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Disco Deviance Presents

Love Drop Edits - Paradise / Party

It's been two years since we last heard from Brighton's Love Drop and the geo-political landscape has taken a turn for the dogshit. We're skint, alone and living on the edge of some sort of apocalypse, so a bit of disco sparkle is just what the doctor (presumably Beat) has ordered.  While never losing sight of that classic Disco feeling, Love Drop always manages to push the envelope (production lols) and produce a frenzy on the dance floor, so you'd best slip on your dancing shoes and prepare to move! Bounding out the A-side with the restless enthusiasm of an over-caffeinated Matt Ward, "Paradise" offers body-swerving bass, sumptuous strings and blistering brass topped with a swirling vocal and classy sampling - sequins and sunshine folks! Over on the flip the tempo drops a little as Love Drop looks to the 80s for a fine ass boogie groover, laying us low with uber-cool bass-work, flute fireworks and tender Rhodes. If you're aching to know the original, it's Gene Dunlap's Avalanches aprroved and Yung Bae sampled "Party In Me", retweaked and refreaked for peaktime disco pump!


Patrick says: Love Drop it like it's hot! Big mainroom edit action on this latest disco special, keeping things classy and cool whilst adding enough extra oomph to tickle your erogenous zones.

Disco Deviance Presents

Love Drop Edits - Temptation / The Buzz

Disco Deviance open their arms wide and fling them around new squeeze Love Drop, who duly returns their affections with two absolutely stomping disco reworks that pay homage to the raw cut up 'n paste style of glorious disco days gone by. Employing equal amounts of jack and disco they are both guaranteed to relight your dance floor in the style of better know editors like Rahaan and Frank Booker. "Temptation" blazes out of the A-side with the kind of raw, raucous disco funk power that leaves dancefloors a sweaty, spent mess after seven minutes of euphoria. Love Drop works the EQ with aplomb, fattening up all the key frequences, before adding just the right amount of pounding additional percussion. The hard hitting clav and organ from the original form a fierce duet with the bassline, while Lenny Williams' soaring vocals just dip their toes in the red, for a little of that Ugly vibe. Take a trip to the flip and prepare to relive your youth, as Love Drop offers a fresh flip on Maynard Ferguson's "The Fly", as sampled famously on Trus'Me's seminal "Nards". Our young gun takes a deep and thumping filter disco approach, delaying the bassline before slaying the crowd with the break into those bumblebee strings. Demonstrating a real ear for how to use the blade to work the groove Love Drop announces his arrival in convincing style. Enjoy the music!

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