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Various Artists

Sama’ Abdulhadi Fabric Presents Sama’ Abdulhadi

    Sama’ Abdulhadi’s rise as one of the first DJs to emerge internationally from Palestine can be traced back to Beirut, where she immersed herself in the burgeoning local techno scene. Her 2018 Boiler Room in Palestine set a new bar for high octane DJ sets.

    On this mix, Sama’s techno collaboration with musician-performer Walaa Sbait on lead track ‘Well Fee’ stands out with its Arabic love-lament vocal. Acid Arab’s ‘Laba Staifia (Ammar 808 Remix)’ rounds off the comp - another notable delivery from the French-Algerian electronic collective.

    Contributing artists from East to West, from established to up-and-coming producers, cover melodic, trance and techno genres, making this one of the most all-compassing deliveries to the historic series.


    CD Tracklist:
    1. Khainz - The Drift [Spectrum]
    2. Vazik - Clouds And Stars [Techgnosis]
    3. Pan-Pot - Confronted [mobilee]
    4. XZYKO - Kangoa [We Are Connected Music]
    5. Lampé - Where To Start [Subios Records]
    6. Karim Alkhayat & NÚRIA - Legend [Legend]
    7. Carbon & Peter Groskreutz - Discharge [fabric Records]
    8. Sama’ Abdulhadi Ft. Walaa Sbait - Well Fee [fabric Records]
    9. Flug - Phase One [Suara]
    10. Kos:mo - Flashback [Respekt]
    11. Lutgens - ASMR [fabric Records]
    12. Coyu - Snow In Ipanema [Suara]
    13. Mython - Sexual Deviant [Suara]
    14. Bruce Zalcer - The Wizard [Kneaded Pains]
    15. TimiR & Unlighted - System [fabric Records]
    16. Psycrain & C.A.T - Goosebombs [Bassclef Records]
    17. HngT - Artificial Awareness [Volta]
    18. Michael Klein - Contact [RX Recordings]
    19. YA Z AN - NADA-R [Open Music Lab]
    20. Sylvie Miles - Man In The Woods [Space Kraft Recordings]
    21. Dyzen - Tesseract [Afterlife]
    22. Acid Arab - Laba Staifia (Ammar 808 Remix) [Crammed Discs]

    Double Vinyl Tracklist:
    A1. Acid Arab - Laba Staifia (Ammar 808 Remix) [Crammed Discs]
    A2. XZYKO - Kangoa [We Are Connected Music]
    B1. Sama’ Abdulhadi & Walaa Sbait - Well Fee [fabric Records]
    B2. Carbon & Peter Groskreutz - Discharge [fabric Records]
    C1. Michael Klein - Contact [RX Recordings]
    C2. Sylvie Miles - Man In The Woods [Space Kraft Recordings]
    D1. Lutgens - ASMR [fabric Records]
    D2. Psycrain & C.A.T - Goosebombs [Bassclef Records]

    Various Artists

    Fabric Presents Saoirse

      Globally respected DJ, producer, trUst label boss and the queer Body Movements festival founder Saoirse has delivered a shapeshifting compilation defying the concept of time as deep house morphs into moody techno, trippy grooves effortlessly transition into pumping bass and unearthed gems are seamlessly stitched with brand new, exclusive tracks from long-time collaborator Shanti Celeste and Galdors imprint founder Junes to deliver a cohesive and cosmic piece. Soirse’s exclusive tech-house banger ‘RM 1’ single is dedicated to the countless hours the Dublin-born raver has spent in that iconic fabric room behind and infront of the decks. The digital comp is out ahead of physical, the latter timed to hit shops the day before her takeover of fabric for a mix launch party.


      CD Tracklisting:
      1. Duckett - Flex
      2. Geeneus - Yellowtail
      3. Luca Lozano - Identify
      4. DJ NORMAL 4 - Transcendental Training Tactics
      5. Nitz - Mi-au
      6. Caim - Illusion
      7. Jacek Sienkiewicz - The Evidence
      8. 616 - 369
      9. Junes - Pilot
      10. Reba - Azimuth Circle
      11. Kompo - Function
      12. Javier Carballo - Beat Investigator
      13. Kosh - Square One
      14. Sin Limites - Sin Limites
      15. Hamatsuki - Shrink
      16. Mammo - Summit
      17. Caunos - Herzsprung 1
      18. Shanti - Fluffy
      19. Saoirse - RM1

      Vinyl Tracklisting:
      A1 Saoirse - RM 1 [fabric Records]
      A2 Hamatsuki - Shrink [Fantastic Planet]
      B1 Junes - Pilot [fabric Records]
      B2 Mammo - Summit [Nduja]
      C1 616 – 369 [616 Lab]
      C2 Shanti Celeste - Fluffy [fabric Records]
      D1 Sin Limites - Sin Limites [Delicate Records]
      D2 Robert Livesu & Joe Montana - Chemical Voodoo [Made In Hongkong] 

      Red Axes

      One More City

        Comprised of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, Tel Aviv based Red Axes are informed by post-punk, new wave, and a plethora of club sounds old and new – their understanding of the connection between post punk and dance comes via their beloved Factory records. Hedonistic, mischievous and bristling with rock’n’roll energy. ‘One More City’ is the second album to come out on fabric Records and features artists like A.Lonzo, Clams, Autarkic, Adi Scotheque & JANSET, Cole Alexander, and Justin Strauss.


        1. Kid Caffeine Ft. Clams
        2. High Speed Ft. Fantastic Twins
        3. HEY Ft. A.Lonzo
        4. Goodbye Mary
        5. Out Of My Head Ft. Autarkic
        6. Outside In
        7. Marshmallow Ft. Adi Scotheque & JANSET
        8. Beast Ft. Echo
        9. Bring It On Ft. Cole Alexander
        10. All Over Again Ft. Justin Strauss
        11. In The Eyes
        12. Here In The Sky

        Various Artists

        Fabric Presents Helena Hauff

          The Hamburg-born producer and DJ Helena Hauff has been revolutionising the sound of techno and electro since her emergence on the scene at the turn of the 2010s. Her forward-thinking style of production and mixing that relies on both genres’ analogue sounds has helped to inform a wildly popular subset of selectors that prefer their sonics hard-edged, hypnotic, and wildly exhilarating. Her fabric mix comp follows these rules – taking in techno, electro and industrial-edged electronica, from the early 90s like D-Breeze’s Crazy For Love with its cool Autechre remix to hot producers on the scene like Magda Rot’s exclusive ‘Alter Simus’. Her 2023 touring covers the worldwide festival circuit. Press shots for this campaign were directed, styled and shot by Riya Hollings with the release’s dark futurism perfectly captured and perfect for music, fashion, and lifestyle press.



          1. Helena Hauff - Turn Your Sights Inward [fabric Records]
          2. DynArec - Sunken Park [Vaporwave]
          3. Clarence G - Data Transfer [Clone Aqualung Series]
          4. Slam & Optic Nerve - Machine Conflict [Soma Records]
          5. The Exaltics Ft. Paris The Black Fu - 10 0seco Ndstil Lmidn Ight (Lorenz.Orx RMX) [Clone West Coast Series]
          6. YTP - WHAT U WANT [childsplay]
          7. Turk Turkelton - Rock It [Lunar Orbiter Program]
          8. Yarn Init - Tripcon II [Clear Memory]
          9. Signaltype - In Abyss [Cultivated Electronics]
          10. Illektrolab - Overdrive [Satamile Records]
          11. Ement - Despite Of Time [PZ Records]
          12. Raavel - Wakalaka [Juicy Gang Records]
          13. IMOGEN - Granular Tears [Voitax]
          14. Radioactive Man - Night Bus To Nowhere [Rotters Golf Club]
          15. FJAAK & Tobi Neumann - F-Zero [Spandau 20]
          16. Nite Fleit - Naïve [Return To Disorder]
          17. Magda Rot - Alter Simus [fabric Records]
          18. MicroControlUnit - Save The World (MCU's Apocalypse Mix) [Fundamental Bass Intelligence]
          19. D-Breeze - Crazy For Love (Autechre Remix) [D-Breeze]

          Double Vinyl

          A1 D-Breeze - Crazy For Love (Autechre Remix) [D-Breeze]
          A2 MicroControlUnit - Save The World (MCU’s Apocalypse Mix) [Fundamental Bass Intelligence]
          B1 Magda Rot - Alter Simus [fabric Records]
          B2 Signaltype - In Abyss [Cultivated Electronics]
          C1 Radioactive Man - Night Bus To Nowhere [Rotters Golf Club]
          C2 Illektrolab – Overdrive [Satamile Records]
          D1 Ement - Despite Of Time [PZ Records]
          D2 DynArec - Sunken Park [Vaporwave]
          D3 Helena Hauff - Turn Your Sights Inward [fabric Records]

          Marcel Dettmann

          Electric Drive

            Following on from the release of his first album in 10 years in 2022, the expansive ‘Fear Of Programming’, Berlin techno icon Marcel Dettmann today returns to announce a brand new EP, ‘Electric Drive’. His first release via fabric Originals, the flagship label from global club entity fabric.

            A full-bodied cut of driving, digitised techno, ‘Electric Drive’ thrives on intensity from the outset. Pairing a hypnotic yet truly dynamic synth centrepiece with a hard-hitting, no nonsense percussive line, the track strips Dettmann’s signature sound to its raw elements - presenting an incendiary DJ tool that can ignite the potency of any set by force.

            After spanning a host of genres within ‘Fear Of Programming’, Marcel Dettmann’s ‘Electric Drive’ finds one of techno’s most revered names returning to pure dancefloor ferocity. A glimpse of things to come, the project’s title track ensures that those tuned in to the more dynamic sounds of Berlin techno are satiated with a new soundtrack for late nights and early mornings from one of the sound’s most inventive artists.

            The four track EP promises to build on the foundations of a classic sound of techno, taking a no holds barred approach to powerful, explosive electronic music.

            TRACK LISTING

            Electric Drive
            No Return


            He Hymns

              LCY’s ‘He Hymns’ EP is a dystopian reimagination of club music. Each track within the project takes inspiration from elements of beloved genres of club music and metamorphoses them into works of dancefloor experiments that alter the perception of what music built for sound systems can be.

              Simultaneously warm and unrelentingly intense, ‘He Hymns’ perfectly sets the stall for LCY’s vision for the club; transporting the listener to an alternate future in which the driving heart of electronic music sits unapologetically at the fore.

              ‘He Hymns’ is dynamic, confounding club music that is still inherently propulsive - ready to lift the curtain on a new level of invention within the electronic space.

              TRACK LISTING

              He Hymn
              Bad Blood


              Love Has Never Been A Popular Movement

                Acclaimed producer, DJ and community leader, TYGAPAW is one of the contemporary guiding lights of the New York club scene, and the first artist to release an album on fabric Originals, the new flagship label from fabric. Creating multiple spaces for the city’s LGBTQ+ community to thrive within nightlife culture, their 2020 debut album, ‘Get Free’, acted as a rallying cry to dismantle patriarchy, racism and queerphobia. Now TYGAPAW brings a brand-new album, ‘love has never been a popular movement.’, to our ears. Named after the searing words of black activist James Baldwin, it is a striking collection of techno tracks featuring guest vocals from LSDXOXO and George Riley.

                TRACK LISTING

                Glamour Riddim Ft. George Riley
                Do Me Demo Mode
                Sk9 (Release Me) Ft. LSDXOXO
                Mi Nuh Beg Fren

                Various Artists

                Fabric Presents Chaos In The CBD

                  After a year of sold-out tours, thousands of vinyl sales on their imprint In Dust We Trust, and their fifth Boiler Room set, New Zealand siblings Chaos In The CBD round off a decade-spanning career with a ‘fabric presents’ mix. The duo’s grasp of house music history is showcased as they create a slick and nostalgic journey through the genre’s hidden gems – making it fabric’s most challenging licensing project to date, with much of the music available digitally for the first time. Louis and Ben see the project as an ode to those underappreciated tunes that made a huge impact on them. Their exclusive ‘Higher Elevation’ blends in with the rest as an everlasting house cut with its delicate dreamy keys, fluffy bass and a groovy loop. The highlight-heavy comp boasts a personable album cover shot in Egypt, adding an extra layer of individuality to this stand out release.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1 Chaos In The CBD - Higher Elevation [fabric Records]
                  A2 Ronin - Romantic Yearnings [Night Lights]
                  B1 J.D. Hall - Into You (Johnathan Morning Mix)
                  B2 Raymond Castoldi - The Jungle [X-Ray Records]
                  C1 Hanna - You & Me [Room Records]
                  C2 Miquifaye Ft Javairia Ali - Never Let You Go (Cosmic Vision Vocal Pass) [Metaphor]
                  D1 Psychedelic Research Lab - Tarenah (Chill Mix) - 2021 Remaster [Gyroscopic Recordings]
                  D2 Z-Formation - Secret Departure [Hi-Bias Records]

                  1. Paradise Presents Afrikali - Out Of The Jungle (Dancing Flute Mix) [Easy Street Records]
                  2. Z-Formation - Secret Departure [Hi-Bias Records]
                  3. Turntable Terror Trax - Fingers [Low Frequency Recordings]
                  4. Hanna - You & Me [Room Records]
                  5. Ronin - Romantic Yearnings [Night Lights]
                  6. Chris Brann - Journey To The Centre [Peacefrog Records]
                  7. Miquifaye Ft. Javairia Ali - Never Let You Go (Cosmic Vision Vocal Pass) [Metaphor]
                  8. Raymond Castoldi - The Jungle [X-Ray Records]
                  9. Psychedelic Research Lab - Tarenah (Chill Mix) - 2021 Remaster [Gyroscopic Recordings]
                  10. Deep Sided - Fly You [Chicago Deep]
                  11. Joshua - Worry No More [Prescription]
                  12. The Element - Oh You Got Me (The Deeper Than Deep Mix) [Nervous Records]
                  13. Byron Burke Presents Komputer Kidz - String Section [Nettwerk Productions]
                  14. Chaos In The CBD - Higher Elevation [fabric Records]
                  15. Dana Kelley Aka Dr. Pompeii - Sassparilla Tea (Deep Dub Mix) [Fourth Floor Records]
                  16. Brothers Of The Undergound - Gotta Love [MixxRecords]
                  17. The Logic Box - Seven [Adult Only Records]
                  18. JUZU A.K.A. MOOCHY - Lugar Precioso (The Drums De Fuego Version) [Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts]
                  19. Blak Beat Niks - I’ll Be There (Kerri Chandler’s Brazilian Vibe) [Large Records]
                  20. Morada - Night On Earth (Alex Neri Dub Mix) [DWBoys]
                  21. Box Clever - I'll Eat You (If You Were A Box) [Conceive Records]
                  22. Sound Clash Republic - Raunchy After Dark [Junk Rock Records]
                  23. J.D. Hall - Into You (Johnathan Morning Mix) [Sunfire Records]

                  I. JORDAN / SHERELLE

                  M1, M3 / GETOUTOFMYMIND

                    Within the last couple of years, the UK has seen a paradigm shift in the electrifying sounds permeating from its clubs that have seen a ripple effect worldwide, calling to mind the revolution ignited by pioneers of the 1990s.

                    Adopting a no-holds barred attitude to their high octane output in their respective styles, SHERELLE and I. JORDAN have acted as two of the forebearers of the UK scene; releasing music that maximises emotion and maximises euphorian dancefloors globally.

                    Now the duo come together to announce their first collaborative release, ‘M1, M3’ /‘GETOUTOFMYMIND’, on fabric Originals, the flagship label from world-renowned club entity fabric.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A. I Jordan - M1, M3
                    B. Sherelle - Getoutofmymind

                    Various Artists

                    Fabric Presents Nicola Cruz

                      Born and raised in Ecuador, Nicola Cruz has found his own unique way to tap into Latin America’s illustrious musical past to create something utterly contemporary.

                      Cruz’s ‘fabric presents’ shows awareness of the power of ancestral cosmology over art and music whilst driving fiercely towards the strange, experimental, and unexpected of underground electronica. From here he curates the first of the fabric mixes with strong roots in South America.

                      Opening on the powerfully stabbing ‘Everything Falls Into Place’ from MMM (Errorsmith & Fiedel), the mix sweeps through bass, breaks, techno, analogue-glitch, all the way to the folky Portuguese lyrics of ‘Mensagem Enviada’ from Rico Jorge.

                      Nick León, Verraco, Veruna, machìna and Marcela Días Sindaco - whose sultry vocals also weave through Cruz’s own ‘Contato’ - are a few of the artists who have provided exclusives that count towards the fourteen unheard tracks on an essential delivery to the fabric series.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      MMM (Errorsmith & Fiedel) - Everything
                      Falls Into Place [MMM]
                      Saphileaum - Antique Bronze Vase
                      Syz - Unearth [Peach Discs]
                      CNDSD - Available Slot [CNDSD]
                      Nicola Cruz - Contato Ft. Marcela Días
                      [fabric Records]
                      Konduku - Antippen [Nous’klaer Audio]
                      Spike - Are These The Future [Meltdown
                      Radial - Vandal [Audio Assault]
                      Lovable Rogues - Twilight Manoeuvres
                      [Evasive Records]
                      B-Flow - Flashbulb [House D’arret]
                      Nick León - Multiplex [Nick León]
                      Jonny From Space - Mambo N.305
                      Marcela Días Sindaco - Ficção Inédita [Oto
                      Casa Discografica]
                      Nicola Cruz - Polimetría [Nicola Cruz]
                      The Electric Company - Electronique
                      (Zach’s Soniq Toniq) [Ind X Records]
                      Klahrk - NuNegative [SFX]
                      Rapid Antics - Constant Seizure [ПИР]
                      Baseck & Pilo - FEEL307 [Boysnoize
                      Varuna - Reer [Varuna]
                      Machìna - Glued [machìna]
                      Nicola Cruz - System Mass [Nicola Cruz]
                      Fauna Extinta - IER [Fauna Extinta]
                      Anderson - Sea Glass [Anderson]
                      Rico Jorge - Mensagem Enviada [Rico
                      Verraco - Interpasividad [Verraco]
                      Marco Shuttle - Polylayering What I’ve Got
                      [Marco Shuttle]
                      Nicola Cruz - Contato Ft. Marcela Días
                      Syz - Unearth
                      Nick León - Multiplex
                      Rico Jorge - Mensagem Enviada
                      Baseck & Pilo - FEEL307
                      Nicola Cruz - System Mass
                      Fauna Extinta - IER
                      Verraco - Interpasividad
                      Anderson - Sea Glass
                      Machìna - Glued
                      Marcela Días Sindaco - Ficção Inédita
                      Varuna - Reer

                      Various Artists

                      Fabric Presents Mind Against

                        Mind Against’s gift is for creating emotion through the synths and percussive instruments in their studio where their slick, moving take on techno makes for a special kind of peak across festivals and club dancefloors. Their mix for fabric - that coincides with a fast-moving ticket selling date at the club the weekend of its release - draws on the psychedelic hooks of 1980s soundtracks and modern dance music’s emphasis on sound design to create a distinctive and immensely powerful compilation. Eleven exclusive tracks grace the eighteen track comp – tunes all matched by the melodic genre and written by friends of the Fognini brothers. The standout track of the mix is the closing number – a transcendent collaborative effort between Mind Against and young innovator Dyzen.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        LP TRACKLIST
                        A1 Mind Against & Dyzen - Freedom
                        A2 Marino Canal - Universa
                        A3 Red Axes - Connector
                        B1 Echonomist - Mango
                        B2 Aera - Ketosis
                        B3 Sam Shure - Particles
                        C1 Toto Chiavetta - Prodotto Astratto (Dub)
                        C2 Nandu - Viciously Searching For Another Dimension
                        C3 Shiffer - Fatalist
                        D1 Yotam Avni - Take One
                        D2 Frankey & Sandrino - Hollow
                        D3 ENØS - With You 

                        CD TRACKLIST

                        1. Aurora Halal - Just Tell Me
                        2. Jonathan Kaspar - Bigna
                        3. Shiffer - Fatalist
                        4. Fluxion - You Don't Know Me (Joey Anderson Remix)
                        5. ENØS - With You
                        6. Frankey & Sandrino - Hollow
                        7. J. Wiltshire - Luv44
                        8. Red Axes - Connector
                        9. Nandu - Viciously Searching For Another Dimension
                        10. Roman Flügel - D.I.S.C.O.
                        11. Echonomist - Mango
                        12. Marino Canal - Universa
                        13. Toto Chiavetta - Prodotto Astratto (Dub)
                        14. Yotam Avni - Take One
                        15. Aera - Ketosis
                        16. Butch - Lale
                        17. Sam Shure - Particles
                        18. Mind Against & Dyzen - Freedom (Club Mix) 

                        Various Artists

                        Fabric Presents TSHA

                          BBC Radio 1’s Breakthrough Artist Of The Year for 2021, TSHA’s DJ sets bring a bright future-faced energy, while also respecting vintage dancefloor sounds and a classic raver spirit.

                          It’s a feeling she’s transported into creating her ‘fabric presents’ work that spans rave, ‘90s dance, house, techno, UKG, soul, grime, disco and bass music and includes her own exclusive ‘BOYZ’.

                          It was the idea of acid house (see smiley artwork) and the idea of old skool rave culture plus the ethos around peace and love that inspired TSHA.

                          Just as Bonobo gave her track ‘Sacred’ a platform on his fabric compilation so she introduces up-andcoming artists to her mix. They all echo the distinctly British club culture sound she wants to pay tribute to with this work.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Soulful Behaviour - Get To Groove (Jazznotic Groove Mix - Ben Gomori's Bad Behaviour Edit) [Monologues Records]
                          Stefan Seay Ft WILLYOUARENOT - Acid Kiss (MOOD Mix) [Cool Contest]
                          Posthuman - You’re Mine (Mac & Ward Extended Remix) [Food Music]
                          Conny - Song For Eva (Shan 3am Pump Mix) [Cold Tonic]
                          Delicious Inc. - Eau De Chante’ (For Men) [Umm / Purple Music Inc.]
                          Trax Unit - Get The Werk [Gyration Station]
                          Jacques Greene - (Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want [Night Slugs]
                          Granary 12 - Mancmania [Balkan Vinyl]
                          Para - Naked [Para Beats]
                          Jeran Portis - Unproven [fabric Records]
                          UNCLE KNOWS - FLOCK [Wisdom Records]
                          WK7 - The Higher (Hardcore PCK Mix) [Power House]
                          Ryan Clover - Velvet Lace Dream State [fabric Records]
                          Nowsm - Funny Lies (Edit) [Nowsm]
                          Sally C - Downtown [Big Saldo's Chunkers]
                          Nicolson - 1988 [fabric Records]
                          TSHA - BOYZ [fabric Records]
                          Gallegos- Sycophantic Maniac [Curving Track]
                          Elkka - Harmonic Frequencies [Technicolour]
                          Aspect - Norf [fabric Records]
                          WTCHCRFT - Uhmm [Balkan Vinyl]
                          Protect Ryan- Liam Features [HOMAGE Records]
                          Undivulged - Moppie [Undivulged]
                          Tom VR - Soared Straight Through Me (Kareem Ali Remix) [All My Thoughts]
                          Mafro - Miss Me [Mafro]

                          TSHA - BOYZ [fabric Records]
                          Granary 12 - Mancmania [Balkan Vinyl]
                          Stefan Seay Ft WILLYOUARENOT - Acid Kiss (MOOD Mix) [Cool Contest]
                          Conny - Song For Eva (Shan 3AM Pump Mix) [Cold Tonic]
                          Jeran Portis - Unproven [fabric Records]
                          Ryan Clover - Velvet Lace [fabric Records]
                          UNCLE KNOWS - FLOCK [Wisdom Records]
                          Nicolson - 1988 [fabric Records]
                          Jacques Greene - (Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want [Night Slugs]
                          Gallegos - Sycophantic Manic [Curving Track]
                          Aspect - Norf [fabric Records]
                          Mafro - Miss Me [Mafro]

                          Immediately signed by XL upon their inception, Overmono have quickly become a dominant force within the UK dancefloor electronics scene. 12"s on AD 93 and Poly Kicks have furthered their credentials with club goers and electronic music lovers alike, leading us nicely to this incredibly well curated and expansive compilation for the enduring Fabric series. Inspired by cold, dark London nights, but celebrating the rich diversity of talent amongst the UK scene the mix takes in dubstep, dnb, techno and the experimental end of electronica. It features spoken word from Benjamin Zephaniah, Foremost Poets and the poetic lyrics of For Those I Love’s ‘I Have A Love’, making this a bold, upbeat, emotionally-moving, post-lockdown dancefloor comp.

                          Inclusions of Orca’s classic ‘Intellect’ plus Artwork’s iconic white label ‘The Soul’ show the level of influence the brothers have in the scene. Rochdale-via-Manchester-via-Leeds' electronic troubadour Sockethead There's even an appearance from Rochdale-via-Manchester-via-Leeds' electronic troubadour Sockethead, whose self-reflective moments of synthesized ambi-noize, self-induced isolation and heart-spilling honestly were captured brilliantly on an LP for Youth earlier in the year. 

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1 Overmono - So U Kno
                          2 Artwork - The Soul
                          3 Foremost Poets - MoonRaker
                          3 Milanese - Billy Hologram
                          4 Antonio - Hyperfunk
                          5 Overmono - If U Ever
                          6 DJ Zank - Pegassans
                          7 Surgeon & James Ruskin - Sound Pressure Part 3
                          8 Holy Ghost - 4AM At The Crying Cactus
                          9 L.B. Dub Corp - I Have A Dream Ft. Benjamin Zephaniah
                          10 Plastikman - Fuk [Plus 8 Records]
                          11 For Those I Love - I Have A Love (Overmono Remix)
                          12 DJ Misjah - Victim
                          13 Powder - Lost Of Light
                          14 Overmono - BMW Track
                          15 LCY - Shhh
                          16 Vex'd - Pop Pop
                          17 Robert Fleck - Bromine
                          18 Anz - Morphing Into Brighter
                          19 Actress - Caves Of Paradise
                          20 Remarc - Thunderclap (Dubplate Mix)
                          21 Equiknoxx - A Rabbit Spoke To Me When I Woke Up
                          22 Ed Rush & Optical - Bacteria
                          23 Orca - Intellect
                          24 Smith & Mighty - Film Score
                          25 Blawan - Fourth Dimensional
                          26 Roy Of The Ravers - Erolfa
                          27 Sockethead - When I Close My Eyes I See Paint
                          28 1995 Epilepsy - Get 2 Kno

                          A1 L.B. Dub Corp - I Have A Dream Ft. Benjamin Zephaniah
                          A2 1995 Epilepsy - Get 2 Kno
                          B1 Blawan - Fourth Dimensional
                          B2 Sockethead - When I Close My Eyes I See Paint
                          C1 Overmono - If U Ever
                          C2 LCY - Shhh
                          D1 Orca - Intellect
                          D2 DJ Misjah – Victim

                          Various Artists

                          Fabric Presents Danilo Plessow (Motor City Drum Ensemble)

                            The mix was recorded at the end of 2020 as the planet was struggling with the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Danilo Plessow, known best for his work as Motor City Drum Ensemble, inserts statements from friends about the meaning of the music to people in these times, reaching globally for inspiration. He plays with a range of eras, locations and genres with an emphasis on instrumentation. The double vinyl format with download card features eleven full length tracks taken from the compilation. It highlights the rarer cuts across the 70s, 80s and 90s many of which have never before been digitally released. It includes ‘Nightfall’ – Danilo’s exclusive composition with jazz instrumentalists Francesco Geminiani and Peter Schlamb and ‘Taxi Mutant’ by Cabaret Voltaire that has been cut to vinyl for the first time here.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Intro
                            2. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Understanding Body Messages
                            3. SKUAS - Traversée
                            4. Rhythm & Sound W/ Paul St. Hilaire - Music A Fe Rule Part 1
                            5. Scientist - In Orbit6. Recloose Ft Dwele – Can’t Take It (Herbert’s Some Dumb Dub)
                            7. Moogroove - Dark Room
                            8. Jeroen Vink - Waka Wakah
                            9. Powder - Random Ladder With 40
                            10. Danilo Plessow Ft. Francesco Geminiani & Peter Schlamb - Nightfall
                            11. Proxyan - Sky Walkers
                            12. Basic Variation - Decay Sustain Release
                            13. Ciel - Raindance
                            14. Hypnobeat - Can God Rewind? (Part 2)
                            15. Cabaret Voltaire - Taxi Mutant
                            16. THE ORDER - E.W.R. (Sex)
                            17. The Other People Place - It’s Your Love
                            18. $tinkworx - Mnemosyne
                            19. Roy Davis Jr - Broken Machines
                            20. Jonny L - This Time (Carl Craig Mix 2)
                            21. Logue - Keep Me From Pain
                            22. A² - Rebirth
                            23. Sansibar - Absence Of Being
                            24. Family Unit - Freak (House Mix)
                            25. Iridium - Ill America
                            26. Jean-Claude Petit - Stones Of Law
                            27. Moonstarr - Detriot
                            28. John Kongos – I'm Dreaming (Any Moment I May Wake Up Screaming)

                            A1: SKUAS - Traversée
                            A2: Scientist - In Orbit
                            A3: Jeroen Vink - Waka Wakah
                            B1: Moogroove - Dark Room
                            B2: Cabaret Voltaire - Taxi Mutant
                            C1: Logue - Keep Me From Pain
                            C2: Family Unit – Freak (House Mix)
                            C3: Iridium - Ill America
                            D1: Danilo Plessow Ft. Francesco Geminiani & Peter Schlamb - Nightfall
                            D2: THE ORDER - E.W.R. (Sex)
                            D3: Jean-Claude Petit - Stones Of Law

                            Rising through the queer American DJ circuit, Eris Drew and Octo Octa, co-owners of dance label T4T LUV NRG, share multiple decades between them actively participating within the dance music community and are currently both weekly residents on BBC Radio 1. The 21 track compilation was mixed from all-vinyl in their log cabin home and studio in the woods of New Hampshire, taking in cuts that span house, bassline, UK hardcore, and trance. It's includes exclusive tracks from both Octo Octa - 'River' – a trancey and euphoric house classic, and Eris - 'Reactiv-8' – an electro selection with Eris’s own vocals, as well as many rare 90s house gems previously limited to the collections of vinyl-heads and now available for download. Released alongside the comp is a double vinyl product with download code featuring ten full length tracks from the mix. 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Tasty compilation from a duo that cherish the sprawling umbrella of dance music right across the decades. They certainly know their onions - a thoroughly dug and presented mix which is fun and energetic whilst turning you onto some shit that you most likely haven't heard of - full marks!

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Project Sound - Sweet In The Morning (Project Sound Mix) [Hardtrax Records]
                            2. 515 Connection - Positive & Negative [TDSR]
                            3. RM Project - Rock 2 Tha Beat (Greenery Mix) [Smokin’ Rhythms]
                            4. Y U QT - Fort Wibbler [Warehouse Raves]
                            5. CZR - Structure [Texture Recordings]
                            6. D'Menace - I'm Grate-Full [Blackwiz Records]
                            7. Octo Octa - River [fabric Records]
                            8. Vinyl Blair - Scratch N Sniff (The One Billion Dub Mix) [Hard Hands]
                            9. Continous Cool - Automatic [Cyber Records]
                            10. Global Method - Good Life (Orbital Mix) [White Label]
                            11. DJ Hyperactive - Reptilian Tank [Strictly Hype Recordings / Contact]
                            12. Alec Falconer - New Junk City [EXT]
                            13. G.O.D. - Watch Ya Bass Bins [Urban Dubz Music]
                            14. B-Zet - Everlasting Pictures (Right Through Infinity) (Booker T.'s Everlasting Klub Mix) [Eye Q Records]
                            15. X-press 2 - Say What! (London Underground Mix) [Junior Boys Own]
                            16. The Two Amigos - Everybody Get Up (Vocal Mix) [Footwork Records]
                            17. The Beatfreaks - Boo Dem [Undercover Artists]
                            18. Dr Motte & Westbam - Sunshine [Low Spirit]
                            19. Marascia - Genetically Changed [No Label Records]
                            20. Eris Drew - Reactiv-8 [fabric Records]
                            21. Thursday Club - Dis Is Dis [TCR]

                            A1 Project Sound - Sweet In The Morning (Project Sound Mix) [Hardtrax Records]
                            A2 G.O.D.- Watch Ya Bass Bins [Urban Dubz Music]
                            A3 Continuous Cool - Automatic [Cyber Records]
                            B1 Global Method - Good Life (Orbital Mix) [White Label]
                            B2 Octo Octa - River [fabric Records]
                            C1 Alec Falconer - New Junk City [EXT]
                            C2 CZR - Structure [Texture Recordings]
                            C3 The Two Amigos - Everybody Get Up (Vocal Mix) [Footwork Records]
                            D1 Eris Drew - Reactiv-8 [fabric Records]
                            D2 Marascia - Genetically Changed [No Label Records]

                            Various Artists

                            Fabric Presents Chase & Status - RTRN II FABRIC

                              Chase & Status is the sixth instalment in the ‘fabric presents’ series. The mix captures the energy that inspired the trio for their ‘RTRN II Jungle’ album in 2019. It is a debut for the jungle genre in the label’s latest take on compilations.

                              There are four exclusive Chase & Status tracks on the hefty 44-tracker, alongside featured artists who are the cream of the MCs of the scene. This homage to the UK’s drum & bass genre brings in the heavyweights like Ray Keith, DJ Rap, Dead Dred and Hype to name a few.

                              A slew of recent jungle cuts from renowned label owner Shy FX weave into the high energy comp that charges with a spirit raw and fierce in a time of global uncertainty.

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Matt says: It's been 10 years since that infamous MCR warehouse party (if you know you know) and they've since achieved total world domination. Here the duo continue to ply their love of drum & bass and jungle, throwing in some exclusive and unreleased heat on the way.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Chase & Status - Engage [Mercury]
                              Dead Dred - Dred Bass [Moving Shadow]
                              Chase & Status - Why [Mercury]
                              DJ Rap Ft Outlaw Candy - Intelligent Woman (On A Positive Vibe) [Proper Talent]
                              Chase & Status - Hardstep [Mercury]
                              Wax Doctor - Heat [R&S]
                              Chase & Status Ft. Bo Saris - Breathing (fabric VIP Mix) [Mercury]
                              Rude & Deadly - Give Me A Dubplate [Smokers Inc]


                              Chase & Status Ft Cutty Ranks - Retreat2018 (RTRN VIP) [Mercury]
                              Rude & Deadly - Give Me A Dubplate [Smokers Inc]
                              Chase & Status Ft Kano - Duplate Original (VIP) [Mercury]
                              Shy FX - Raggamuffin (Potential Badboy Remix) [cult.ure]
                              Alix Perez - Black Spirit [1985 Music]
                              Taxman - Can't You See [Playaz]
                              Chase & Status - Engage [Mercury]
                              Dead Dred - Dred Bass [Moving Shadow]
                              Chase & Status - Why - DJ Mix [Mercury]
                              Traumatize X Profile - Don Dada [Biological Beats]
                              Gray – Rubadub [Born On Road]
                              Chase & Status - Street Life Ft Takura [RAM]
                              Chase & Status Ft Masicka - Weed & Rum [Mercury]
                              CLIPZ - Down 4 [Sony]
                              Dark Soldier - Dark Soldier (Back In The Day Mix) [Dred]
                              DJ Rap Ft. Outlaw Candy - Intelligent Woman (On A Positive Vibe) [Proper Talent]
                              UK Apache With Shy FX - Original Nutta 25 Ft Irah (Chase & Status Remix) [cult.ure]
                              Upgrade - You Got Me [RAM]
                              Digital - Deadline (Dub Phizix Remix) [Function Records]
                              Hedex & Bou - Pub Grub VIP [Dubz Audio]
                              Chase & Status Ft Bo Saris - Breathing (fabric VIP Mix) [Mercury]
                              Chase & Status - Original Business [Mercury]
                              Remarc - Menace [Whitehouse Records]
                              Chase & Status Ft Kabaka Pyramid - Murder Music [Mercury]
                              Chase & Status Ft Kabaka Pyramid & Ms. Dynamite - Murder Music (Shy FX Remix) [Mercury]
                              D Double E & Watch The Ride - Original Format [Gutterfunk]
                              Tom And Jerry - Air Freshner [Reinforced Records]
                              Culture Shock - There For You (LSB Remix) [RAM]
                              DJ Hype Ft Ganja Max & MC Fats - Rinse Out [Ganja]
                              Chase & Status - Disaster [Mercury]
                              Shy Fx Ft Sweetie Irie & Cara Delevingne - Rudeboy Lovesong (Voltage Remix) [cult.ure]
                              Chase & Status - Hardstep [Mercury]
                              DJ Gunshot & Nico - Wheel N Deal [No U Turn]
                              Chase & Status Ft Irah - Program [Mercury]
                              Ray Keith Ft Leah - Something Out There (Twisted Anger Remix) [UFO Recordings]
                              Top Cat - Ruffest Gun Ark (Chase & Status Remix) [Streetlife]
                              Bou - Meditate [Bou] 
                              Calibre - Mr Maverick [Signature]
                              Breakage - Yeah [Index]
                              Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows (Chase & Status Remix) [RAM]
                              Chase & Status Ft Natty Campbell - Cool N Crisp [Mercury]
                              DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura (94 Mix) [Proper Talent]
                              Alex Reece - Basic Principles (2020 Remaster) [Metalheadz]
                              Wax Doctor - Heat [R&S]

                              Various Artists

                              Fabric Presents Maribou State

                                The mix is an eclectic mix of soul, funk, disco and electronica from across the decades compiled by Ninja Tune’s Chris Davids and Liam Ivory for the fifth edition in the fabric presents series. Maribou State’s recent sell-out tours across UK, USA and Europe came off the back of 2018’s longplayer ‘Kingdom of Colour’ that hit no.25 on the UK album charts. The mix includes 2 exclusive Maribou State tracks and a Maribou State remix of Radiohead’s Reckoner. It reflects the hours spent before heading to the club; drinks at a friend’s house, the journey into London and the anticipation in the build-up beforehand. They captured and interwove audio field recordings of themselves re-taking the journey to and from the club to reinforce their story

                                TRACK LISTING

                                CD : 

                                1. Intro
                                2. Stelvio Cipriani – Mary’s Theme [C.A.M. Srl]
                                3. Nick Hakim - Cuffed [ATO Records]
                                4. North Downs - Settle Down [Dama Dama]
                                5. Art Feynman - Slow Down [Western Vinyl]
                                6. Kutiman - Line 5 [Siyal Music]
                                7. Risco Connection - Ain't No Stopping Us Now [Risco Connection]
                                8. Supersempfft - I See Stars [Wunderwerke]
                                9. Kiki Gyan - Disco Dancer [Soundway Records]
                                10. Nu Guinea - Je Vulesse [NG Records]
                                11. Oriyin - Roll The Dice [fabric Records]
                                12. Botany - Wednesday Night Oct 28 2015 [Western Vinyl]
                                13. Ekkehard Ehlers - Play John Cassavetes 2 [Staubgold]
                                14. Jitwam - Desires [The Jazz Diaries]
                                15. Julien Dyne - Hours Feat Ladi6 [Soundway Records]
                                16. Long Island Sound - I Still Love You [Signs Of Space]
                                17. Shire Tea - Hackney Birdwatch [Dama Dama]
                                18. Maribou State - Mother [Counter Records]
                                19. Radiohead - Reckoner (Maribou State Remix) [Beggars]
                                20. Maribou State - Strange Habits [Counter Records]
                                21. Shire Tea - Gentlemen’s Whistle Club [Dama Dama]
                                22. Hailu Mergia - Yefkir Engurguro [Awesome Tapes From Africa]

                                Vinyl :

                                A1 Stelvio Cipriani - Mary’s Theme [Cam Records]
                                A2 North Downs - Settle Down [Dama Dama]
                                A3 Art Feynman - Slow Down [Western Vinyl]
                                A4 Kutiman - Line 5 [Siyal Music]
                                B1 Supersempfft - I See Stars [Wunderwerke]
                                B2 Nu Guinea - Je Vulesse [NG Records]
                                B3 Jitwam - Desires [The Jazz Diaries]
                                B4 Julien Dyne - Hours Feat Ladi6 [Soundway Records]
                                C1 Long Island Sound - I Still Love You [Signs Of Space]
                                C2 Maribou State - Mother [Counter Records]
                                C3 Radiohead - Reckoner (MS Remix) [Beggars]
                                D1 Maribou State - Strange Habits [Counter Records]
                                D2 Shire Tea - Gentlemen’s Whistle Club [Dama Dama]
                                D3 Hailu Mergia - Yefkir Engurguro [Awesome Tapes From Africa]

                                Various Artists

                                20 Years Of Fabric

                                  Using the platforms of fabric and FABRICLIVE that the London club has nurtured over the past 20 years, fabric Records presents the past and future with 20 artists across 20 original tracks made especially for this release, for the 20th Anniversary celebration of the beating heart of EC1.

                                  fabric is widely acknowledged to have long supported the underground London house and techno scene. The breadth of talent here displays the far-reaching arms of the night that includes the the melodic techno of Nina Kraviz, the shuddering electro of Steffi and evolving experimental house of Margaret Dygas. New resident IMOGEN drives darko techno whilst Marcel Dettmann’s is a classic late-night sound. Houndstooth’s Call Super takes things down a deep melodic notch and Maya Jane Coles steps up with a playful slice of house. British dance music pioneer Sasha closes out on a euphoric high with layers of building vocal and melody.

                                  FABRICLIVE represents the finest in dubstep, drum n bass, jungle, breaks and experimental beats. Houndstooth’s Special Request opens in trademark jungle style leading on to drum & bass luminaries Source Direct and J Majik. Shackleton and Pinch & Trim started playing the club during the birth of the UK dubstep scene and give a taste of the evolution of bass music. Daniel Avery and B.Traits show off their dancefloor versatility, while Rupture founder Mantra plants a flag for London’s vibrant musical future. Closing are two of the club’s longest associates Groove Armada and original resident James Lavelle as UNKLE.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  ‘Fabric’ (LP1 And CD Disc 1)
                                  Nina Kraviz - Da
                                  Steffi - Ankertje
                                  IMOGEN - Bizant
                                  Marcel Dettmann - Taste 2.0
                                  Cassy - Joey
                                  Anastasia Kristensen - Go Getter
                                  Margaret Dygas - Zeitgeist
                                  Call Super - Echothread
                                  Maya Jane Coles - Reason
                                  Sasha - Comet Chaser

                                  ‘FABRICLIVE’ (LP2 And CD Disc 2)

                                  Special Request - Codename
                                  Turbo Nutter
                                  Source Direct - Vigilante
                                  J. Majik - The Lost Tribe
                                  Shackleton - Drawn And
                                  Pinch & Trim - That Wasn't It
                                  Daniel Avery - Whilst We've Got
                                  Metal In Our Blood
                                  Mantra - Embers
                                  B.Traits - Mameya
                                  Groove Armada - Wesley
                                  UNKLE - Catch Me When I Fall
                                  (fabric Club Mix)


                                  Fabric Presents Kolsch

                                    Fabric presents Kölsch’ is a ten-track journey of exclusive new material inspired by and named after flights from his gig schedule. Drawing from the routine experience of flying from show to show, each track imagines its own sonic world from solitary journeys at 30,000 feet. Rune Kölsch is responsible for developing a leftfield aesthetic now synonymous with the Kompakt label. Employing a tapestry of carefully arranged textures, he levitates his way through 60 minutes of blissful hypnotism. His productions offer a glimpse into a dreamy, visceral world full of transcendent moments. Building on a constant but gentle line of tension, his track selections tread the line between melancholic and uplifting. Microscopic percussive details roll through sprawling backdrops whilst animated glitches form subtle melodic leads.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Matt says: Fabric don't let loose these solo artist albums very often. Ricardo Villalobos and Omar S both spring to mind - both seminal collections that expossed said artists to new and expanding fan bases. Now Kolsch is invited in by the seminal London label for a showcase of this delicate, fragile and serenely beautifully producer's work.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. US1873
                                    2. LH479
                                    3. SK1550
                                    4. EZY865
                                    5. VA5641
                                    6. AC160
                                    7. KM477
                                    8. VY3517
                                    9. UA444
                                    10. EI3227

                                    Bonobo is an artist who explores elements of instrumental hip-hop, electronica and ambient with live instrumentation and enjoys an illustrious career with a sea of collaborators ranging from Erykah Badu and Andreya Triana to Rhye and Nick Murphy.

                                    His highly textural aesthetic translates into an ethos that looks to introduce a more open musical palette without losing sight of its past. His mix supports 10 exclusives or unreleased tracks, including 2 from himself and another from his rare pop-up alias Barakas. Employing the multi-instrumental arrangements of his own work in this 74 minutes of house, techno, electronica and breakbeat, each track exudes character and allows animated melodies to wander and develop, all the while grounded by an acute sense of harmonic progression and rhythmic precision.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    Barry says: Featuring a diverse range of artists and genres, it becomes clear where the mix of instrumental hip-hop, traditional electronica and house meet in the euphoric middle-ground Bonobo treads. A superb compilation and a fascinating timeline of Bonobo's considerable influences with the dance floor as the focus.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1 Bonobo - Flicker
                                    2 Bonobo - Boston Common
                                    3 Poté - Jacquot (Waters Of Praslin)
                                    4 Alex Kassian - Hidden Tropics
                                    5 Âme - Nia
                                    6 Durante - Maia
                                    7 Dark Sky & Afriquoi - Cold Harbour
                                    8 Bonobo - Ibrik
                                    9 Olsen - Femenine
                                    10 O’Flynn - TKOTN
                                    11 TSHA - Sacred
                                    12 Will Saul - By Your Side
                                    13 Titeknots - Buzzard Walk
                                    14 Dan Kye - Focus
                                    15 Barakas - Roach
                                    16 R. Lyle - Perpetrator
                                    17 Rhone - Mirapolis (Laurent Garnier Remix)
                                    18 Throwing Snow - Rheged
                                    19 Nepa Allstar - The Way
                                    20 DJ Seinfeld - Stargard
                                    21 Earth Trax & Newborn JR Ft. Annjet - If You (Club Mix)
                                    22 John Beltran - Collage Of Dreams

                                    A1. Bonobo - Flicker
                                    A2. Poté - Jacquot (Waters Of Praslin)
                                    A3. Durante - Maia
                                    A4. Dan Kye - Focus
                                    B1. Dark Sky & Afriquoi - Cold Harbour
                                    B2. Bonobo - Ibrik
                                    B3. Olsen - Femenine
                                    C1. TSHA - Sacred
                                    C2. R. Lyle - Perpetrator
                                    C3. Throwing Snow - Rheged
                                    C4. DJ Seinfeld - Stargard
                                    D1. Nepa Allstar - The Way
                                    D2. Bonobo - Boston Common
                                    D3. Âme - Nia
                                    D4. O’Flynn - TKOTN

                                    Various Artists

                                    Fabriclive 92 - Preditah

                                      Preditah steps up for ‘FABRICLIVE 92’, his debut mix album, featuring exclusive material from himself, plus DJ Q, and C4, alongside tracks and remixes from Skepta, Wiley, Joker, Swindle, Flava D, Shorty and more.

                                      The 32 track mix is the sound of Preditah (aka Nathan Gerald) helming the rave, mixing up grime, UK house and garage with all the passion of someone who lives and breathes dance music.

                                      Born in Birmingham, Preditah’s series of instrumental EPs, ‘Solitaire EP’, ‘Eightsome EP’, ‘Circles EP’, ‘Red Bull EP’, ‘Gears of Grime’, and ‘El Futuro EP’, ensured a growing presence on pirate radio and in the club. His breakthrough track, ‘The Big Wok’, was noticed by JME (Boy Better Know) and this association helped cement a fast-growing reputation.

                                      Various Artists

                                      FabricliveE 85 - Jesse Rose

                                        As the owner of two record labels; A-Sided and Play It Down, and a highly regarded international DJ, Jesse Rose is a familiar name, even for those who reside outside of dance music circles. Indeed, having produced for the likes of Hot Chip, mentored artists like Christian Nielsen and Oliver $, and with collaborations with names such as Henrik Schwarz and Claude VonStroke under his belt, Jesse is more than just a DJ/producer, he’s a tastemaker, businessman and a bonafide legend of house music.

                                        West London-born, Jesse started DJing in Bristol in the early ‘90s before moving back to London. A run of collaborations with Switch on his Dubsided label soon followed, leading to releases on Derrick Carter’s Classic and Rose’s own imprints, with Jesse forging a reputation for mixing sounds from other genres in his own unique productions. Since then he has produced over 100 tracks on labels including Get Physical, Junior Boys Own and Simple, and recorded over 100 remixes for the likes of Masters At Work, Armand Van Helden, Kevin Saunderson, Underworld and Childish Gambino.

                                        Upon completing a 6 year residency at Panorama Bar, Jesse moved from Berlin to Los Angeles some years ago, and he now lives between two cities – Barcelona and LA – when not on tour around the world. He has worked on many collaborative projects throughout the years with artists including the aforementioned Henrik Schwarz, as Black Rose, Ninja Tune’s Seven Davis Jr. and Leon Ware, a former producer of Marvin Gaye. He is currently working on a new project called STAYGOLD with New York house don Junior Sanchez, with their first productions being remixes for Cassius and Mathias Kaden. With all of this under his belt, plus a relationship with fabric stretching to the early days of the club, the time was right for Jesse to step up to the FABRICLIVE mantle, and he more than delivers.
                                        "I was in the middle of a six month tour of the world when I was asked to do the mix, so I was constantly finding decks in the middle of the night in these far-flung locations, to have a mix and make sure it had the right feel. I actually ended up mixing the compilation in New Jersey, Los Angeles and Sydney. Although I mixed it in three parts which I later stitched together, it was mixed live as I wanted it to represent how I would play in the club, to sound personal to what I do and not computerised." Jesse Rose
                                        Ed Weathers’ cheeky ‘Love The Feeling High’ acapella heralds in prime cuts from Mannheim man Johnny D, ‘90s house icons Urban Soul (with Gerd on the remix), Chicago stalwart Gene Farris and more, sitting alongside the best of Play It Down and A-SIDED from the likes of Berlin producer Sqim, rising Danish talent Christian Nielsen and of course Jesse himself, who gifts an exclusive Dub version of his own ‘Touch ‘N’ Tease’ plus the glorious, hands in the air ‘It’s Not Over’ featuring Seven Davis Jr., included here as a ‘synthapella’. The 12” mix of Steve Silk Hurley’s effortlessly rousing ‘The Word Is Love’ ends proceedings on the same high we started with, a reminder that Jesse Rose – a true house music pioneer – is also one of the best selectors in the game.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        01. Jesse Rose Feat. Ed Weathers - Love The Feeling High (Acapella)
                                        02. Henrik Schwarz - Leave My Head Alone Brain (Mix 5)
                                        03. Sqim - White Flakes
                                        04. Johnny D - Believer
                                        05. Eric De Man - For Sunking (Melon's Sex Strip Mix) + Lil' Mark - At That Place (Lilmukkappella)
                                        06. Urban Soul - Alright (Gerd Deep Remix)
                                        07. Ian Pooley - Don’t You Be Afraid (2015 Edit)
                                        08. Shit Robot Feat. Reggie Watts - Where It's At (Johnny Aux Remix)
                                        09. Kask - The Right Way
                                        10. Induceve - Papillion
                                        11. Mathias Kaden - Rawtone (STAYGOLD Remix)
                                        12. Jesse Rose - Touch 'N' Tease (Dub)
                                        13. Sean Miller - Malabar + 3rd Face - Canto Della Liberta (Acapella)
                                        14. Christian Nielsen - Another Day
                                        15. Brillstein - How About No
                                        16. Claude VonStroke & Jesse Rose - Bare Mountain
                                        17. Gene Farris - The Way U Like
                                        18. Kyodai - Sin City
                                        19. Jesse Rose Feat. Seven Davis Jr. - It's Not Over (Synthapella)
                                        20. Steve Silk Hurley Feat. Sharon Pass - The Word Is Love

                                        Rising to prominence on Rinse FM and ruling for a decade at Kiss FM, Logan Sama has been at the forefront of presenting the best grime has to offer since the genre’s inception, lending a helping hand to the careers of such names as Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, Skepta, Ghetts, Jme, P Money, Preditah and many hundreds more.

                                        Early DJ inspirations EZ, Karl Brown, Mike Lloyd and Fonti saw him gravitate from Brentwood, Essex to the capital with a growing obsession with the experimental productions of Oris Jay, Zinc, Zed Bias, Wookie, Steve Gurley and Groove Chronicles transitioning into the earliest appearances of grime. His notoriety on the grime-centric Uptown Records web forum caught the attention of Dugs and Slimzee on Rinse who granted him a prime time slot before Roll Deep on the then pirate station. Stationed alongside legends like EZ, Rodigan, Hype and Hatcha, his celebrated Kiss show broadcast to a dedicated audience, his final show in 2014 witnessed the crème de la crème of grime dropping in to pay due respect. Logan Sama has been a fabric regular over the years, from Run The Road to Playaz nights in room 2, Tropical and Butterz Room 1 takeovers and any number of FABRICLIVE events.

                                        Far from a traditional DJ mix, FABRICLIVE 83 is an intricately curated album of exclusive beats and bars featuring contributions from luminaries and future stars of grime. Mixed with the enthusiasm, energy and passion his sets are known for, Logan Sama hasn’t just set the bar high for FABRICLIVE - he’s clean smashed it into orbit. 24 brand new and exclusive instrumentals from the likes of Wiley, Jme, Jammer, Terror Danjah, Rapid, Faze Miyake, Preditah and Kahn & Neek have been blessed in the mix with acapella bars from no less than 66 MCs including Novelist, D Double E, Ghetts, Flowdan, Merky Ace and Scrufizzer (and rarely is this phrase so apt) to name but a few.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        01. Wiley - Sweep The Floor + Vocals By Wiley, P Money, Jendor & Despa
                                        02. Footsie - Brake Light + Vocals By D Double E, Footsie, Chronik & Diesle D Power
                                        03. Rude Kid - Fabric + Vocals By Rival, Ghetts, So Large & Rapid
                                        04. Faze Miyake - Rifts + Vocals By Merky Ace, Shifman, MIK & TKO
                                        05. ZXPH XLLXS - XCXD BXMB + Vocals By Ego, Cadell, Scrufizzer, Maxsta, Rocks, Grim Sickers & Nasty Jack
                                        06. Jme - The Return + Vocals By Manga, Frisco, Novelist, Jammer & Diesle D Power
                                        07. Swifta Beater - War Lord + Vocals By P Money, Jendor, D Double E, Ghetts & Kano
                                        08. Sir Spyro - Farda + Vocals By Footsie, Meridian Dan, Bossman Birdie, Milli Major & President T
                                        09. Dullahbeatz - Final Stage + Vocals By Kano, Saf One, Mayhem , Deadly, PRessure, Bomma B, Tornado, Flowdan, Killa P, GodsGift, Cadell, Shifman & MIK
                                        10. Jammer - Waterden Road + Vocals By Jammer, Discarda, Manga & Killa P
                                        11. Rapid - 3rd Eye + Vocals By Roachee, Stamina, So Large, Rival & Maxsta
                                        12. Spooky - Cookie Monster + Vocals By Scrufizzer, Blacks, Kozzie, Mez, Snowy & J Dot
                                        13. Terror Danjah & P Jam - Crud + Vocals By Hitman Hyper, Jamakabi, Capo Lee & Jammz
                                        14. Kahn & Neek - Bucktown + Vocals By P Money, Jammer, Rocks, Saint, Nico Lindsay & AJ Tracey
                                        15. Jammz - Contender + Vocals By Jammz, Row D, Capo Lee, Kwam, PK & Big Zuu
                                        16. Mystry - Launchpad + Vocals By Saint, Hitman, Jaykae, Choppa, Grim Sickers, Merky Ace, Ego, Chronik & TKO
                                        17. Trends - Ambush + Vocals By Jaykae, Bomma B, Tornado, Hitman, Trapz, Kwam & Spitz
                                        18. Teeza - West London + Vocals By AJ Tracey, Mez, Kyeza, Snowy & J Dot
                                        19. Preditah - Crash Bandicoot + Vocals By D Double E, Discarda, Footsie, PRessure, Deadly, Saf One & Mayhem
                                        20. Maniac - Do One You Mug + Vocals By Scrufizzer, Maxsta, Rapid & GodsGift
                                        21. Davinche - Kestra + Vocals By Jammz, Novelist, AJ Tracey, PK & Capo Lee
                                        22. Teddy Music - Swear Down + Vocals By Bossman Birdie, Milli Major, Meridian Dan & President T
                                        23. The Heavytrackerz - Santa's Last Christmas + Vocals By Discarda, Roachee, Stamina, MIK, Merky Ace, Shifman & Kozzie
                                        24. Masro - Constructive Mayhem + Vocals By Diesle D Power, Novelist, PK, Kwam, Meridian Dan & President T

                                        “The creative freedom I have when working in Ableton allows me to edit, mix and remix tracks in ways you can’t do with turntables or CD players. Tracks are often used as building blocks in the form of loops and samples in order to create something completely new. Tracks are usually stripped down or minimal sounding to allow for layering and mixing with other tracks. The result is a mix that is more than the sum of its parts.” - Joris Voorn

                                        Voorn weaves together a sinuous tapestry of deep techno from the mere strands of a staggering 65 tracks, cutting, chopping and editing together ambient cuts by Max Loderbauer and TCF with personal favourites pulled from the dusty rafters of his Amsterdam abode, such as Speedy J’s ‘Fill 17’ and Plastikman’s ‘Consumed’, and contemporary melodic techno cuts from the likes of Cobblestone Jazz, John Tejada and fellow Green artists Roland Klinkenberg and Anton Pieete. Meanwhile, brand new Joris Voorn productions ‘Where Have You Gone? (Part 1)’ and ‘Looks Fake Obviously’ exemplify the harmonic twists and pulsing beats that don’t allow you to take your ears away from this sumptuous mix for a single second.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        01. Sunset Graves - So, Who's Gonna Watch You Die?
                                        Application - Front End (Remixed By Pye Corner Audio)
                                        BLNDR - Isolate Frequencies 2
                                        Lo Grounds - Fatalism
                                        02. Deft - Blue Jasmine
                                        Ambiq - Loka
                                        Ambiq - Toxic Underground
                                        Reggy Van Oers - Loctivity
                                        03. Plastikman - Consumed
                                        The Persuader - Pinnharan
                                        Van Bonn - Abroad
                                        Arnold Tempo - Quarion Was Digging For Water
                                        Donnacha Costello - Grape A
                                        Deepchord - DC14 (A1)
                                        04. Siopis Feat. Mr Brean - Listen To The Whispers (Jody Hannan Remix)
                                        Joris Voorn - Where Have You Gone? (Part 1)
                                        Lau Frank - 7am (Dachshund Remix)
                                        Audio Werner & Jichael Mackson - Schlamm
                                        Roland Klinkenberg - L'Esprit De L’Escalier
                                        05. Howling - Signs (Matom Remix)
                                        Christian Fennesz - Kae
                                        Julien Aubert - Feelmar (Gaspard De La Montagne Remix)
                                        Martin Aquino - Red Pavement (Halo & Alex Fuente Remix)
                                        Christian Fennesz - Euclides
                                        John Tejada - Two 0 One
                                        Glacial - Entropy
                                        06. Joris Voorn - Fall (Nobody Home Dream Interpretation Mix)
                                        Giash - Space Odyssey
                                        07. Cobblestone Jazz - Drawn From The Side Of Crime
                                        08. Sounds Like Us - Little Helper 163-4
                                        Donnacha Costello - Backache
                                        Sagat - Body
                                        Roland Klinkenberg - Departures
                                        09. Monobox - Realm
                                        Tadeo - Deep Space
                                        Robert Hood - A.M. Track
                                        Reggy Van Oers - Mavie
                                        10. Joris Voorn - Looks Fake Obviously
                                        11. Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing
                                        Anton Pieete - Next Year (Mosca's Skaep Niwt Version)
                                        Tom Day & Monsoonsiren - Love Is Rare
                                        Tom Day & Monsoonsiren - Dreams
                                        Joris Voorn - Left (Roland Klinkenberg Remix)
                                        12. Wolfgang Voigt - Empathie
                                        Rekord 61 - Sverh (Radio Slave F.Y.M Remix 2)
                                        13. Joran Van Pol - Exist
                                        Speedy J - Fill 17
                                        14. Truncate - Concentrate (Truncate Rework)
                                        Robert Hood - Shaker
                                        15. Cobblestone Jazz - Northern Lights
                                        Dani Labb - Asha
                                        Timothy Blake - Squiggles (The Mole Remix)
                                        16. Sebastian Mullaert - Direct Experience (Remake)
                                        Swann Decamme - Go Away (Dan Bexley & Chad Bostock Remix)
                                        Art Of Tones - Unstopped (The Revenge Remix)
                                        Awanto 3 - Bubbles Made Me Cry
                                        Joris Voorn - Mugged (Anton Pieete Remix)
                                        17. Joseph S Joyce - Vedanta (Sebastian Mullaert Remix)
                                        Nobody Home - Entheogen
                                        18. Tozzy - Anoat
                                        Mike Parker - Forward (The 5am Mix)
                                        Max Loderbauer - Slowrag
                                        19. Application - Front End (Remixed By Pye Corner Audio)
                                        Jake Chudnow - Prelude To Shona
                                        Stefan Vincent - The Void She Left
                                        20. TCF - D7 08 2A 8D 2A 37 FA FE 17 0E 62 39 06 81 C8 A1 49 30 6F ED 56 AD 5E 04

                                        After bursting into the spotlight in 2008 with two world tours and numerous heavyweight productions and remixes, Mumdance took a two-year hiatus after finding himself increasingly disillusioned with the scene and sound with which he had become associated. He returned in 2013 with a new, more self-assured style, releasing on labels such as Rinse, Tectonic and Keysound Recordings while collaborating with other forward-thinking artists such as Logos (with whom he is also set to release the club-oriented Proto project this February) and Spyro. 2014’s anthem ‘Take Time’ with South London’s hot property Novelist was followed by the duo signing to XL Recordings.

                                        'Fabriclive 80' opens with previously unheard weightless sonics from the likes of Shapednoise, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Sculpture, taking a brief detour to early bleep with Sweet Exorcist, before settling into Mite’s ‘Cemetery Séance’. The piercing sounds of Logos’ ‘Glass’ (forthcoming on Mumdance’s Different Circles label) juxtaposes perfectly with Tectonic boss Pinch’s potent ‘Water Bomb’ and forthcoming dubs from Untold and Acre. The middle section of the mix acts as a short production showcase from Mumdance himself; three striking collaborations with Logos feature (‘In Reverse PIV’ is of particular note).

                                        The mix enters weightlessness again with tracks from Helm, Wanda Group and Strict Face before Mumdance, Logos & Rabit’s ‘Inside The Catacomb’ acts as a statement of intent for the mix. Two surprise pieces of dancefloor fire emerge next: an exclusive VIP “fabric” treatment of Novelist x Mumdance’s collaboration ‘1 Sec’ and Riko’s version of ‘Take Time’ - an in-demand dub of 2014 in its own right. The final section of the mix jumps back in time to the early 2000’s with ‘Coalition’ from Eastwood & Oddz and Jon E Cash’s ‘Kamikaze’. Mumdance rounds off his Fabriclive mix with some uplifting tracks from the hardcore era that shaped his early musical tastes, by Bass Selective, Fat Controller, Jimmy J & Cru-l-t. The cyclical piano stabs of Ramos & Supreme’s stellar ‘The Journey’ are peaks in a mix that effortlessly summarises a unique musical mind.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        01. Shapednoise - Travels In The Universe Of The Soul
                                        02. @c - Ninety-Nine (Remix For Mumdance)
                                        03. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Untitled
                                        04. Fis - Branch Light
                                        05. Sculpture - Fabrication II
                                        06. Sweet Exorcist - Testsix (Toneappella)
                                        07. Mite - Cemetery Seance
                                        08. Logos - Glass
                                        09. Pinch - Water Bomb
                                        10. Untold - Doff (VIP)
                                        11. Acre - No Signal
                                        12. Mumdance & Logos - Hall Of Mirrors
                                        13. Mumdance & Logos - In Reverse PIV
                                        14. Mumdance & Logos - Cold
                                        15. Helm - Outerzone
                                        16. Wanda Group - Piano In The Corner Of The Room
                                        17. Strict Face - Rushed
                                        18. Mumdance, Logos & Rabit - Inside The Catacomb
                                        19. Inkke - Choong (Devil Mix)
                                        20. Novelist X Mumdance - 1 Sec (FABRICLIVE VIP)
                                        21. Mumdance Feat. Riko - Take Time VIP
                                        22. Eastwood & Oddz - Coalition
                                        23. Jon E Cash - Kamikaze
                                        24. Bass Selective - Blow Out Part II
                                        25. Fat Controller - In Complete Darkness
                                        26. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - Six Days
                                        27. Ramos & Supreme - The Journey Part 1

                                        Various Artists

                                        Fabriclive 78 - Illum Sphere

                                        It's easy to trace Ryan Hunn (aka Illum Sphere)'s impact on the Manchester music scene. Hoya:Hoya, the night he started with Jonny Dub back in 2008, quickly became noted for its eclecticism and open-minded booking approach, with artists ranging from The Gaslamp Killer to Ikonika and James T. Cotton. Soon spotted by the keen eyes at fabric, the collective were invited to host Room Three in 2011, and following its immediate success they moved to Room Two, where they now hold their quarterly residency. Illum Sphere's skill at bringing together disparate sounds as a DJ is bolstered by a formidable production talent, which has seen him release on a series of respected labels, including Ninja Tune, Young Turks, 3024, Fat City and Tectonic, whilst his remix credits include Radiohead, Martyn, Kuedo and Zed Bias. Constructed in the comfort of his own home, his FABRICLIVE mix is inspired by the sounds one might hear during his DJ sets in Room Two.

                                        "I decided to stick to more electronic-based music, from new wave, dub, techno, acid, etc. In terms of range I think the oldest thing is probably late 70s and the newest thing came out this year." - llum Sphere

                                        Kicking off in the 80bpm range, EMAK’s spaced out ‘Sein Und Schein’ (a segment of which appears later as an interlude) makes way for dub echo drenched tracks from Soul Syndicate and Carl Meeks. From there the mix explores the many subtle (and not so subtle) facets of electronic music, from the lo-fi experimentalism of Tapes and Powell to analogue synth-driven jams from Musumeci, Streetwalker and Grauzone. Illum Sphere is effortlessly flexible on tempo to the point where the shifts are barely noticeable, with the mix midway pace subtly ramping up into Das Ding’s technicolour ‘HSTA’. From there, spaced out synth textures of Legowelt and Demdike Stare are contrasted with machine-like grooves from Charles Manier and Propaganda. The exceptional ‘Gershwin’ by Actress shifts into Illum Sphere’s own ‘Bullet’, before Nine Circles’ 1982 track ‘What's There Left’ signs off a mix that is engaging as much as it is unexpected.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        01. E.M.A.K. - Sein Und Schein
                                        02. Soul Syndicate - Now You’re Gone (Version)
                                        03. Tapes - Dungeness
                                        04. Powell - Fizz
                                        05. Carl Meeks - Danger (Version)
                                        06. (Interlude) E.M.A.K. - Sein Und Schein
                                        07. Musumeci - Harry Batasuna
                                        08. Streetwalker - Ooze
                                        09. Grauzone - Film 2 (33 RPM)
                                        10. Das Ding - HSTA
                                        11. NGLY - Speechless Tape
                                        12. Osborne - Bout Ready To Jak (TNT’s Acid Mix)
                                        13. Charles Manier - Who Raised These People
                                        14. Legowelt - On The Tiger Train
                                        15. Kassem Mosse - B3 (Workshop 19)
                                        16. Demdike Stare - Repository Of Light
                                        17. James T. Cotton - Oochie Coo
                                        18. E-Dancer - Pump The Move (Kenny Larkin Mix)
                                        19. 2AM/FM - Desolate Cities
                                        20. Propaganda - Thought Part 1
                                        21. Actress - Gershwin
                                        22. Illum Sphere - Bullet
                                        23. Vazz - Cast Reflections
                                        24. Nine Circles - What’s There Left

                                        Various Artists

                                        Fabriclive 75 - Elijah & Skilliam

                                          Elijah & Skilliam are arguably the foremost ambassadors of grime. Having taken a scrupulous and avant-garde approach to the genre’s output, they have helped raise it to the forefront of the electronic music landscape. Their celebrated Rinse FM show has been representing the best of the scene for 5+ years. Their club nights were some of the first to focus on the talents of the producers, when at the time parties were more about the MCs. Officially returning with a bang last year, their FABRICLIVE residency has brought grime back to the clubs in a big way.

                                          “The mix doesn't necessarily represent how we would play in the club, but it does feature many of the people that you would hear and see playing at a Butterz night at fabric. It was more focused on making a great mix. If you want to hear how we play in a club, come to fabric.” - Elijah & Skilliam

                                          Brushing off pressure to represent the whole of the scene, Elijah & Skilliam have created something that is current, but not necessarily based on the big tracks of recent times. And with less than a third of the tracks at the typical 140bpm grime tempo, the mix showcases just how wide their sets can go without diluting their identity and their sound. The mix is peppered with exclusive studio collaborations and VIPs. Royal-T and Swindle built the Intro and Outro from scratch, adding live audio cuts from previous fabric parties; while MCs Newham Generals provided a couple of special versions – a grime fan’s equivalent of spending a couple of hundred on a rare record according to Elijah. Club favourites ‘Twinkle’ by Swindle & Silkie, Darq E Freaker’s ‘666 Sauna’ and Swindle’s P-Funk-esque studio jam ‘Good Stay Bad’ are among a host of tracks that remained unreleased.

                                          Various Artists

                                          Fabriclive 73 - Pangaea

                                            With the last few years having inarguably paid witness to the most transitional, and potentially divisive period in the history of the UK's much fawned-­over hardcore continuum, Kevin McAuley has become a voice synonymous with a singular brand of off-­kilter, sub-­heavy dance music. Under the name Pangaea, he has released on some of the most reputable labels to emerge in recent times, as well as the Hessle Audio imprint that he helms alongside long-­time friends, and fellow FABRICLIVE contributors, Pearson Sound and Ben UFO. As a trio they've been at the forefront of a scene that's accelerated at an unprecedented rate as of late, making their enviable ability to stay ahead of the curve all the more impressive with a roster that boasts the indisputable talents of James Blake, Peverelist, Blawan and more.

                                            Having grown up in a rural area of the South West of England, it was a move to Leeds that was to see McAuley's early interest in music develop into something far more substantial, becoming engrossed in the emergent sounds of dubstep and co-­founding the city's first ever night to be dedicated to the genre.

                                            In 2007 he helped establish the Hessle Audio label as a means with which to draw together original and boundary-­pushing music that wasn't being represented elsewhere, and after appearing as the imprint's sophomore release he has gone on to craft eight more critically acclaimed EPs, including appearances for the esteemed Hotflush and Hemlock Recordings, as well as his own more recent Hadal series.

                                            It's here, four years after his first appearance in fabric's third room, that he steps up to deliver a mix that's as visceral as we've come to expect from the prodigious youngster, and one that exemplifies the fiercely unique approach he's taken towards his work thus far.

                                            With his productions having traditionally shared an affiliation with the darker end of the sonic spectrum, it comes as no surprise to find the confrontational palettes of Psyk and Shifted sitting alongside the gauzy textures of Lee Gamble and distressed junglism of Pev & Kowton, over the course of a compelling 76 minutes

                                            Various Artists

                                            Fabriclive 67 - Ben UFO

                                            In a world where illegal downloads, cracked software and sync buttons are helping to create swarms of young DJs with bottomless libraries of digital music they’re vaguely familiar with, you might question the role and relevance of the specialist DJ in today’s musical landscape. Not everyone possesses the talent, care and breadth of taste required to project their personality through other people’s records, or to create narratives which transcend dancefloors; Ben UFO is someone who does. Over the years Ben has increased in confidence and proficiency, and in devoting himself to the pursuit of highlighting shared characteristics of 2-step garage, dubstep, classic house and techno, he has learned to expertly navigate and bridge tempos and genres in as natural a fashion as possible, allowing tracks from disparate areas to co-exist and function comfortably alongside one another to form a unique and well-defined aesthetic.

                                            In 2007, after finishing university, alongside David Kennedy (Pearson Sound) and Kevin McAuley (Pangaea), he started Hessle Audio. The label was formed with the idea of providing a platform for the release of Pangaea and Pearson Sound’s own records, but its scope quickly expanded, resulting in the release of genre-defying records by Objekt, Untold, Cosmin TRG, James Blake, Blawan and more. In May 2009 they started their residency at Fabric, which has been ongoing ever since. The club night reflects what they do as a record label and as DJs, showcasing expansive, varied lineups and drawing connections between artists as diverse as Kassem Mosse, Kode 9, Livity Sound and Randall.

                                            The primary purpose of this Fabriclive release is to represent exactly what Ben does as a DJ, and to give him the opportunity to showcase the different aspects of the music that he stands for. Accordingly, it is not a straightforward mix of house, bass music or techno; neither is it filled with exclusives or unreleased material. It is an indicator of where we are at and where we have come from, and a statement of intent. It is a considered and highly textured mix consisting of 28 tracks and traversing multiple styles.

                                            Emerging from the moody introversion of Mix Mup’s “Before (Dub),” the mix starts in earnest with an aggressively distorted cut from Delroy Edwards, which bleeds into the off-kilter rhythms and sub-bass intensity of an exclusive from Pev & Kowton. From there we’re thrown into the bizarre future-tribal world of DJ Sotofett remixing Tim ‘Love’ Lee’s “The Tortoise” and onwards through tracks and decades, as Chicago Skyway’s “It’s OK” combines with K-Hand, Fluxion, Jam City, Pearson Sound and Mr. Fingers. There are truly inspired transitions here: the acid tones of “Zug Island” by Kyle Hall & Kero drip languidly over Shackleton vs Kasai Allstars’ “Mukuba Special”; the shattered percussion of A Made Up Sound’s “Malfunction” is pulled into line by the loop-driven techno of Grain’s “Untitled”; the dissonant bassline drone of Pangaea’s “Release” swallows up and consumes whole the kick-drum barrage which defines Blawan’s “And Both His Sons.”

                                            With Hessle Audio releases represented heavily alongside labels such as L.I.E.S., Hinge Finger, Night Slugs, Hemlock and Eglo, there are clear indications of a tightly-knit community working collectively to push things forward. Ben is central to this movement, and with this mix he manages to communicate not just who he is and what he does, but ultimately where we are at.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            01. Mix Mup - Dub
                                            02. Delroy Edwards - Feelings
                                            03. Pev & Kowton - Raw Code
                                            04. Tim 'Love' Lee - The Tortoise (Sex Tags Mania NYC Mix)
                                            05. Elgato - Zone
                                            06. Gesloten Cirkel - Twisted Balloon
                                            07. Chicago Skyway - It's OK
                                            08. K Hand - Project 5 (Untitled B1)
                                            09. Fluxion - Pendoulous
                                            10. Minimal Man - Consexual
                                            11. Jam City - Club Thanz
                                            12. Herbert - Take Me Back
                                            13. Lowtec - Looser
                                            14. Pearson Sound - Clutch
                                            15. Mr. Fingers - I'm Strong (Instrumental)
                                            16. Shackleton Vs Kasai Allstars - Mukuba Special
                                            17. Kyle Hall And Kero - Zug Island
                                            18. Circuit Breaker - Ping
                                            19. Osborne - Bout Ready To Jak (Shake Remix)
                                            20. Juniper - Jovian Planet
                                            21. A Made Up Sound - Malfunction (Despair)
                                            22. Grain - Untitled
                                            23. Bandshell - Perc
                                            24. Blawan - And Both His Sons
                                            25. Pangaea - Release
                                            26. Joe - Studio Power On
                                            27. Floating Points - Danger (Locked Groove)
                                            28. Grown Folk X Main Attrakionz - ICE (Kuedo Remix)

                                            Various Artists

                                            Fabriclive 63 - Digital Soundboy Soundsystem

                                            Launched in 2005 by original ‘90s Jungle pioneer, Shy FX, Digital Soundboy quickly established itself as one of the UK’s most exciting labels, its quality over quantity ethos making it a standard bearer for the UK’s world leading bass music scene. With a back catalogue that includes some of the biggest club hits of the past ten years, including tracks from Skream, Benga, Redlight and Jess Mills, and a reputation for throwing the biggest parties around, Digital Soundboy’s position in dance history is assured. Today the label’s roster of Shy FX, Breakage, B.Traits, Youngman, Dismantle and Stamina MC are all successful artists in their own right, but first and foremost Digital Soundboy remains a family, one that plays, parties and produces together and together continues to break new ground.

                                            The first officially released Digital Soundboy mix, 'Fabriclive 63' perfectly captures the carnival spirit of the label and its parties. From drum n’ bass to dubstep, dancehall to garage, via excursions into house and beyond 'Fabriclive 63' showcases the Digital Soundboy crew’s ability to bring together myriad genres and styles in the freshest way possible and create a pure party-starting selection. Mixed by Shy FX, B.Traits and Breakage, each separately choosing their favourite tracks before working on the mix together in the Digital Soundboy studio, 'Fabriclive 63' features a mix of exclusive dubs and upcoming releases from the Digital Soundboy family; tracks such as Zed Bias’ ‘Heavy Water Riddim’ and Dismantle’s ‘Warp’, classic anthems like Shy FX’s ‘Original Nuttah’, and the unexpected such as MANDY vs Booka Shade ‘Body Language’. An inspired selection that will put a smile on many a face and a bounce in your step, 'Fabriclive 63' ducks and weaves its way across the musical spectrum, and like the label itself, refuses to be pigeonholed.

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Philippa says: 49 (forty nine!) track mix CD taking in UK funky, dubstep, dancehall, jungle, house, grime, breaks and more - a proper floor-filling soundsystem mix-up!

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            01. Nina Simone - Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter
                                            02. Bloodfire - Gumbai
                                            03. Zed Bias - Heavy Water Riddim
                                            04. MANDY Vs Booka Shade - Body Language
                                            05. Justin Martin & Ardalan - LEZGO
                                            06. Roska - The Oracle
                                            07. Seiji - Face Up
                                            08. Artwork - Red
                                            09. Baxta - Do Without You
                                            10. Pangaea - Hex
                                            11. Tickles - Grinding
                                            12. Youngstar - Formula 2
                                            13. Bok Bok - Silo Pass
                                            14. Nightdrugs Feat. Moona - Higher (Skanky Remix)
                                            15. Skream - Wobble That Gut
                                            16. Breakage - Telepathy
                                            17. The Others Feat. Rod Azlan - Total Recall
                                            18. North Base - Fright Night
                                            19. Dismantle - Warp
                                            20. Breakage - Higher
                                            21. Clare Maguire - Ain't Nobody (Breakage's Suck It Up Mix)
                                            22. Roska - 480 BC
                                            23. Skream - Filth
                                            24. Dismantle - Displaced
                                            25. Redlight - Source 16
                                            26. Dismantle - More Funk
                                            27. Baxta - Baby Girl
                                            28. Dark Sky - Neon
                                            29. Die & Mensah - Firing Line
                                            30. Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover (BaBaBa)
                                            31. Skream - Daim
                                            32. Breakage Feat. Newham Generals & David Rodigan - Hard
                                            33. Breakage Feat. David Rodigan - Together
                                            34. Die & Break Feat. MC Fats & Bugsy - Peace & Dub
                                            35. Shy FX Feat. Kano, Donae’o & Roses Gabor - Raver (Shy’s Guinness Punch Mix)
                                            36. Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie
                                            37. Mighty Diamonds, Mr Williamz & Yellowman - Pass The Kouchie
                                            38. Die & Break - Grand Funk Hustle
                                            39. Benny Page - Turn Down The Lights
                                            40. A-Sides - One DJ
                                            41. DBridge - Little Things
                                            42. Breakage Feat. Roots Manuva - Run Em Out
                                            43. Die & Break - Tear Down VIP
                                            44. Breakage Feat. Jess Mills - Fighting Fire (dBridge Remix)
                                            45. Dub Phizix & Skeptical Feat. Strategy - Marka
                                            46. Dizzee Rascal - Jus' A Rascal (Soundboy Special)
                                            47. Gyptian - Hold You (Shy FX & Benny Page Digital Soundboy Remix)
                                            48. Rene LaVice - Headlock
                                            49. Shy FX & UK Apachi - Original Nuttah

                                            With over 20 years of DJing and more than 20,000 records in his vinyl collection, one of the world’s most talented house heroes, DJ Sneak, lends his tune selection, deck wizardry and pure love of house music to fabric 62. Born Carlos Sosa in Puerto Rico, Sneak was raised to the rhythms of salsa music, before moving to Chicago in 1983, and becoming captivated by the sounds of jazz, funk, soul, disco and of course house music. Originally a graffiti artist, Sneak soon became involved in selling music, starting his own label Defiant and working in the city’s infamous Gramophone record store, where he met artists and industry players, all the while developing his unmistakable jacking style. Releases on house music institutions such as Strictly Rhythm, Classic and Relief, as well as his burgeoning DJ reputation, led to Sneak’s international career blossoming in the 90s and early 00s, with tracks such as ‘You Can’t Hide From Your Bud’ and ‘Fix My Sink’ widely attributed classic status. Now heading up three of his own labels (Magnetic, Oomph and Sneak’s Classics), Sneak remains as relevant as ever, with artists from Ricardo Villalobos to Riva Starr queuing up to DJ and produce in collaboration with the house music legend.

                                            Sneak’s mix is ripe with carefully selected contemporary house nuggets with echoes of Chicago and the jacking house sound he loves, drizzled with elements of techno and dusted with overtones of big band swing, mixed to perfection. Sneak performed and recorded the mix live without the use of any computers, taking a transatlantic trip to bring together bumping Chicago grooves with muscular European techno.

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Philippa says: He eats steak for breakfast and plays funky house records at night; it's the one and only DJ Sneak, with an 18 track mix CD for Fabric.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            01. Strip Steve & Das Glow - Calcium
                                            02. Markus Homm & Philipp Gonzales - Got To Make It
                                            03. Basti Grub Feat. Agent! - Walking In My Blues
                                            04. Yeshua Murillo - I'm Gonna Make You Mine (Joss Moog Mix)
                                            05. Arturo Garces - Light It Up
                                            06. Tripmastaz - No Turning Back
                                            07. Mike Jules - Crack Ass
                                            08. Hector Couto - Creampie (Darius Syrossian Remix)
                                            09. Mendo - Old School
                                            10. Alex Tepper - In, Out, Life
                                            11. DJ Sneak - My Love (Ramon Tapia Remix)
                                            12. Sir James - Special (Ramon Tapia Remix)
                                            13. Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind - Cooper
                                            14. Luca M - Funk My Sax
                                            15. Muto - Wait A Minute
                                            16. DJ W!ld Feat. Hector Moralez - Take A Trip
                                            17. Willie Graff & Tuccillo - To The Music (Tato Remix)
                                            18. Cause & Affect - Beware Of The Swingers

                                            Looking back on the myriad of ways that the genre now known quite loosely as ‘bass music’ has mutated, one of the key figures in its evolution would have to be Bristol’s Rob Ellis, better known simply as Pinch. His fascination with what the outer limits of the dub sound can achieve has made him a distinct figure within the fluid group of like-minded dubstep musicians that defined the so-called Bristol sound.

                                            In 2003, a Kode9 set became the stepping-stone that was his initial contact with dubstep at London’s seminal FWD>>. This inspired him to start the first pure dubstep night outside of FWD>>, Subloaded, in his hometown of Bristol. With the city’s love of dub and long musical lineage, plus Pinch’s dedication to the importance of the actual sound, it quickly formed a dedicated community and became a yardstick by which other nascent events were measured. This had all been driven by a key moment in his own musical evolution which as he explains, “I lost interest in D&B and started buying minimal Basic Channel style techno, garage, grime and electronica instead - trying to mix them up together,” pre-empting the dominant sound of 4/4 dub-techno embraced by today’s crop of young producers, like Hessle Audio, who regularly cite the Bristol sound as a big influence.

                                            His Fabriclive offering comes hot on the heels of mixes from Pearson Sound and an artist with whom he’s just recently released a collaborative album on Honest Jon’s, Shackleton. These are all producers who work in a similar vein, that is, impeccable attention to sound detail, continual experimentation with rhythm whilst always maintaining a definitive ‘sound’ which can be traced throughout all their productions.

                                            "I am a supporter of the sound of vinyl and the cultural associations I make with this format so it was important to me - even if I do ultimately end up abandoning my beloved format one day - to stick by my guns and record the mix like this. I also made the whole mix start and finish in the same spot - meaning that the entire DJ mix can work as a loop if you put it on repeat. I really like the idea of certain kinds of music existing in its own infinite context and setting up the mix to loop like that was playing entirely into that idea." - Pinch

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            01. Distal - Venom (Part 2)
                                            02. F - Slow Down
                                            03. EQD - Equalized #005B
                                            04. Henry & Louis Feat. Prince Green - Love Like (Pinch Remix)
                                            05. Pinch & Shackleton - Rooms Within A Room
                                            06. Deleted Scenes - Natural Law
                                            07. Pinch & Quest - In Dreams
                                            08. Boddika & Joy Orbison - Swims
                                            09. DJ G - Uncertain
                                            10. Roly Porter - Hessra
                                            11. Photek & Pinch - Acid Reign (Pinch's Dubplate Version)
                                            12. Pinch & Loefah - Broken
                                            13. Emika - Double Edge (Pinch Remix)
                                            14. Roska - 480 BC
                                            15. Addison Groove - This Is It VIP
                                            16. Goth Trad - Mach
                                            17. Distance - Blue Meanie
                                            18. Jakes - Get Serious
                                            19. Jakes - A Case Of The Bleeps
                                            20. OM Unit - Pressure
                                            21. Illum Sphere - Promise A Secret
                                            22. Distal - Venom (Part 1)

                                            Jamie Jones has become a household name and created an accessible brand for a new generation of dance music fans with his Hot Natured guise and Hot Creations label. His Fabric compilation comes as he rides the crest of a tidal wave of popularity for him and his Crosstown Rebels and Visionquest crew that are forming a new cluster of stars. Original and addictive, his timeless journey is typically charged with energetic loopy grooves, defining his personal influences and showcasing exclusive material from his army of talent.

                                            The mix starts with Hot Natured ‘Time Intro’, giving a nod to the recent Hot Natured smash single ‘Forward Motion’ and offering a hint of Jamie’s future projects with Ali Love and Kenny Glasgow of Art Department fame, before diving headfirst into a funk electro remix of the classic Sebastian Tellier ‘La Ritournelle’ reworked by pop’s newest heroes Metronomy. There’s not much room to exhale from there forward with Jamie’s own special reedits of Coat Of Arms and Karen Pollock, as well as some defining staples from his heart-winning DJ sets such as Cajmere featuring Jamie Principle ‘God Sent’ and Felix Da Housecat ‘Madame Hollywood’, an essential track from the early moments of his career. What sets this mix apart is an acute attention to the energy in the ride. Jamie Jones tackles dance music as a rock or pop star would, making it accessible and playing with the frequencies to continually keep it enjoyable.

                                            Hot on the heels of his well-received "Impermanence" artist album, the French techno figurehead Agoria presents one of the most diverse and meticulous sets to hit the fabric series to date. Jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sun Ra and Tony Allen drift almost imperceptibly into and out of house and techno from the likes of Carl Craig, Cottam, and of course Agoria himself. Layers and snippets of each track are interwoven throughout the duration, making "Fabric 57" as much an orchestral composition as it is a DJ mix.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            01. Vainqueur - Ranges - Theme / Ensemble Economique - Real Things / Zodiac Free Arts Club - Ein Lied Für Popol Vuh
                                            02. STL - Silent State / Blacmale - Golden Day
                                            03. Moritz Von Oswald / Tony Allen - Ole Remix / Ella Fitzgerald With The Buddy Bregman Orchestra - Night And Day
                                            04. Sydenham & Joe Claussell - Rhythm
                                            05. Clara Moto - Deer & Fox (539.6 East Street DOP Remix) / Lil Tony - Treehouse (Lil Tony Remix)
                                            06. Canyons - Blue Snake
                                            07. Agoria - Heart Beating (Argy Tension Remix)
                                            08. DJ Kaos - Horny Morning Loop (Drdunkskaoticmix) / DJ Tazz - Unrestrained
                                            09. Eisbär - Subspace Two
                                            10. Space Dimension Controller - Mercurial Attraction
                                            11. Agoria Feat. Carl Craig & La Scalars - Speechless (Whisper Dub) / Sun Ra And His Mythic Science Arkestra - Somebody Else's Idea
                                            12. Agoria Feat. Carl Craig & La Scalars - Speechless (Radio Slave Panorama Garage Remix Feat. Tom Gandey)
                                            13. Infiniti - Game One
                                            14. Cottam - Cottam4 - Side A
                                            15. Mark E - Belvide Beat
                                            16. Cottam - Sunrise Sunset
                                            17. José James - Blackmagic (Izmabad 118 Remix)
                                            18. Carl Craig - Dominas (Carl Craig Mix)
                                            Versus Carl Craig - Dominas (Ruff Mix)
                                            19. Various - Fabric 57 Puppets
                                            20. Ella Fitzgerald With The Buddy Bregman Orchestra - Night And Day

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