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Ugly Beautiful - National Album Day 2023 Edition

    The classic (anti) Britpop album issued on vinyl for the first time since its original 1996 release. Contains 4 UK top 40 singles: Candy Girl, Goodnight, Cornershop and the massive top 3 hit and radio favourite, You’re Gorgeous. 


    A1. Goodnight
    A2. Candy Girl
    A3. Jesus Is My Girlfriend
    A4. I Didn't Want To Wake You Up
    B1. Dead Bird Sings
    B2. Atomic Soda
    B3. You're Gorgeous
    B4. Bad Shave 2
    C1. Cornershop
    C2. King Bing
    C3. You & Me
    D1. 45 & Fat
    D2. Too Handsome To Be Homeless
    D3. July
    D4. Baby Bird

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