Dub Tapes Vol. 1

Image of Klangkollektor - Dub Tapes Vol. 1Image of Klangkollektor - Dub Tapes Vol. 1
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Before I Die

About this item

Jason Boardman's Before I Die are back with a new selection in a relaxed & spectacular fashion.

Introducing KlangKollektor aka Lars Fischer, a solo project by the drummer with the Psychedelic Cumbia band Trak Trak from Nurnberg. This debut release from KlangKollektor has been developing for some time, liberated from Lars' hard drive and mastered by the Franconian Conny Plank - Frank Mollena (Bambi Davidson) the release channels the pioneering spirit of dub and places it in a present context. 

A stellar collection of seven dubwise tracks over 4 sides with a techno and Balearic influence that's been on eagerly awaited by all who caught onto the label head's contagious enthusiasm. 

All synths, programming, pianos, bass, percussion, dub mixing, editing & mixing by Lars Fischer.
Cover image courtesy of renowned German photographer - Thomas Bergner @thomas.bergner
Sleeve Design by Yasmin - Small Press @smallpressstudio
Final Mix and Mastering by Frank Mollena


Matt says: Another heartfelt release from BiD. Klangkollektor take King Tubby's to the White Isle / Adriatic via the echo chambers of K&D or the futurist studios of Düsseldorf or Detroit. An intersection of sonic ley lines delivered in a languid, dreamlike state that takes you on a real head trip.


A1. Garden Pond
A2. Lake Lounge
B1. Midnight Express
B2. Tabarca
C1. Evening Post
C2. Globulus
D. Baund

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