We Just (Ben Leibrand Remixes)

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High Fashion Music

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Brace yourself for a trifecta of Ben Liebrand interpretations on Moses' "We Just", each one leaving an indelible imprint on this iconic Italo disco anthem. With his deft touch, Ben infuses the track with a modern twist, showering it with his signature drums and analogue wizardry. The result? A colossal sonic experience of this Romano Musumarra produced anthem, that resonates deep within your soul, paying homage to the song’s origins, its entrancing melodies, its pulsating rhythms, and above all, its sheer originality. Close your eyes and surrender to the nostalgia of bygone days, whisked away on a euphoric journey to the vibrant 80s. The 'Evolution' mix, featured on the B-Side, is almost 12 minutes long and takes the track down a more modern, house flavoured route, with beefy low end, high end kinetics and dizzy organ stabs; bringing this bona fide album right up to the present day. Crucial! 


Matt says: Tingly, sugar-rushing Italo refixes that'll have you reaching for the amyl nitrate quicker than you can say who stole my underpants. I can almost see the red lasers now...


1 We Just (Ben Liebrand Rebellion)
2 We Just (Ben Liebrand Revolution)
3 We Just (Ben Liebrand Evolution)

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