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As one of the finest and most stylishly eclectic labels out there, you never know where Emotional Rescue will go next. This time out they head into a world of Afro-cosmic, a scene initially pioneered by early and groundbreaking Italian DJ Danielle Baldelli. Boyake's 1990 gem 'Ethno Groove' stands out as a classic of the genre and joins the dots between the early house and techno sounds that were sweeping Italy with new age ideals, Afro drums and chunky tribal percussion next to Balearic synths. It features syncopated analogue beats and live percussion and as well as the original, this 12" features two of the further mixes that came in 1994. All are heady, head-turning and mind-melting pumpers.


Matt says: A proper Baldelli-endorsed thumper from a surprisingly later period than the cosmic hayday. This feels like it was pulled straight from those original Cosmic Club mixtapes, but actually came some 7 years later.


Ethno Groove
Ethno Groove (New Age To Bokaye Mix)
Ethno Groove (Double Beat Explosion Mix)
Ethno Groove (Tribal Mix)

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