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Trip / Sisters Of The Moon

Those wizards of digging Psychemagik doing the business once again. Hot on the heels of last year's monstrous 'Gotta hold on me / Wildman' they're letting folks know that they were still out there searching in the darkest recesses of the last 40+ years of popular and unpopular music, and boy oh boy are they good at it!

'The Trip' lives up to it's name. The track kicks off with some ultra beefed up psychedelic shenanigans, swirling, cacophonous sounds whirl and sweep and gradually drag us into the holographic tunnel, gradually giving way to some heavyweight drums and percussions and unfurling into a muscular psych-discoid beast. This one will send the kids crazy and will undoubtedly cause some damage in the club, both sonically and mentally. 'But what is the original?' we hear you say... answers on a postcard please.

'Sisters of the moon' on the flip-side is a very different animal - All laid back, laconic steel-guitars and thundering slo-mo drums and percussion. The dark side of a rural witchcraft dream exposed here, almost menacing... and then? Those vocals spring out of the mix amidst the throbbing sexually charged atmosphere and drag us back into the realm of 'near reality' with sultry moans and groans. This one's woozy alright, but in the best possible way. So wrong, it's right and possibly the natural soundtrack to too many of those strange shots that that guy in the weird hat gave us earlier when we entered that country pub. 'What guy?' I hear you ask....

Ultimate freak-disco and deepest druid Funk for the discerning and psychedelically inclined record consumer.


Sil says: More Psychemagik edit bliss brought to the masses. This time they give us and off the beaten track edit (The Trip on the A side) to turn you loose on the dancefloor, followed by the chilled, smooth and sensual 'Sisters of the Moon'. An absolute beauty this one. Buy on sight.


Gotta Hold On Me / Wildman

Master diggers and disco trippers Psychemagik make their triumphant return after a brief hiatus this week with the latest episode in their unmissable edit career. As ever we're in obscure waters, but your Piccadilly spirit guides are on hand to lead you through these rarified realms with the maximum musical knowledge. Danny and Tom delve deep into their disco funk crates on the A-side to extend Chuck Armstrong's 1975 Konduko killer 'Something's Got A Hold On Me' into a 12 minute journey through squelching bass, hypnotic groove and soulful vocal. Pitching things up to a floor-ready midtempo, the Psychemagik boys let loose with looped horns, wah guitar, and immersive arrangements to lock us into a shoulder rolling groove which won't let up for even a moment. Smell the incense and pass the sherm sticks folk! Things kick up a notch on the flip as the duo slap a subtle kick and snare under a tasty Salsoul loop and go nuts on the sleazy late night vocal. Hitting hard with a walking bassline and jazzy Rhodes licks, this one could be mistaken for a vintage Balihu banger if it weren't for the rough and raucous vocal sample trying to take you up a back alley somewhere. It's another sureshot for the disco jocks, coming courtesy of the mighty Psychemagik.


David says: This week we go Wildman in the country with the excellent Psychemagik, who return to the 12" format with two sizzling, soulful and raw disco heaters. Prepare to trip out to these jams on an El Diablo's dancefloor near you...

To coincide with the hugely successful London event 'Fleetmac Wood' a night entirely devoted to the Mac and their edits, this new release delivers a throbbing 12" of musical joy courtesy of Psychemagik & RedKen.

On side A we get 'Dreams' (Psychemagik Crystal Visions Remix). Psychemagik hit the spot again with their much hyped remix of 'Dreams'. As ever the duo keep true to the original updating this timeless anthem by turning it into a fully fledged hypnotic and sensual, dancefloor friendly monster. The vocal is chopped up and twisted into a sweet psychedelic swirl, dubbed out and layered effortlessly into this new mix, a subtle beat and heavy bassline is added to enhance and entrance your eardrums making this an instant club classic.

On the flip the re-edit of 'Big Love' by RedKen (of AOR Disco fame) starts out as a chugging, swirling, dubbed out creeper before dropping effortlessly into the original tracks timeless riff locked down by a baseline that just oozes class. Moving effortlessly through the gears with beautifully overdubbed keys and guitars it arrives at the final chorus with a crescendo so intense it will leave you wondering what day of the week it is, bringing this classic bang up to date.


Philippa says: "Dreams" and "Big Love" get the Psychemagik revamp treatment. How large?

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