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    Inspired by the band's iconic Tiny Desk performance, 'Reflections' sees the band reimagine and revisit old songs, featuring acoustic versions of hit singles 'The List' and 'Cure'. An essential collection for all Moonchild fans.

    "Reflections, an EP covering our older songs, naturally shows some of our growth as musicians over the last ten years. Amber's vocals, in particular, are a fantastic example of that. A more subtle example of growth might be our musical maturity and restraint. Leaving space for the music to breathe. I think that's the main reason we created this new project, and we are excited to share Reflections with our fans." - Max Bryk


    1. Money
    2. Cure
    3. Run Away
    4. The Truth
    5. Back To Me
    6. The List

    The Seshen

    Dive / 4AM

    “Dive / 4AM” is the latest outing from San Francisco Bay Area-based sixpiece, The Seshen. The 7” outlines the steps the group has made since their critically acclaimed sophomore album in 2016, both as a band and as individuals. “Since ‘Flames & Figures’, a lot has been taking place both internally and externally.

    Side A opens with distorted four-to-the-floor chomper, “Dive”. Aggressive yet danceable, gritty but somehow unstoppable, “Dive” is inspired the profound need for change, catalysed through the somnambulant Larry Heard-esque bassline meshed to the warped tones of Lalin’s vocals. “The path towards my power, my strength, being okay with being unapologetic is just starting. I’m reclaiming what I have lost, reclaiming what has been passed down to me. The song is about the ground beginning to shake”, Lalin preaches.

    While in contrast on side B, “4AM” untethers the listener by exploring a sense of spaciousness, flourishing the sparseness, distracting with moving snippets of delicate production. Lyrically tackling the insomniacs waking nightmare, “4AM” is about the witching hour, battling against oneself. “I was experiencing anxiety at night...where I would review all my actions and all the things I said throughout the day in search of something that I did wrong. At times it would keep me up, and I felt that I was at war with my mind.”



    Gawd Status


      ‘Firmamentum’ is the debut album from Gawd Status aka King Kashmere and Joker Starr. Fronted by lead singles “Heavy Metal” - which was premiered on Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6Music) show - and “The Alchemist ft. Fae Simon”, the LP showcases Gawd Status’ versatility and eclecticism as an unconventional prodder/MC duo, delivering a killer and off-kilter record that lies in between the worlds of hip-hop, psychedelia and soul.

      “Heavy Metal” is an experimental hip-hop meets psychedelic trip-hop listen that is boisterous, chaotic and marked by a profound sense of urgency. Exploring disparate but interwoven themes of Roman Catholic priests, Afrika Bambaataa, Braintax, the origins of humanity, Babylon and devilish behaviour - Joker Starr’s intention is to uplift and discomfit the listener; “heavy metal for the devil” he ominousness preaches in sinister and satanic voice. “Heavy Metal” closes with a psychedelic outro, that pays a closer tribute to the experimental pop of early Animal Collective than their UK hip-hop counterparts.

      “The Alchemist ft. Fae Simon” pours hypnotic soul and genuine jazz vibes, reminiscent of the hey-day of trip-hop kings Massive Attack. Featuring as a guest vocalist, Fae Simon adds her darkly sensual melodies to track. Introduced initially to King Kashmere through fellow UK rapper Jehst (who Fae Simon collaborated with on “Timeless”), Fae’s smooth, effortless and instantly recognisable voice allures vocal valour. While DJ Jazz T guests showing off him turntablism skills, scratching sparsely with choice vocal clips below hip-hop rhythms. Featuring on the record, fellow UK MCs Micall Parksun and Big Cakes (who has collaborated with the Godfather of grime Wiley) team up on politicallycharged, Thabo Mbeki-inspired “I Am An African”. “Messiah Hybrids” showcases the duo delivering what they do best, a conscious straight-up hip-hop banger.


      Heavy Metal
      Messiah Hybrid
      I Am An African Ft Micall Parknsun & Big Cakes
      Amplified Science Ft Anyway Tha God
      The Alchemist Ft. Fae Simon / Admiral Byrd
      From Nibiru With Love

      Written over the course of three years, "Cage And Aviary" ties personal reflection to wider social issues, giving an intimate insight in to what it means to come of age in today’s world. Sophisticated songwriting is brought to life with Bryony’s harmonious vocals, layered with jazz, soul and elements of folk, creating a melodic sound that has charmed many major tastemakers. "Cage & Aviary" was created with long-time friend, collaborator and Tru Thoughts label-mate Tom Leah AKA Werkha, highlighting their capacity for musical exploration.

      'The album is built around my contemplations on life, love and myself and tying that in with wider global issues.' Jarman-Pinto explains, 'lyrically I have circled around the theme of family and securities I felt at a younger age, measured against my insecurities now and personal desires to my own femininity and personhood'. This lyrical struggle is best represented in “Emerge”, a track written at a time when Jarman-Pinto was experiencing her biggest lack of creativity and insecurity around her writing; she describes a breakthrough in writing, willing for one to come.


      Matt says: Delicate vocals, jazz-flecked instrumentals; Jarman-Pinto causally wears flowers in her hair with a relaxed, diurnal, open-air quality; you get the feeling she's destined for some colourful live performances across the festival circuit. One to check for sure.


      For The Bird
      As I’ve Heard
      Saffron Yellow
      Sweet Sweet
      All About Life
      Sun Kissed
      Day Dream
      Sour Face
      For The Bear

      Certain to hit the spot for fans of Abstract Orchestra's 'Dilla' set, the latest offering from multi-instrumentalist and producer Sly5thAve is a sumptuous orchestral jazz tribute to the phenomenal production of Dr Dre. Taking us through both the hits and lesser known moments in Dre's career behind the controls, "The Invisible Man" delivers a soulful and smooth selection of visionary jazz workouts. Joining the dots between the Doc and the 70s composers he sampled (David McCallum, David Axelrod), this dope set features excellent collaborative appearances from Will “Quantic” Holland (‘The Edge’) and Marc de Clive-Lowe (‘Drelude for Woo’) to Jimetta Rose (‘Let Me Ride’) and Melissa McMillan (‘I’d Rather Be With You’), each significantly contributing to the album’s rhythmic and melodic flair. 


      Shiznit Feat. Jesse Fischer
      California Love Feat. Cory Henry
      Drelude For Woo Feat. Mark De Clive Lowe
      Forgot About Dre
      Interlude #2 Feat. Zach Brock
      No Diggity Feat. Sydney Driver
      The Jam Feat. Matthias Pedals Loescher
      Who Am I Feat. Paul Wilson
      The Jam Part Ii Feat. Paul Wilson
      I’d Rather Be With You Feat. Melissa Mcmillan
      Curti S Feat. Patrick Bailey
      Sti Ll D.R.E.
      The Jam Part Iii
      My Name Is Feat. Robert SputN Searight
      Interlude #3 Feat. Dj Center
      Guilty Conscience
      Interlude #4
      Nuthin’ But A G Thang Feat. Brad Allen Williams
      Interlude #5
      Let Me Ride Feat. Jimetta Rose (Radio Edit)
      The Edge Feat. Quantic
      Next Episode

      Space Captain

      All Flowers In Time

      "All Flowers In Time" is the debut album from Space Captain, built around the themes of love and nostalgia with a pinch of bitterness and betrayal. With intricate arrangements of fluttering guitars, sparkly keyboards, and cyclical layers of background vocals, all bound together with dreamy indie-pop melodies for a sweet curve-ball of a finish, this beautifully crafted release takes the Brooklyn 7-piece to new heights.

      Extensive influences range from Thundercat through Amy Winehouse to Bon Iver, but Space Captain are never anything but themselves, as this release shows. It sees the band moving away from the electronic and experimental sounds of their previous EP, instead taking them back to when they first formed, whilst also pushing the boundaries of their familiar R&B realm. For the band, "All Flowers In Time" quite literally signifies the flowering of their careers and the work they have put in to get there. As the band grow together, their aesthetic and musical styles continue to transform, expanding their accessibility to audiences of all tastes.

      Space Captain are determined to continue finding new sounds and experimenting with new techniques. While never consciously setting out to confound expectations, by following their inbuilt curiosity and indulging the unique musical chemistry in their ranks, Space Captain have marked themselves out as a deliciously unpredictable creative force.


      Side Eye
      The Drive Home

      ‘Undefined’ is the second album from talented LA-based electronic producer, Lost Midas. The new long player attests to a year-or-so spent stripping back musical methods and rebuilding them, putting a strong focus on the deceptively simple art of classic song-craft. ‘Undefined’ sits at the heart of unique leftfield electronic and gleaming pop music.

      Lost Midas’ ‘Undefined’ celebrates the LA producer’s enjoyment of iconic aesthetics found in contemporary pop, by pairing them with a sensory experience of sinuous IDM beats and synths, backed up with relatable and honest subject matter which touches on real relationships. Other personal flourishes like using his father’s photography in the artwork show Lost Midas imbue deeper meaning to the project through these simple humbling touches.

      Lost Midas is the project of producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jason Trikakis, who is originally from Boston but now rooted in LA – a city which fascinates and frustrates in equal measure, and whose contrasts heavily influence his sound. He developed much of his new material with the help of friend Josh Wood – an in-demand songwriter who produces under his vocal moniker Kalispell and whose major collaborations include projects for Janet Jackson, Pitbull and Krewella.


      For Nothing (feat. Rachel Geller)
      Nebula (feat. Rachel Geller)
      San Gorgonio
      Undefined (feat. Rachel Geller)
      Arroyo Seco
      Kayla’s Lullaby (feat. Kalispell)
      San Jacinto (feat. Ken Nana)
      Dancer (feat. Rachel Geller And Kalispell)
      Calipatria (feat. NüTrik)

      Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno

      1000 Watts

        '1000 Watts' is the third album from the tropical reggae and dub-infused Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno project. This outing sees musical explorer Will "Quantic" Holland making a more concerted foray into pure reggae-roots territory, although flashes of Holland's Colombian influences still shine through. A sun-drenched record, the LP is charged with atmosphere and a fitting tribute to dub music's evolution.

        Drawing together a set of classic style rhythms for the dancefloor, '1000 Watts' was recorded direct to tape, with all the band members in the same room; for this outing, Holland enlisted his most prestigious roll-call of guests yet. Alongside Jamaican toasting legend U-Roy and long-time collaborator Alice Russell, the featured artists include popular reggae singers Hollie Cook and Christopher Ellis. The late, great keyboard maestro Ikey Owens and legendary Jamaican drummer Santa Davis, known for his work with the likes of Bob Marley and The Aggravators.

        Various Artists

        Tru Thoughts Covers 2

          The second instalment of the Tru Thoughts Covers compilation series brings together some of the intriguing cover versions that have been released and loved as album tracks, singles or one-offs on the label.

          As well as contributions from familiar Tru Thoughts artists there are some previously unreleased tunes that have been sought out and signed specifically for this compilation, with La Grima's dub style rework of Nirvana, Fingathing taking Donna Summer down a disco jazz tip, and Nizzle Hizzle transforming War's "The World Is A Ghetto".

          Opening in a deep, down-tempo direction, the album kicks off with Quantic and Alice Russell exploring a gospel sound on the hugely popular "I'll Keep My Light In My Window", taken from their acclaimed 'Look Around The Corner' collaborative LP. The Bamboos take James Blake to a soul basement, with Megan Washington on vocals. Zed Bias tackles a Soul II Soul classic whilst Kinny and Harleighblu bring their own unique and illuminating versions of The Cure and Eurythmics, respectively.

          Ramping up the raucous factor, The Hot 8 Brass Band give a new meaning to The Specials' iconic Ghost Town by transposing it onto a post-Katrina New Orleans, and Quantic gives a Cumbia rendition of a Dr Dre classic, while Youngblood Brass Band rock up with a club and festival favourite in the shape of their punchy instrumental brass takeover of Rufus and Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody".


          1. Quantic & Alice Russell With The Combo Barbaro - I'll Keep My Light In My Window
          2. Natural Self - The Valleys
          3. The Bamboos - The Wilhelm Scream Feat. Megan Washington
          4. Alice Russell - I'm The Man, That Will Find You
          5. La Grima - Lithium
          6. Belleruche - Mirror In The Bathroom
          7. Quantic Y Su Conjunto Los Miticos Del Ritmo - Nuthin' But A G Thing (Dre En Cumbia)
          8. Harleighblu - Who's That Girl
          9. Hot 8 Brass Band - Ghost Town
          10. Mark De Clive-Lowe & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra - Caravan
          11. Fingathing - I Feel Love Feat. Jesca Hoop
          12. Zed Bias - Fairplay Feat. Jenna G
          13. Nizzle Hizzle - The World Is A Ghetto
          14. Saravah Soul - Fire
          15. Youngblood Brass Band - Ain't Nobody
          16. Kinny - The Love Cats
          17. Quantic & Anita Tijoux - Doo Wop (That Thing)



            The sum of many musical adventures, Will “Quantic” Holland’s new album ‘Magnetica’ sees him revisiting his electronic roots, blending cutting-edge and distinctive production with elements of folk, reggae, soul, highlife, cumbia and more; demonstrating the rare quality and artistry that has enchanted fans and tastemakers across the world, over more than a decade of releasing music on Tru Thoughts.

            ‘Magnetica’ is the first studio album from Quantic under his main solo moniker since ‘An Announcement To Answer’ in 2006, so anticipation is running high. He has, of course, been far from quiet in the intervening years, with releases from many acclaimed side-projects including The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro, Quantic & Alice Russell, Flowering Inferno and Ondatrópica, and a host of thrilling and high profile live shows to match.

            The latest in Tru Thoughts’ series of essential label compilations, compiled by A&R and label co-owner Robert Luis, 'Shapes: Circles' brings the best of the current sound of the label across 12 tracks and 2LPs, including a handful of remixes, upfront exclusives - a newbie from brand new signing Titeknots and an upfront album track from rising soul sensation Harleighblu - and cuts previously only available on other formats, as well as the odd stone cold classic.

            Serving to reinforce Tru Thoughts’ reputation as home to a diverse array of talent, the artists showcased here include Harleighblu, Belleruche, Ty, Wrongtom Meets Deemas J, Hint feat. T-Fly, Mark de Clive-Lowe feat. Omar & Sheila E, Titeknots, Yannah Valdevit & Lay-Far, The Bamboos feat. Aloe Blacc, Drumagick, Sleepin’ Giantz and Natalie Storm. Vinyl also comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

            TRACK LISTING

            CD Tracklisting:
            Disc 1
            1. The Valleys Feat. Tanya Auclair & Milly Blue - Natural Self
            2. Let Me Be - Harleighblu
            3. Twin Peaks - Alice Russell
            4. Wasted Time (Ross PTH Remix) - Belleruche
            5. Like You Never - Ty
            6. We Renegades Feat. Nia Andrews - Mark De Clive Lowe
            7. Plum Rain Anchorsong
            8. Aliens Enter Feat. T-Fly (Hint Remix) - Hint
            9. Ghost Town - Hot 8 Brass Band
            10. Magdalena (Acoustic Version) - Quantic & Alice Russell With The Combo Barbaro
            11. The Chosen - Menagerie
            12. They Reminisce Over You (TROY) - Quantic Y Su Conjunto Los Miticos Del Ritmo
            13. Jump + Move + Rock - Wrongtom Meets Deemas J
            14. Live Up Feat. The Peoples Army & Mighty Moe - Rodney P
            15. Where Does The Time Go? Feat. Aloe Blacc (Si Tew Take It Back Remix) - The Bamboos
            16. Tuesday Is Friday - Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills Are Wildcookie
            17. Floating Zzzzzz - Kinny

            Disc 2
            1. Mind Open Titeknots
            2. Vorka (King Britt Remix) - Hidden Orchestra
            3. Get Started Feat. Omar & Sheila E (Full Crate Remix) - Mark De Clive Lowe
            4. Empty Heart Yannah Valdevit & Lay-Far
            5. Dub Is For Real Feat. Mr Scruff Maddslinky
            6. Maracatu Drumagick
            7. Take The Space Trane Mark De Clive Lowe & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra
            8. Crash And Burn Feat. Natalie Storm (C.O.N.E Remix) Hint
            9. Jump + Move + Rock (Benny Page Remix) Wrongtom Meets Deemas J
            10. Raving Bully Sleepin' Giantz
            11. All Of You Feat. Aruba Red & Plan B Riz Mc
            12. Badness Feat. Skream Zed Bias
            13. Money Mad (Drumagick D Step Remix) London Posse

            LP Tracklisting:
            1. Harleighblu - Let Me Be
            2. Belleruche - Wasted Time (Ross PTH Mix)
            3. Ty - Like You Never
            4. Wrongtom Meets Deemas J - Jump+Move+Rock
            5. Hint Feat. T-Fly - Aliens Enter (Hint Remix)
            6. Mark De Clive-Lowe Feat. Omar & Sheila E - Get Started (Full Crate Remix)
            7. Titeknots - Mind Open
            8. Yannah Valdevit & Lay-Far - Empty Heart
            9. The Bamboos Feat. Aloe Blacc - Where Does The Time Go? (Si-Tew Take It Back Mix)
            10. Drumagick - Maracatu
            11. Sleepin’ Giantz - Raving Bully
            12. Hint - Crash & Burn Feat. Natalie Storm (C.O.N.E. Remix)


            Features four brand new tracks, all of which are appearing on vinyl for the first time!

            Alice Russell hooks up with USA soul legend Darondo for 'Breakdown', a track recently featured on Steven Soderburgh’s Magic Mike.

            Natural Self produces a sublime cover of Electrelane’s 'The Valleys'.

            The Hot 8 Brass Band continue their rich vein of tributes with their version of the Stevie Wonder classic 'All I Do'.

            Plus previously unreleased and completely exclusive 'Enough Now' from 23 year old soul singer and new signing to Tru Thoughts Harleighblu (that’s her real name!)


            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Alice Russell - Breakdown (Feat. Darondo)
            A2. Harleighblu - Enough Now
            B1. Hot 8 Brass Band - All I Do
            B2. Natural Self - The Valleys

            Maddslinky Feat. Skream

            50 Shades Of Peng / Serato Control Tone

              When Maddslinky released his debut album "Make Your Peace" in 2003, it radically influenced the fledgling musical mind of a then teenaged Oliver Jones, aka Skream. Fast forward a few years, and when Skream and Maddslinky crossed paths they knew they had to make a track together. No surprise then that there are big basslines involved and the tune blows up on the dancefloor. "50 Shades Of Peng" is taken from the upcoming "Make A Change" album. The track has already been getting constant spins by the likes of Benji B on BBC 1xtra and Mr Scruff on dubplate and now Tru Thoughts do the honorable thing and release the track on one side of 12" vinyl (cut at 45rpm of course).

              The flipside features one of those handy Serato Control Tone things for you more computerised DJs out there.


              Driven From Distraction EP

                Hint's new EP, "Driven From Distraction" is a brilliant taster of his eagerly-anticipated forthcoming album. Featuring a mixture of instrumental and vocal tracks - with contributions from Laura Vane, Kinny and the young Brighton-based MC Rizzle – this 12" is a sublime example of Hint's accomplished skills as a producer and composer across a range of the styles he loves, from hip hop to fiery soul to no-nonsense dancefloor bombs. Also includes a vinyl release for Hint's remix of the Me & You track, "Sneaker Thief".

                Alice Russell

                Under The Munka Moon

                  Here Tru Thoughts collect together Miss Russell's finest recordings to date, and some exclusive material recorded especially for this LP. There's new versions of Quantic Soul Orchestra's "Take Your Time, Change Your Mind" and "Something That's Real", Quantic tracks "Apricot Morning" and "Search The Heavens" and her own single "Sweet Calling" plus many more raw soul / funk and wonky grooves (recorded with TM Juke, Nature Boy and Quantic) that highlight her amazing voice.

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