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Genre pick of the week Cover of Book Of Words EP by Mat Carter & Radioactiveman.
From a shared love of electronica, aquatic techno funk and tribal rhythms comes this collaboration between Varial regular Mat Carter and the legendary Radioactive Man.

Recorded at The Cube, raw electronics and warm analogue sounds flow and almost breath with life as synths spray atmosphere over washed out stabs which swing from one note to the next. Layered effects sit alongside glitches and heavily distorted breaks perfectly suited for the rumbling subwoofers of soundsytems. It's got that cybernetic B-boy swagger throughout, as well as possessing some of the most stimulating and texturized synth patches you're likely to hear all year! 


Matt says: Good old Keith. A national treasure in my humble opinion. Loving these recent collaborations (see also the one with Ara-U) but this one with Mat Carter takes the biscuit! Hardwired scuzz n swirls cemented with some tuff electroid beats. With Keith a cutting room wizard, the vinyl sounds ultra fat and weighty too. In short, high grade electro goodness you can't do without!


A1. Morph Ball
A2. Morph Ball Stripped
B1. Phase 4
B2. Ancestral Charge

Denzel Curry

Melt My Eyez See Your Future

    'Melt My Eyez See Your Future' arrives as Denzel Curry’s most mature and ambitious album to date. Recorded over the course of the pandemic, Denzel shows his growth as both an artist and person. Born from a wealth of influences, the tracks highlight his versality and broad tastes, taking in everything from drum’n’bass to trap. To support this vision and show the breadth of his artistry, Denzel has enlisted a wide range of collaborators and firmly plants his flag in the ground as one of the most groundbreaking rappers in the game.

    Eris Drew & Octo Octa

    Day After A Night With U / Stars & Water

    Fabric launches a new offshoot: Fabric Originals. The imprint aims to release special projects from the artists that form the present and future of boundary pushing club music globally in single, EP, album and compilation form. To launch the label a new split 12” from hi-NRG pioneers Eris Drew & Octo Octa is unveiled. Eris Drew draws on elements of 90s big beat with a propulsive twist, adding chest-rattling bass notes to anchor the track’s eyes-down 4/4 rhythm. Created in reaction to this dancefloor wonder, Octo Octa’s "Stars & Water" takes on a much more commanding tone finding cues from a classic house sound and employing deft polyrhythms to build progressive energy. As you'd expect from the label's ethos and the artists involved - it's progressive, inovative; yet retains that magical infectious quality required for modern club music hits. We're feelin' it! 


    A. Eris Drew - Day After A Night With U
    AA. Octo Octa - Stars & Water

    Cutting edge label Incienso is hyped to announce the next release of 2022 from one of the UK’s most interesting and distinctive producers, Shiken Hanzo.

    While known primarily for his hybrid halftime d&b and techno sound, Shiken switches it up with new diversions in tempo and rhythm throughout "Eternity of Echoes", all the while maintaining his idiosyncratic blend of dystopian soundscapes, industrial drums, and pulsating, deep basslines.

    It's got that thick, claustrophobic fog hanging over it like much of DJ Python's catalogue yet with a more much technologically focused dissection of rhythm, atmosphere and movement. It'll work alongside grime, cumbia, dembow, techno and UKF extremely well and should intrigue both club goers and home listeners with its punishing yet exquisite sound design. Recommended! 


    Matt says: Thick, fuggy, claustrophobic dembow, industrial dancehall and Cumbia hybrids that shudder and quake. Quite fearsome in parts, perfect for causing vast swathes of tension across the arena.


    A1. Darkest Entities
    A2. Eightfold Blessings Of Amaterasu
    B1. Eternity Of Echoes
    B2. The Reaping

    Pseudopolis returns to Redstone Press with Eris Drew for a remix under her Bassbin 23 alias!

    Label co-boss Pseudopolis touches down on Redstone Press for the third time. If you’ve heard the last two you know the drill.

    Taking no prisoners from the outset, “High For Life” establishes the mood of the EP, combining unrelenting breaks, bouncing basslines and a big-room energy that acts like a pressure release after many nights making music with no clubs in sight, a track that doesn’t loosen its grip throughout.

    "Euphoria Inc." keeps the room at boiling point with Pseudopolis expertly fusing climatic rave energy, broken breakbeats and a murky Reece bassline into an equally euphoric yet foreboding warehouse tool.

    “Haze Runner” continues with the ruffneck breaks but raises the bpms and dread level, sounding like something that would soundtrack your teenage weed psychosis or your current 6AMs spent in front of your favourite jungle sound system’s bassbins.

    Speaking of which, Eris Drew hits up the label under her new guise Bassbin23. Years of dancing, rejoicing and playing dusty warehouse raves have informed this rendition of “High for Life”, stripping it back to a fun filled 4x4 rave weapon. 


    Matt says: Bad ass raggamuffin breakbeats that bite hard. Some nice hardcore / jungle work outs contained within also. Killer release from Redstone Press.


    A1. High For Life
    A2. Euphoria Inc.
    B1. Haze Runner
    B2. High For Life (Bassbin23 Remix)

    Debut album from the experimental pop artist Shygirl. The 12-track album was created with a close-knit group of friends and previous collaborators including Mura Masa, Sega Bodega, Karma Kid, Arca and Cosha along with the producers Noah Goldstein, Danny L Harle, BloodPop, Vegyn and Kingdom.

    "Nymph" reveals Shygirl’s inner self-reflection in experimental vocal tones and deconstructed dance melodies and exhibits a new level of intimacy and emotional depth in her songwriting. Simultaneously asserting her power and freedom and yet still longing for love, she delivers us lyrical harmonies and catchy hooks telling stories of relationships, sexual desires and romantic frustrations. Over lush production, Shygirl brings us on the journey of what intimacy is like for a woman who’s seen as ‘too hot to handle’, someone sought after and overlooked at the same time. Shygirl’s melodies intertwine with the sounds of bassline, garage, dancehall and hip hop, all seamlessly flowing together like an artful ribbon dance.


    Matt says: Don't sleep on the neo-heart-melter: "Heaven" which aptly gives Sophie a run for her money in the 'future-emotional-heartbreak-ballad' stakes.


    Side 1
    1. Woe (3:41)
    2. Come For Me (1:07)
    3. Shlut (2:32)
    4. Little Bit (3:34)
    5. Firefly (3:15)
    6. Coochie (A Bedtime Story) (2:58)
    Side 2
    1. Heaven (2:42)
    2. Nike (2:10)
    3. Poison (2:42)
    4. Honey (3:36)
    5. Missing U (0:59)
    6. Wildfire (2:56)

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