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Skinny Puppy

The Greater Wrong Of The Right

New album from the industrial survivors.

Front Line Assembly


Brand new album from FLA, still with all the trademark Fulber / Leeb touches, but with a new twist.

Rollins Band

The Only Way To Know For Sure

A double CD edition of Henry Rollins and the Rollins Band, one enhanced including videos and stuff, and you know what to expect. Rollins is as confrontational as ever, age has not wearied him or blunted his polemical style.

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Sunday Classics. New Order, Rodriguez, Vini Reilly and The Go! Team.
Sun 12th - 12:45
Looking great Gwyneth. Seems like the perfect weather to give that @LoveRecsStores special edition vinyl a spin tod…
Sun 12th - 11:32
RT @bandgrasshopper: Our debut LP ‘Scuttle’ is one of @ClashMagazine’s ‘Top 18’ ‘phenomenal… stellar releases’ of 2020. The second pressing…
Sat 11th - 4:36
Seems like a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Manchester - vinyl, pizza and beer. Good to see you today…
Sat 11th - 12:44
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