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The Folk Implosion

Walk Thru Me

    “How the fuck are we going to turn this into a song?” That’s the question Lou Barlow and John Davis have asked themselves since co-founding The Folk Implosion in the early 1990s. Beginning with improvised jams featuring Barlow on bass and Davis on drums, the duo develop their beat-driven pop collages from the ground up. It’s the process they used on their debut cassette, Walk Through This World with the Folk Implosion, and one they’ve returned to 30 years later on their spellbinding, self-referencing reunion, Walk Thru Me.

    Separated from their homes in Massachusetts and North Carolina, Barlow and Davis collaborated remotely, flashing back to their early friendship as penpals. A sweaty bass and drums session went down in Barlow’s attic, before they booked studio time with producer Scott Salter (St. Vincent, Spoon, The Mountain Goats).

    Contrasts and comparisons are the keys to unlocking Walk Thru Me, and the Folk Implosion as a whole. Beyond the audible differences between Barlow’s soft voice and Davis’s urgent, reedy proclamations,

    their approaches to songwriting are strikingly distinct. While Barlow approached his lyrics from a protective paternal perspective (“My Little Lamb”), Davis paid tribute to his late father, shining a light on their complicated relationship (“The Day You Died”). Finally, Davis’s Persian music studies in weekly Zoom lessons inspired him to integrate traditional Middle Eastern instruments such as the setar, oud, saz, and tombak.

    “Because we’re so separate, part of this album is me desperately trying to telepathically communicate to John and Scott, who are 700 miles away from me,” Barlow concludes. “A big part of what I consider to be the Folk Implosion is taking disparate things and turning them into pop.”


    1. Crepuscular
    2. The Day You Died
    3. Walk Thru Me
    4. My Little Lamb
    5. Bobblehead Doll
    6. The Fable And The Fact
    7. Right Hand Over The Heart
    8. Water Torture
    9. O.K. To Disconnect
    10. Moonlit Kind

    The Folk Implosion

    Music For KIDS - 2023 Reissue

      Nearly 30 years after Kids’ seismic release, Music For KIDS – a deluxe reissue of The Folk Implosion’s original compositions that soundtracked Larry Clark’s and Harmony Korine’s 1995 cult classic film – compiles for the first time all of the songs the duo of Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr.) and John Davis wrote for the movie, newly remastered, including the surprise Top 40 hit single “Natural One,” B-sides and previously unreleased tracks.

      Folk Implosion

      Take A Look Inside - 2023 Reissue

        RIYL: Sebadoh, Lou Barlow, Beat Happening, Silver Jews, Daniel Johnston, Guided By Voices, 13th Floor Elevators. The Folk Implosion"s fan favorite 1994 album back in print on LP for the first time in years.

        They say there's always something special about the first time and this record is that first time for the Folk Implosion. The band left the acoustic guitars and fragmentary sketch modus operandi of their earlier cassette behind to focus on an eccentric version of home studio craft, held together by a few cheap microphones (including a Radio Shack PZM) and a Tascam cassette 4-track recorder sequestered under the eaves of a 3rd floor, Cambridge Massachusetts double-decker house apartment.

        Wood floors and Christmas lights were as much a part of the vibe as an Ampeg VT 40 guitar amp and a small chord organ. The duo would wait until the downstairs neighbor went to work in the morning and then would play until the tunes snapped like a high-pitched snare drum. The setup would close down just before the neighbor came home from work, keeping the peace long enough to see the project through to completion.

        Once tracked, the band snuck into Fort Apache studios with Tim O'Heir (producer of Sebadoh's 'Bakesale' LP) early one morning, freeloading off the Sebadoh sessions that were set to get going that afternoon. Tim mixed the songs through a very hi-fi Neve board in a matter of hours with the Tascam sitting right on the giant board like a tugboat keeping time with an oil tanker. The duo hoped that the spirits of ancestors like The Troggs, Devo, Al Green, and The Bee Gees would be pleased with the scent of tribute that arose from the ashes of the pyre. Today, they are pleased to see the Slaps and the Sputniks on view again nearly 30 years later.


        1. Blossom
        2. Sputnik's Down
        3. Slap Me
        4. Chicken Squawk
        5. Spiderweb-Butterfly
        6. Had To Find Out
        7. Better Than Allrite
        8. Why Do They Hide
        9. Winter's Day
        10. Boyfriend, Girlfriend
        11. Shake A Little Heaven
        12. Waltzin' With Your Ego
        13. Take A Look Inside 14. Start Again

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