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Back in stock Cover of We're Your Friends, Man by The Bevis Frond.

The Bevis Frond

We're Your Friends, Man

    A 90 minute blast of grown up angst that engages the best classic rock touchstones from Young and Stills guitar battles to Love’s tender melodies, Dinosaur Jr’s buzzsaw guitars and Hendrix at his most expressive. “Harking back to the liberating songcraft of The Beatles but with a jagged edge, intense swathes and swerving changes that give it a transatlantic propulsion, a kinship with the likes of Husker Du.” Record Collector. Featuring a selection of poignant pop songs impregnated with mature riffs and memorable one liners from the pen of the much covered (Lemonheads, Mary Lou Lord, Teenage Fanclub, Walkingseeds) Nick Saloman. Embracing Saloman’s tongue in cheek one liners and clever use of prose, ‘We’re Your Friends, Man’ bristles with incisive wit and poignant observations. Press Quotes : “Arguably Britrock’s most prolific one man cottage industry.” Uncut // “Saloman is an accomplished songwriter and guitarist influenced by a slew of guitar heroes.” Big Takeover // “For the past 30 years, one man has kept the psych freak flag flying.” 


    2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

    Genom Grundet is the new release by Swedish analogue explorer Ekolali on new imprint Patience. A pulsing, entrancing study in sustain and release that washes over in ecstatic waves throughout its 35 minute duration, "Genom Grundet" is a shimmering summation of Ekolali’s approach and an auspicious blueprint for the virgin NYC-based label.
    Recorded on a modest setup at his almost-off-grid compound in rural Möljeryd, Sweden, "Genom Grundent" (Through The Shallows) gently bubbles with a sampled stream, baked tape delay, droning broken organ and pitch-shifted rhythm, blooming with vocoder chants and klassic kosmische guitar as the track unfolds. Repetitive to the point of rapture, Genom Grundet reveals it’s wonders over subsequent meditations.
    Mattias Lagerkvist has previously issued similarly potent musical balms as Ekolali via Bakk and Not Not Fun.
    Patience is a new outlet for artists to explore ideas further and longer than they otherwise might imagine. Inspired by the music we like to listen to – with E2-E4 representing the format’s high tide mark – each release will be one artist’s deep dive down one inspirational wormhole - or two different interpretations thereof - spread across two sides of vinyl. Throw it on, lock in, bliss out.


    Patrick says: After taking us far fucking out with a recent split release on the BakkPlafond series, Ekolali slips his moorings and floats down the spiritual stream here with a totally fried bit of kosmische ambience. One for the mushroom crew.


    ISSUE 304 - MARCH 2019

      PEERLESS SINGER, GENIUS songwriter: MOJO celebrates Joni Mitchell over 22 pages, with a classic in-depth interview, plus rare pics and insights and a 15-track CD of post-Joni songs and artists, featuring Julia Holter, Frazey Ford, Nadia Reid, Case/Lang/Veirs, Sun Kil Moon, Tomberlin, Wendy & Lisa and more. Also this month: The Specials – new album, new controversy; fresh light on David Bowie’s watershed 1965; the hair-raising story of Royal Trux; and the adorable John Sebastian in the MOJO Interview. Plus: Pete Shelley departs; The Sugarcubes hit; Cass McCombs uncurls; the Beastie Boys talk waffles; Roy Harper fights back; Yola breaks out. Finally, records by Rustin Man, Jessica Pratt, Sleaford Mods, Julia Jacklin, Michael Rother and Nic Jones, on Nonesuch and Philadelphia International, rock our world.

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