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Moses Yoofee Trio


    Having built an impressive following on the back of live performances and social media, Berlin’s Moses Yoofee Trio shared their impatiently awaited debut mini-album Ocean in November 2023. Released by Nils Frahm’s LEITER label, it contains five tracks and was praised by the press and audiences alike. The trio – just awarded with the German Jazz Prize as Live Act of The Year – is now responding to constant requests and releasing their acclaimed debut in a limited edition on vinyl.

    The trio – pianist/keyboardist/producer Moses Yoofee, bassist Roman Klobe-Barangă and drummer Noah Fürbringer – has lit up Europe’s clubs and venues over recent years with astonishing, almost obscenely tight live shows. Turning as much to RnB, hip hop and soul as more traditional jazz sources, the tunes on Ocean reflect the spontaneity, inspiration and instinctive refinement of their performances. The deliciously frantic title track and increasingly ecstatic ‘Minor Issues’ stand in stark contrast to ‘At Ease’’s restrained complexity, while ‘Fragile’’s hypnotic rhythm betrays their love of hip-hop and the lush ‘Richmond’ is driven by a deliciously low-strung groove before shifting up a gear for its climax. “Everybody loves fusion,” the band agree, “even if they don’t admit it,” but that’s only one element of the trio’s sophisticated style, with Moses’ exceptional keyboard skills illuminated by Roman’s fluid bass lines and Noah’s eloquent drum patterns.

    This summer and fall sees the trio return to the live stage, they are confirmed for a number of headliner shows and festivals such as Way Out West in the UK or renowned Enjoy Jazz in Heidelberg. And alongside numerous other activities – Moses Yoofee and Roman Klobe are also touring with German platinum-selling artist Peter Fox of the similarly successful band Seeed – the trio is already working on new material. Stay tuned.


    1. At Ease
    2. Ocean
    3. Richmond
    4. Minor Issues
    5. Fragile

    Brace yourself for a trifecta of Ben Liebrand interpretations on Moses' "We Just", each one leaving an indelible imprint on this iconic Italo disco anthem. With his deft touch, Ben infuses the track with a modern twist, showering it with his signature drums and analogue wizardry. The result? A colossal sonic experience of this Romano Musumarra produced anthem, that resonates deep within your soul, paying homage to the song’s origins, its entrancing melodies, its pulsating rhythms, and above all, its sheer originality. Close your eyes and surrender to the nostalgia of bygone days, whisked away on a euphoric journey to the vibrant 80s. The 'Evolution' mix, featured on the B-Side, is almost 12 minutes long and takes the track down a more modern, house flavoured route, with beefy low end, high end kinetics and dizzy organ stabs; bringing this bona fide album right up to the present day. Crucial! 


    Matt says: Tingly, sugar-rushing Italo refixes that'll have you reaching for the amyl nitrate quicker than you can say who stole my underpants. I can almost see the red lasers now...


    1 We Just (Ben Liebrand Rebellion)
    2 We Just (Ben Liebrand Revolution)
    3 We Just (Ben Liebrand Evolution)

    Binker & Moses

    Feeding The Machine

      Feeding The Machine is the long-awaited 3rd studio album by semi-free jazz duo Binker and Moses. The album yet again cements Binker and Moses' status as being at the vanguard of London's jazz and jazz-adjacent music scene. With honorary band member Max Luthert on tape loops and electronics, Feeding The Machine crosses into ambient, minimalism and experimental electronic music territories, whilst also nodding to the duo's roots in riff-heavy free jazz.


      SIDE A
      1. Asynchronous Intervals
      2. Active-Multiple-Fetish-Overlord
      3. Accelerometer Overdose
      SIDE B
      1. Feed Infinite
      2. After The Machine Settles
      3. Because Because

      Moses Sumney

      Live From Blackalachia

        ‘Live From Blackalachia’ is a live album and movie composed of dynamic band arrangements from Moses Sumney’s first two albums. It was recorded in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the summer of 2020, on a stage built on a hill nestled within a 72- acre ranch. In January 2020, Moses Sumney and band gathered in Western North Carolina to design festival-ready versions of songs from ‘Aromanticism’ and ‘græ’. After the world shut down and the tour was cancelled, Moses maintained a desire to share the show, but in a new way. Not just a live stream or recording. A film. A concert film. So, in the summer of 2020, the band re-convened in Asheville and designed the show for ‘Live From Blackalachia’. Moses directed the conceptual concert film and decided to release it in both audio and visual formats.


        1. Insula
        2. Virile
        3. Conveyor
        4. Quarrel
        5. In Bloom (In The Woods)
        6. Space Nation Race Place
        7. Colouour
        8. Plastic
        9. Bless Me
        10. Bystanders (In Space)
        11. Me In 20 Years
        12. Doomed
        13. Polly

        Moses Sumney


          Moses Sumney evades definition as an act of duty: technicolor videos and monochrome clothes; Art Rock and Black Classical; blowing into Fashion Week from a small town in North Carolina; seemingly infinite collaborators, but only one staggering voice. A young life spent betwixt Southern California and Accra, Ghana — not so much rootless as an epyphite, an air plant. The scale is cinematic but the moves are precise deeds of art and stewardship. Sumney’s new, generous album, græ, is an assertion that the undefinable still exists and dwelling in it is an act of resistance.

          To try to pin Sumney down on a sound - and really, on any matter - is to end up with a hand full of fog, but his genius is never allowing the set to sound like a hodgepodge. His forthcoming double album expands upon the sonic universe built in Sumney's critically-acclaimed debut LP Aromanticism and subsequent EP Black In Deep Red, 2014. The songs on græ may be divergent, like the visceral, Smashing Pumpkins drama of "Virile" and the intoxicated, outro jazz of "Gagarin." There's the kinky, ambiguous bop of "Cut Me" countered with the sweeping, amphitheater-ready "Bless Me." But there's that voice, always unknowable and penetrating, threading these pieces together: a heavenly rasp, a whale call, Miles' horn, a soulful snarl. It all works to create a paradox, keeping art and artist somewhere between any one sure thing - but surely something that demands your attention affixed and your breath bated. All of this is græ.

          There's probably a biblical analogy to be made about a person who just happens to be named Moses, who flees the binary, splits a massive body into two pieces, and leads us through the in-between - holy and wholly rebellious. By breaking up græ into two multifaceted, dynamic pieces, Sumney is quite literally creating a "grey" in-between space for listeners to absorb and consider the art. Not strictly singles, not strictly albums, never altogether songs or spoken word segments on their own. It's neither here nor there. Neither/Nor, if you will. 


          Side A [22:57]
          1. Insula [00:47] 
          2. Cut Me [04:10]
          3. In Bloom [03:03] 
          4. Virile [04:16] 
          5. Conveyor [03:24] 
          6. Boxes [01:22]
          7. Gagarin [05:55] 

          Side B [15:18]
          8. Jill/jack [01:33] 
          9. Colouour [03:08] 
          10. Also Also Also And And And [01:32] 
          11. Neither/Nor [05:27]
          12. Polly [03:38] 

          Side C [19:44]
          13. Two Dogs [03:56] 
          14. Bystanders [04:14] 
          15. Me In 20 Years [03:41] 
          16. Keeps Me Alive [02:56]
          17. Lucky Me [04:57]

          Side D [07:55]
          18. And So I Come To Isolation [00:49] 
          19. Bless Me [05:00] 
          20. Before You Go [02:06]

          'Dark Matter’ is a landmark record, a producer album by a young auteur, threading several thrilling musical traditions into a bold new tapestry: the raw energy of grime and afrobeats and the rolling club rhythms of the London underground, combined with the freewheeling creativity and collaborative spirit of his jazz training. With that mentality in mind, it’s no surprise that his talents have trickled over into fashion, producing original compositions for the Louis Vuitton Foundation x MoMa Archive film (2017) and most recently scoring the Men's Dunhill Paris Fashion shows in both 2018 and 2019.

          A double MOBO & Jazz FM Award winner, Boyd’s live and studio collaborations have been as varied as they have been prolific, from touring with Sampha & Kelsey Lu, to drumming on Sons of Kemet’s Mercury-nominated album, to his recent collaboration with South African Gqom king DJ Lag, which made its way onto Beyonce’s official soundtrack for The Lion King. He produced Zara McFarlane 's 2017 full-length, Arise, in its entirety, for Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label, and released several acclaimed solo projects though his Exodus record label. Boyd has produced original scores for major Paris fashion shows, and with saxophonist Binker Golding, he’s co-leader and co-producer of the ferocious semi-free group Binker and Moses.


          Laura says: Sitting at the heart of the British Nu-Jazz scene, Moses Boyd steps forward to bring us ‘Dark Matter’. An upbeat album with amazing depth and complexity, featuring the likes of Nathaniel Cross, Joe Armon Jones, Theon Jones, Nubya Garcia and Ife Ogunjobe.


          Stranger Than Fiction
          Hard Food Interlude

          Shades Of You (ft. Poppy Ajudha)

          Dancing In The Dark (ft. Obongjayar)
          Only You
          2 Far Gone (ft. Joe Armon Jones)

          Nommos Descent (ft. Nonku Phiri)
          What Now?

          Bob Moses

          Battle Lines

            ‘Battle Lines’, the new album from Grammywinning duo Bob Moses, is set for release on Domino.

            ‘Battle Lines’ follows the band’s acclaimed debut album, ‘Days Gone By’, which featured their worldwide hit ‘Tearing Me Up’. The band recorded the new album in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon, after writing and testing out new material on the road. Inspired by their time playing raves and rock clubs all over the globe since the release of ‘Days Gone By’, Battle Lines takes a harder look at the world in which they find themselves.

            TRACK LISTING

            Heaven Only Knows
            Battle Lines
            Back Down
            Eye For An Eye
            The Only Thing We Know
            Nothing But You
            Enough To Believe
            Listen To Me
            Selling Me Sympathy
            Don’t Hold Back
            Fallen From Your Arms

            Binker And Moses

            Alive In The East?

              One year on from their highly praised mega-work ‘Journey To The Mountain Of Forever’ (Mojo Magazine Urban Album Of The Year), Binker And Moses return with a blistering assault on the senses.

              Their third album in as many years, Binker Golding and Moses Boyd are trailblazers in arguably the most exciting jazz explosion London has ever witnessed.

              Is it a studio recording? Is it a live recording? Does it matter when the music’s this good?

              10 new tracks featuring a giant wealth of talent alongside Binker and Moses themselves (including UK free legend Evan Parker and one half of Yussef Kamaal), this album captures a momentous 45 minutes when spontaneity and composition combine to magical effect.

              It’s a companion piece to ‘Journey’ but with a different energy - as North London is to South London, as West is to East.

              TRACK LISTING

              The Birth Of Light
              How Land Learnt To Be Still
              The River’s Tale
              How Fire Was Made
              How Air Learnt To Move
              Children Of The Ultra Blacks
              Mishkaku’s Tale
              The Discovery Of Human Flesh
              Beyond The Edge
              The Death Of Light

              When Binker Golding and Moses Boyd’s debut album Dem Ones was released in Summer of 2015 it kickstarted a sensational year for the young saxophone and drums duo, who won a string of awards including 2015 MOBO Awards: Best Jazz Act, Jazz FM Awards 2016: UK Jazz Act of the Year and Breakthrough Act of the Year and the 2106 Parliamentary Jazz Awards: Jazz Newcomer of the Year.

              Their new record Journey to the Mountain of Forever is a story album on two discs: the first features the duo on their own while for the second they are joined by saxophonist Evan Parker, trumpeter Byron Wallen, harpist Tori Handsley tabla player Sarathy Korwar and drummer Yussef Dayes. The sessions took place on 21-22 July 2016, and were recorded completely live from Mark Ronson’s Zelig studio direct to a 1960’s Studer C37 1/4” tape machine at Gearbox’s studio - no edits, drop-ins or mixing down.

              So, travel with us from the “realm of the now” to “the realm of the infinite” meeting along the way Shamans, the great Besbunu, the Ultra Blacks & various other tribes, monsters & characters whilst immersing yourself in their strange rituals, potions, music & a world which has no end. But, beware of the Jahvmonishi plant!

              Also featured on the release are Evan Parker - tenor and soprano saxophone; Byron Wallen - trumpet; Tori Handsley - harp; Sarathy Korwar - tabla; Yussef Dayes - drums

              TRACK LISTING

              The Departure
              Intoxication From The Jahvmonishi Leaves
              Fete By The River
              Trees On Fire
              The Shaman’s Chant
              Leaving The Now Behind
              The Valley Of The Ultra Blacks
              Gifts From The Vibrations Of Light
              Mysteries And Revelations
              Ritual Of The Root
              The Voice Of Besbunu
              Echoes From The Other Side Of The Mountain
              Reverse Genesis
              Entering The Infinite
              At The Feet Of The Mountain Of Forever

              Moses Sumney


                Aromanticism is a concept album about lovelessness as a sonic dreamscape. It seeks to interrogate the social constructions around romance. The debut will include the recently released single "Doomed," as well as new versions of standouts "Lonely World" and "Plastic."

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