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Patti Smith

Curated By Record Store Day (RSD22 EDITION)


    New 2-LP compilation of classic Patti Smith tracks from 1974 -1996, curated by Record Store Day. Includes "Gloria", "Because The Night", "Dancing Barefoot" and "People Have The Power".

    Caryn Rose

    Why Patti Smith Matters

      A radical exploration of the artistry and influence of Patti Smith: the Poet Laureate of Punk whose uninhibited creativity inspired an entire generation and triggered a cultural revolution.

      Patti Smith arrived in New York City at the end of the Age of Aquarius in search of work and purpose. Through her poetry, her songs, her unapologetic vocal power, and her very presence as a woman fronting a rock band, she kicked open a door that countless others walked through. No other musician has better embodied the "nothing-to-hide" rawness of punk, nor has any other done more to nurture a place in society for misfits of every stripe.

      Why Patti Smith Matters is the first book about the iconic artist written by a woman. The veteran music journalist Caryn Rose contextualizes Smith's creative work, her influence, and her wide-ranging and still- evolving impact on rock and roll, visual art, and the written word. Rose goes deep into Smith's oeuvre, from her first album, Horses, to acclaimed memoirs operating at a surprising remove from her music. The portrait of a ceaseless inventor, Why Patti Smith Matters rescues punk's poet laureate from "strong woman" cliches. Of course Smith is strong. She is also a nuanced thinker. A maker of beautiful and challenging things. A transformative artist who has not simply entertained but also empowered millions.

      Soundwalk Collective With Patti Smith

      Mummer Love

      A sonic cross-continental experience, ‘Mummer Love’ is the second album in the ‘Perfect Vision’ triptych collaboration between Soundwalk Collective and Patti Smith.

      For this body of work, Soundwalk Collective journeyed to Africa to explore the intricacies of Arthur Rimbaud’s most obscure period. After leaving France and what he deemed the ‘Western stagnation’, Rimbaud found himself in Harar, Ethiopia - an epicentre of Sufism in Africa. Sufi practise focuses on the renunciation of worldly things, the purification of the soul and the mystical contemplation of God’s nature. A strand within the wider Islam religion, it focuses on spirituality, meditation and chanting sessions.

      As with the other albums in the triptych, the Collective searched for hidden, earthy sounds that hold memories and embed existence. For ‘Mummer Love’ they also found themselves recording under the tree where Rimbaud photographed the shrine of Sheik Abadir Umar ar- Rida al Harari, the founder of the holy city Harar. “As the rain fell, I wondered if I was hearing the drops hitting the leaves the same way Rimbaud did 140 years ago,” Stephan Crasneanscki from Soundwalk Collective says. These sounds and Sufi chants are juxtaposed with Patti Smith’s poems, like the title track ‘Mummer Love’. Written to Rimbaud, Smith’s words are rooted in multiple aspects of the self: from the passion of a lover to the care of a mother and everything in between.

      Further contributions to the album come from Mulatu Astatke (widely considered the father of Ethio-jazz) and Phillip Glass, who has long felt a connection to Sufi music, coming together and evoking a call and response between piano and vocals of the Sufi masters. It is simultaneously the first time Glass collaborates with Smith and so Harar becomes an extraordinary meeting place for all to celebrate the beauty of Rimbaud’s work.

      ‘Mummer Love’ is released around the anniversary of the death of Arthur Rimbaud (10th November 1891).


      Millie says: The collaboration of dreams – Soundwalk Collective and Patti Smith. Compelling instrumentals and sound recordings joined with Patti Smith’s poetic spoken word makes it work so well. Taking inspiration from Ethiopia, using Sufi music takes it to a whole new level.


      Aw Abadir
      La Maison De Rimbaud
      Song Of The Highest Tower
      Mummer Love
      Bad Blood

      Soundwalk Collective Feat. Patti Smith

      The Peyote Dance

        The Peyote Dance’ is the first in a triptych of albums to be released by Bella Union over the next year titled ‘The Perfect Vision’, which take their inspiration from the writings of three emblematic French poets: Antonin Artaud, Arthur Rimbaud and René Daumal and their necessity to travel to different lands to acquire a new vision and perspective on themselves and artworks. Perhaps a perfect vision, it is one that allowed them to transcend forms and borders, both physical and mental. 

        Recorded in the Sierra Tarahumara of Mexico, Abyssinian valley of Ethiopia and Himalayan Summit of India respectively, the central idea is that each landscape holds sleeping memories that are the witness of human passage. Each album retraces the poets’ footsteps, channelled through on-location recorded soundscapes and musicalities, with Patti Smith revisiting the words that have been inspired by the landscapes.

        The triptych marks a new chapter in the collaboration between Soundwalk Collective and Patti Smith, who first worked together on ‘Killer Road’ in 2016.

        ‘The Peyote Dance’ focuses on a brief part of Artaud’s life, when he travelled to Mexico City in early 1936 to deliver a series of lectures at the University of Mexico on topics including Surrealism, Marxism and theatre. In the summer, he travelled by train towards the Chihuahua region and by horse to the Tarahumara mountains with the help of a mestizo guide, which the album’s opening track, recited by Gael Garcia Bernal, evokes. Artaud was drawn to the story of the Rarámuri: Native Indian people who live in the Norogachi region of Mexico’s Copper Canyon, the Sierra Tarahumara. One of Artaud’s goals was to find a peyote shaman who could heal him; allowing him to recover from an opioid addiction.

        During his stay, encountering the Rarámuri Indians and peyote shamans of Tarahumara and engaging in ceremonies, Artaud had a transcendental experience which resulted in the book ‘The Peyote Dance’. For the eponymous album, Soundwalk Collective and Patti Smith revisited writings from the book and other texts written after Artaud’s return to France, where he remained in a mental asylum in Rodez undergoing electric shock therapy. During this dark period, the encounter with the Rarámuri stayed with him as his last significant, happy experience. The final track on the album is a poem written by Patti Smith in homage to Artaud’s last hours in Ivry.


        1. Una Nota Sobre El Peyote
        2. Indian Culture
        3. Tutuguri: The Rite Of The Black Sun
        4. Tutuguri: The Rite Of Black Night
        5. The New Revelations Of Being
        6. Alienation And Black Magic
        7. Ivry
        8. Basalówala Aminá Ralámuli Paísila

        Patti Smith


          Patti Smith's third album was her most commercial sounding album to date, and due to the inclusion of the Bruce Springsteen penned (with lyrical amendments from Smith) "Because The Night" it also became her biggest seller. This isn't a 'sell out' slbum though, she still stick to her defiant, poetic lyrics but here she  manages to create a balance between her art and commercial success.


          1. Till Victory
          2. Space Monkey  
          3. Because The Night  
          4. Ghost Dance 
          5. Babelogue 
          6. Rock N Roll Nigger  
          7. Privilege (Set Me Free) 
          8. We Three 
          9. 25th Floor 
          10. High On Rebellion 
          11. Easter 

          Patti Smith


            Patti Smith, godmother of US punk, political activist, poet and freedom fighter, was the first artist of the New York CBGB scene to get a major label deal (even before The Ramones). Smith's debut album invokes the spirit of her 1960s influences (Velvet Underground, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix etc), updating them with a typically cool twist of NY art-rock. Produced by the Velvet's John Cale and featuring a powerful sleeve photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe, this inspiring 1975 set includes the classic gender-bending cover version of Van Morrison's "Gloria" and seven other self-composed tracks. In 2003 Horses ranked in the Top 50 of Rolling Stone magazines' "500 most influential albums".

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Mine says: To be honest with you, I hardly know anything else in Patti Smith's back catalogue (and when she plays 'Because the Night' live I make a run to the ladies) but I have once been told that I don't really need to know anything else she released and maybe that's true. If a record deserves to be called a classic it's this one.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Horses
            2. Land Of A Thousand Dances
            3. La Mer (de)
            4. Gloria
            5. Redondo Beach
            6. Birdland
            7. Free Money
            8. Kimberly
            9. Break It Up
            10. Land
                    Land Of A Thousand Dances
                    La Mer (de)
            11. Elegie
            12. My Generation ( CD Only Bonus Track)

            Patti Smith


              Her first collection of new studio recordings since 2004, sees Patti covering 12 famous rock songs by amongst others Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Doors, Nirvana, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, The Rolling Stones, Allman Bros and Paul Simon.

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