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Famous Moon King

Famous Moon King

    The elusive Famous Moon King smash out a cassette for Manchester odd-noise/electronic stalwarts Tesla Tapes. 'Crumbling Towers' starts us off with an insectoid infusion of warbling synths and swooping ambience, over a slow-mo throbbing bass, before moving onto the syncopated delayed synth-work of 'Fudge Palace', sending found sounds and industrial hum headfirst into the tightly woven net of saw-waves and staggered gate-pulses. 

    'Meancing Urges' sees more of the fractured skittering beats spread beneath cosmic space-station ambience and gloomy dread-pads, before moving into the rhythmic instability and delectable unpredictability of the flourishing electronic noise of 'Mao Mao' 

    “Dream pop with fangs, packing their reverblayered surfaces with punchy playing and swooning melodies” - SPIN

    Toronto duo Moon King, made up of songwriter Daniel Benjamin and singer / guitarist Maddy Wilde, have crafted a raw, rapturous and emotional new record, which documents their ascent from an intimate conceptual project into a powerful live band.

    Following a year of touring in support of their ‘Obsession I’ and ‘II’ EPs, Daniel and Maddy relocated to a cottage in northern Ontario to record the album with a group of Toronto music scene luminaries, all of whom had played in various incarnations of the live band.

    Mostly recorded live off the floor, there is a deep sense of loss and longing in ‘Secret Life’. Moon King channel desperation and project it outwards, each song carrying with it both a weight and a sense of urgency.


    LP Info: Limited clear vinyl pressing.

    Toronto’s Moon King will be issuing their debut European release on September 16th via Tough Love (Girls Names, Weird Dreams, CYMBALS). Entitled Obsessions, the record compiles all of the band’s output to date as well as one previously unreleased track.

    Comprised of Toronto native Daniel Benjamin and collaborator/co-conspirator, Maddy Wilde, the duo have been making music together for most of their lives. As Moon King, the two singers weave dreamlike harmonies over buzz-saw guitars and electronic percussion, their live performances capturing a raw-nerve intensity that verges on ecstatic. While they have ties to a handful of other Canadian projects – Majical Cloudz, Grimes, Austra – they more obviously share a sonic affinity with the alien androgyny of Cocteau Twins, mbv and The Breeders.

    Many of Daniel’s songs appeal to our darker subconscious desires, revelling in the embrace of fear and ego as a means of escape. Daniel also frequently performs with his brother Airick's group, Doldrums.

    King Prawn

    First Offence

      King Prawn's debut album finally available again. Originally released by indie label Words Of Warning this reissued album produced by Skunk Anansie's Ace and King Prawn features some of the bands best known songs like "Immigrant Song Too", "Restart" and "Salvation" and highlights the band's unique ska-punk mixed with ragga, dub and hardcore. The CD has been remastered by the band themselves and comes in the originally planned track order. This CD features five bonus tracks, alternative mixes of "Poison In The Air" and "Divine Badness" plus unreleased live studio recordings of "Holy War" and "Winning Again" from the "Poison In The Air" EP recording sessions, as well as a demo recording of the track "Buried Alive". There is also a bonus enhanced video track of a live TV session of "Poison In The Air".

      King Prawn

      Fried In London

        Long overdue re-issue of the band's second album. Featuring some of the bands best known tracks like "Survive", "Increase the Pressure" and the Words Of Warning single "Not Your Punk" and perfectly showcases the bands ska-punk sound. Also features some rare bonus demo recordings.

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