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Black Honey

A Fistful Of Peaches

    A Fistful of Peaches will follow Black Honey’s 2021 album Written & Directed. “If the vibe of Written & Directed was creating this whole Tarantino world and this safe space of me almost refusing help and saying I was fine, then with this album it’s the opposite,” Phillips commented. “Lockdown had happened, I’d had two years of not writing anything and feeling like my entire purpose had gone down the drain, I’d been in intense therapy which was exhausting, and what came out was just me regurgitating things from my entire life and building my brain cells back to how they should be. I’ve had to be more honest and vulnerable with myself, but I feel like I’d be disservicing anyone who spends their time and passion and energy into this project to not fucking unveil it all.”


    1. Charlie Bronson
    2. Heavy
    3. Ups Against It
    4. Out Of My Mind
    5. Rock Bottom
    6. Cut The Cord
    7. OK
    8. I’m A Man
    9. Nobody Knows
    10. Weirdos
    11. Tombstone
    12. Bummer

    Joshua James

    Fist Feat. Leigh Bowery & Minty - Inc. Peaches Remix

    ‘Boot licking, piss drinking, finger frigging, tit tweaking, love biting, arse licking, shit stabbing, motherfucking, spunk loving, ball busting, cock sucking, fist fucking, lip smacking, thirst quenching, cool living, ever giving…’

    There’s no fairer introduction to “Fist”, Joshua James’ latest contribution to Phantasy, than to advise one simply to prepare themselves. Sampling iconic performance artist, club promoter and designer Leigh Bowery, James connects the expert dancefloor pressure he exacts each weekend as one of London’s best-loved club residents with the unapologetic, defiant legacy of a personal hero. None other than Peaches then takes up the remix mantle for “Fist”, intertwining the provocations of two radical performers and connecting three generations of underground queer culture in one sonic menage-a-trois, perhaps the straight-up rudest club record in recent memory.

    On the original production, James shifts his sound in a heavier direction still since last summer’s euphoric “Amber Rush”, which was remixed by labelmate and friend Daniel Avery. A bouncing industrial tilt underscores the heavy-duty production, as Bowery, originally recording alongside Richard Torry in their band Minty, espouses a catalogue of sexual acts - some specialist, all sensational - as James pushes dancers further down into the belly of some revolting rave beast.

    A multi-faceted match to Bowery themselves, Peaches continues a decades-long journey dedicated to genre and gender deconstruction with her wild and playful take on ‘Fist’. Dripping in cybernetic club juice, Peaches wraps herself around Bowery’s own teaches on the mic, easily matching his demands as she careens towards a system-rattling techno conclusion.


    Matt says: Certain to make even the most potty-mouthed gawp and blush at the lyrical content. I have to say though it works! Think Modeselektor meets Sophie meets Soulwax. Engineered for the big rigs and with a hook so filthy it'll need 3 washes to get outta ya head. I'm expecting a tik tok video to accompany it soon!


    A. Fist Feat. Leigh Bowery & Minty
    B. Fist Feat. Leigh Bowery & Minty (Peaches Remix)


    Pussy Mask

      Legendary feminist icon, musician, producer, artist, and "peerless iconoclast" (Elle) Peaches has always been a political figure, with lyrics famous for their focus on social inequality, body image, gender, and age equality. She was called a ‘heroine’ by the New York Times and has spent the past two decades upending stereotypes and challenging social norms while championing issues of gender equality and sexual identity with biting wit and fearless originality. On her latest releases, she's more direct and defiant than ever.


      1. Pussy Mask

      Black Peaches follow up their acclaimed 2016 debut with a dazzling display of musicianship on their explosive new album Fire In The Hole.

      “Black Peaches existed inside me before I was aware of it,” says the band’s Rob Smoughton, also known as a member of Hot Chip and Scritti Politti. “It’s the culmination and continuation of the music I love. I started to notice how Brazilian rhythm, funk, soul, classic country and pop were all combining in the music I was writing, and I looked for other band members to join me to bring it alive.”

      And he found other members to bring that combination alive in Susumu Mukai, Charlie Michael, Nick Roberts and Thomas Greene. Together they released 2016’s acclaimed Get Down You Dirty Rascals and now return with an album that continues to throw genres together with all the seamless grace of a seasoned cocktail maker but free of the postured affectations associated with such moves.

      Black Peaches are a place where genres collide and musical eras meld. On their second album the band has absorbed all the tropical sounds, glistening melodies and funk-ridden grooves into a sound that is truly their own. “I wanted the combination and layering of our influences to be organic,” says Smoughton. “To create Black Peaches music. To take the ideas from the first record further into our own place.”

      The result is a record that skips with the vibrancy and buoyancy of a band still in love with the idea of bringing their record collection to life, but the band now understand themselves as much as the music that inspires them and have created something new and refined.

      Given the eclectic styles rooted in the make-up of the band, to enter into the world of Black Peaches is often to feel like one is flying from country-to-country with each new song. For Smoughton this musical traversing is a key part of the experience of the band. “I find the combination of mythology, history and geography to be romantic and I want our music to elicit the same thrill. I think the album conjures up the adventure of moving from one place to another; from Spain into Northern Africa, where North America tips into the South. Narratively the songs inhabit a place between the conscious and subconscious - between dreams and waking life.”

      This globetrotting sonic voyage creates a sense of the unknown in the record, where each track exists as a new and unpredictable path. This is all done under the mission of creating a record that is capable of pure musical transcendence. “I really believe that music has the ability to transcend and move people emotionally and spiritually,” Smoughton says. “Our music is not about the separation between musician and audience but about the space in between.”

      Yet the album also works on an intuitive and physical level. On top of its narrative of the world between the conscious and the subconscious, it is also simply a collection of songs to make you dance and move. Whether it’s the Delta blues influenced strut of “Lemonade”, the “slinky and naughty” dance floor pounce of “The Black Peach Boogie” or the Afro-Brazilian skip of “Cuatro Berimbau.”

      Perhaps the most emblematic song of all when it comes to capturing the essence, power and groove of the album is the title track “Fire in the Hole”. “It comes from a phrase that miners would shout it to warn others that they had charged an explosive,” Smoughton says. “It’s to tell you something is about to explode. In this case it’s about being unable to resist the urge to dance. About giving over to rhythm and sound.”


      1. Cuatro Berimbau
      2. Lemonade
      3. Fire In The Hole
      4. Barracuda
      5. The Black Peach Boogie
      6. Spice Route
      7. Pillars Of Hercules

      Bonus Dinked 7”
      Side A
      Bad Luck
      Side B
      Dub Peach Boogie

      The Moldy Peaches

      The Moldy Peaches

        The Moldy Peaches were established in the mid-90s by Adam Green and Kimya Dawson, after meeting in upstate New York. The duo helped spawn the “anti-folk” music genre movement, bringing a more quirky, lo-fi punk element into the indie music scene. After releasing their own music for a few years, they collected their best material for a proper album, and in 2001 shared “The Moldy Peaches” via Rough Trade Records.

        Known for their sense of humor, whimsy and self-deprecation, the album featured gems like “Downloading Porn With Dave” and Who’s Got The Crack”. In 2007, “Anyone Else But You” (another song from the aforementioned album), was used in the Academy Award winning movie Juno, and reignited the album’s cult popularity. Since then, the two founders have had continued success in their respective solo careers.

        Kimya Dawson has also made children’s albums, and collaborated with many artists including Aesop Rock, They Might Be Giants, and The Mountain Goats. Adam Green has several albums on Rough Trade, as well as showing exhibitions of his visual art and making films.

        We asked Adam Green what he thought about reissuing the album at this time....he said "It's been 17 years since this was last released and we are putting it out again just in time to capitalize on the popularity of Juno. JK LOL  we are slow at re-releasing stuff. We decided to ignore Barbara Walter's advice when she told us to strike when the iron was hot, and decided to wait until the iron had become safely tepid. Once a Moldy Peach, always a Moldy Peach. Bon appétit!"

        “punk poets disguised as Nancy Sinatra and Dean Martin against a background of guitars and hiss...sweetly crazy and completely memorable.” -GUARDIAN


        Lucky Number Nine
        Jorge Regula
        What Went Wrong
        Nothing Came Out
        Downloading Porn With Davo
        These Burgers
        Steak For Chicken
        On Top
        Greyhound Bus
        Anyone Else But You
        Little Bunny Foo Foo
        The Ballad Of Helen Keller & Rip Van Winkle
        Who's Got The Crack
        Lucky Charms
        D.2. Boyfriend
        I Forgot
        Lazy Confessions
        NYC's Like A Graveyard (Edit)
        Goodbye Song

        Peaches has assembled a killer line-up of producers to remix her latest album, 'Rub'. 'Rub Remixed' features updates, reworks and club bangers from Maya Janes Coles Nocturnal Sunshine, Creep's Lauren Flax, Paula Temple, Planningtorock, Austra's Maya Postepski and more. This double vinyl edition strictly limited to 2000 copies worldwide, complete with download card.

        Released on double vinyl, 'Rub Remixed' traverses acid techno, hard house, trap, deep electro, booty bass and future beats, bringing Peaches' original production and vocals front, centre and to dizzying new heights.


        A1. Close Up (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix)
        A2. Dick In The Air (Evvol Remix)
        A3. Light In Places (Kim Anh 'Stargasm' Remix)
        B1. Dick In The Air (#Entertainment Remix)
        B2. Rub (Paula Temple Remix)
        B3. Dumb Fuck (Maya Postepski Remix)
        C1. Sick In The Head (Simonne Jones Remix)
        C2. Free Drink Ticket (Neven Remix)
        C3. How You Like My Cut (Ziúr Remix)
        C4. Vaginoplasty (Maya Postepski Remix)
        D1. Vaginoplasty (Planningtorock 'Vagina' Rework)
        D2. Pickles (Lauren Flax Acid Remix)
        D3. I Mean Something



          Peaches has announced the release of her new album ‘Rub’, out September 25th on her own I U She Music label. ‘Rub’ is the Canadian singer and producer’s first new album for six years.

          A follow up to ‘I Feel Cream’, ‘Rub’ is a heavy-hitting, 11-track, fiery statement from this infamous and enigmatic artist. Renowned for her tracks ‘Fuck The Pain Away’ and ‘Boys Wanna Be Her’, Peaches is back to her best. Featuring guest spots from Kim Gordon on album opener ‘Close Up’ and Feist on album closer ‘I Mean Something’, everything in between features politically and sexually charged lyrics on top of impressive, contemporary, genre-bending songwriting and production as exemplified by melodic lead track ‘Dumb Fuck’, the sharp-tongued title-track ‘Rub’ and an epic, sinister ‘Free Drink Ticket’.


          The Teaches Of Peaches

            Originally out on Kitty-Yo in 2000, Peaches debut LP gets re-released by the UK's XL label. It's a fantastic mash-up of dirty electro-clash and sleazy punk-funk with lyrics that have me blushing with their XXX-ratedness (check track listing - "Fuck The Pain Away", "Cum Undun", "Suck And Let Go", "Lovertits" etc). Oooh, she's a saucy lady!

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