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    Recently unearthed ‘lost recordings’ from the early New York ska scene in 1980, in limited edition milky clear vinyl LP. When the NYC ska scene germinated in parallel to the UK Two-Tone movement, the Max’s Kansas City club was at the heart of it. The clubs pioneering record label, run by Max’s booker Peter Crowley, recorded a number of sessions in 1980, including with legendary Skatalites founder Roland Alfonso. But only two 7” singles, by San Francisco’s The Offs and NYC’s The Terrorists, ever got issued. Subsequently the NY ska scene exploded, with many bands achieving great success. Only now can these previously unreleased studio tracks by Roland Alphonso, The Terrorists and The Offs be heard. The album has 15 tracks, eleven of which are issued for the first time, and it comes with authoritative sleeve notes by ska writer and player ‘Marco On The Bass’. Tracklist: - Roland Alphonso – Tear Up; The Terrorists – Pressure and Slide; Riis Park; Roland Alphonso – Musical Resurrection; The Terrorists – Justice; The Offs – You Fascinate Me; Roland Alphonso – Four Corners; The Terrorists – Working in a Coalmine; Treat Her Right; Roland Alphonso – Sax Skandal; The Offs – My World; The Terrorists – Fade Away; Roland Alphonso – Bridge View; The Terrorists – Take It Easy; The Offs – Easier Said Than Done.

    The "Stop The War" Coalition single (with all proceeds going to them) includes "Allah Save Queens" by Carpet Bombers For Peace, whose line up includes members of Chumbawumba, The Adverts' TV Smith, Lemn Sissay and Jello Biafra.


    CDS Info: The CD single has three tracks "Allah Save Queens" by Carpetbombers For Peace, "We Want A Ceasefire" by Stop The War affiliates Change and "Gaping Hole" by Conflict.

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