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DJ Swagger returns to E-Beamz with one of his most sought after jams - "Holly Wood" backed with 2 more club heaters done in his unimiable style. Major T I P on this on folks. One cat who's quickly cementing his sound amongst a plethora of producers all vying for the top spot. You instantly recognize a Swagger OG - dark menacing hip-house vox murked in dark flange and bolstered by chunky breakbeats and a slammin', brickwall limited house beat. On the flip, "Atter Action" displays a warehouse friendly breakbeat / garage method - tipping its hat to pioneers like Ed Dmx, Radioactive Man and the UKG / soundbyoy massive. "Buck 'em Down" concludes with an experimental frenzy; Swagger letting loose on his gear and noting down the results. It's edgey and unrefined but hits loud and direct and will work really well as DJ tool used over other tracks. Swagger's still got it! Top stuff.

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