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Lions & Tigers is five imaginative young chaps with dazzling talents. Their music combines different aesthetics of digital production and a purely feel-based, lo-fi approach. They exude energy and passion and revel in the joy of melody. Each member thrives on having artistic lives outside of the group, and it is these unlikely collisions of diverse interests and talents that make the band sonically noteworthy. The songs, some vocal, some instrumental, take in post-rock with a groove, the prettiest electronica and vivid film soundtracks. With all members able producers and musicians of flair, the results are beautiful and arresting. Their studio sprawl of massed bric-a-brac equipment is mirrored in these 5 musical creations, and if you listen hard you'll hear notes of Girls Vs Boys, The Cure, Radiohead, Can, The Beatles, and who knows what else.

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