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Shout Out! To Freedom....

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"Shout Out! To Freedom" sees the pivotal talent that is George Evelyn venture into new, exciting and dare-I-say-it, sophisticated realms on his new album. Featuring collaborations with Shabaka Hutchings, Greentea Peng, Haile Supreme, Mara TK, Sabrina Mahfouz & Pip Millett, it's perhaps the legendary producer's 'free-est' album to date; the inforced lockdown allowing the 30 years served dance veteran a break from endless touring and a chance to move further away from the dancefloor than previously felt comfortable. It moves through quasi-spiritual jazz, new amalgamations of lover's rock and soundsystem soul before morphing back through blunted beats, hallucinatory downbeat and UK rap. Peppered with pollical leaning vocal snips and a languid sprawl which reflects the laid back nature of the Leeds-bred artists’ permanent residence: Ibiza.

Its reckless abandonment of any stylistic cliches or formula is where its greatness lies. File alongside other uncatagorizable modern epics such as Avalanches' "We Will Always Love You" and Prefab Sprout's "I Trawl The Megahertz", Quiet Village's "Silent Movie" and Dean Blunt's "Black Metal 1 & 2" - impossible to pin-down to genre tags and soundbites, a delight to revel in from beginning to end and a truly transportive listen. It's also deliciously UK-centric, taking influence from everything that makes music one of our island's proudest exports. 


Tracklist CD :

1 Shout Out! (Intro)
2 Imagineering
3 Creator SOS
4 3D Warrior
5 Miami 80
6 GTP Call
7 Wikid Satellites
8 Breathe In
9 To Freedom (Interlude)
10 Wonder
11 Own Me
12 Widyabad
13 Isolated
14 Trillion
15 Up To Us

Tracklist LP’s :

1 Shout Out! (Intro)
2 Imagineering
3 Creator SOS
4 3D Warrior

1 Miami 80
2 GTP Call
3 Wikid Satellites
4 Breathe In

1 To Freedom (Interlude)
2 Wonder
3 Own Me
4 Widyabad

1 Isolated
2 Trillion
3 Up To Us

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