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Disco Deviance Presents

Love Drop Edits - Temptation / The Buzz

Disco Deviance open their arms wide and fling them around new squeeze Love Drop, who duly returns their affections with two absolutely stomping disco reworks that pay homage to the raw cut up 'n paste style of glorious disco days gone by. Employing equal amounts of jack and disco they are both guaranteed to relight your dance floor in the style of better know editors like Rahaan and Frank Booker. "Temptation" blazes out of the A-side with the kind of raw, raucous disco funk power that leaves dancefloors a sweaty, spent mess after seven minutes of euphoria. Love Drop works the EQ with aplomb, fattening up all the key frequences, before adding just the right amount of pounding additional percussion. The hard hitting clav and organ from the original form a fierce duet with the bassline, while Lenny Williams' soaring vocals just dip their toes in the red, for a little of that Ugly vibe. Take a trip to the flip and prepare to relive your youth, as Love Drop offers a fresh flip on Maynard Ferguson's "The Fly", as sampled famously on Trus'Me's seminal "Nards". Our young gun takes a deep and thumping filter disco approach, delaying the bassline before slaying the crowd with the break into those bumblebee strings. Demonstrating a real ear for how to use the blade to work the groove Love Drop announces his arrival in convincing style. Enjoy the music!

Disco Deviance Presents

Dimitri From Tokyo Edits - French Affair / Sfunky

The legendary Dimitri From Tokyo wields his blade on two disco classics and re-ignites them for the dancefloor with his trade mark hi fidelity style. The results are to be expected…100% dancefloor dynamite!

Side A runs with Donna Summer's 1976 cut 'Spring Affair', which features the creme of Casablanca's live disco players - killer bassline, lush strings, hooky keybaord lines and Summer's breathy vox make this a winner. With the original only ever on a three and a half minute-long 7", Dimitri's extended 12" version for Disco Deviance is an absolute essential.

On the flipside 'Sfunky' gets busy with Bob James' 'Spunky', the original sample source for Moodymann's 'Shades Of Jae', chunking up the beats into a disco-house dancefloor slayer, chopping THAT jazzy keyboard line up and weaving in the crowd noise from Marvin Gaye's 'Got To Give It Up'. With mega drops and filtered builds this is gonna create mayhem on the dancefloor! For some reason I feel the need to have camouflage netting above my head... (one for the old school Electric Chair faithful).

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