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Wet Paint

Save The Whale

    Wet Paint make music governed by a simple premise - whatever you do, make sure that it's LOUD! Their surging guitars, irreverent lyrics and deceptively simple melodies are all driven by the same slacker-passion that spurts from the likes of Pavement, Dinosaur Jr and Pixies. Wet Paint are ready to rock your socks off! It all began when three fifths of the band Absentee decided to be more productive between 6:30 and 11pm on Monday evenings. Side-stepping their familiar roles, Babak took up the mic and found his scream, Laurie hung up his bass and picked up a squealing axe, whilst Melinda discarded her melodica for a pair of thunderous drum sticks. After a few evenings of noise-making it became clear that throbbing bass lines would complete this raucous sound. In stepped James, of the exceptional Economy Wolf, and the Wet Paint line-up was complete. "Save The Whale" is a rather wonderful slacker-indie anthem that's further augmented by a beautiful lo-fi rendition of the song by Lightspeed Champion on the B-side. Tremendous!!!!!



      Doloroso are fast developing a reputation as a truly original and exciting band and a definite one to watch this year. The band's unique sound is fuelled by singer Chris Wilde's extraordinary vocals, backed by spaced out surf guitars, hypnotic, pulsing drumming and low slung gritty bass lines (courtesy of Alex formerly of Simian). The cinematic quality of their fast-paced desolate rock and epic soundscapes brings to mind the movies of David Lynch and Sergio Leone. Doloroso's second single, "Godless", charts the progress of a Night Of The Hunter-esque unhinged, God fearing preacher type as he weighs up the pros and cons of good and evil, eventually settling on the dark side and loving every minute of it. The B-side, "Copy Cat Code", is a twisted tale documenting one man's search for sanity and hard cash in a psychedelic story of extraordinary madness.


      High Times In Middle Management

        Doloroso came into being two summers ago when Chris, Andy and Gary formed an alliance with ex-Simian bods Alex and James (Ford), the latter of whom later took on the role of producer. Forging their own, very individual identity by isolating themselves in their East London studio, their music swerves threateningly between fast-paced desolate rock and ethereal epics while crashing through everything in between.

        Lions & Tigers

        Pure & Applied

          Lions & Tigers is five imaginative young chaps with dazzling talents. Their music combines different aesthetics of digital production and a purely feel-based, lo-fi approach. They exude energy and passion and revel in the joy of melody. Each member thrives on having artistic lives outside of the group, and it is these unlikely collisions of diverse interests and talents that make the band sonically noteworthy. The songs, some vocal, some instrumental, take in post-rock with a groove, the prettiest electronica and vivid film soundtracks. With all members able producers and musicians of flair, the results are beautiful and arresting. Their studio sprawl of massed bric-a-brac equipment is mirrored in these 5 musical creations, and if you listen hard you'll hear notes of Girls Vs Boys, The Cure, Radiohead, Can, The Beatles, and who knows what else.

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