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Solstice Rise

    Back in 2002, Whitmore were a secret of the ska-punk underground, but the release of their debut "Smoke The Roach" catapulted them into the limelight, becoming one of Moon Ska Europe's biggest sellers, and with good reason. This album takes up where that left off but adds depth and maturity. It's a very tasty brew of a spirited, inspiring, almost classic buzzsaw old school punk sound with a tight and impassioned ska that owes more than a little to The Clash and The Ruts. They're touring with Spunge in November as part of the 'U.K.-K.O' tour - go and check 'em out.

    Zen Baseball Bat

    For Refund Insert Baby

      Fronted by the talented and articulate "Gleavey Twins", this is motorized modern day ska with a distinctly northern flavour, drawing its influences from Two Tone, Jamaican ska, Motown and possibly even The Fall. Propelled by driving rhythms, a brilliant, exuberant brass section and a unique, ascerbic vocal style, this is a rare treat from a criminally overlooked outfit.


      The Best Of The Toasters

        The Toasters are skacore veterans - since 1981 they've played over 4,000 live shows in more than 24 countries. This collection comes from their ten albums and innumerable singles. Toasters survive the trends and play ska because they love the music, as this set of tracks shows.


        Pack Of Three

          This box of three CD-EP's includes Whitmore's debut single "260" and their second single "Nine Bar Blues". The box also includes the "Hat Club Presents" CD EP exclusive to this package featuring the tracks "Hat Club", "Famous Last Words", "The Last (Fuck That)" and a cover of E17's "Stay Another Day". One of the UK's top ska punk bands!!

          Shootin' Goon

          Splottside Rocksteady

            Quality skacore from this seven piece outfit on Moon Ska Europe.

            King Prawn

            First Offence

              King Prawn's debut album finally available again. Originally released by indie label Words Of Warning this reissued album produced by Skunk Anansie's Ace and King Prawn features some of the bands best known songs like "Immigrant Song Too", "Restart" and "Salvation" and highlights the band's unique ska-punk mixed with ragga, dub and hardcore. The CD has been remastered by the band themselves and comes in the originally planned track order. This CD features five bonus tracks, alternative mixes of "Poison In The Air" and "Divine Badness" plus unreleased live studio recordings of "Holy War" and "Winning Again" from the "Poison In The Air" EP recording sessions, as well as a demo recording of the track "Buried Alive". There is also a bonus enhanced video track of a live TV session of "Poison In The Air".

              King Prawn

              Fried In London

                Long overdue re-issue of the band's second album. Featuring some of the bands best known tracks like "Survive", "Increase the Pressure" and the Words Of Warning single "Not Your Punk" and perfectly showcases the bands ska-punk sound. Also features some rare bonus demo recordings.


                On A Mission

                  A compilation from one of America's best ska-punk bands on Moon Ska Europe. Taken from the band's first two albums "Songs In The Key Of Bree" and "Barfly" and the "Water In My Head" EP. Those in the know rate this band highly along side the likes of Less Than Jake, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Pietasters, Hepcat and The Slackers.

                  Lubby Nugget & Shootin' Goon

                  Big Up Clash

                    British ska-punk mayhem from two of the UK's leading bands. This split CD features five tracks from Welsh ska-punk wizards Shootin' Goon, ranging from hard-edged punk rock to an almost trad ska sound and includes a cover version of Lubby Nugget's "Flesh Pimp". Huddersfield's Lubby Nugget also supply five songs including two thrash punk style songs and the pop ska reggae live favourite, "Cheeky Little Number" as well as supplying a cover version of Shootin' Goon's "Plain To See".

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