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Austin boogie-funksters The Vapor Caves follow up that killer "Message From The Stars" cover with a very rare Detroit boogie holy grail popularized by the West Coast funk scene. "Knock U Out" gets suitably squelch-i-fied by these modern whiz kids, complete with hefty Linn drum battery and some token vocodorization. It's a modern boogie masterpiece which we've come to kinda take for granted from the Tugboard / Star Creature firm. Comes with instrumental. 


A. Knock U Out.
B. Knock U Out (Instrumental)

The Vapor Caves are from Austin, and for the Star Creature offshoot, Tug Boat Editions, they deliver a sugar-coated cover version of the Rah Band's 1983's electrofunk classic "Message From The Stars". Adding their own technicoloured palette, with woozy keys and squelchy bass working in the perfect boogie-based interplay, vocalist Yadira Brown is on hand to offer her own sweet interpretation. It's a truly sterling effort which sees this British boogie bomb flown stateside!

The instrumental can't be ignored either, seeing as it soars through the cosmos on skilled playing, maxing out the guitar shops and intergalactic fx.

Another essential addition to the Tugboat discography. Highly recommended! 


Matt says: The Vapor Caves take on Rah Band's 1983's electrofunk classic "Message From The Stars" with dazzling results. It's all aboard the Tug Boat for another Star-studded journey into boogie bliss!


1. Messages From The Stars
2. Messages From The Stars (instrumental) 

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