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Dean Blunt

Black Metal 2


    1. Vigil
    2. Mugu
    3. Dash Snow
    4. Sketamine
    5. Semtex
    6. La Raza
    7. Nil By Mouth
    8. Zaza
    9. Woosah
    10. The Rot

    Dean Blunt

    50 Cent / Trident

    Hype Williams man Dean Blunt preceeds his soon-come 'Black Metal' LP with this super-limited 12". Showcasing more of Blunt's eclecticism, '50 Cent' combines spacious, shimmering, reverb-laden lo-fi shoegaze guitar work and simple kick-snare machine drumming used as a hip hop break. Over this Williams adds a melancholic rap, duetting with a choral female vocal in a call and response style. 'Trident' offers a more straight forward rap, but again over an inventive dark and grimey backing track. It's indie hip hop, but not as you know it.

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