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Jazz Is The Teacher

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New mastering and new cutting of one of Metroplex's keystone releases - considered by many as one of the most important tracks in Juan Atkin's catalogue and a milestone of Detroit techno.

It wasn't a wholly Detroit affair however. Originally released in '92 on Tresor by 3MB featuring Magic Juan; 3MB is three men in Berlin - no other than Moritz Von Oswald, Thomas Fehlmann and Juan Atkins. 

Signed to Metroplex in '93 with slightly different credits it perfectly encapsulates the cross pollination that was present between Detroit, Berlin (and Manchester) at the time. It still sounds futuristic to this day - the flanging percussion, rolling riff and gliding bass. "Cosmic Courier" (also originally signed to Tresor) is an enveloping, 4/4 rollercoaster of deep interstella emotion - again a perfect example of the development of techno as a form of a high tech jazz. "Bassmental" concludes with a more mentalist, acidiic airstrike - very much in keeping with Tresor's club ethos (where Jeff Mills and co. famously had to have oxygen tanks DELIVERED to them, mid-set, due to the underground nature of the club and the extended set times gifted to the Detroit breathen). Pivotal, encapsulating tracks from the storied and embryonic period of techno - every home needs one! 


Matt says: A high watermark of the techno genre, widely celebrated as one of Juan Atkins' finest moments, and a brilliant example of the cross-pollination between Detroit and Berlin - "Jazz Is The Teacher" deserves a place in every techno lover's record collection.


1 Jazz Is The Teacher
2 Cosmic Courier
3 Bassmental

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