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Mark Kozelek And Sean Yeaton

Yellow Kitchen

    Yellow Kitchen features music by Sean Yeaton ofParquet Courts and vocals by Mark Kozelek of SunKil Moon. It was recorded Cecember 2016 throughMay 2017. Recorded in USA. Guests include WillOldham, Holly Throsby, Steve Shelley, and Jim White(the dirty three)

    Jesu / Sun Kil Moon

    30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth

      Sun Kil Moon is an American folk rock act from San Francisco, California, founded in 2002. Initially a continuation of the defunct indie rock band Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon is now the primary recording moniker of vocalist and guitarist Mark Kozelek. The project is named after the Korean lightweight boxer Sung-Kil Moon.

      Jesu is a British experimental band formed in 2003 by Justin Broadrick following the breakup of his band Godflesh. It is named after the last song on Hymns, the final album of Godflesh's initial run. Jesu's sound is heavily layered and textured, incorporating a diverse mix of influences. Broadrick himself has stated that "it's very loosely speaking pop/rock/ metal /electronica.

      The original self-titled collaborative album was first hinted at in an interview with Mark Kozelek in the January 2015 issue of Uncut magazine and finally confirmed on twitter later that year.That album grew out of a long-standing relationship between Broadrick and Kozelek. Kozelek first approached Broadrick in 2007 about a release through his label, after being impressed by a live performance in San Francisco. In 2009 Jesu released Opiate Sun through Caldo Verde Records (owned by Kozelek), and later the same year Broadrick interviewed Kozelek for the Caldo Verde website. In 2013, Kozelek covered Broadrick's band Godflesh's song "Like Rats". Broadrick and Godflesh are mentioned in "The Possum", the opening track from Sun Kil Moon's 2015 album Universal Themes

      Mark Kozelek And Nicolas Pauls

      Dreams Of Childhood: A Spoken Word Album

      Dreams Of Childhood is a collection of 12 poems written by street kids in Argentina, translated Argentine actor/musician Nicolás Pauls, Federico Novik, Pablo Cubarle and Catalina Morano.

      Performed in English by Mark Kozelek and in Spanish by Nicolás Pauls. Executive producer Nicolás Pauls. All proceeds will go to La Casa de la Cultura de la Calle (The Streets House of Culture) which is a nonprofit civil organization that seeks the social inclusion of kids with no homes by giving them art, music, theatre and photography classes.

      Sun Kil Moon

      Third And Seneca


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        Heirlooms Of August

        Forever The Moon

          This debut album features 10 songs written by Jerry Vessel, formerly of Red House Painters and recently a touring member of Sun Kil Moon.

          After residing in San Francisco for a number of years, Vessel returned to California's San Joaquin Valley to find a new home in a familiar place. Inspired by the rural surroundings in which he now lives, Vessel found the time and solitude to reflect and to write, the result being Heirlooms of August's 'Forever the Moon'.

          Bruce Kaphan: pedal steel and resophonic guitars Todd Sickafoose: bass Annie Staninec: fiddle Frances Everett: female voice Anthony Koutsos: drums Jerry Vessel: vocals and guitar

          According to Webster’s dictionary ‘ascension’ is the moving to a higher or more powerful position. As a title for Jesu’s newest album, its first traditional album since 2007, it’s a perfect description.

          Jesu is Justin Broadrick and he has been on this path for many years now.

          ‘Ascension’ may be another way station on this journey or it may be a peak but it is certainly is part of a body of work that is rising with much power and majesty. The layers of atmospheric guitars and keyboards on the ten tracks on ‘Ascension’ build relentlessly atop each other creating a huge structure that seems to flooat or glide more like a weather pattern than a piece of music. As it moves overhead you are enveloped in a new world of sonic pleasure where the edges are soft and sustained but the weight is ever present. However through this cloak of sound great beams of sunlight occasionally break, lighting the clouds in spectacular colors. All is not gray in this world.

          Justin Broadrick first emerged as a force in music as part of the band Napalm Death in the mid eighties. He then formed Godflesh which cemented his place in a genre which is variously known as extreme, grindcore or just new metal. There are however, many arrows in Justin Broadrick’s quiver. Over the last twenty years he has maintained a series of projects ranging in musical style from punk to industrial to the melodic atmospherics of his current band, Jesu. This ability to step outside the confines of musical convention sets him apart creatively from other writer musicians who have been working in his field over this period. Despite, or perhaps because of this stylistic diversity he has attracted an obsessively loyal fanbase and a reliably positive response from critics. The question is always, How does he sound so light while staying so heavy? Jesu’s output has been spasmodic but of a uniform high quality. All instruments are played by Justin Broadrick and apart from the occasionally guest vocalist
          (Jarboe from The Swans) he handles all vocals..

          Over the years Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon and his earlier band, Red House Painters, has gained well deserved praise for his extraordinary songwriting. At the same time he has developed a parallel reputation for his unique covers of other people's material Many of these tracks were recorded for tribute albums that are now unavailable. Caldo Verde Records has now collected them in a cohesive, 10-song LP titled "The Finally LP". Highlights include a bluegrass version of "Lazy" by Low, "Bedtime Lullaby" from the children's show Yo Gabba Gabba! and an intimate, acoustic version of Stephen Sondhiem's "Send In the Clowns" recorded for the Minneapolis Bridge Disaster Benefit CD. The album also includes radio show rarities, a previously unreleased version of Husker Du's "Celebrated Summer" and two original instrumentals.

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