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Maria Rodés

Fuimos Los Dos

    After eight albums, Maria Rodés' talent has been made absolutely clear on numerous occasions. But "Fuimos Los Dos" is a special album, and not just because it's her first solo album with Elefant Records (after that wonder she shared with La Estrella De David entitled "Contigo"). We are probably looking at her most intimate work, where she combines singer-songwriting, Latin American folklore and sonic experimentation to express her vision of the end of romantic relationships. It is an absolute delight, and her marvelous voice dances between minute, delicate, exquisite arrangements.


    El Verano Que Me Debes

      Pipiolas is a duo of two radically charismatic people. Paula had her heart broken, which was the motivation she needed to start writing songs. She thought of Adriana. She remembered that people used to say they looked alike. That their voices had similar textures. That they fit together well. And so, she proposed an adventure to her. Vau Boy provides the instrumentation and the production, giving life to their songs. The A-side opens with "Club de los 27". Like a less bizarre, more punk version of "Bohemian Rhapsody". While "Domingo raro" is an anthem that explodes with euphoria. The B-side has the techno-pop of of Narciso" and the bedroom soul-pop, melancholy of "Un poco triste"

      Lightning In A Twilight Hour


        'Overwintering' is the new album from Bobby Wratten (The Field Mice, Trembling Blue Stars), recording as Lightning In A Twilight Hour. A collection of eleven songs in collaboration with Ian Catt; a partnership dating back to the earliest days of the The Field Mice. Both Anne Mari Davies and Michael Hiscock from The Field Mice feature throughout this latest addition to Bobby's discography. Also present is Beth Arzy (Trembling Blue Stars, Jetstream Pony, The Luxembourg Signal), and Harvey Brown who adds guitar to the record's penultimate track. A painting by renowned writer and musician David Toop adorns the sleeve.

        For fans of : Galaxie 500, Low, Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins.

        The Yearning

        Only When I'm Dancing

          Joe Moore is full of surprises. Every new release his name is on, whether they are his own projects (The Yearning, The Perfect Kiss, Julie Et Joe) or other people's (Lia Pamina, Cristina Quesada and Maddie Mae), gives us incredible results. Lounge music, soul, girl groups, chamber pop, French pop from the 60s... Diverse styles pass through his hands like an unstoppable song-making machine.

          What will the journey be this time? "Only When I'm Dancing", transports us to the golden age of disco music, when the dance floor was full of excitement, melancholy, elegance and majestic arrangements (something that Moore notably excels at).

          This time, the change of sound comes with a change in singer. The angelic voice of Maddie Dobie makes way for the elegance of Luci Ashbourne. Her mature, velvety voice is perfect for these sensual songs, many of which are aimed directly at the dance floor. When Joe began working on this new album, he imagined Karen Carpenter singing along with the music of Benny and Björn.

          "Never Gonna Let You Go" begins like a tribute to Barry White. "Love Has Taken Hold Of My Heart" has echoes of ABBA. Elsewhere we hear Pet Shop Boys, Bee Gees, Tina Charles and Isaac Hayes. A new album, a new surprise, a new pleasure.


          1.Never Gonna Let You Go
          2.Don't Take Me To Heart
          3.Only When I'm Dancing
          4.Love Has Taken Hold Of My Heart
          5.Lend Me Your Love
          6.Come To Me
          7.Take A Little Look
          8.Song Or A Dance
          9.Keep Me In Mind
          10.Yearning For You

          Le Superhomard Feat. Xavier Boyer


            "Meadow Lane Park" made it clear that there is more to Le Superhomard than inspiration. What versatility. The ease with which they play with styles, the way the move from the most psychedelic, martial kraut-rock to synth-pop and the most addictive euro-disco, makes them one of the juiciest options to appear on the European scene recently. That is why their joining forces with Xavier Boyer, the singer from Tahiti 80, to release this Single called "Domino" is such wonderful news. 

            Le Superhomard

            Meadow Lane Park

              "Meadow Lane Park" is the first full-length album from the French quintet Le Superhomard and immediately, from the cover to the song titles, shows us its bucolic vision. Just put on opening song, "In The Park", and we can see that the landscapes they show us are injected with acid, flooded with stardust, with lysergic caresses, sweet and pleasant. Under the play of the synthesizers, under the psychedelic-style muted bases, strings and guitars aimed at lounge, they create an irresistible atmosphere.

              Le SuperHomard's electronic pop naturally resonates with a classic French pop references including those of spiritual fathers of the electro-pop genre, Stereolab and Medhi Zannad.

              The groovy electronics, the oddly meandering vocals, the elaborately gorgeous production, the super mellow acoustic guitars and simple syncopated beats, the psychedelic feeling, it's all here: It's like feeling dappled sunlight on your face as you relax.

              TRACK LISTING

              1.In The Park
              3.Door After Door
              4.Paper Girl
              7.Meadow Lane Park
              8.Elephant In The Room
              10.Black Diamond
              12.Back To Meadow Lane

              The Last Detail

              The Last Detail

                So how should one react when one's two favourite contemporary singer-songwriters decide to record an album together? Mehdi Zannad has a peerless collection of long-players & one-off 45's behind him, under both his own name and as Fugu, while Erin Moran (A Girl Called Eddy) released one of this century's great lost albums back in 2004. The stakes were high, as were my expectations.

                Thankfully The Last Detail doesn't disappoint. Breezy yet reflective. Melancholic but never maudlin, and always resolutely upbeat. Magnificent" Harvey Williams (Field Mice, Trembling Blue Stars).

                Soft Regime

                Hard Feelings

                  Numbered limited edition of 500 copies, plus download. Surrender to the Soft Regime - a pan-European group of musicians intent on exploring the glorious electronic pop sounds that pump through their hearts and grease their gears. This 8 track "Hard Feelings" 10" Mini-LP follows their continental disco hit from 2017 "Michelangelo", with its huge chorus and controversial banned video. As you'd expect, they have yet another explosive europop cocktail on their hands: think Lio, Icerink Records, Girls At Our Best, La Bionda, Mikado, La Casa Azul, Kim Wilde, only different.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. The Soft Regime
                  A2. Lockdown
                  A3. Futura Ad Acta
                  A4. Wild Swimming (with Dickon)
                  B1. Johnny
                  B2. Capri Underground
                  B3. Nothing Really
                  B4. A Propos

                  The Yearning

                  Take Me All Over The World

                    The untiring Joe Moore in his endless search for beauty in music, is back with a new mini-album from THE YEARNING, and addressing his usual inclinations: the chanson, chamber pop, bossa, and above all, the perfect song. And once again, he is handling all the production work, the recording, and the songwriting, and is playing almost all the instruments.

                    Compilation of The Yearning's first two sold-out mini-LPs, "Jukebox Romance" and "Still In Love", plus singles and three unreleased tracks: - "Dawn", "Love Is Like A Rollercoaster" and "Dusk".

                    Taking their influences from late 50s/early 60s girl-groups and Phil Spector, Joe Moore's productions are becoming more and more well-known all over the world. Their signature effusive, romantic, and elegant sixties-style pop is already a trademark.

                    For fans of Dionne Warwick, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, Dusty Springfield, Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Dawn (Instrumental) 00:48
                    2. If You Were My Boyfriend 02:17
                    3. Baby Be Mine 03:04
                    4. The Way You Love Me 03:11
                    5. Everybody Knows (I'm Still In Love With You) 03:15
                    6. Don't Call Me Baby 03:36
                    7. Gotta Pull Myself Together 03:18
                    8. Jeremy 02:39
                    9. Eyes Of A Movie Star 03:29
                    10. I Just Wanna Hold Your Hand (On Christmas Day) 03:43
                    11. See You Again 03:20
                    12. Boy Racer 04:08
                    13. Love Is Like A Rollercoaster 02:14
                    14. Kiss You In The Summertime 04:03
                    15. Too Young 03:22
                    16. Why's She Making Those Eyes At You? 03:00
                    17. Too Shy 03:00
                    18. Heart Beats A Little Bit Faster 03:12
                    19. All Hung Up On You 02:58
                    20. Pretty Lies 04:01
                    21. You Make Lovin' You Easy 04:05
                    22. Dusk 01:36

                    Second album from Joe Moore's project, The Yearning. Made and managed in his own studio, this is a personal universe that is exciting, independent, separate from any other kind of precepts in the music industry; his very own. The delicious arrangements, that romantic halo, and Maddie Dobie's fascinating voice are still heard on almost the entire album. But while the last album 'Dreamboats & Lemonade' looked to sixties pop from the most cheerful girl-group perspective, 'Evening Souvenirs' is a slow, deliberate, nocturnal album, with echoes of lounge music and "chanson", of bossa and chamber pop, with touches of Sarah and l Records melancholy, and Burt Bacharach soundtracks.

                    Playing with a considerable number of instruments, and the participation of the Cotsworld Voices choir on many of the songs, we find ourselves with one of those albums that needs to be listened to in semi-darkness, where the notes are bursting to the surface, giving you goose bumps hair by hair.

                    For fans of Dionne Warwick, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, Dusty Springfield, Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin. Vinyl is Limited edition of 500 copies on grey vinyl, with MP3 download.

                    The School

                    Wasting Away And Wondering

                      The School are back with their third album, and it's beautifully fresh, mature and (despite the sad title) brilliantly optimistic. Along with their traditional eight-musician line-up, led by Liz's omnipresent voice, there are three extra musicians this time, helping to create an album with lush instrumentation, and stunning completeness. Opener "Every Day" is a trademark song in every way. Sixties-inspired folk-pop with precious arrangements, delicious choruses, and delicate but brilliant melodies. Elsewhere there are bursts of ye-ye, walls of melody and fascinating brass arrangements. There are echoes of The Supremes and Wilson Pickett but also French pop such as France Gall, and Francois Hardy, plus a dash of Ennio Morricone.

                      The Catenary Wires

                      Red Red Skies

                        The Catenary Wires is the new project of Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey (Tallulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap). The band’s name refers to the chain of curves made by the overhead cables seen suspended from pylons or above electric trains, cables that can seem to lead you off to somewhere different and unknown.

                        After the demise of Tender Trap, the duo were enticed to play in public for an event celebrating their old label, Sarah Records, at the Arnolfini Art Gallery in Bristol. They played a few Heavenly songs but also took the opportunity to try out new material. From the positive reaction, they realised that two people on stage could be a proper band, if a small, fragile one. The mini-album comprises eight evocative songs, most of which are about relationships falling apart. It starts with their first single "Intravenous" a closely sung duet which talks about the mutual dependency of love, and of resignation to a closeness so extreme that it becomes destructive.

                        Lightning In A Twilight Hour

                        Fragments Of A Former Moon

                          New project from Bobby Wratten (Trembling Blue Stars, Field Mice) and the first full album following the introductory mini-album "Slow Changes".

                          It's an album that shows off the two most remarkable facets of the songwriter: pop melodies that intertwine melancholic and evocative shades plus ambiance of experimentation in which the music becomes a bucolic, intoxicating landscape. Fans of Trembling Blue Stars will be delighted at the new songs, but there are also echoes of Mark Hollis, Labrdford, Brian Eno, and even the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. An album for a silent and solitary night.

                          It's almost 6 years since Helen Love's their last album & "Day-Glo Dreams" makes their unmistakable style more and more their own, mixing punk attitude (Joey Ramone will always be in their hearts), bubblegum melodies, and disco-dance rhythms.

                          The album opens the accelerated techno-pop of "We Are All The Lo-Fi Kids"; the girls themselves admit that "Together In Electric Dreams" was a huge influence for this album and they show it openly on the album's title track. "Shy Girl" (could have been a hit from Bananarama), while "My Imagination" is in the spirit of The Buggles, Silicon Teens, and Yazoo. Other tracks nod towards The Human League, Dolly Mixture and The Go-Go's. The album radiates excitement and a have-fun, feel-good mood. It's impossible to resist its electricity, its marvelous melodies, its punk attitude, and unforgettable choruses. We Love You!!!

                          TRACK LISTING

                          01. We Are All The Lo-Fi Kids
                          02. Day-Glo Dreams
                          03. Shy Girl
                          04. My Imagination
                          05. Spin Those Records
                          06. Our Mum And Dad
                          07. Atomic
                          08. Don't Forget About This Town
                          09. J.Pop
                          10. You And Stacy
                          11. Teenage Soap Opera

                          Attic Lights

                          Super De Luxe

                            Glasgow's Attic Lights return with long awaited 2nd album. This stunning new record is brimful of bright, luminous melodies, epic guitars & soaring pop songs.

                            Trembling Blue Stars

                            Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires

                              Trembling Blue Stars bow out with a double CD on Elefant. The eleven songs that make up "Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires" and the seven on the second disc (EP) "Cicely Tonight Volume One" are simply some of the best pieces of work by Bobby Wratten and co. Marvels like "Cold Colours" and "All Our Tomorrows" find Trembling Blue Stars more intense, organic and spirited than ever before, while songs like "Frosting", "Half-Light" and "The Dark World of The Broken" give us the subtler, melancholic side of the band.

                              "Fast Trains and Telegraphs Wires" includes the work of Jonathan Akerman, Beth Arzy and Keris Howard again. Cath Carroll (of Miaow) contributes vocals on "The Imperfection of Memory". And, the album closes with "The Hidden Quarter", a beautiful composition dedicated to the film and video director, Derek Jarman . "Cicely Tonight Volume One" offers the more experimental side of Wratten.

                              Speedmarket Avenue

                              Way Better Now

                                This single gives advance warning of a stunning new album from Sweden's Speedmarket Avenue (a pop music collective led by a little guy who looks like a cross between Charles Manson and Marc Bolan) "Way better Now" shows a more electric facet of the band, reminiscent of the best of The Essex Green. For fans of Ladybug Transistor, Slowdive, The Cure and Trembling Blue Stars.

                                Camera Obscura

                                Let's Get Out Of This Country

                                "Let's Get Out Of This Country" is a master class in intelligent, melodic 'retro-modern pop'. Producer Jari Happalainen (The Concretes, Ed Harcourt) has shaped a cohesive collection of classic songs which are, at turns upbeat ("If Looks Could Kill"), downbeat ("Country Mile"), hooky ("I Need All The Friends I Can Get") and epic ("Razzle Dazzle Rose").

                                Camera Obscura

                                Under Achievers Please Try Harder

                                Camera Obscura are a seven piece from Glasgow, who started releasing records in the late 90s on the Andmoresound label. Afer a year of touring and recording, they've now released the follow-up to their Geoff Allen (Arab Strap, Mogwai, Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian) produced debut album, and the single "Eighties Fan" which was produced by Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian. On "Underachievers, Please Try Harder" they've broadened their sound by bringing in new organs and a Fender Rhodes piano, and trying out 12-string acoustic, banjo and autoharp on some tracks, even utilising a Stylophone.


                                Land And Freedom

                                  One track from their "Musicality" album, plus three exclusive songs. Acoustic and hyper-imaginative, full of quirky arrangements and structures.

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