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Arriving following 2021’s ‘Ungrateful Heart’ LP, ‘Bang!’ is the fifth studio album from the Milan-based band. “Like the sound of a single gunshot, straight to the heart”, the record is balanced between punchy, fast-paced punk songs and noisy experimentalism, perfectly distilling the strength and energy of their notoriously wild, feedback-blasted live shows.

Lead single 'Cade Giù', out everywhere now, is a two-minute blast of searing psych-punk noise. The Gluts say of the typically hedonistic new single: “Cade Giù (‘Falls Down’) is the first song we've ever written and recorded in Italian and speaks about the blurry reminiscences of the typical after party night during the tour, evoking one wild night spent with our friend and booking agent Gab.”

The Gluts is made up of Marco Campana (guitarist), Nicolò J. Campana (frontman), Claudia Cesana (bassist) and Dario Bruno Bassi (drummer). To this date, they have released four studio albums, one live album and contributed to a handful of compilations. Over the last few years they’ve toured heavily around Europe, performed shows in South Africa and USA and appeared at a number of independent festivals including New Colossus, The Great Escape, Eurosonic and more.


1. Soybeans
2. Bang!
3. Fight
4. Self-Destruction
5. Vampire, A Walk At Midnight
6. Cade Giù
7. Sleep Demon
8. Marble Cats
9. Isabella
10. Born & Die

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