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Daniel Lopatin is a Brooklyn-based musician, composer, and Mercury Prize nominated producer who records and performs as Oneohtrix Point Never. "Again" is his tenth album and is released via Warp Records.

The artwork features an original sculpture by Matias Falkbakken, conceptualized in concert with Lopatin and photographed by Vegard Kleven. Design and packaging was developed by Memory, a newly formed collaboration between Lopatin and Online Ceramics (Elijah Funk & Alix Ross).


Barry says: Daniel Lopatin is always innovating, from his hugely memorable scores for Uncut Gems or Good Time, but for me it's Lopatin's work as Oneohtrix Point never that shines with all that he has to offer. Bright moments shine through the deep, meticulously crafted electronic hiss and rich audio bath. Classic OPN


01. Elseware
02. Again
03. World Outside
04. Krumville
05. Locrian Midwest
06. Plastic Antique
07. Gray Subviolet
08. The Body Trail
09. Nightmare Paint
10. Memories Of Music
11. On An Axis
12. Ubiquity Road
13. A Barely Lit Path

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