering.

                      Some of the imagery is disturbing to be sure (as on the closer ‘Bathed In Grey’ where he offhandedly murmurs that “there was blood… found a body in the dark”) but the songs are also imbued with genuine heart as well. Taken as a whole, ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’ is the sound of a young man growing up - not for nothing is this album being released, unconventionally enough, on Saturday, which also marks Marshall’s 19th birthday - and attempting to grapple with the realities of the world he inhabits, an unsparing dissection of the social decay that has begun to set in around him - and a fascinating, brutal journey it is too.

                      It's a rare and beautiful thing when a band emerges fully formed, but it makes perfect sense in the case of guitarist Daniel Hindman and keyboardist Sarah Versprille’s Pure Bathing Culture. Having backed folk rock revisionist Andy Cabic in Vetiver, the New Yorkers partnered up and moved west in 2011, settling in Portland, Oregon.

                      In a short time the duo have created a sound that is undeniably their own: soaring synths, chiming keyboards, and shimmering electric guitars move in lockstep with bouncing drum machines, with Sarah’s crystalline voice floating on top of it all with divine purpose. It’s a sound that looks back momentarily for inspiration - Talk Talk, Prefab Sprout, Cocteau Twins - but then fixes its gaze firmly on the present.

                      Further developing the sound of their acclaimed four song, self-titled 2012 EP, at the start of 2013 they set out to record ‘Moon Tides’, their first full length album. Again, they chose to work with producer Richard Swift at his National Freedom studio in rural Cottage Grove, Oregon. Throughout 2012 Swift had called on the duo to help him with other studio projects (Versprille sings on Foxygen’s latest album and Hindman adds his sprawling guitar work to Damien Jurado’s excellent ‘Marqopa’) which only helped to cement the threesome’s musical partnership.

                      Like the earlier sessions for the EP, they worked quickly in the studio and improvised parts around the basic song structures that they’d carefully composed up in Portland. Dan explains, “Pretty much all tracks (vocals and instruments) are all first or very early takes. Richard is kind of a stickler about this and I actually don't go in with a clean, pristine idea of what I'm going to play on guitar or any other instrument for that matter, so there's actually a lot of improvisation as far as performances in the studio go.”

                      It’s this compassion and warmth in Pure Bathing Culture that set them apart. The music is uplifting. It invites self-reflection. It never feels alienating. ‘Pendulum’ is a perfect mid-tempo album opener that pulses and shines. Other standout tracks from the album - ‘Dream The Dare’, ‘Twins’, ‘Scotty’ and ‘Golden Girl’ - are slices of reverb-drenched, soulful, danceable electropop that musically and lyrically tap into an introspective worship of the natural and psychic mysteries that surround us.

                      Pure Bathing Culture’s debut album Moon Tides is optimistic modern music for souls who seek to explore the infinite.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Andy says: Gorgeous dream-pop for fans of Beach House and the like. Perfect for the summer.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Dream The Dare
                      Only Lonely Lovers
                      Seven 2 One
                      Golden Girl
                      Temples Of The Moon

                      Ian McCulloch

                      Killing Moon / Pro Patria Mori

                        THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2013 EXCLUSIVE.

                        Limited to 750

                        Celebrating the release of Ian McCulloch’s new album ‘Pro Patria Mori’ this rare coloured 7” features two tracks from bonus live album in the package paying homage to the original Killing Moon 7” sleeve

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Killing Moon Pro Patria Mori

                        The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

                        Damn Right Honey!

                          *Based around ex-patriot Englishmen Oliver Baroni and Duncan James together with chanteuse Emanuela Hutter, they’ve long been showing Zurich how to rock’n’roll. Now having conquered both their domestic residence and neighbouring France, they return to the UK as part of a Europe-wide tour for dates in early May and August. As their name suggests The Hillbilly Moon Explosion’s roots are in rockabilly; however they’ve always been just as comfortable with 60’s pop and smoky ballads. They’ve now have widened their template to embrace all roots Americana.

                          ‘Damn Right Honey’ features two distinctive guest singers joining them for duets. Rockabilly stalwart Paul Ansell, the chosen vocalist of Scotty Moore, contributes to the single ‘Flying High, Moaning Low’. And Sparky Phillips returns to duet with Emanuela on ‘Northern Crown’. For the first time they’ve engaged a brass section, and are also aided and abetted by BJ Cole and Geraint Watkins amongst others.


                          Marquee Moon - 180g Vinyl Edition

                            Television were part of the late ‘70s punk nucleus that put New York’s CBGB club on the map. Driven by Tom Verlaine’s raw-nerve song-writing and both his and Richard Lloyd’s guitar playing - dual strands of slashing hooks and cathartic riffs - their music is spare yet structurally complex, artistic yet unpretentious. Among rock’s true innovators, Television put a new face on punk and influenced everything from New Wave to jam-rock.

                            ‘Marquee Moon’ is widely considered as one of rock’s great debuts and 2012 sees its 35th anniversary of influencing and leading the way for many bands to come.

                            180 gram heavyweight audiophile vinyl LP. Gatefold sleeve. Cut from analogue masters. Original artwork.

                            Poor Moon is a band comprised of longtime friends Christian Wargo, Casey Wescott, and brothers Ian and Peter Murray. And Poor Moon is the title of their full-length debut. But before there was a band or a record, there was the music, a series of songs forged by Christian Wargo over a period of several years. That's one of the things that makes Poor Moon sound so special: this band grew out of the songs, not vice-versa.

                            "I've known Christian for so long, and have loved his songwriting as long as I've known him," says Wescott. The two men previously played together in Pedro the Lion and Crystal Skulls; both are members of Fleet Foxes. For the past few years, he and the Murray brothers had been transfixed by the solo recordings Wargo periodically shared with them.

                            Thanks to their affinity for warm, earthy tones the music of Poor Moon can sound deceptively simple. Assorted timbres decorate these tenoriginals—marimba, harpsichord, fretless zither—but this isn't everything-but-the-kitchen-sink arranging. Whatever the instrumentation, the sense of choosing the right tool for the job always prevails. Thoughtful, impassioned vocal harmonies further reinforce the myriad musical bonds at play.

                            Likewise, the considered manner in which the words and music coexist, often despite seeming incongruities of mood, accounts for the distinctive character of the songs. The stretch between 2008 and the present when they were composed includes some of the most tumultuous episodes in Wargo's life. Yet Poor Moon handles even the heaviest topics, including death, addiction, and spirituality, with a certain lightness. "The way I deal with those is by drawing attention to the mystery and enjoying the whimsical aspects, but without being cute or precious about it," Wargo explains.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Clouds Below
                            2. Phantom Light
                            3. Same Way
                            4. Holiday
                            5. Waiting For
                            6. Heavens Door
                            7. Pulling Me Down
                            8. Bucky Pony
                            9. Come Home
                            10. Birds

                            The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

                            Raw Deal

                              Hillbilly Moon Explosion are a revered Anglo-Swiss-Italian outfit based in Zurich. Fronted by English exile slap-bassist and vocalist Oliver Baroni and Italian/Swiss songstress Emanuela Hutter, immaculately backed by English guitarist Duncan James and Swiss drummer Luke ‘The Puke’ Weyerman, they unashamedly celebrate their retro rock and pop roots.

                              Now ‘Raw Deal’ brings highlights from their first three albums, released in the UK on vinyl LP and CD to coincide with the live dates.

                              Cat Power

                              Moon Pix - 120g Vinyl Pressing

                                ‘Moon Pix’ is the fourth album by American singer / songwriter Cat Power (a.k.a. Chan Marshall). It was originally released in September 1998 on Matador records.

                                The album features Mick Turner and Jim White from Dirty Three, on guitar and drums respectively.

                                According to Cat Power, several songs on the album - ‘No Sense’, ‘Say’, ‘Metal Heart’, ‘You May Know Him’ and ‘Cross Bones Style’ - were written “in one deranged night” following a hallucinatory nightmare Marshall had in 1997 while alone in the South Carolina farmhouse she shared with thenboyfriend Bill Callahan. “I got woken up by someone in the field behind my house in South Carolina,” she explained, “The earth started shaking, and dark spirits were smashing up against every window of my house. I woke up and I had my kitten next to me... and I started praying to God to help me... so I just ran and got my guitar because I was trying to distract myself. I had to turn on the lights and sing to God. I got a tape recorder and recorded the next sixty minutes. And I played these long changes, into six different songs. That's where I got the record.”

                                Wymond’s previous EP, Earth Has Doors was about intangible and esoteric concepts; the music drifted beautifully in somewhat of an oceanic, boundless state. For the LP it was very important for him to make the songs be felt somatically. In his own words, “I wanted it to hit the body, I wanted it carnal.” Whereas the EP had been a drawn out labor of love he worked on and then shelved for several years, most songs on Under the Pale Moon developed quickly last winter.

                                He describes them as being effortless to write, short songs with stripped down arrangements; recorded straight away as soon as they came to him. Feeling very raw and alive, he wrote the basic structure for most of the record within a few weeks. He had the chords and melody for album standout “Singing The Ending” when last year began to take a cathartic turn. In a short span of time his closest friend was killed and he lost some family members. Without much time to deal with grief, he immediately had to tour Europe with the Fresh & Onlys for two months while still basically in shock. He became filled with an ardor for life and seeing the record through. The loss had emerged as a purifying fire and manifested not as a morose lament on tragedy but as a feverish grindstone of passion, dissent, desire, and an apolitical rebellion cry against the bondage of established order.

                                While never overtly attempting to address his influences, the listener can hear a bit of Go-Betweens, Echo & the Bunnymen, Nick Cave, Nikki Sudden and The Cure present in his work. Miles creates a big romantic pop record reminiscent of Roxy Music at the height of their power. Under the Pale Moon is a gorgeously dramatic and romantic debut; a focused departure from his work in the Fresh & Onlys, he emerges as innovative songwriter with limitless pop potential.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Strange Desire
                                2. Pale Moon
                                3. Singing The Ending
                                4. Run Like The Hunted
                                5. Youth’s Lonely Wilderness
                                6. The Thirst
                                7. You And I Are Of The Night
                                8. Lazarus Rising
                                9. Badlands
                                10. Trapdoors And Ladders

                                Ed Laurie


                                  With a nominal budget Ed and co-producer Richard Neuberg headed to the North Italy to record this 3rd record with Ed’s preferred band.

                                  Over one week in the heat of June they recorded unrehearsed, with no click track, improvising sections and relying on instinct above anything else – a few takes and out.

                                  Largely indebted to impressionistic works such as 'Astral Weeks' and 'Paris Texas' this album is due for release in Europe late 2011 and in the UK through Ed’s own label Moonpainter. More release details to follow.

                                  Names to mention here, amongst many others: Richard Neuberg, Andrea Polato, Raphael Chevalier, Matteo Cuzzolin, & Manuel Randi.

                                  “The cathedral square where people walk through, lovers hand in hand, old men chatting somewhere, the sun upon them, forgetting the night that has been and the one to come ”

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Darryl says: A great singer-songwriter album with a real dusty late night Americana feel. If you liked the A.A. Bondy 'Believers' album then give this a go too.

                                  Moon Pool & Dead Band

                                  Moon Pool & Dead Band

                                    5 Tracks of post apocalyptico techno from Urban Americanica fore runners Moon Pool & Dead Band....Detroit, Michigan being the birthing place for this ..Moon Pool & Dead Band, A duo who deal in old school DIY tweaked and bleaked techno ideal that assimilates the dystopian furies oft found amongst some of the master-works of John Carpenter to a no-future groove. Moon Pool & Dead Band is David Shettler and Nate Young.

                                    "It is all analog synth, real drums and whatever.. played live=no overdubs, make no mistake this is syncopated synthesizer music or Detroit Techno....Dance music" ---Nate Young.

                                    Amazing sleeve art...see to believe! 700 only.

                                    Coming up on a year since their debut self titled LP release (one of the best albums of 2010, hands down!), The Soft Moon presents 'Total Decay', Luis Vasquez continues to conjure a sound fueled tempest that intoxicates with its own post-apocalyptic dust in this new EP!

                                    After two stirring 7" releases and the aforementioned debut album, it was apparent that Vasquez was digging his own niche, an intimate well-spoken whisper, carrying a heavy load of synths that creep and drums that command an uncontrollable pull from within. This intimate peak into another world, Vasquez' mind, has garnered a number of comparisons to some of the most iconic and influential bands of the post punk and krautrock movements.

                                    Live, the band takes on Justin Anastasi and Damon Way to help transform the listening experience cogently with an array of sound and light effects that translate the energy of the recordings. 'Total Decay' solidifies that the Soft Moon is on its own path, not to be compared. Just listen, hold the shadow of his hand on this journey into the darkness, as he whispers directions through the obstacles, to the light...

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. Repetition
                                    2. Alive
                                    3. Total Decay
                                    4. Visions

                                    Like an avalanche of foamy beer rolling through the mountains of Hokkaido, "Moon Deluxe" traps you in a cabin. Penned with friends and strangers alike, the shrill sound of natural destruction soundtrack the conversation. Mr. Cedermark hails from Glen Rock, New Jersey.

                                    "Moon Deluxe" was recorded in Charlottesville, Virginia. Being an ex-member of Titus Andronicus he knows when to bring the rock, but there’s some lo-fi majesty woven amongst the crunch, Jeff Mangum could be in the room... or even Microphones.. a brilliant album for sure!

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    01 Ad Infinitum
                                    02 Moon Deluxe
                                    03 Gloria '85
                                    04 Anchorite
                                    05 Untruth
                                    06 X
                                    07 Will Not Compete
                                    08 Hard Livin'
                                    09 It's Freezing
                                    10 Your Dream Is Killing Me
                                    11 I Won't Know Me Anymore

                                    The Visitors

                                    Hello Moon / Hi

                                    The Visitors are a four piece from Manchester. Hooked on a 70s rock groove, watching you through Bowie's eyes and fuelled by a Muse injection. They are smooth, racy, melodic and spacey.

                                    Nick Grey & Nicholas Davis

                                    Les Eaux Territoriales

                                      Over 23 minutes of fresh music by Nick Grey and English guitarist Nicholas Davis. 'Silvery guitar lines, distant drum poundings, warm vocals and chords meandering like a milky stream floating on the bed of the moon.' "Les Eaux Territoriales" is the first volume of Nick's mini-series "Unclear Perspectives"; each volume of the series will be centered around one or several specific instruments and will revolve around its own original musical axis and its own set of collaborators. Nick Grey is a member of the collective 48 Cameras, (which have collaborated with prestigious artists such as Charlemagne Palestine, Gerard Malanga, Michael Gira or Paul Buck), and his other projects include a new full length album named "Thieves Among Thorns" (out on Hand/eye early 2006) and a yet-unsigned EP. Nicholas Davis is a talented improv guitarist from the UK, and Nick's full-time collaborator. This is highly recommended, warm and delicately beautiful music.


                                      Solstice Rise

                                        Back in 2002, Whitmore were a secret of the ska-punk underground, but the release of their debut "Smoke The Roach" catapulted them into the limelight, becoming one of Moon Ska Europe's biggest sellers, and with good reason. This album takes up where that left off but adds depth and maturity. It's a very tasty brew of a spirited, inspiring, almost classic buzzsaw old school punk sound with a tight and impassioned ska that owes more than a little to The Clash and The Ruts. They're touring with Spunge in November as part of the 'U.K.-K.O' tour - go and check 'em out.

                                        Alice Russell

                                        Under The Munka Moon

                                          Here Tru Thoughts collect together Miss Russell's finest recordings to date, and some exclusive material recorded especially for this LP. There's new versions of Quantic Soul Orchestra's "Take Your Time, Change Your Mind" and "Something That's Real", Quantic tracks "Apricot Morning" and "Search The Heavens" and her own single "Sweet Calling" plus many more raw soul / funk and wonky grooves (recorded with TM Juke, Nature Boy and Quantic) that highlight her amazing voice.

                                          Zen Baseball Bat

                                          For Refund Insert Baby

                                            Fronted by the talented and articulate "Gleavey Twins", this is motorized modern day ska with a distinctly northern flavour, drawing its influences from Two Tone, Jamaican ska, Motown and possibly even The Fall. Propelled by driving rhythms, a brilliant, exuberant brass section and a unique, ascerbic vocal style, this is a rare treat from a criminally overlooked outfit.

                                            Nick Drake

                                            Pink Moon

                                              His third and final studio album is a fittingly stark and sombre collection of songs, featuring just guitar and voice (bar a piano on one track). Shorn of the usual lavish arrangements, the songs lose none of their lustre, instead the songs themselves are pushed to the fore. A magnificent swansong.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Pink Moon
                                              Place To Be
                                              Which Will
                                              Things Behind The Sun
                                              Free Ride
                                              Harvest Breed
                                              From The Morning


                                              Concrete And Udder Chaos

                                                Powerful So-Cal influenced pop punk with a hard edge. Graveltrap have made a punk album inspired by the likes of Blink 182 and Green Day full of catchy choruses yet with an undeniable British sound on the, always reliable, Moon Ska label.


                                                The Best Of The Toasters

                                                  The Toasters are skacore veterans - since 1981 they've played over 4,000 live shows in more than 24 countries. This collection comes from their ten albums and innumerable singles. Toasters survive the trends and play ska because they love the music, as this set of tracks shows.

                                                  Jean-Paul Bourelly

                                                  Trance Atlantic (Boom Bop II)

                                                    Jean-Paul Bourelly is widely regarded as one of the most gifted electric guitarists in Europe today. On the evidence of "Trance Atlantic" it's easy to see why. Along with drummer Dennis Chambers and sax player Vincent Henry he rips into a set of high eneregy jazz fusion tracks that bite and never let go.


                                                    Pack Of Three

                                                      This box of three CD-EP's includes Whitmore's debut single "260" and their second single "Nine Bar Blues". The box also includes the "Hat Club Presents" CD EP exclusive to this package featuring the tracks "Hat Club", "Famous Last Words", "The Last (Fuck That)" and a cover of E17's "Stay Another Day". One of the UK's top ska punk bands!!

                                                      Shootin' Goon

                                                      Splottside Rocksteady

                                                        Quality skacore from this seven piece outfit on Moon Ska Europe.


                                                        The Moon My Saddle

                                                          "The Moon My Saddle" is Chamberlain's critically acclaimed masterpiece. Moving away from their hardcore roots they came into their own as musicians with this home-grown , original sound drawing from americana, rock, country and emocore making this a superbly crafted record.

                                                          King Prawn

                                                          First Offence

                                                            King Prawn's debut album finally available again. Originally released by indie label Words Of Warning this reissued album produced by Skunk Anansie's Ace and King Prawn features some of the bands best known songs like "Immigrant Song Too", "Restart" and "Salvation" and highlights the band's unique ska-punk mixed with ragga, dub and hardcore. The CD has been remastered by the band themselves and comes in the originally planned track order. This CD features five bonus tracks, alternative mixes of "Poison In The Air" and "Divine Badness" plus unreleased live studio recordings of "Holy War" and "Winning Again" from the "Poison In The Air" EP recording sessions, as well as a demo recording of the track "Buried Alive". There is also a bonus enhanced video track of a live TV session of "Poison In The Air".

                                                            King Prawn

                                                            Fried In London

                                                              Long overdue re-issue of the band's second album. Featuring some of the bands best known tracks like "Survive", "Increase the Pressure" and the Words Of Warning single "Not Your Punk" and perfectly showcases the bands ska-punk sound. Also features some rare bonus demo recordings.


                                                              On A Mission

                                                                A compilation from one of America's best ska-punk bands on Moon Ska Europe. Taken from the band's first two albums "Songs In The Key Of Bree" and "Barfly" and the "Water In My Head" EP. Those in the know rate this band highly along side the likes of Less Than Jake, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Pietasters, Hepcat and The Slackers.

                                                                Lubby Nugget & Shootin' Goon

                                                                Big Up Clash

                                                                  British ska-punk mayhem from two of the UK's leading bands. This split CD features five tracks from Welsh ska-punk wizards Shootin' Goon, ranging from hard-edged punk rock to an almost trad ska sound and includes a cover version of Lubby Nugget's "Flesh Pimp". Huddersfield's Lubby Nugget also supply five songs including two thrash punk style songs and the pop ska reggae live favourite, "Cheeky Little Number" as well as supplying a cover version of Shootin' Goon's "Plain To See".

                                                                  The Skoidats

                                                                  A Cure For Whatever Ales You

                                                                    Second album on Moon Ska; the Skoidats are able to mix styles like ska, oi! and reggae, this time making the oi! rawer,the ska more skankin' and the reggae sweet as a nut. They've managed to record some of the best skinhead reggae recorded for nearly 20 years. Rounding it off with an angry punk version of Cock Sparrer's "Running Riot" for good measure.

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