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Axolotes Mexicanos


    Axolotes Mexicanos are from Asturias in Spain, and following a mini-album and singles from Elefant Records, here is their debut full-length album. They play unhinged, hyper-energetic, catchy, youthful and speedy pop-punk with lyrics that twist your heart into a knot. Only two of the thirteen songs on the album reach the three-minute mark. "Trececatorce" dives head first into sped-up J-pop. "Nacida Para Sufrir" and "Sin Ti" are euro-pop, disco, pop-punk...Helen Love, Juniper Moon, Shampoo, early Phoenix.


    Coloured LP Info: Limited edition of 500 on clear vinyl, plus download.

    Soft Regime

    Hard Feelings

      Numbered limited edition of 500 copies, plus download. Surrender to the Soft Regime - a pan-European group of musicians intent on exploring the glorious electronic pop sounds that pump through their hearts and grease their gears. This 8 track "Hard Feelings" 10" Mini-LP follows their continental disco hit from 2017 "Michelangelo", with its huge chorus and controversial banned video. As you'd expect, they have yet another explosive europop cocktail on their hands: think Lio, Icerink Records, Girls At Our Best, La Bionda, Mikado, La Casa Azul, Kim Wilde, only different.

      Rush Week


        Rush Week is from Philadelphia and was formed in 2016 by Rachel K. Haines and the producer James Benjamin Thomas, who update the NU Disco, Soul and R&B sounds from the end of the seventies and beginning of the eighties. Their first album, "Feels", sounds like the elegance and melancholy of Roxy Music and Talk Talk, modernized with St. Vincent, with an irresistible pop filter that also feeds the dance floor.


        Ltd LP includes MP3 Download Code.

        The Yearning

        Take Me All Over The World

          The untiring Joe Moore in his endless search for beauty in music, is back with a new mini-album from THE YEARNING, and addressing his usual inclinations: the chanson, chamber pop, bossa, and above all, the perfect song. And once again, he is handling all the production work, the recording, and the songwriting, and is playing almost all the instruments.


          10" LP Info: 10" is numbered limited edition of 750 copies. Includes download.

          La Bien Querida


            Many of the songs show a melancholy and something of the crooner spirit of Scott Walker, Dusty Springfield, or Lana Del Ray; elegance and emotions running high. But there's also pure pop here and shades of Depeche Mode influenced electronic pop.


            2xLtd LP includes MP3 Download Code.

            Fitness Forever


              Carlos Valderrama and company's third album is chock full of syncopated rhythms, instrumental exuberance and unforgettable melodies mined from the Italian-disco tradition & wrapped in a dose of the current and contemporary.

              Fitness Forever

              Canadian Ranger

                The second single from Fitness Forever's third and highly anticipated album, and is a super numbered-limited-edition, 250-copy 7".

                "Canadian Ranger" is a universal song. This would definitely be included on an ABBA greatest hits album, on a list of the best Diana Ross songs, in the Bee Gees' pantheon, and in all of Guille Milkyway's majestic nocturnal DJ sessions. Nicoletta Battelli's voice here is inspiring like never before. The Italian-disco touch with the synthesizers gives it a captivating personality, like a dream. An instant classic.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                Ltd 7" Info: Numbered limited edition of 250. Includes download.

                Modern Cosmology (Laetitia Sadier & Mombojo)

                Summer Long

                  The new project from Laetitia Sadier with the Brazilian group MOMBOJÓ

                  Limited edition of 1000 copies on clear vinyl. Includes download.

                  New collaboration of bossa-nova, pop, and psychedelia between Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab and Brazilian band Mombojo.

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  10" LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                  The Perfect Kiss


                    The Perfect Kiss is a new project led by the multifaceted Joe Moore (The Yearning, Lia Pamina) but this time with a radically different register. "Disconnect" is a mini-LP of electro-pop, recorded with only a keyboard from 1985 - the Yamaha PortaSound PSS-450. You may be reminded of Stephen Merrit, for his versatility, his openness and prolificacy but also of Au Revoir Simone, Lali Puna, and even The Human League.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    10" LP Info: 10" mini-LP on green vinyl. Numbered limited edition of 500 copies. Includes download.

                    Compilation of The Yearning's first two sold-out mini-LPs, "Jukebox Romance" and "Still In Love", plus singles and three unreleased tracks: - "Dawn", "Love Is Like A Rollercoaster" and "Dusk".

                    Taking their influences from late 50s/early 60s girl-groups and Phil Spector, Joe Moore's productions are becoming more and more well-known all over the world. Their signature effusive, romantic, and elegant sixties-style pop is already a trademark.

                    For fans of Dionne Warwick, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, Dusty Springfield, Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin.

                    Second album from Joe Moore's project, The Yearning. Made and managed in his own studio, this is a personal universe that is exciting, independent, separate from any other kind of precepts in the music industry; his very own. The delicious arrangements, that romantic halo, and Maddie Dobie's fascinating voice are still heard on almost the entire album. But while the last album 'Dreamboats & Lemonade' looked to sixties pop from the most cheerful girl-group perspective, 'Evening Souvenirs' is a slow, deliberate, nocturnal album, with echoes of lounge music and "chanson", of bossa and chamber pop, with touches of Sarah and l Records melancholy, and Burt Bacharach soundtracks.

                    Playing with a considerable number of instruments, and the participation of the Cotsworld Voices choir on many of the songs, we find ourselves with one of those albums that needs to be listened to in semi-darkness, where the notes are bursting to the surface, giving you goose bumps hair by hair.

                    For fans of Dionne Warwick, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, Dusty Springfield, Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin. Vinyl is Limited edition of 500 copies on grey vinyl, with MP3 download.

                    Trembling Blue Stars

                    Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires

                      "Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires" was Bobby Wratten's last album under the Trembling Blue Stars name, and includes guest vocals from Cath Carroll. Thid reissue sd part of Elefant's 25th anniversary collection and includes a 7" of "Cicely Tonight Volume 1", the additional EP that came with the original CD release, and showcases Bobby's more experimental, ambient, Eno-influenced work.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      2xLtd LP Info: Limited to 500 copies on orange vinyl in deluxe die-cut sleeve. Double vinyl & 7" with download code.

                      It's almost 6 years since Helen Love's their last album & "Day-Glo Dreams" makes their unmistakable style more and more their own, mixing punk attitude (Joey Ramone will always be in their hearts), bubblegum melodies, and disco-dance rhythms.

                      The album opens the accelerated techno-pop of "We Are All The Lo-Fi Kids"; the girls themselves admit that "Together In Electric Dreams" was a huge influence for this album and they show it openly on the album's title track. "Shy Girl" (could have been a hit from Bananarama), while "My Imagination" is in the spirit of The Buggles, Silicon Teens, and Yazoo. Other tracks nod towards The Human League, Dolly Mixture and The Go-Go's. The album radiates excitement and a have-fun, feel-good mood. It's impossible to resist its electricity, its marvelous melodies, its punk attitude, and unforgettable choruses. We Love You!!!

                      Speedmarket Avenue

                      Way Better Now

                      This single gives advance warning of a stunning new album from Sweden's Speedmarket Avenue (a pop music collective led by a little guy who looks like a cross between Charles Manson and Marc Bolan) "Way better Now" shows a more electric facet of the band, reminiscent of the best of The Essex Green. For fans of Ladybug Transistor, Slowdive, The Cure and Trembling Blue Stars.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition white vinyl.

                      Camera Obscura

                      Under Achievers Please Try Harder

                      Camera Obscura are a seven piece from Glasgow, who started releasing records in the late 90s on the Andmoresound label. Afer a year of touring and recording, they've now released the follow-up to their Geoff Allen (Arab Strap, Mogwai, Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian) produced debut album, and the single "Eighties Fan" which was produced by Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian. On "Underachievers, Please Try Harder" they've broadened their sound by bringing in new organs and a Fender Rhodes piano, and trying out 12-string acoustic, banjo and autoharp on some tracks, even utilising a Stylophone.

                      Les Freres Checkolade


                      From Hamburg comes this German-French threesome ready to conquer all European danceflooors thanks to tracks such as "Superdisco"! Bis fans take note!

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      7" Info: Limited edtiion pink vinyl 7".


                      Land And Freedom

                      One track from their "Musicality" album, plus three exclusive songs. Acoustic and hyper-imaginative, full of quirky arrangements and structures.

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