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L.A.M.F. - The Found '77 Masters

    FOUND IN AN ATTIC – a copy master of the original 1977 Track Records tape, without 'mud'! This classic punk album, recorded in London by the band featuring New York Dolls Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan, was universally condemned in the music press for having a 'muddy mix' – later found to be a mastering fault. When Track went bust the following year, manager Leee Black Childers burgled the Track Records' Carnaby Street 3rd floor office and liberated the tapes that belonged to him and the band. He found everything – except for the master-tape, which remained undiscovered until last year. Other releases had been from outtakes or remixes.

    It was released for RSD in 2021 with not enough copies, so now RSD Essentials USA* have selected it as their #25 ‘Essential Vinyl’ album, to satisfy the demand for this recently discovered acclaimed recording.

    *RSD Essentials is a USA initiative that supplies RSD stores with essential vinyl throughout the year.

    Clem Burke from Blondie: “L.A.M.F. is one of the most brilliant rock & roll records ever made.”


    Born To Lose
    Baby Talk
    All By Myself
    I Wanna Be Loved
    It's Not Enough
    Chinese Rocks
    Get Off The Phone
    Pirate Love
    One Track Mind
    I Love You
    Goin' Steady
    Let Go
    Can't Keep My Eyes On You
    Do You Love Me

    The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

    Raw Deal

      Hillbilly Moon Explosion are a revered Anglo-Swiss-Italian outfit based in Zurich. Fronted by English exile slap-bassist and vocalist Oliver Baroni and Italian/Swiss songstress Emanuela Hutter, immaculately backed by English guitarist Duncan James and Swiss drummer Luke ‘The Puke’ Weyerman, they unashamedly celebrate their retro rock and pop roots.

      Now ‘Raw Deal’ brings highlights from their first three albums, released in the UK on vinyl LP and CD to coincide with the live dates.

      The Only Ones

      The Big Sleep

        "The Big Sleep" was recorded live in Europe and is heard in a perfect stereo, multi-track recording (produced by John Perry) and includes five songs not heard as live versions before.

        Various Artists

        Salt In The Wound

          The "Stop The War" Coalition single (with all proceeds going to them) includes "Allah Save Queens" by Carpet Bombers For Peace, whose line up includes members of Chumbawumba, The Adverts' TV Smith, Lemn Sissay and Jello Biafra.

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          Can’t wait! 🙌 Hit the link for all the info👇
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          Looking great John 👌Thanks for ordering and sharing 🙏 @DeadOceans @whereisMUNA
          Fri 24th - 12:45
          Yes, physical copies available July 1. Get your pre-orders in here 👇 @TheVintageCrop
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