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The General Store

No Time To Ride

The General Store recorded four songs in 1967 of which two of them remained unreleased. More than 55 years later they see the light of the day for the very first time. Tower of Power meets Funkadelic. Limited to 300 copies and released with the blessing of the band. Can you ask for more?


1. No Time To Ride
2. Karate

Kevin Ayers

Joy Of A Toy - 2024 Reissue

    An original member of Soft Machine, Kevin Ayers embarked on a solo career following a US tour with the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1968. He was one of the first signings to EMI’s Progressive imprint Harvest and recorded his debut album in the Summer of 1969 at Abbey Road studios.

    ‘Joy Of A Toy’ is a classic of psychedelic and progressive rock, featuring contributions from his former Soft Machine band mates, David Bedford and such wonderful songs as ‘The Lady Rachel’, ‘Stop This Train (Again Doing It)’, ‘Girl on a Swing’ and ‘All This Crazy Gift of Time’.

    This official gatefold LP vinyl edition fully restores the original LP artwork, has been remastered from the original Harvest master tapes and has been cut at Abbey Road studios.


    1 Joy Of A Toy Continued
    2 Town Feeling
    3 The Clarietta Rag
    4 Girl On A Swing
    5 Song For Insane Times
    1 Stop This Train (Again Doing It)
    2 Eleanor’s Cake (Which Ate Her)
    3 The Lady Rachel
    4 Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong
    5 All This Crazy Gift Of Time

    Toy Tonics welcome one of the US’ absolute legends in the game on their roster - Kai Alcé! One of the original masters of jazzy house, Kai is a prime example, someone who witnessed the genesis of Detroit’s electronic musical landscape and strives to keep that spirit alive. Being of Haitian descent laid the foundation for his musical ear starting with his childhood in Queens, New York. Some of his earliest musical influences included his mother’s penchant for soca music and the distinct Caribbean rhythms of his culture. An appreciation of jazz would be further guided by his father’s expanding audiophile home system. During the 1970s the kindling of hip-hop and the heyday of disco perked the ear of a young Kai while they were living in NYC. The Big Apple would remain a constant throughout his musical journey as the years went on, but it was the move to Michigan that ultimately shaped his artistic vision.

    On this 5 track EP Kai once again makes it all feel so easy! Deeply musical, yet also instantly effective on the dancefloor, tracks like "New Life Livin" and "Slide It In" come with an ease that shows why he’s shaped the game for decades.


    Matt says: Toy Tonics continues its unrelenting dominance of new disco and deep house with the utter legend that is Kai Alce signing five tracks for the label. Silky smooth with an impeccably constructed palette, these are high end, late night burners that'll transport you to basements, a red light and a feeling!


    A1. Slide It In
    A2. Space Skat N Dat
    B1. New Life Livin
    B2. Rough Sands
    B3. Strollin Thru Barcelona

    It’s all about Y2K, punk-funk and indie disco!

    Toy Tonics brings a collection of tracks originally released on the German label, Gomma between 2001 and 2010. Gomma was one of the key labels of the Y2K indie dance wave along with labels like James Murphy’s DFA and Trevor Jackson’s OUTPUT Records. And as the 90s revival that dominated the last years in fashion and electronic music reached its peak, the Toy Tonics gang thought it’s a good moment to re-visit some of these early 2000’s tracks that connected a more raw, indie disco and punky funk vibe. Gomma was happening in Berlin's off-location clubs like Scala and Rio, London’s Trash or 333 partys and Paris' Kill The DJ clubs.

    Those Y2K clubs and the Gomma label brought together 80ies inspired Indie rock artists like Nick McCarthy of Franz Ferdinand (who’s was producing records on Gomma before getting world-famous) and electro punk princess Peaches (who did a whole disco album on Gomma records and is featured on this compilation with a cover of "Maniac" from the Flashdance movie soundtrack). Italian disco legends like Baldelli or Robotnick were poppping up in those times after years of silence (before getting hype again later) as well as Gomma’s own discoveries like WhoMadeWho (their first 2 albums where quite punk-funk and produced by Gomma’s head honcho Mathias Modica), Italian disco punkster Rodion, Parisian nasty funk dude Golden Bug, London’s mysterious prince of new wave prince Midnight Mike (who started in Gomma and later ended up on Ed Banger records) and Gomma’s main act Munk. And yes there is even DJ Severino who did an proto house remix for the label in the early Horse Meat Disco days.

    That raw and nasty Gomma sound that mixed up many genres and made its own sexy, in your face music melange that was very in demand in those days from 2000 - 2010 and inspired many artists. Not just music people like James Murphy, who did music with Gomma before starting his own LCD Soundsystem or bands like Chromeo, New Young Pony Club or Soulwax who started later with a similar vibe; but also art, graphic and fashion people took inspiration from the Gomma world: Gomma’s edgy album cover designs, their poster fanzine, their colourful t-shirt designs and the whole style that the bands, DJs and people at their worldwide parties were rocking became a gloval trend. In the early 2000’s it was just art students from London’s Central St. Martins or Berlin’s UDK school that played that sound at their parties, later magazine like VICE or i - D invited Munk and the Gomma acts to their parties and later it was fashion brands like Prada, Margiela, Karl Lagerfeld and Hedi Slimane who used Gomma artists to make music at their fashion shows or events.

    Gomma then in 2015 finally closed. Gomma’s head honcho and main inventor Mathias Modica stopped the whole thing, changed the name and started something new: Toy Tonics records. Yes! Toy Toy Tonics came out of Gomma and that’s why now it’s time to remember the old inspirational days.


    A1) Moullinex & Peaches – Maniac
    A2) Munk - Disco Clown (Midnight Mike Version)
    A3) Whomadewho - Flat Beat

    B1) Golden Bug - Bisco
    B2) Headman - It Rough (Chicken Lips Remix)

    C1) Baldelli - Atlantide
    C2) Trans Mania - Boing Boom Jack (Robotnick Remix)
    C3) Leroy Hanghofer - Bathroomboogie

    D1) Severino Horse Meat Disco - Bounce
    D2) Rodion - Atala Ride
    D3) Munk – Androgyn

    Bert Jansch

    Toy Balloon (RSD23 EDITION)


      Toy Balloon receives itís long overdue debut vinyl pressing, featuring new artwork. Caught somewhere between traditional folk and Janschís penchant for the blues, ëToy Ballooní, from 1998, was the elder statesman of British folkís 20th studio album. Featuring a host of fantastic solo performances along with a brace of bigger sounding moments with a band including former Dire Straitsí Pick Withers on drums and the legendary Pee Wee Ellis on sax, the mainly self-penned opus also boasts a hypnotic cover of the standard ëShe Moves Through The Fairí and an evocative reading of Jackson C Frankís ëCarnivalí.

      Peter Barclay

      I'm Not Your Toy

        Peter Barclay recorded at home and produced two barely-released albums, 1990’s dreamlike Acceptance and 1992’s synth pop What Kind Of World, winning over the few who heard them. But fame outside his small circle was not to be, and Barclay was lost in the late-’90s crest of the AIDS epidemic. Rediscovered for a new generation, this is queer music at its finest.

        David Bowie

        Toy - 2022 Reissue

          'Toy' is a posthumously released album from David Bowie. Recorded in mid-2000 in New York with members of his touring band, with a mixture of new and unreleased old material rehearsed quickly for the purposes of what would have been a surprise album, it was shelved by Virgin/EMI, an act leading to Bowie's departure from the label.


          I Dig Everything
          You've Got A Habit Of Leaving
          The London Boys
          Karma Man
          Conversation Piece
          Shadow Man
          Let Me Sleep Beside You
          Hole In The Ground
          Baby Loves That Way
          Can't Help Thinking About Me
          Silly Boy Blue
          Toy (Your Turn To Drive) 

          The success of S. Fidelity's sophomore LP "Fidelity Radio Club" (April, 2021) is still culminating. Widely recognized as a highlight for instrumental beat music this year, with recent track placements on Spotify's Editorial Jazz Vibes and Butter Playlists, each with over 1.9M Followers. Now, S. Fidelity teams up with the unmistakable sound of Berlin's Toy Tonics to rework four of FRC's track to perfectly fit dance floors worldwide as they slowly reopen.

          Toy Tonics label head Kapote as well as TT label artists Cody Currie, Rhode & Brown and Sam Ruffillo deliver four high quality club renditions from FRC. The EP, only 500 copies pressed, is to be released via Jakarta Records on September 3rd. Musically, the EP combines the feel-good, beat factor of "Fidelity Radio Club" with the dancefloor ready house, disco and funk grooves that Toy Tonics are known for. The EP will be a perfect follow-up to S. Fidelity's previous Jakarta releases, which have gained more than 3.3M cumulative streams on Spotify alone.

          The 1st single, "Me At The Zoo feat. Àbáse (Cody Currie Remix) is to be released on August 13th along with announcement of the pre-order for the Limited 12" EP. The upbeat collaboration with Cody Currie – who has more than 2M cumulative streams on Spotify – takes the swinging groove of the original and gives it a Balearic, percussive, dance-ready vibe. Currie, a London-born DJ and producer has been on the rise since moving to Berlin and teaming up with talent from the city's jazz and house scenes. He's released two EP's with Grammy nominated pianist Joel Holmes on Toy Tonics as well as the mini album "Atlantic Exchanges, Vol. 1" with Felipe Gordon on DJ Haus' Shall Not Fade in 2021. This year Currie also shared his first solo 12" on Toy Tonics, "Moves EP", which showcases his sublime ability as a producer to blend elements of feel-good house, disco, jazz and UK garage into each other.

          The three other tracks are set to be released as digital singles on the physical release day, September 3rd, in order to maximize playlist reach and hit each of the artists release radars. Toy Tonics head honcho Kapote, a.k.a. Mathias Modica, takes S. Fidelity's boogie tune "Something Good" and spices it with a catchy piano lead line, infectious drum programming and several synth solos. Kapote, with more than 3.5M cumulative Spotify streams and over 97K Monthly Listeners, ran Gomma Records for more than 15 years, where he produced and released the likes of WhoMadeWho and Rammellzee.

          Rhode & Brown remix "Presumably Broccoli", a straightforward hip-hop instrumental, which they flipped and "reverso-ed" into a just as straightforward high energy dancefloor gem. The duo from Munich have been delighting house music fans with rock solid productions on such labels as Toy Tonics, Permanent Vacation, Public Possession, Shall Not Fade and their own Slam City Jams imprint, establishing themselves as one of the most consistent house producers groups. Most recently they released their debut album "Everything Is In Motion" on Permanent Vacation. Bologna-based Sam Ruffillo rounds out the EP with a deep and meditative house rendition of S. Fidelity's "Higher" featuring Àbáse on keys and a prolific vocal recording of Steve Arrington. The Italian DJ and producer debuted on Toy Tonics just a year ago with the pandemic inspired EP "Sport House", offering jazzy-house alternatives to dancing while clubs remained closed. Sam Ruffillo received co-signs and spins by the likes of Romare, Folamour and Spotify's Fresh Finds: Basement playlist.

          The release will primarily be promoted by the artist's and label's social media accounts and profiles.


          1. Me At The Zoo (Cody Currie Remix) [feat. Abase]
          2. Something Good (Kapote Remix)
          3. Presumably Broccoli (Rhode & Brown Reverso Mix) [feat. Suff Daddy]
          4. Higher (Sam Ruffillo Remix) [feat. Àbáse & Saint Ezekiel]

          COEO are back on Toy Tonics! After uninterrupted touring around the globe, followed by a short creative break the guys come back with an even stronger sound. With the new EP they go more underground again. Its addressed to the clubs and night owls out there, who turn night into day and won't stop dancing!

          The sound is based on classic house patterns and includes a lot of cool saxophones, big piano stabs & rhythmic piano solos. They even go tribal, use arpeggios and switch into breakbeat heaven. The four Originals are a great next step in the COEO evolution. The unique warm, catchy atmosphere of the tracks can create that special COEO euphoria which made them a lot of fans. From Moodymann to Disclosure, Mall Grab to Kenny Dope, the list is long.

          It's fantastic to see how popular they became over the last couple of years. The last COEO vinyl sold over 2500 copies and some of their tracks have millions of Spotify plays. It's DJ FOOD. Pure bliss!


          1. Sorry For The Late Reply
          2. Hyperactive
          3. I Can Never Be Yours
          4. Bliss

          OYE Records man Delfonic teams up with Topy Tonics head honcho Kapote for clever EP of jazz dance reworks done inna houz stylee!

          Rare and forgotten tracks from their collection re-cut and re-chopped and feeling more than fine in a 2020 DJ set..

          Delfonic & Kapote have joined forces also label-wise and created a new imprint for this issue: Toy Toye Recordings.

          Vinyl only release 4 tha headz = be fast if you want in on the action! 


          A1. In The Lyte Rejam
          A2. Next Level Rejam
          B1. La Bottera Rejam
          B2. Lazy Rejam

          DJs, producers and unrivaled selectors, Danny McLewin and Tom Coveney have shared the next taste of their debut album ‘I Feel How This Night Should Look’ via their stunning next track, ‘Ghost Particle’.

          Recorded at Canterbury’s Cosmic Forest Studios, ‘Ghost Particle’ features English psychedelic-rock Syd Arthur frontman Liam Magill. A gorgeously emotive and glistening space prog infused moment track for the album, Ghost Particle glides along at cruising altitude.

          Released last year on their own imprint Psychemagik Recordings. ‘I Feel How This Night Should Look’ is an album with a phenomenal backstory spanning back over a decade. ‘I Feel How This Night Should Look’ is testament to the duo’s deep understanding and love of their craft, an LP which hones a layered intelligence that only long-term dedication to the art and craft of the DJ can deliver.


          A1. Ghost Particle (Feat. Liam Magill)
          A2. Ghost Particle (Instrumental)
          B1. Ghost Particle (Feat. Liam Magill) (Cable Toy Club Mix)

          New York vocalist Kosmo Kint joined the Toy Tonics crew. Born in Trinidad and raised in New York City, Kosmo has been part of the recent Brooklyn scene, singing in several projects in NYC before moving to Berlin two years ago. To find like minded people to create new lyrics driven dancemusic.

          In Berlin he teamed up with the Toy Tonics boys and now TT boss Kapote and the crew are working with him in Berlin Kreuzberg to find a new R&B & Disco influenced style of electronic dance music.
          The first release is a collabo between french talent Mangabey and Kosmo Kint - produced by Kapote.
          The 2 songs have a chilled L.A. G Funk Vibe that makes you think about certain Dr. Dre productions from the 90ies combined with some broken beats and 4 to the floor house vibes.
          The song might remember some french touch tracks too and some might think about that West London early 2000 "Dego" Vibe maybe. Anyway, its new and there is not a name yet for that style. Let's see where the TT crew will bring Kosmo Kint sonically over the next years.


          Millie says: New to the Toy Tonics label Kosmo Kint, alongside Mangabey have dipped into all the genres going - Disco, House, R&B, Broken Beat, Funk, Electronic and created two tracks of pure dance music hits. TT bringing the vibes to Piccadilly!


          1. Time No More
          2. Time No More (Instrumental)
          3. Get Lost
          4. Get Lost (Instrumental) 


          Songs Of Consumption

            TOY, who released Happy In The Hollow, their fourth, and by far most acclaimed album to date, in January of this year on Tough Love Records, have announced details of Songs Of Consumption, an 8-song collection of unique interpretations of tracks which have inspired the band.

            The idea was originally birthed when the band recorded four covers for the bonus 7"s that came with the Dinked and Rough Trade versions of the last album. 3 of those songs feature here alongside 5 new recordings completed last month, which comprise tracks by Stooges, Amanda Lear, Nico, The Troggs, Serge Gainsborough, Soft Cell, John Barry and Pet Shop Boys/Elvis/Willy Nelson (depending on how you know the song).

            Talking about the album, TOY said:

            Songs of Consumption sonically is a continuation and development of the themes conceived on Happy In The Hollow and it will show people where we are going towards musically. The DIY approach was explored further utilising more of the electronic elements that we touched upon before. Drum machines, stripped down arrangements and rudimentary production give a primitive sound that we thought suited the choice of songs. Some of the songs have very big sounding production, so we wanted to experiment with them by going in a different direction.

            Music is consumed voraciously now whereas these songs came from a time when the song was of the most important thing and that's what was appreciated. Stripping them back to the essence of what they are was also something we wanted to explore. Also, we wanted to make a covers record with songs by people that influenced us in the past few years and it’s as much about the way they dealt with their ideas, and how they put themselves in uncomfortable situations in order to make something that in the end is simple. It’s a homage to the spirit of these people, that helped us to untangle ourselves from our inherent complicated nature and create a new space where we can exist.

            Additionally, having played a sold-out tour of the UK in February, including a mesmerising show at Village Underground in London, the band have announced a couple of very special shows at the end of the year.

            Playing under the banner of ‘Hollowed Out – A night of strange sighting and unhabitual ritual’ the shows will see them re-imagining songs from Happy In The Hollow. In London they will be joined by AV artist Sculpture, live performances from The Thelma Death Stare and Ducasse, DJ sets from Cherrystones and Sheet Noise and live visuals from Daisy Dickinson. In Manchester they will be joined by Mutabase and a DJ set from Sofie K.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: It's nice to hear a selection of (superb) covers from Toy, expanding their sound into this diverse range of covers. Though the songs are not their own, it gives us an insigt into their influence, and honestly couldn't be any more their own. Swathes of guitar noise and succinct percussive throbs work their way behind Dougall's recognisable vocals, all accompanied with their ever present crystal-clear synths and melodic sensibilities. Lovely stuff.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Down On The Street (The Stooges)
            2. Follow Me (Amanda Lear)
            3. Sixty Forty (Nico)
            4. Cousin Jane (The Troggs)
            5. Fun City (Soft Cell)
            6. Lemon Incest (Charlotte Gainsbourg & Serge Gainsbourg)
            7. Always On My Mind (B.J. Thomas)
            8. A Dolls House (John Barry)

            RIYL: The Horrors, Moon Duo, Wooden Shjips, Spiritualized, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dungen, Goat, Clinic.

            Toy release their fourth album, and their first for new label Tough Love Records, and it is unquestionably their most direct and propulsive album to date.

            Recorded between their own home tape studios and mixed at Dan Carey’s Studio B in South London, the album was entirely produced and mixed by the band.

            "Happy In The Hollow is entirely uncompromising: an atmospheric capturing of a state of mind that touches on Post Punk, electronic dissonance, acid folk and Krautrock. Familiar qualities like metronomic rhythms, warping guitars, undulating synths and Tom’s gentle, reedy vocals are all in there, but so is a greater emphasis on melody, a wider scope, and a combining of the reassuring and the sinister that is as unnerving as it is captivating."

            The sound has without doubt expanded — and grown more confident — in part because this is the first album for which Toy has become a self-sufficient five-person unit doing everything for themselves.

            “Each song was a blank canvas,” says Maxim. “Producers inevitably develop their own patterns over time, right down to certain drum sounds. We were starting from scratch and it felt very creative as a result. It’s an album we feel deeply connected to”.

            TOY are: Tom Dougall (vocals / guitar), Dominic O’Dair (guitars), Maxim Barron (bass / vocals), Max Oscarnold (synths / modulations) & Charlie Salvidge (drums / vocals).

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: Toy on fine form here, in a somewhat more dreamy and progressive mood than on 2016's 'Clear Shot', with swirling guitars and cavernous reverb surrounding the psychedelic chord changes and echoing haunted vox. They've managed to craft something that is both immediate and deep, easy to engage with but develops the more you listen. A truly stunning work.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Sequence One
            2. Mistake A Stranger
            3. Energy
            4. Last Warmth Of The Day
            5. The Willo
            6. Jolt Awake
            7. Mechanism
            8. Strangulation Day
            9. You Make Me Forget Myself
            10. Charlie’s House
            11. Move Through The Dark


            Clear Shot

              Splitting their time between Tom Dougall and bassist Maxim Barron’s place in New Cross and Dominic O’Dair’s flat in Walthamstow, where they set up a makeshift studio and laid down the early album demos, Clear Shot began to take shape in the first half of 2015.

              Taking inspiration from an esoteric blend – Radiophonic Workshop, Comus, the scores of Bernard Herrmann, John Barry and Ennio Morricone Fairport, COUM, Acid House, Incredible String Band, The Langley Schools Project, The Wicker Man soundtrack and even the direction behind Electric Eden, Rob Young’s book about the development of folk music in the U.K. – by the time they entered Eve Studios in Stockport in October 2015 with producer David Wrench, the band were clear about the direction the album should take.

              The result is their most coherent and confident album to date; lushly cinematic, shot through with their most expressive melodies thus far and coated with a ‘sheen’ courtesy of Chris Coady (Beach House, Smith Westerns, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), who mixed the album in LA with some of the reverbs and vocal processors used on Purple Rain, across the 10-tracks strands of ideas appear, sink and re-emerge in an almost modal jazz manner. Clear Shot sees TOY working both in bigger colours and more minutely crafted detail, achieving an altogether higher level of artistry than before.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Andy says: Toy released two superb records within a year of each other (2012/13) then vanished for 3! They return with by far their best yet: darker, spookier but somehow poppier, this extends their shoegazey take on psych and garage into a much higher realm. Like the House Of Love but with way more going on. Brilliant.

              Ryan says: Clear Shot sees TOY working both in bigger colours and more minutely crafted detail, stripping back a little to reveal a bigger picture. This could be their most coherent & confident album to date.

              MTO (Modified Toy Orchestra)

              Mary = X / The Breath They’ve Been Holding Released

                Birmingham’s iconic audio scientists, Modified Toy Orchestra, are back. This time as mto and with a new single on their old label.

                Hand cut in an edition of 100 copies by PhilM at 3345 this return sees the band in a casio only landscape watching the mathematician Richard Feynman sit alone at the top of a light house on mars contemplating calculus and aspects of his life.

                ‘Mary = X’
                A haunting lament of what might have been from the perspective of Richard Feynman's ex-wife Mary, her plaintive voice keening for her husband’s attention, a hopeless attempt against the infinite mysteries of calculus.
                "He begins working calculus problems in his head as soon as he awakens. He did calculus while driving in his car, while sitting in the living room, and while lying in bed at night." —Mary Louise Bell divorce complaint.

                ‘The breath they've been holding.’
                The Title is taken from a news broadcast observing the faces of the doomed astronaut’s families during the space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986.

                Since touring the world performing their 2nd album Plastic Planet, which culminated in sell out shows at the Hong Kong Civic Hall, mto have been commissioned to perform Stockhausen and to collaborate with composer/conductor Richard Baker on "Game" by Faster than sound performed at Aldeburgh Britain's oldest classical music festival.

                The 2 tracks are part of digital EP called "Feynman on Mars" which shows a darker, colder distant side of mto an aspect of the band which will be further explored as they blast off in to the outer reaches of the cosmos on what will be there 3rd album "Silfurburg".


                No Ladder (Toy Remix)


                  Basements hung with fairy lights, 60s tape reels spinning antique spools, drums dusted with white powder. Gritty riffs and psych rock washes slither beneath airy, blissed-blank Nico vocals spinning spectral tales of shattered romance. A beautifully ruined pair – he a leather-clad glowering guitar phantom, she a glacial, broken bombshell – blow glitter at each other through the flashes from old cameras.

                  This is the world of Coves, a classic psych-garage aesthetic vacuum-sealed forever in one time, one space. The space is Castle Grayskull, the live-in studio that musical mastermind John Ridgard helped build in a disused office in Leamington Spa and where their debut album was recorded. And the time covers the duration of singer and lyricist Beck Wood's last big relationship, laid out in her songs from first flutter to final choke.

                  'No Ladder' gets the remix treatment by TOY turning it into an epic, beat driven psychedelic dream.

                  Toy’s swirling, psychedelia, Krautrock indebted debut album arrived almost exactly 12 months ago.

                  Dan Carey sits at the controls once again on ‘Join The Dots’, released via Heavenly Recordings.

                  As with their debut, ‘Join The Dots’ was recorded mostly live with Carey at the helm, although increased studio time has enabled the band to experiment more with Carey’s laboratory of effects and pre-amps, and embellish the tracks with overdubs.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Andy says: As good, if not better than their superb debut. And you can't say that too often! A much more powerful, physical record, but with those shogazery melodies still intact.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Conductor
                  2. You Won’t Be The Same
                  3. As We Turn
                  4. Join The Dots
                  5. To A Death Unknown
                  6. Endlessly
                  7. It’s Been So Long
                  8. Left To Wander
                  9. Too Far Gone To Know
                  10. Frozen Atmosphere
                  11. Fall Out Of Love

                  Young Galaxy

                  Privileged Poor - Factory Floor / Toy / Dan Lissvik Remixes

                  Limited edition Young Galaxy ‘Privileged Poor’ remix 12” featuring Factory Floor, TOY and Dan Lissvik (Studio). Debut release from new label, 586.

                  Young Galaxy’s ‘Privileged Poor’ is taken from the Polaris Music Prize short-listed album 'Ultramarine'. Factory Floor's remix comes hot on the heels of the band’s acclaimed debut album on DFA, and has similar sound designs. Their mix strips away the vocals, pads and pop touches, leaving us with a taut, driving analogue techno / house number. If you didn't know it was a remix you would think it was one of Factory Floor's own tracks. TOY’s Dom and Ale continue to emerge as world class remixers as they transform 'Privileged Poor' into a hypnotic, motorik psychedelic freak out. While less synthy than the original, Dan Lissvik keeps the pop edges of the original and an extra bump for the dancefloor.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Privileged Poor (Factory Floor Remix)
                  AA1. Privileged Poor (TOY Remix)
                  AA2. Privileged Poor (Dan Lissvik Remix)

                  Part synth-pop classic, part future pop blueprint, the unforgettably catchy "I'm Not Your Toy" is set to be La Roux's next instant classic and is as sure to take up residence in your brain as its predecessors. With her own sci-fi disco ice queen style cut from the same iconic androgynous mould as Grace Jones and Annie Lennox and looking as otherworldly as Tilda Swinton in an electro remake of the Man Who Fell To Earth, La Roux has ripped up the 2009 pop star rule book, already becoming an accidental fashion heroine, a pop star as beloved of fashion journalists as much as radio DJs. Both 12" and CD single features remixes come from Data (big main room electrohouse smasher) and Jack Beats (another of their monster fidget jackers).

                  Flotation Toy Warning

                  Bluffer's Guide To The Flight Deck

                    Following two critically acclaimed EPs, the London five piece have been winning people over with their accessible baroque pop. The press say.. 'swirls of guitar, looped samples and beautifully bereft vocals to beguiling lo-fi effect, recalling both DIY Flaming Lips and the glitchyside of Sparklehorse...Buckled but beauteous, psychedelic Victoriana with beats' - Time Out; '... a halfway house between Grandaddy's space-boy dreaming and Tindersticks ennui...we demand they be included on the Flaming lips' tour now!' - NME; 'fine, atmospheric delights that sparkle like the aurora borealis and are rare treats and more proof that Flotation Toy Warning are one of the most beguiling delights of the year.' - Music Week.

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