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The Cure

Wish - 30th Anniversary Edition

    ‘Wish’ released in April 1992 was The Cure’s 9th studio album and reached Number 1 in the UK Album Chart on its release. It also reached Number 2 in the USA, where it was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Alternative Music Album category.

    The first single to be released from the album, “High” was released in March 1992 and reached #8 in the UK Singles chart, but the album is probably best known for the 2nd single, “Friday I’m In Love” which reached #6 in May 1992.

    The 3rd and final single from the album was “A Letter To Elise” which peaked at #28 in October 1992.


    From The Edge Of The Green Sea
    Wendy Time
    Doing The Unstuck
    Friday I’m In Love
    A Letter To Elise
    To Wish Impossible Things

    3CD Deluxe Edition
    From The Edge Of The Green Sea
    Wendy Time
    Doing The Unstuck
    Friday I’m In Love
    A Letter To Elise
    To Wish Impossible Things
    The Big Hand [1990 Demo]
    Cut [1990 Demo]
    A Letter To Elise [1990 Demo]
    Wendy Time [1990 Demo]
    This Twilight Garden [Instrumental Demo]
    Scared As You [Instrumental Demo]
    To Wish Impossible Things [Instrumental Demo]
    Apart [Instrumental Demo]
    T7 [Instrumental Demo]
    Now Is The Time [Instrumental Demo]
    Miss Van Gogh [Instrumental Demo]
    T6 [Instrumental Demo]
    Play [Instrumental Demo]
    A Foolish Arrangement [Instrumental Demo]
    Halo [Instrumental Demo]
    Trust [Instrumental Demo]
    Abetabw [Instrumental Demo]
    T8 [Instrumental Demo]
    Heart Attack [Instrumental Demo]
    Swing Change [Instrumental Demo]
    Frogfish [Instrumental Demo]
    Uyea Sound [Dim-D Mix]
    Cloudberry [Dim-D Mix]
    Off To Sleep… [Dim-D Mix]
    The Three Sisters [Dim-D Mix]
    A Wendy Band [Instrumental]
    From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea [Partscheckruf Mix]
    Open [Fix Mix]
    High [Higher Mix]
    Doing The Unstuck [Extended 12” Mix]
    Friday I’m In Love [Strangelove Mix]
    A Letter To Elise [Blue Mix]
    End [Paris Live 92]

    Side A
    Side B
    From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
    Wendy Time
    Doing The Unstuck
    Side C
    Friday I’m In Love
    A Letter To Elise
    Side D
    To Wish Impossible Things

    The Cure

    Pornography (RSD22 EDITION)


      First time on Picture Disc for The Cure's 4th studio album from 1982. The artwork and the new cut by Miles Showell at Abbey Road have been supervised and approved by Robert Smith. Features the single 'The Hanging Garden' and fan favourite "The Figurehead". The original design by Ben Kelly and The Cure has been prepared for a picture disc release by Robert's long-standing collaborator, Andy Vella.

      Mamas Gun

      Cure The Jones

        Mamas Gun animate the spirit of conscious ‘70s soul on bold and big-hearted new album, 'Cure The Jones'. Out ofthe turbulence of the last two years comes the fifth album from UK-based soul outfit Mamas Gun - a lush, nuancedand expansively contemporary meditation on a world turned upside down, embedded in the classic soul traditionof Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye.

        Building on 2018 album Golden Days and the band’s status as a world-renownedlive act, 11-track opus Cure The Jones represents Mamas Guns’ most complete and powerful work to date - ajoyous and sophisticated exposition of song-craft, that explores themes of love, loss, life through the most pressingsocial and political issues of the day. Written and produced during the pandemic by Mamas Gun frontman AndyPlatts with additional intricate soundscaping from drummer Chris Boot, Cure The Jones was recorded direct to tapewith an array of analogue gear at Platts’ home studio in just three days, focussing the soulful energy of the bandinto a coherent gospel-tinged whole.

        “Rather wonderful music that combines classic soul influences with a distinctly modern production approach” - Sunday Times.


        1. When You Stole The Sun From The Sky
        2. Looking For Moses
        3. Go Through It
        4. Good Love
        5. Reconsider
        6. Party For One
        7. Friends To Lovers
        8. Cure The Jones
        9. You're Too Hip (For MeBaby)
        10. Winner's Eyes
        11. Daffodils

        The Cure

        Acoustic Hits

          First time on vinyl for the Cure's acoustic rendition of their Greatest Hits. This was a limited edition CD which accompanied the 2001 Greatest Hits compilation and has never appeared on vinyl. 2LP set housed in a die-cut gatefold sleeve.

          The Cure

          Three Imaginary Boys

            The Cure's debut album came out in the summer of 1979 and unlike their subsequent doom and darkness period, it is a fine, catchy piece of clipped, new wave pop. There's a youthful exhuberance here that would slowly dissipate as the band developed.

            TRACK LISTING

            1 10:15 Saturday Night
            2 Accuracy
            3 Grinding Halt
            4 Another Day
            5 Object
            6 Subway Song
            7 Foxy Lady
            8 Meat Hook
            9 So What
            10 Fire In Cairo
            11 It's Not You
            12 Three Imaginary Boys
            13 The Weedy Burton

            Lee Hazlewood

            Its Cause And Cure

              The mid-to-late '60s were strange days for Lee Hazlewood. Having struck gold as songwriter and vocal foil for Nancy Sinatra, he signed up to MGM as an artist in his own right, and between 1966 and 1968, produced three ambitious solo albums that were eclectic, idiosyncratic, and most of all, unpredictable.

              It was a happy time for Lee; his music was hot on the charts, he was fully immersed in his collaboration with his muse, Suzi Jane Hokom.

              The second of his MGM trilogy - 1967's peculiarly named Lee Hazlewoodism: Its Cause And Cure - took on countrified French ye-ye (“The Girls In Paris”), a tale of a young bullfighter built on Spanish guitar and choral cowboys (“Jose”), a string-drenched song about the passing of time (“The Old Man And His Guitar”), and a western epic about a Native American tribe (“The Nights”). And that was just the first four tracks. Elsewhere, the honky tonk madness of “Suzi Jane Is Back In Town,” the Byrds-like jangle of “In Our Time” and–in the bonus tracks–an instrumental named “Batman” confirm this to be one of Hazlewood's most far-ranging, far-out LPs ever.

              It’s the result of two main factors: ambition–to top Phil Spector, primarily–and cash, which paid for orchestras, plush studios, and the inestimable talents of arranger Billy Strange. “I think the big sound of those records came out of the Spector thing,” says Hokom, in the new liner notes. “If you can have a big sound and you have money to burn… it was a flamboyancy.”

              Released before the Nancy & Lee LP–a bona fide hit for Reprise Records–Hazlewoodism was a tougher nut to crack, a record that confused by combining po-faced delivery with unabashed comical touches. By 1967, Hazlewood had founded the LHI imprint, and was busy building his own empire–one we've been lovingly archiving for the past few years. We now present this missing link in the story, plus predecessor, The Very Special World Of Lee Hazlewood and follow-up, Something Special. Welcome to Hazlewood's magnificent–and mad–MGM years.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. The Girls In Paris
              2. Jose
              3. The Old Man And His Guitar
              4. The Nights
              5. I Am A Part
              6. Home (I'm Home)
              7. After Six
              8. Suzi Jane Is Back In Town
              9. In Our Time
              10. Dark In My Heart
              11. Lee Hazlewood's Woodchucks Frenesi*
              12. Lee Hazlewood's Woodchucks Muchacho*
              13. Lee Hazlewood's Woodchucks Batman*
              * Bonus Track

              The Cure's new studio album, their thirteenth, is appropriately called "4:13 Dream". 'There are songs about relationships, the material world, politics and religion. They're very upfront and dynamic,' says Smith of the new songs. 'People will be surprised how stripped-down and in-your-face the record is.'

              The Skoidats

              A Cure For Whatever Ales You

                Second album on Moon Ska; the Skoidats are able to mix styles like ska, oi! and reggae, this time making the oi! rawer,the ska more skankin' and the reggae sweet as a nut. They've managed to record some of the best skinhead reggae recorded for nearly 20 years. Rounding it off with an angry punk version of Cock Sparrer's "Running Riot" for good measure.

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