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Beautiful Ones: The Best Of Suede 1992 - 2018 - Boxset Editions

    From their early singles and their 1993 Mercury Music Prize-winning debut album to their break-up in 2003, Suede were a fixture in the single and album charts, and in the music press too. They scored twenty hit singles and five hit albums (three of which debuted at # 1), and a double album of B-sides even charted at # 9.

    The band reformed for a one-off charity concert in 2010 and decided to make it permanent – they have released three new studio albums since 2013.

    Compiled by the band, this best of features the huge 90s hits like “The Drowners”, “Metal Mickey”, “Animal Nitrate”, “Stay Together”, “The Wild Ones”, Trash, “Filmstar”, “Beautiful Ones”, “Saturday Night”, “She’s In Fashion”, “Everything Will Flow” and “Can’t Get Enough”. The collection brings the story up to date with tracks from the three recent albums, including “Life Is Golden”, “It Starts And Ends With You” and “Outsiders”.


    Darryl says: A definitive look at one of the country’s most enduring acts. Compiled by the band themselves, ‘Beautiful Ones’ is presented as stunning six LP and four CD box set editions or as trimmed down double LP and CD editions.


    1. The Drowners
    2. Metal Mickey
    3. Animal Nitrate
    4. So Young
    5. Stay Together [long Version]
    6. We Are The Pigs
    7. The Wild Ones
    8. New Generation
    9. Trash
    10. Filmstar
    1. Lazy
    2. Beautiful Ones
    3. Saturday Night
    4. Electricity
    5. She’s In Fashion
    6. Everything Will Flow
    7. Can’t Get Enough
    8. Obsessions
    9. Barriers
    10. It Starts And Ends With You
    1. For The Strangers
    2. Outsiders
    3. Wastelands
    4. Life Is Golden
    5. The Invisibles
    6. To The Birds
    7. My Insatiable One
    8. He's Dead
    9. The Big Time
    1. Pantomime Horse
    2. Sleeping Pills
    3. The Next Life
    4. High Rising
    5. My Dark Star
    6. The Living Dead
    7. Killing Of A Flashboy
    8. Heroine
    9. This Hollywood Life
    1. The 2 Of Us
    2. The Asphalt World
    3. Still Life
    4. Europe Is Our Playground [Sci-Fi Lullabies Version]
    5. She
    6. By The Sea
    7. He’s Gone
    8. Indian Strings
    9. Oceans
    1. Snowblind
    2. Sabotage
    3. Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away
    4. Pale Snow
    5. I Don’t Know How To Reach You
    6. Tightrope
    7. As One
    8. All The Wild Places
    9. Flytipping

    1. The Drowners
    2. Metal Mickey
    3. Animal Nitrate
    4. So Young
    5. Stay Together [long Version]
    6. We Are The Pigs
    7. The Wild Ones
    8. New Generation
    9. Trash
    10. Filmstar
    11. Lazy
    12. Beautiful Ones
    13. Saturday Night
    1. Electricity
    2. She’s In Fashion
    3. Everything Will Flow
    4. Can’t Get Enough
    5. Obsessions
    6. Barriers
    7. It Starts And Ends With You
    8. For The Strangers
    9. Outsiders
    10. Wastelands
    11. Life Is Golden
    12. The Invisibles
    1. To The Birds
    2. My Insatiable One
    3. He's Dead
    4. The Big Time
    5. Pantomime Horse
    6. Sleeping Pills
    7. The Next Life
    8. High Rising
    9. My Dark Star
    10. The Living Dead
    11. Killing Of A Flashboy
    12. Heroine
    13. This Hollywood Life
    14. The 2 Of Us
    15. The Asphalt World
    16. Still Life
    1. Europe Is Our Playground [Sci-Fi Lullabies Version]
    2. She
    3. By The Sea
    4. He’s Gone
    5. Indian Strings
    6. Oceans
    7. Snowblind
    8. Sabotage
    9. Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away
    10. Pale Snow
    11. I Don’t Know How To Reach You
    12. Tightrope
    13. As One
    14. All The Wild Places
    15. Flytipping

    Sam Slater

    I Do Not Wish To Be Known As A Vandal

      I kept on visualizing a body, suspended just at the point where gravity took over, and the figure was falling from their feet to the floor. Frozen at this midpoint, there wasn’t much to say which way they were going - suspended between collapse and recovery, they could almost be getting back to their feet. Perhaps I was punch drunk from 2019, however I noticed very soon the zero-gravity feeling of being suspended between these two points was all around me; the impression of a caring democracy hamstrung by 2D visions of old empires; the climate in it’s seemingly terminal demise and the ever emboldened ideas for a functioning future looming from the smog; the suspension between the immortality of my 20s and the strange feeling when everyone starts to get sick more; the feeling that everything is suspended between collapse and recovery, and I am unsure which way it’s heading.

      The record was made just before the pandemic started, working closely with the distinct feed-backing Dorophone sounds of Hildur Guðnadóttir, Yair Glotman’s thunderous double-bass, James Ginzburg’s devotion to precise form and muting my reverb stems, the microtonal brass and woodwinds of Hilary Jeffrey and Sam Dunscombe and the infinite intimacy of Icelandic singer-songwriter JFDR. From Berlin, I would flag sounds I loved; some twitching strings, the stolen alto voice from an abandoned English chorale, some words from a climate scientist fleshed into a poem. These email attachments struck up a sort of sonic pen-pal program, with each person sending a sound, some words, some creative parameters and responding in turn. It became an exercise in receptivity, in which openness itself became a creative voice, hushing my tendency to micromanage every detail. These interactions were pulled together in late 2019 into a single piece written for two sides of a single 12” vinyl; one side describing collapse (Darn!) and the other, recovery (Kintsugi). Influenced by the 70s concept prog records of my childhood, the album loops without ending, so you were never really allowed to rest in safety, or wallow in the mess for too long.

      Although my 20-year-old self would loathe it, I find myself tired of people believing their own creative voices are the most interesting or that creativity needs another self-aggrandizing voice. I thought of this as a project about restoring balance, the immense power to be found in collaboration, receptivity and the belief that if I am going to contribute to the world in 2022, it should be from a position of openness. It should be kind rather than vulgar. It should be constructive, not destructive. I do not wish to be known as a Vandal.

      Working with visual artist Theresa Baumgartner and Dancer / Choreographer Lukas Malkowski the simple visual imagery of a body resisting gravity was realized as an Audio-Visual installation, which will be premiered in May 2022. “I do not wish to be known as a Vandal” uses high speed cameras which compensate for gravity’s pull at 3000 frames per second, suspending an unclothed body in space as it moves from feet to floor and back again. The result is a simple, framed figure of a body moving through space, duelling with inevitably and the cycle of collapse and recovery, set to generative interpretation of the record.


      Past Imperfect: The Best Of Tindersticks '92 - '21

        As the band celebrate their thirtieth year, ‘Past Imperfect…’ showcases collected works throughout their rich history, with the addition of one new track. It is in chronological order and split in to 4 sections/2 halves – the first half being the original line up of the band with Al Macaulay (drums), Mark Colwill (bass) and Dickon Hinchliffe (violin, guitar, string arrangements). The second half is the present-day line up with Earl Harvin (drums) and Dan McKinna (Bass, piano, string arrangements). Stuart. A. Staples, Neil Fraser (guitar) and David Boulter (various instruments) are always present.

        There are two songs from Claire Denis films – ‘Tiny tears’ from ‘Nanette et Boni’ (’96) and ‘Both Sides of the Blade’ from her latest film ‘Avec amour et acharnament’ (’21). There is also the version of ‘Willow’ sung by Stuart, rather than Robert Pattison who sang the version in ‘High life’ (’19).

        '92 - '96 - City Sickness, Her (‘92), Tiny Tears, Travelling Light (duet with Carla Torgerson), My Sister.

        '97 - '03 - Rented Rooms, Can We Start Again?, Dying Slowly, Sometimes it Hurts (duet with Lhasa de Sela), My Oblivion.

        '08 - '14 - Harmony Around My Table, Show Me Everything, This Fire of Autumn, Medicine, What Are You Fighting For?

        '16 - '21 - How He Entered, Were We Once Lovers?, Willow (New), Pinky in the Daylight, Both sides of the blade.

        “Nobody was between us and the records that we made,” says Tindersticks frontman Stuart Staples. Mavens of intimate and expansive mood-song, Tindersticks have forged paths of their own unobstructed making over three decades, avidly trend-averse in their dusky and far-reaching explorations of the heart. Released through City Slang on 25th March, Past Imperfect: The Best of Tindersticks ’92-’21 maps the band’s 30-year journey across a peerless 20-track chronology. “Each step a story,” as Staples said on “How He Entered”. And every song a fresh twist in a winding tale. It is the sound of an uncommonly ambitious band always seeking new ways to connect with their songs, rediscovering themselves as a unit at every turn so that everything familiar about their music sounds fresh again. Always, of course, by nobody’s measure but their own.


        Past Imperfect: The Best Of Tindersticks ’92 – ‘21
        A1. City Sickness (Taken From The First Tindersticks Album)
        A2. Her (’92) (unreleased Version)
        A3. Tiny Tears (Taken From The Original Soundtrack “Nénette Et Boni”)
        A4. Travelling Light (Single Version)
        A5. My Sister (Taken From The Album Tindersticks)
        B1. Rented Rooms (Taken From The Album Curtains)
        B2. Can We Start Again? (Taken From The Album Simple Pleasure)
        B3. Dying Slowly (Taken From The Album Can Our Love)
        B4. Sometimes It Hurts (Taken From The Album Waiting For The Moon)
        B5. My Oblivion (Taken From The Album Waiting For The Moon)
        C1. Harmony Around My Table (Taken From The Album Falling Down A Mountain)
        C2. Show Me Everything (Taken From The Album The Something Rain)
        C3. This Fire Of Autumn (Taken From The Album The Something Rain)
        C4. Medicine (Taken From The Album The Something Rain)
        C5. What Are You Fighting For? (Taken From The Album Across Six Leap Years)
        D1. How He Entered (Taken From The Album The Waiting Room)
        D2. Were We Once Lovers? (Taken From The Album The Waiting Room)
        D2. Willow (Unreleased Version)
        D3. Pinky In The Daylight (Taken From The Album No Treasure But Hope)
        D4. Both Sides Of The Blade (Unreleased Version)

        Live At Glasgow City Halls 5th October 2008 (Deluxe CD And LP Box Set Only)
        A1. Introduction
        A2. Yesterdays Tomorrows
        A3. The Flicker Of A Little Girl
        A4. Come Feel The Sun
        A5. E-type
        A6. The Other Side Of The World
        B1. The Organist Entertains
        B2. Dying Slowly
        B3. Say Goodbye To The City
        B4. Sleepy Song
        B5. He’s Gone
        C1. The Hungry Saw
        C2. Boobar Come Back To Me
        C3. All The Love
        C4. The Turns We Took
        D1. If You’re Looking For A Way Out
        D2. Her
        D3. The Not Knowing

        The Phoenix Foundation

        Friend Ship

          The Phoenix Foundation have lived many lives. From high school distortion addicts to indie folk trippers to masters of motorik dream pop. It’s been five years since their last album, Give Up Your Dreams, but that downtime has been well spent. The New Zealand outfit have been writing, recording, touring with a Symphony Orchestra, creating the acclaimed soundtrack for Taika Waititi's Hunt For The Wilderpeople, building shrines to light, creating scores for VR, producing other bands and, that most lockdown-friendly activity, baking sourdough.

          Slowly, when they could, the six old friends found time to work together in studios, garages, forests, and sheds to put together the concise ten song set of that is Friend Ship. “We took such a long break after Give Up Your Dreams that when we did decide to make a new record we all felt it needed to be in some esoteric sense different,” says co-lead singer Samuel Flynn Scott. “To me that meant returning to something more focused. Honing in on the songs before we went deep into the arrangements and freaky sounds.” And the results reflect this approach too. Whilst Friend Ship, as you would expect, weaves seamlessly between dreamy introspective pop, stretched out grooves and psychedelic rock, it also exists as a collection of masterfully crafted songs.

          Friend Ship features vocals from Nadia Reid, Tiny Ruins’ Hollie Fullbrook and Anita Clark aka Motte plus sumptuous string arrangements performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.


          Barry says: Phoenix Foundation present a widescreen look at the blurred peripheries between dream pop, synthwave and good old fashioned indie music here with their latest outing, Friend Ship'. Beautifully smooth, soaringly melodic and deeply comforting, The Phoenix Foundation have done it again.


          1. Guru
          2. Miserable Meal (with The NZSO)
          3. Hounds Of Hell (with Nadia Reid)
          4. Decision Dollars (with Hollie Fullbrook)
          5. Transit Of Venus (with The NZSO)
          6. Tranquility (with Hollie Fullbrook)
          7. Landline
          8. Former Glory (with Anita Clark)
          9. My Kitchen Rules
          10. Trem Sketch

          Vintage Crop


            Geelong’s favourite sons Vintage Crop return with their much-anticipated fourth album, ‘Kibitzer’. Running with the ball that 2020’s “Serve To Serve Again” punted forward, this album marks another energetic break towards the goal for Vintage Crop. ‘Kibitzer’ sees the band define their field of play, more melodic at times, still bruising, forever droll. These ten tracks of ‘snappy as elastic’ Australian punk are packed with tensile riffage, hefty beats and witty refrains of everyman curiosity.

            ‘Kibitzer’ was written in quick response to their critically lauded ‘Serve To Serve Again’ album. Harsh guitars, a brutish rhythm section and a knack for always having the right words at hand are still abundant, but this time Vintage Crop’s songs expand upon their forceful nature with greater harmonic arrangement. It was recorded by Jasper Jolley in one single session on a former apple orchard in Geelong, a backdrop that mirrors the band’s own organic growth whilst highlighting their willingness to approach capturing their own sound their own way. The album was then mixed and mastered by Mikey Young.

            ‘Kibitzer’ delves into themes of identity, resilience and acceptance; some of the more upbeat notions that the band have dealt with to date. ‘Casting Calls’ opens the record, slamming through the speakers with gusto and setting the tone for the following 30 minutes. “It’s rolling, we’re rolling, we’re winding back the tape, we’re getting better with each take” sings lead songwriter Jack Cherry. Accepting your limitations and taking pride in your work are key themes on ‘Kibitzer’. In fact ideas around learning, growing and being able to take things in your stride are strongly felt through their entire body of work. These themes hit home with the album’s title too, with Cherry feeling that ‘Kibitzer’ is an apt way to describe a lot of the band’s focus. “I feel like a lot of our lyrics over the years have been our unsolicited opinions on other people’s situations, the very definition of the word Kibitzer. So for this record we wanted to lean into that tendency by acknowledging it and even go as far as stamping it on the album cover.”

            Musically the band have expanded their palette on this album; exploring a world of rhythmic harmony and a newfound vocal melodicism. There’s also greater lyrical elaboration and considered song structures at play. ‘The Duke’ is a mob of rollicking chants and heavy hitting, catchy to the core. ‘The Bloody War’ is a more sanguine reflection of tumbling drums, struck chords and shrill keyboard warble. “He’s got the keys to the universe and they’re hanging from his belt loop, his wit is as quick as lightning, his disapproving gaze is the thunder that follows” pipes Cherry on ‘Double Slants’, guitars chiming through the hubbub. ‘Hold The Line’ turns the wry amusement of dealing with cold callers into a fidgety anthem of knowing frustration. Whilst ‘Switched Off’ even welcomes the introduction of horns (courtesy of Heidi Peel) to the group’s repertoire, ushering in an unexpected serenity into their tough sound. 

            TRACK LISTING

            Side A
            01. Casting Calls
            02. The Duke
            03. Double Slants
            04. Hold The Line
            05. Impact Of Wisdom
            Side B
            06. Drafted
            07. The Bloody War
            08. 2K Hip Pocket
            09. Under Offer
            10. Switched Off

            John Coltrane

            1963: New Directions

              'In the brief, bright arc that is the career of John Coltrane, 1963 marks a point of transition between past jazz masterpieces and future work which would transcend the boundaries of the music itself.  That year's recorded output shows movement in many directions: a look back at the past, continued examination of a familiar repertoire, exploration of more traditional formats and a look forward at compositions and approaches that would further extend the reach of jazz. John Coltrane 1963: New Directions collects all of John Coltrane’s 1963 Impulse recordings in the order in which they were recorded

              5-LP, 3-CD sets include artwork featuring original collages.

              The box is meant to show the growth in Coltrane’s musical journey in 1963 that ultimately resulted in 1964’s “Crescent” and, especially, “A Love Supreme” // Music comes from the original albums “Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album”, “John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman”, “Dear Old Stockholm” (released after Coltrane’s death), “Newport ‘63” and “Live at Birdland”.

              Tobin Sprout

              Empty Horses

                Artist, illustrator, writer and lo-fi innovator, Tobin Sprout was the super-productive partner of Robert Pollard in the legendary Guided By Voices. The gifted songwriter returns with a pensive, expansive part autobiographical new album ‘Empty Horses’. Here he’s part Townes Van Zandt, part John Prine, part Robbie Robertson at his retrospective best.

                The album is a meticulously observed study of America and Americana (not the music, but the state of mind). An alternative American Songbook, if you will, a collection of laments to simpler times and the struggle for what’s right, peppered with an examination of faith and the search for a sense of justice. Close up and personal, ‘Empty Horses’ is a poignant carefully etched experience, a rolling journey in modern times, nodding back to tradition, a personal snapshot filled with honesty.

                ‘Empty Horses’ is released on vinyl LP and also a deluxe bookback CD, beautifully packed with 24 pages of paintings and lyrics by Tobin Sprout, a true collectors piece for fans of Tobin’s music and art.

                “The perfect aural encapsulation of melancholy: in turns somnambulant, romantic and all-consuming” Rolling Stone.

                “Raw, honest and often revelatory” Consequence Of Sound

                TRACK LISTING

                Side A
                1 Wings Prelude
                2 The Return
                3 Breaking Down
                4 On Golden Rivers
                5 The Man I Used To Know

                Side B
                6 Every Sweet Soul
                7 Empty Horses
                8 Antietam
                9 All In My Sleep
                10 No Shame

                We Are Scientists


                  Drawing as much from the angular guitar-driven sounds of their debut as it does from the finest in modern rock today, first single from the LP, 'Contact High' is raising the bar for the decade ahead. Celebrating the song's potent delivery and unashamed lyrical sentiment, Murray concludes... "it’s just nice to have a song that’s unapologetically sappy, but couched in distorted guitar and metaphors of coincidental intoxication."

                  Huffy, follows 2018's Megaplex and the enormously successful  "50th anniversary" reissue of With Love And Squalor. The anticipated album is already shaping up to be one of the band’s most hit-tastic albums to date with the inclusion of recently acclaimed bangers 'I Cut My Own Hair' and 'Fault Lines' alongside today's new single 'Contact High'.

                  Huffy’s fresh music is accompanied by an oh-so-fresh presentation: multi-panelled vinyl and CD packaging offer a blank wall on which listeners can unfold their own unreasonable vision for the Huffy universe. Each includes sticker sheets with over 20 full colour graffiti designed by Keith, Chris, and friends, deployable according to the user’s whim. Tilting reality even further into the hallucinatory gyre, this vinyl comes in a choice of different colours. (The cassette will be manufactured in yellow, and has exclusive content on Side B, giving hard plastic-enthusiasts something to crow about.)

                  On Huffy’s mosaic form, Chris says, “Usually people bring a vinyl record home, rip it to their iPods, and throw it straight into the fire. Well, not with Huffy. We’re giving our listeners a reason to keep this one around, and even to consider passing it down to future generations, if they’re super-happy with where they put all the stickers.”

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. You’ve Lost Your Shit
                  2. Contact High
                  3. Handshake Agreement
                  4. I Cut My Own Hair
                  5. Just Education
                  6. Sentimental Education
                  7. Fault Lines
                  8. Pandemonium
                  9. Bought Myself A Grave
                  10. Behavior Unbecoming

                  Larry Dixon & LAD Productions Inc

                  Star Time

                    For the past four decades, a growing cult of soul music collectors have sought two obscure LPs and a handful of extremely rare 45s released on the vanity record label LAD Productions, Inc. between the late seventies and the mid eighties by the mysterious South Side Chicago singer/song writer Larry Dixon. Larry's raw songs capture the transition from R&B to boogie-down as disco was rapidly becoming extinct. They also perfectly illustrate Larry’s ability to overcome his environment and discrimination, transcended by his determination to write and produce music. With the support of his faithful musicians, Larry's success was only hindered by lack of airplay and promotion, but his talent shines through. This is the story of Larry Dixon, his label LAD Productions, Inc., and his friends and family throughout four decades of music in Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods. Jerome Derradji is proud to reactivate Past Due Records - the boogie funk division of Still Music to release this fantastic archive – what many consider to be the Holy Grail - of Chicago Funk, Boogie and Soul. Each format includes a unique booklet with the story of Larry Dixon and his friends, written by Jacob Arnold, along with numerous pictures and documents previously never published. Artwork is by Al Kent from Million Dollar Disco.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    CD1 - Larry Dixon - I’am So In Love + Can’t Price Love
                    1 - I'm So In Love
                    2 - Together
                    3 - Hey Girl
                    4 - Free Me
                    5 - What I Am
                    6 - Body
                    7 - Show Me The Way
                    8 - Star Time
                    9 - Can't Price Love
                    10 - Make Up Your Mind
                    11 - Dance To The Beat
                    12 - Can't Price Love - Instrumental
                    13 - Wait For Me
                    14 - The Only One
                    15 - Doing What Comes Naturally
                    16 - Wait For Me (Instrumental)

                    CD2 - Larry Dixon & Friends - Rare Singles, Instrumentals And Lost Tapes. Chicago 1971-85.
                    1 - Larry Dixon Group Soulful Spades - Next Time (Part 1) *
                    2 - Larry Dixon - The Only One
                    3 - Larry Dixon - Don’t It Make You Dance
                    4 - Larry Dixon - Star Time 7” Version
                    5 - Larry Dixon - You’re On Your Own
                    6 - Charles Parks III & The High Society Players - Space Caravan *
                    7 - Charles Parks III & The High Society Players - Groove It All Night *
                    8 - Larry Dixon - Feelings (Feel So Fine) *
                    9 - Larry Dixon - Being With You *
                    10 - Charles Parks III & The High Society Players - Love We Had Demo Instru. *
                    11 - Chuck-A-Luck - Ready For Your Touch *
                    12 - Larry Dixon - Love In Your Heart
                    13 - Chuck-A-Luck - That Kind Of Love *
                    14 - Larry Dixon - Love Has Come Back
                    15 - Larry Dixon - Saturday Night
                    16 - Chuck-A-Luck - Ready For Your Touch (Jerome’s Dub) *
                    17 - Larry Dixon - Feelings (Feel So Fine) (Instrumental) *
                    18 - Larry Dixon Group Soulful Spades - Next Time (Part 2)
                    19 - Charles Parks III & The High Society Players - Space Caravan Instrumental *
                    18 - Chuck-A-Luck - Ready For Your Touch (Instrumental) *
                    * Previously Unreleased

                    4 X 12” LP Boxset:
                    LP1 - Larry Dixon - I’am So In Love
                    A1 I'm So In Love
                    A2 Together
                    A3 Hey Girl
                    A4 Free Me
                    B1 What I Am
                    B2 Body
                    B3 Show Me The Way
                    B4 Star Time
                    Originally Released In 1980 By LAD Productions Inc. Cat# LD – 8002

                    LP2 - Larry Dixon - Can’t Price Love

                    A1 Can't Price Love
                    A2 Make Up Your Mind
                    A3 Dance To The Beat
                    A4 Can't Price Love - Instrumental
                    B1 Wait For Me
                    B2 The Only One
                    B3 Doing What Comes Naturally
                    B4 Wait For Me (Instrumental)
                    Originally Released In 1984 By LAD Productions Inc. Cat# LD - 8404

                    DLP 3/4 - Larry Dixon & Friends - Rare Singles, Instrumentals And Lost Tapes. Chicago 1971-85.

                    A Side
                    1 - Larry Dixon Group Soulful Spades - Next Time (Part 1) *
                    2 - Larry Dixon - The Only One
                    3 - Larry Dixon - Don’t It Make You Dance
                    4 - Larry Dixon - Star Time 7” Version
                    5 - Larry Dixon - You’re On Your Own

                    B Side
                    1 - Charles Parks III & The High Society Players - Space Caravan *
                    2 - Charles Parks III & The High Society Players - Groove It All Night *
                    3 - Larry Dixon - Feelings (Feel So Fine) *
                    4 - Larry Dixon - Being With You *
                    5 - Charles Parks III & The High Society Players - Love We Had Demo Instru. *

                    C Side
                    1 - Chuck-A-Luck - Ready For Your Touch *
                    2 - Larry Dixon - Love In Your Heart
                    3 - Chuck-A-Luck - That Kind Of Love *
                    4 - Larry Dixon - Love Has Come Back
                    5 - Larry Dixon - Saturday Night

                    D Side
                    1 - Chuck-A-Luck - Ready For Your Touch (Jerome’s Dub) *
                    2 - Larry Dixon - Feelings (Feel So Fine) (Instrumental) *
                    3 - Larry Dixon Group Soulful Spades - Next Time (Part 2) *
                    4 - Charles Parks III & The High Society Players - Space Caravan Instrumental *
                    5 - Chuck-A-Luck - Ready For Your Touch (Instrumental) *
                    * Previously Unreleased

                    10 X 7” LP Boxset:

                    1 - Larry Dixon Group Soulful Spades - Next Time
                    A - Next Time (Part 1) (Unreleased Version)
                    B - Next Time (Part 2)
                    Originally Released In 1971 By Square Deal, MRDA Inc. Cat# 8313.

                    2 - Larry Dixon - Star Time
                    A - Star Time
                    B - You’re On Your Own
                    Originally Released In 1979 By LAD Productions Inc. Cat# LD 7901.

                    3 - Larry Dixon - The Only One
                    A - The Only One
                    B - Don’t It Make You Dance
                    Originally Released In 1982 By LAD Productions Inc. Cat# LD-8203.

                    4 - Larry Dixon - Dance To The Beat
                    A - Dance To The Beat
                    B - Wait For Me
                    Originally Released In 1984 By LAD Productions Inc. Cat# LD-8405.

                    5 - Larry Dixon - Love In Your Heart
                    A - Love In Your Heart
                    B - Love Has Come Back
                    Originally Released In 1985 By LAD Productions Inc. Cat# LD-8506.

                    6 - Larry Dixon - Saturday Night
                    A - Saturday Night
                    B - Saturday Night Instrumental
                    Originally Released In 1985 By LAD Productions Inc. Cat# LD-8707.

                    7 - Larry Dixon - Being With You
                    A - Being With You
                    B - Feelings (Feel So Fine)
                    Previously Unreleased. Cat# LD-1508

                    8 - Charles Parks III & The High Society Players - Space Caravan
                    A - Space Caravan
                    B - Space Caravan Instrumental
                    Previously Unreleased. Cat# LD-1509

                    9 - Charles Parks III & The High Society Players - Groove It All Night
                    A - Groove It All Night
                    B - The Love We Had (Demo)
                    Previously Unreleased. Cat# LD-1510

                    10 - Chuck-A-Luck - Ready For Your Touch
                    A - Ready For Your Touch
                    B - That Kind Of Love
                    Previously Unreleased. Cat# LD-1511

                    Kelley Stoltz

                    Antique Glow - 20th Anniversary Edition

                      Third Man Records is proud to announce the 20th anniversary expanded edition of Kelley Stoltz’s defining album Antique Glow. The announcement is heralded by the release of bonus track "Too Beck". Limited-edition "rainy nights" UK exclusive vinyl will be available on release day.

                      Originally self-released in minuscule vinyl-only quantities in 2001, Antique Glow has served not only as a template for the length of Kelley Stoltz’s twenty-plus year career, but has also served as a compass for other Anglophile, TASCAM 388 home recording acolytes. Original copies featured Stoltz’s clever, wry and fanciful hand-painted adornments overtop reclaimed thrift store LP jackets, Third Man’s release here utilizes some of those original unused images for a die-cut sleeve that ultimately gives the listener six different possible album covers.

                      The songs are by-and-large masterpieces of bedroom pop magic. From the whispering “Here Comes the Sun”-adjacent acoustic underpinnings of album opener “Perpetual Night” through the fuzz-threaded leads of “Are You Electric?” Stoltz’s inspirations are impeccable and clear. Sixties Davies British Invasion through 80’s British Bunnymen post-punk, with appropriate off-shoots into West Coast American pop-psych, Velvets-indebted hooliganism and Drake/CSNY acoustic attenuations, the end result is pure joy.

                      On the expanded version, standout tracks previously relegated to an Australian tour-only CD (like the breathlessly cinematic “Old Pictures”) see their first-ever vinyl and digital release while there’s an additional 10 songs from the Antique Glow-era seeing their first ever release in any format. The cutting room floor quality here is second-to-none, Stoltz clearly gifted with the curse of writing too many indelible songs, so the newly released “Too Beck” (originally cast off by Kelley because he thought “it sounded too much like Beck”) and “Umbrella” stand firm as some of the best, most timeless music Stoltz has ever released... a full two decades after he recorded them!

                      With all instruments and vocals performed by Stoltz, the singularity of vision here is impeccably clear and executed.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Perpetual Night
                      2. Crystal Ball
                      3. Jewel Of The Evening
                      4. Underwater's Where The Action Is
                      5. One Thousand Rainy Days
                      6. Tubes In The Moonlight
                      7. 26th Street Floor
                      8. Are You Electric
                      9. Please Visit Soon
                      10. Listen Darkly
                      11. Fake Day
                      12. Mean Marianne
                      13. Mt. Fuji
                      14. Silver Lining

                      15. Old Pictures (Bonus Track)
                      16. Immobile Bones (Bonus Track)
                      17. You'll Find The Truth In The Frying Pan (Bonus Track)
                      18. You And Me And 100 Others (Bonus Track)
                      19. You're Making Me Yawn (Bonus Track)
                      20. Interplanetary Wisdom (Bonus Track)
                      21. Harmonica Makes The Doggy Go Wild (Bonus Track)
                      22. Dead John (Bonus Track)
                      23. Baby's Fingers (Bonus Track)
                      24. Too Beck (Bonus Track)
                      25. Discount City VU (Bonus Track)
                      26. Umbrella (Bonus Track)
                      27. Spilled Milk (Live On PBS) (Bonus Track)

                      Sunn O)))

                      Metta, Benevolence. BBC 6Music : Live On The Invitation Of Mary Anne Hobbs

                        To enter the legendary John Peel studios was to enter a temple of music and experimentation, liberty in ideas and sound. The band was nearing the end of a long touring year around the Life Metal and Pyroclast albums.

                        SUNN O))) had developed the compositions extensively, embracing the formative concepts of the Life Metal album conceptually and emotionally, but actualised and evolved into vast, open and bright hypersaturated arrangements. Particularly the pieces the band chose to perform on this recording: Troubled Air and Pyroclasts. The former enriched into a total aspect of the band's ethos and form in many ways, and Pyroclasts had evolved to become all-inclusive radiation of O))).

                        The radiation embraces collaboration and freedom of interpretation by each player, within a structural format of the massive monuments of sound and distortion which define SUNN O))). Anna Von Hausswolf and her band had accompanied SUNN O))) on the UK leg, and Anna joined SUNN O))) in the studio on synths and with her tremendous voice on the Pyroclasts pieces.

                        Stephen O’Malley (Electric Guitar, Minimoog Model D synthesizer)
                        Greg Anderson (Electric Guitar, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 synthesizer)
                        Tos Nieuwenhuizen (Moog Rogue synthesizer)
                        Stephen Moore (Trombone, Roland Junior-106 (mod) & Nord Stage (gaffed black) synthesizers)
                        Tim Midyett (Electric Bass Guitar, Roland Juno-106 synthesizer)
                        Anna von Hausswolff (Voice & Nord C2D synthesizer on Pyroclasts F & C#)

                        TRACK LISTING

                        CD Tracklist:
                        1. Pyroclasts F 15.08
                        2. Pyroclasts C# 14.11
                        3. Troubled Air 31.44

                        Vinyl Tracklist:
                        A: Pyroclasts F 15:08
                        B: Pyroclasts C# 14:11
                        C: Troubled Air 00:00-19:00
                        D: Troubled Air (continued) 19:00-31:44

                        Bert Jansch

                        Living In The Shadows Part 2: On The Edge Of A Dream

                          Following on from Earth’s definitive collection of Jansch’s 1990s works ‘Living In The Shadows Part 2: On The Edge Of A Dream' picks up from where it left off, bringing together Bert Jansch’s final recordings, made between 2000 and 2006. This remarkable anthology documents some of Jansch’s finest work, and a man at the top of his game, some forty years(!) after his first release. From the brooding resonance of Crimson Moon (where Jansch is joined by Johnny Marr, Bernard Butler and Johnny “Guitar” Hodge, as well as son Adam Jansch and Bert’s wife Loren Jansch) to the intimacy of Edge Of A Dream (Bernard Butler, Hope Sandoval, Dave Swarbrick, Ralph McTell, Johnny “Guitar” Hodge, Paul Wassif, Adam Jansch and Loren Jansch) to the wondrous new folk / trad folk harmony of Black Swan (Beth Orton, Devendra Banhart, Kevin Barker, Helena Espvall, Paul Wassif), these seemingly very different albums all speak of one thing: Bert’s natural talent for turning out extraordinary music, regardless of genre. Disc four, The Setting Of The Sun, takes in more demos and unreleased material, with guest appearances from Gordon Giltrap and Johnny Marr adding additional delight for fans old and new. These peeks into Jansch’s recording process are nothing if not fascinating, with his home studio lending itself perfectly to any recording fancy he might arrive at. Like Part 1, this deluxe case-bound set exhibits the sublime attention to detail that has become Earth Recordings’ calling card. Liner notes come courtesy of colleague Bernard Butler and Bert’s son Adam, while a comprehensive listening guide (by esteemed journalist, Dave Henderson) is also included. 

                          TRACK LISTING

                          DISC ONE – Crimson Moon

                          1 Caledonia
                          2 Going Home
                          3 Crimson Moon
                          4 Downunder
                          5 October Song
                          6 Looking For Love
                          7 Fool's Mate
                          8 The River Bank
                          9 Omie Wise
                          10 My Donald
                          11 Neptune's Daughter
                          12 Singing The Blues

                          DISC TWO – Edge Of A Dream

                          1 On The Edge Of A Dream
                          2 All This Remains
                          3 What Is On Your Mind
                          4 Sweet Death
                          5 I Cannot Keep From Crying
                          6 La Luna
                          7 Gypsy Dave
                          8 Walking This Road
                          9 The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
                          10 Black Cat Blues
                          11 Bright Sunny Morning

                          DISC THREE – The Black Swan -

                          1 The Black Swan
                          2 High Days
                          3 When The Sun Comes Up
                          4 Katie Cruel
                          5 My Pocket's Empty
                          6 Watch The Stars
                          7 A Woman Like You
                          8 The Old Triangle
                          9 Bring Your Religion
                          10 Texas Cowboy Blues
                          11 Magdalina's Dance
                          12 Hey Pretty Girl..

                          DISC FOUR – The Setting Of The Sun (Bonus Disc)

                          1 Watch The Stars Demo, The Black Swan
                          2 It Don’t Bother Me Unreleased, With Johnny Marr
                          3 On The Edge Of A Dream Demo, Edge Of A Dream
                          4 Walking This Road Demo, Edge Of A Dream
                          5 My Pocket’s Empty Demo, The Black Swan
                          6 Cocaine Unreleased, With Johnny Marr
                          7 Untitled Unreleased
                          8 Chambertin Unreleased, With Gordon Giltrap
                          9 Katie Cruel Demo, The Black Swan
                          10 Fool’s Mate Demo, Crimson Moon
                          11 The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood Demo, Edge Of A Dream


                          Household Name

                            Momma, the band led by singers/guitarists Allegra Weingarten and Etta Friedman, release their new album, 'Household Name'.

                            Fresh off a series of dates with Wet Leg, the band’s new full-length 'Household Name' reveals an exciting new chapter marked by both personal and artistic growth. Now based in Brooklyn, New York, after relocating from hometown Los Angeles, the duo upgraded from GarageBand and took their time writing and recording in a proper studio alongside multi-instrumentalist/producer Aron Kobayashi Ritch. The resulting album, mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Emily Lazar, is a tightly stitched collection that is magnetic and dynamic, and also marks their debut for Lucky Number, who signed Momma in the midst of the pandemic before the band members had even finished college. In chasing their idols and embracing personal storytelling, the band has skill-fully carved out their own path. 'Household Name' showcases an unfettered vulnerability elevated by serious alt-rock bombast and is an album that tells the world: This is Momma.

                            Across the album’s 12 songs, Weingarten and Friedman, who met and formed Momma in high school, cull lyrical inspiration from their own lives for the first time - a contrast with the conceptual fiction of Two of Me. Bygone heroes also helped inspire a lyrical theme throughout 'Household Name': the rise and fall of the rock star, and the tropes and tribulations that come with that arc. The theme allowed the group to celebrate (and, in some cases, directly reference) icons like Nirvana, Pavement, Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, and the Breeders’ Kim Deal, while weaving in their own perspective and experiences.

                            'Household Name' perfects a balance of heavy riffs, deep emotions, inviting sonic production, and a light-hearted, wry sense of humour, creating a singular lane for Momma in today's world of alt rock.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Side A
                            1. Rip Off
                            2. Speeding 72
                            3. Medicine
                            4. Rockstar
                            5. Motorbike
                            6. Tall Home
                            Side B
                            7. Lucky
                            8. Brave
                            9. Callin’ Me
                            10. Spider
                            11. No Stage
                            12. No Bite

                            The Dream Syndicate

                            What Can I Say? No Regrets... Out Of The Grey + Live, Demos & Outtakes

                              The Dream Syndicate’s 1986 album is back on CD for the first time in 24 years. Hidden inside of ‘Out of the Grey’ are some of Steve Wynn’s strongest songs - “Slide Away” is delightful pop, “Now I Ride Alone” is moody and intense “like the hardboiled typewriting of novelists Jim Thompson, Ross MacDonald, and James Cain” that Wynn dug back in July ‘85. The epic “Boston” imagines the era in which Van Morrison was holed-up in that city circa 1967-68 writing the songs that comprised Astral Weeks while “50 in a 25 Zone” is a vehicle for a band-driven, slow burn groove.

                              Deliciously remastered with new liner notes from the band’s historian Pat Thomas, the package compiles 51 songs spread across 3 CDs, including a previously unreleased live album (from July 1985) and many unreleased demos and out-takes. The deluxe reissue also features interviews with Steve Wynn, Mark Walton, Paul Cutler, and Dennis Duck - plus plenty of rare photos.

                              Discs 2 and 3 reveal a wealth of unreleased material – including a never-before-heard July 1985 live album which has the ‘balls to the wall’ energy hard not captured in the studio. The songs were so fresh on that July night - they had not been recorded in the studio yet. On Disc 3, you’ll hear alternate versions of several Out of the Grey songs recorded as ‘demos’ before the album versions. These studio versions also have the raw energy of the live show, plus the band plays rare cover versions by Pink Floyd, Cream, Santana, Green on Red, Alice Cooper, Temptations, and Dolly Parton.

                              51 songs including 34 never-before heard Dream Syndicate recordings – released under the title of: What Can I Say? no regrets... Out of the Grey + live, demos & outtakes… in other words, you need this!

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Disc 1 – Out Of The Grey
                              1 Out Of The Grey
                              2 Forest For The Trees
                              3 50 In A 25 Zone
                              4 Boston
                              5 Blood Money
                              6 Slide Away
                              7 Dying Embers
                              8 Now I Ride Alone
                              9 Drinking Problem
                              10 Dancing Blind
                              11 You Can't Forget
                              12 Let It Rain
                              13 Cinnamon Girl
                              14 Ballad Of Dwight Frye
                              15 Shake Your Hips
                              16 I Won't Forget
                              17 The Lonely Bull

                              Disc 2 - Live At Scorgies NY, 1985
                              1 Out Of The Grey (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
                              2 50 In A 25 Zone (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
                              3 That's What You Always Say (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
                              4 Slide Away (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
                              5 Dancing Blind (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
                              6 Blood Money (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
                              7 Dying Embers (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
                              8 It Hits You Again (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
                              9 Now I Ride Alone (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
                              10 John Coltrane Stereo Blues (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
                              11 Still Holding Onto You (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
                              12 When You Smile (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)
                              13 Days Of Wine And Roses (Live At Scorgies NY, 1985)

                              Disc 3 - Odds & Sods
                              1 Here On Earth As Well (Demo, 1985)
                              2 Dancing Blind (Demo, 1985)
                              3 Blood Money (Demo, 1985)
                              4 Dying Embers (Demo, 1985)
                              5 Slide Away (Demo, 1985)
                              6 It Hits You Again (Demo, 1985)
                              7 Now I Ride Alone (Demo, 1985)
                              8 Eighteen
                              9 Another Brick In The Wall
                              10 Brain Damage
                              11 Out Of The Grey Waltz
                              12 The Munster's Theme Song
                              13 Sixteen Ways
                              14 Papa Was A Rolling Stone
                              15 Low Rider
                              16 Papa Jam
                              17 I Ain't Got Nobody
                              18 Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark
                              19 Badge
                              20 Dancing Blind (Live At The Stone SF, 1984)
                              21 Blood Money (Live At The Stone SF, 1984)

                              Mordant Music

                              Dead Air - 2021 Reissue

                                Castles in Space announces first ever vinyl release for Mordant Music’s landmark 2006 release “Dead Air”. Remastered for vinyl with all new artwork from Admiral Greyscale.

                                Baron Mordant is always present but slightly elusive – not so much hidden as just lurking in the shadows. Remarkably individual, Dead Air sounds like a surreal car crash between Saint Etienne and Throbbing Gristle with the warm tones of Phillip Elsmore taking the place of Cracknell/Orridge. A Proustian madelaine to a particular generation if ever there was one, Elsmore had worked as the voice of Thames TV across the 70s and 80s and his instantly recognisable voice being dropped into this electronic hall of mirrors still plays havoc with your brain. Dead Air’s loose concept of a dead TV station was embellished with a unique design concept from Admiral Greyscale that played with 70s iconography (bizarre wallpaper, the Magpie logo and so on).

                                Jonny Mugwump, Fact Magazine.

                                Little Kid

                                Transfiguration Highway

                                  After six days Jesus took with him Peter, James and John the brother of James, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. There, he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light.”(Matthew 17:2).

                                  Based out of Toronto, Little Kid’s Kenny Boothby finds himself inspired by this idea of transfiguration - a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state. Far-ranging in both its sonic palette and its subject matter, the band’s forthcoming album, Transfiguration Highway is a record of unusual depth and clarity from a songwriter who has spent the better part of a decade honing his craft and a lifetime building the perspective his songs so deftly express. These are personal songs that look outward, that seek to tie together the bigness of the world and the smallness of the everyday with both subtlety and humility. For years Boothby and Little Kid have been quietly building a devoted following, but their Solitaire debut is a beautifully formed introduction to the wider world for an artist who will undoubtedly be recognized as a uniquely gifted songwriting voice.

                                  Operating since 2011, and now joined by Megan Lunn (banjo, keys, vocals), Paul Vroom (bass & vocals), Liam Cole (drums) and Brodie Germain (drums, guitar, percussion), Little Kid has built a cult audience with a series of idiosyncratic home recordings, self-released in short cassette runs that range from more traditional albums and EPs, to 2019’s Botched Restorations - on which Boothby sold out a run of one-of-a-kind 60 minute cassettes that each contained 10 songs from his discography, chosen by the purchaser and recorded live to tape in his bedroom.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. I Thought That You'd Been Raptured
                                  2. What's In A Name
                                  3. Transfiguration Highway
                                  4. Thief On The Cross
                                  5. All Night (Golden Ring)
                                  6. Candle Out
                                  7. Made For Each Other
                                  8. Close Enough To Kill
                                  9. Losing
                                  10. Gill
                                  11. Pry


                                  Spells And Daubs

                                    In a year of the moon, Kreidler have produced the album Spells And Daubs. In a year of the moon – and in a year with 13 moons. Such years are known for not being the most comfortable.

                                    In September 2020 the band met for exploratory sessions and initial recordings in Düsseldorf, in the familiar settings of the Kabawil Theater. That already has a certain tradition. The impetus this time was a solitary gig in the conspicuously spacious surroundings of the (former) Philipshalle. In a year that threw everyone back on themselves. Over the winter Kreidler worked remotely, sifting through the material, arranging the pieces, adding textures and contours. They met again in the spring of 2021 for further recordings at the Uhrwerk Orange studio in Hilden, near Düsseldorf. That, too, has a certain tradition.

                                    From fifteen pieces they filtered out ten, and thus held an album in their hands. Then – and this is new – they took it to London, to Peter Walsh, so that he could mix the tracks.

                                    Daubs are in no doubt here. This is a tenfold of colourful-blotches-thrown-onto-canvas. Then a stepping back, contemplating, remixing paint, layering, overlaying, scraping free again elsewhere. And these spells are not devastating curses, rather they are enchanting incantations, a calling forth a spring without having to ban winter in a sombre masks. Spells And Daubs is a melodious interplay. Not that Kreidler neglect the rhythmic; their characteristic drive runs through all the pieces on Spells And Daubs. Perhaps it's like this: The beat is musicalised, the melody rhythmitised.

                                    Spells And Daubs is like a collection of short stories. Its ten pieces explore the same space drawn together by an overlaying arc. All of them have the length of a single, and each one has the potential of a single in the way the arrangements are laid out – so enticing is the melodic line and the beat. This succinctness was perhaps last heard on the 2000 eponymous Kreidler album. The drums are powerful with a light swing. The bass alternates beyond its functionality and its indicator just of the low frequency, swoops up and takes over the melodic lead. Perhaps most beautiful in the irresistible pop gems Arena, Unframed Drawings, and Revery. Aptly Alex Paulick moved to the fretless Bass – conjuring the spirit of Mick Karn.

                                    For all of their Krautrock attributions, Kreidler never tire of reminding us that their musical development stemmed form a love of British pop music. So you might say the co-op with Peter Walsh is a match made in heaven. His illustrious mixing and production skills have lifted works from Shalamar or Lynx to Heaven 17 to Scott Walker, Pulp or FKA Twigs into other spheres. Kreidler had previously collaborated with him in 2013 for two tracks (Snowblind, Escaped, BB169). On Spells And Daubs, Walsh's methods and magic are especially audible in the spatial production, with his hallmark blend of depth and punch. Spells And Daubs is wrapped up in an enigmatic black-and-white drawing by prolific artist and filmmaker Heinz Emigholz from his Basis of Make-Up series. Their ongoing collaboration feels like a constant now. The mutual interference of Heinz Emigholz's and Kreidler's universes started about ten years ago, when he expanded the album Den with seven videos.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Side A
                                    A1 Tantrum
                                    A2 Toys I Never Sell
                                    A3 Dirty Laundry
                                    A4 Revery
                                    A5 Unframed Drawings
                                    Side B
                                    B1 Freundchen
                                    B2 Arise Above
                                    B3 Music Follows Suit
                                    B4 Arena
                                    B5 Greetings From Dave

                                    Dinked Edition Bonus Disc:
                                    Side C
                                    C1 Howling At The Third Moon
                                    C2 Moon
                                    Side D
                                    D1 Howling


                                    The Alchemist’s Euphoria

                                      Kasabian make a most welcome return this summer with a series of must see shows, armed with a high-octane new album fuelled by their trademark swagger. New single ‘Scriptvre’ arrives in the wake of their snappy track ‘Alygatyr’ and heralds a brave new world from Serge’s magic kingdom.

                                      Produced by Serge Pizzorno and Fraser T Smith, mixed by Spike Stent and written by Serge, ‘Scriptvre’ is one of the many standout tracks on their eagerly anticipated new album ‘The Alchemist’s Euphoria’. Serge says: ‘Scriptrve is about rewriting the story you tell yourself. Editing your own script’. Of the new album, Kasabian’s seventh, he adds: “One thing about this record I feel over the other ones, is it definitely feels like a body of work that belongs together. It was a beautiful moment in mastering hearing it as a piece. I think it really holds up in our seven albums….The Magnificent Seven”.

                                      JW Francis


                                        JW Francis burst onto the scene with his critically acclaimed debut ‘We Share a Similar Joy’, with features from DIY and Line of Best Fit to being named Album of The Day on BBC 6 Music. His warm, affable melodies and comforting lyrics earned him fans on both sides of the Atlantic, and now he returns with his sophomore album Wanderkid, a concept album about a wandering anti-hero.

                                        Wanderkid hones in on JW’s dreamy soundscapes and explores themes of escapism, whilst still maintaining that sense of comfort and intimacy so beautifully demonstrated in his debut. To celebrate the release, JW is going on a 2,000 mile walking journey across the Eastern United States along the Appalachian Trail.

                                        With Wanderkid, JW Francis is further cementing his place as a future stalwart in the alternative New York scene.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        SIDE A
                                        1. John, Take Me With You
                                        2. I Love You
                                        3. Maybe
                                        4. Make Another Record
                                        5. Only With You
                                        6. Holy Mountain

                                        SIDE B
                                        1. WANDERKID
                                        2. Don't Fall Apart
                                        3. Fake It Till You Make It
                                        4. I'm Probably A Ghost
                                        5. Cars



                                          "Limited edition" version of the full length album, You. Dusted Magazine said: The dread, the discord and ever-shifting parts can make this music as disorienting as a metal record, and Picastro achieves the effect without speed or volume.

                                          Sixteen years gives you time to hone your craft. Master it, maybe not, but there is a clarity of purpose and a confidence that can only be bought with time. Liz Hysen - along with her rotating crew of collaborators - has been making music under the name Picastro for 16 years and You is a brilliant distillation of the project’s aesthetic. With a voice that shifts shape from track to track, moment to moment, Hysen is alternately enchanting and harrowing. Fables, rituals and even the living dead provide fodder for her incantations and yet there is a dark warmth to it all. Playing lullabies and whispering in your ear like some spirits found deep in the wilderness, they want to guide you home.

                                          David Bowie

                                          The Width Of A Circle

                                            This week sees the 50th anniversary of the original U.K. release of The Man Who Sold The World David Bowie’s landmark entry into the 1970s. The album not only began the collaboration with guitarist Mick Ronson that would continue with such Bowie classics as Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane, it kicked off a 10-year run of indispensable albums stretching through 1980’s Scary Monsters.

                                            The 2020 re-release of The Man Who Sold The World restored the album’s intended title Metrobolist, while featuring a new mix by original producer Tony Visconti. Taking its name from the album’s opening track, which was named after a painting by Bowie’s friend George Underwood, the new two-CD set The Width Of A Circle acts as a complementary piece to that album. Its 21 tracks feature non-album singles, a BBC In Concert l session, music for a TV play and further Visconti remixes wrapping up David’s recordings from 1970 and revealing the first sonic steps toward Hunky Dory.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            CD 1:
                                            THE SUNDAY SHOW INTRODUCED BY JOHN PEEL
                                            Recorded On 5th February, 1970 And Broadcast On 8th February, 1970
                                            1. Amsterdam *
                                            2. God Knows I’m Good *
                                            3. Buzz The Fuzz
                                            4. Karma Man
                                            5. London Bye, Ta-Ta
                                            6. An Occasional Dream
                                            7. The Width Of A Circle*
                                            8. Janine
                                            9. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
                                            10. Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed*
                                            11. Fill Your Heart
                                            12. The Prettiest Star
                                            13. Cygnet Committee*
                                            14. Memory Of A Free Festival*

                                            Performed By David Bowie And The Tony Visconti Trio (a.k.a. The Hype)

                                            CD 2:
                                            THE LOOKING GLASS MURDERS AKA PIERROT IN TURQUOISE:
                                            1. When I Live My Dream
                                            2. Columbine
                                            3. The Mirror
                                            4. Threepenny Pierrot
                                            5. When I Live My Dream (Reprise)

                                            6. The Prettiest Star (Alternative Mix)
                                            Single Mix Released On 6th March, 1970 On Mercury Records MF 1135. This Is The Unreleased Alternative Mix Created For Promotion In The US Market.

                                            7. London Bye, Ta-Ta*
                                            Originally Recorded And Rejected As The Follow Up Single To ‘Space Oddity’. This Mono Mix Was Finally Released On The Sound & Vision Box Set In 1989.

                                            8. London Bye, Ta-Ta (1970 Stereo Mix)*
                                            This Stereo Mix Of The Above Remained Unreleased Until The Reformatted Reissue Of The Sound & Vision Box Set In 2003, Replacing The Mono Mix.

                                            9.Memory Of A Free Festival (Single Version Part 1)*
                                            10. Memory Of A Free Festival (Single Version Part 2)*
                                            The Re-recorded Electric Version Of The Closing Track From The David Bowie (aka Space Oddity) Album Released As A Single On Mercury Records 6052 026 On 26th June, 1970.

                                            11. Holy Holy*
                                            This Non-album Single A Side, Backed By The Album Version Of ‘Black Country Rock’ From The Man Who Sold The World Album, Was Released On Mercury Records 6052 049 On 15th January, 1971.

                                            SOUNDS OF THE 70’S: ANDY FERRIS SHOW
                                            Recorded On 25th March, 1970 And Broadcast On The 6th April, 1970.

                                            12. Waiting For The Man
                                            13. The Width Of A Circle
                                            14. The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud*
                                            15. The Supermen (Bowie At The Beeb Vinyl Only)*
                                            Performed By David Bowie And The Hype

                                            2020 MIXES
                                            16. The Prettiest Star (2020 Mix)
                                            17. London Bye, Ta-Ta (2020 Mix)
                                            18. Memory Of A Free Festival (Single Version - 2020 Mix)
                                            19. All The Madmen (Single Edit 2020 Mix)
                                            Holy Holy (2020 Mix)

                                            (*denotes Previously Released) 

                                            Deap Vally


                                              Being in a band is like being in a marriage: sometimes it’s magical, sometimes it’s unbearably challenging. To reinvigorate that marriage, Deap Vally have made their third album a genrebending experiment with new collaborators and instrumentation that push the limits of what has previously defined the duo - Marriage is their musical Rumspringa, if you will.

                                              The album sees Julie and Lindsey break free of the rigid creative constraints within which they previously existed (two members, two instruments, two voices) and invite in collaborators such as KT Tunstall, Peaches, Jennie Vee and jennylee, as well as a range of producers including Allen Salmon, Josiah Mazzaschi and Harvey Mason Jr.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Magic Medicine
                                              I Like Crime (ft Jennie Vee)
                                              Give Me A Sign
                                              Better Run
                                              I’m The Master
                                              High Horse (ft. Kt Tunstall, Peaches)
                                              Where Do We Go
                                              Look Away (ft. Jennylee)

                                              Sufjan Stevens


                                                Convocations, the new instrumental album from Sufjan Stevens, moves like a two-and-a-half-hour electronic/ambient mass for our present age of anxiety and dread; its 49 tracks work through the stages of grief and gladness with emotional mood music that is dreamy, dissonant, vertiginous, rhythmic, repetitive, urgent, and calm—that is, all the things we undergo when we inevitably live through isolation, uncertainty, and loss. Its five sonic cycles (Meditations, Lamentations, Revelations, Celebrations, and Incantations) replicate different stages of mourning, healing and catharsis, working both to soothe our unease while savoring a renewed sense of awe and wonder for being alive in these unprecedented times.

                                                Stevens initiated Convocations in response to (and as an homage to) the life and death of his father, who died in September last year, two days following the release of The Ascension. It is, then, ultimately an album about death, and an album that reflects a year in which we have all lost so much. That said, this is not a personal record, but a universal one. Convocations is built on a shared experience that seeks to be honest about how complicated grief can be in these difficult times—the pain and separation, the anxiety, the unknown, the absolute joy of memory. This is also an album made in lockdown, when we were all cloistered in whatever space we had. Convocations arrives just as we begin to emerge from a year whose losses we will calculate for a lifetime.

                                                It is, then, right on time, as we begin to process our grief and try to carry on with it.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Barry says: This latest outing from the endlessly talented Stevens truly is an epic and sees him turn his hand to the world of ambient music in a 6LP collection. it's wonderfully tender and beautifully accomplished, further proving Sufjan can turn his hand to anything, no matter the genre.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Volume 1: Meditations
                                                SIDE A
                                                Meditation I 3:39
                                                Meditation II 2:26
                                                Meditation III 4:04
                                                Meditation IV 2:09
                                                Meditation V 2:10
                                                SIDE B
                                                Meditation VI 2:16
                                                Meditation VII 2:33
                                                Meditation VIII 1:48
                                                Meditation IX 2:11
                                                Meditation X 3:40

                                                Volume 2: Lamentations
                                                SIDE C
                                                Lamentation I 3:48
                                                Lamentation II 2:24
                                                Lamentation III 3:17
                                                Lamentation IV 1:59
                                                Lamentation V 4:10
                                                SIDE D
                                                Lamentation VI 4:42
                                                Lamentation VII 1:51
                                                Lamentation VIII 3:34
                                                Lamentation IX 3:29
                                                Lamentation X 1:58

                                                Volume 3: Revelations
                                                SIDE E
                                                Revelation I 3:20
                                                Revelation II 2:53
                                                Revelation III 2:01
                                                Revelation IV 4:09
                                                Revelation V 2:52
                                                SIDE F
                                                Revelation VII 4:03
                                                Revelation VIII 2:51
                                                Revelation IX 4:38
                                                Revelation X 4:17

                                                Volume 4: Celebrations
                                                Celebration I 2:19
                                                Celebration II 5:55
                                                Celebration III 3:10
                                                Celebration IV 3:22
                                                Celebration V 2:59
                                                Celebration VI 4:01
                                                Celebration VII 3:41
                                                Celebration VIII 3:25
                                                Celebration IX 1:35
                                                Celebration X 4:10

                                                Volume 5: Incantations
                                                Incantation I 2:17
                                                Incantation II 1:58
                                                Incantation III 1:36
                                                Incantation IV 2:10
                                                Incantation V 3:14
                                                Incantation VI 1:49
                                                Incantation VII 1:53
                                                Incantation VIII 2:56
                                                Incantation IX 4:28

                                                As is my taste for the tardy, I was a couple of weeks late to this particular party, belatedly tipped to “that goth disco LP” through an overheard conversation between Mine and Matt. As a first class graduate of the “indie dance” era, I was naturally intrigued and promptly took the plunge into this monochrome masterpiece.

                                                While her Sink Ya Teeth project with Maria Uzor takes a bite out of the Big Apple’s no-wave and post-punk era, Cullingford’s solo-debut splits its time between the steely synth-pop of Sheffield, Chicago’s house heritage and the unapologetic electroclash of Millennial Berlin. This travelogue translates to a sleek set of taut techno pop, topped with zero-fucks speak singing and utterly arch asides. A lesser LP would sink under the stature of single “Wide Boys”, a fleet-footed and flute-led floor burner, but Let Me Speak is made from only the finest ingredients – pass the biscuits please.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Barry says: While Sink Ya Teeth definitely took influence from the dancefloor, it's Cullingford's solo output that really pays homage to the sweaty peak of industrial and techno clubgoing with it's own particular brand of momentous rhythm and rich, chest shaking bass hits. Wildly immersive and wonderfully satisfying,

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Side A
                                                1 The Lizard
                                                2 Sight For Sore Eyes
                                                3 Wide Boys
                                                4 Racer
                                                5 Let Me Speak

                                                Side B
                                                6 Queen Bee
                                                7 Chase The Beat
                                                8 I Like You
                                                9 Ode To Billy Joe
                                                10 Fatal Embrace

                                                Various Artists

                                                Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, And Country 1966-1985 - Repress

                                                  Largely unheard, criminally undocumented, but at their core, utterly revolutionary, the recordings of the diverse North American Aboriginal community will finally take their rightful place in our collective history in the form of 'Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966-1985'. An anthology of music that was once near-extinct and off-the-grid is now available for all to hear, in what is, without a doubt, Light In The Attic’s most ambitious and historically significant project in the label’s 12-year journey.

                                                  Native North America (Vol. 1) features music from the Indigenous peoples of Canada and the northern United States, recorded in the turbulent decades between 1966 to 1985. It represents the fusion of shifting global popular culture and a reawakening of Aboriginal spirituality and expression. The majority of this material has been widely unavailable for decades, hindered by lack of distribution or industry support and by limited mass media coverage, until now. You’ll hear Arctic garage rock from the Nunavik region of northern Quebec, melancholy Yup’ik folk from Alaska, and hushed country blues from the Wagmatcook First Nation reserve in Nova Scotia. You’ll hear echoes of Neil Young, Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash, and more among the songs, but injected with Native consciousness, storytelling, poetry, history, and ceremony.

                                                  The stories behind the music presented on Native North America (Vol. 1) range from standard rock-and-roll dreams to transcendental epiphanies. They have been collected with love and respect by Vancouver-based record archaeologist and curator Kevin “Sipreano” Howes in a 15-year quest to unearth the history that falls between the notes of this unique music. Tirelessly, Howes scoured obscure, remote areas for the original vinyl recordings and the artists who made them, going so far as to send messages in Inuktitut over community radio airwaves in hopes that these lost cultural heroes would resurface.

                                                  With cooperation and guidance from the artists, producers, family members, and behind the scenes players, Native North America (Vol. 1) sheds real light on the painful struggles and deep traditions of the greater Indigenous community and the significance of its music. The songs speak of joy and spirituality, but also tell of real tragedy and strife, like that of Algonquin/Mohawk artist Willy Mitchell, whose music career was sparked by a bullet to the head from the gun of a trigger-happy police officer, or those of Inuk singer-songwriter Willie Thrasher, who was robbed of his family and traditional Inuit culture by the residential school system.

                                                  Considering the financially motivated destruction of our environment, the conservative political landscape, and corporate bottom-line dominance, it’s bittersweet to report that the revolutionary songs featured on Native North America hold as much meaning today as when they were originally recorded. Dedicated to legendary Métis singer-songwriter and poet Willie Dunn, featured on the anthology but who sadly passed away during its making, Native North America (Vol. 1) is only the beginning. A companion set featuring a crucial selection of folk, rock, and country from the United States’ Lower 48 and Mexico is currently in production.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. Willie Dunn – I Pity The Country
                                                  2. John Angaiak – I'll Rock You To The Rhythm Of The Ocean
                                                  3. Sugluk – Fall Away
                                                  4. Sikumiut – Sikumiut
                                                  5. Willie Thrasher – Spirit Child
                                                  6. Willy Mitchell – Call Of The Moose
                                                  7. Lloyd Cheechoo – James Bay
                                                  8. Alexis Utatnaq – Maqaivvigivalauqtavut
                                                  9. Brian Davey – Dreams Of Ways
                                                  10. Morley Loon – N'Doheeno
                                                  11. Peter Frank – Little Feather
                                                  12. Ernest Monias – Tormented Soul
                                                  13. Eric Landry – Out Of The Blue
                                                  14. David Campbell – Sky-Man And The Moon
                                                  15. Willie Dunn – Son Of The Sun
                                                  16. Shingoose (poetry By Duke Redbird) – Silver River
                                                  17. Willy Mitchell And Desert River Band – Kill'n Your Mind
                                                  18. Philippe McKenzie – Mistashipu
                                                  19. Willie Thrasher – Old Man Carver
                                                  20. Lloyd Cheechoo – Winds Of Change
                                                  21. The Chieftones (Canada’s All Indian Band) – I Shouldn't Have Did What I Done
                                                  22. Sugluk – I Didn't Know
                                                  23. Lawrence Martin – I Got My Music
                                                  24. Gordon Dick – Siwash Rock
                                                  25. Willy Mitchell And Desert River Band – Birchbark Letter
                                                  26. William Tagoona – Anaanaga
                                                  27. Leland Bell – Messenger
                                                  28. Saddle Lake Drifting Cowboys – Modern Rock
                                                  29. Willie Thrasher – We Got To Take You Higher
                                                  30. Sikumiut – Utirumavunga
                                                  31. Sugluk – Ajuinnarasuarsunga
                                                  32. John Angaiak – Hey, Hey, Hey, Brother
                                                  33. Groupe Folklorique Montagnais – Tshekuan Mak Tshetutamak
                                                  34. Willie Dunn (featuring Jerry Saddleback) – Peruvian Dream

                                                  The Gun Club

                                                  Preaching The Blues

                                                    Limited deluxe 7 x 7” singles box set featuring the phenomenal original run of singles with two bonus singles exclusive to this set. All housed inside a lift-off lid box with a booklet featuring an essay by Clinton Heylin, reminisces from Thurston Moore, Henry Rollins, Mark Lanegan, X and Dan Stuart, rare photographs and flyers, new exclusive issue of the ‘Fire of Love’ fanzine, Ruby Records postcard and a ‘Gun’ button badge. Limited availability.

                                                    If ever there was a band seemingly determined to come from nowhere and go straight back there, it was The Gun Club. Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s search and destroy combo was spawned by the L.A. punk scene in 1979. Two years later their first LP, the incendiary Fire Of Love, was spewed out by Slash Records, a matter of months after the punk zine Pierce wrote for, and the label named itself after, breathed its last. Fire Of Love was one of the 80s’ genuinely shape-shifting US debuts, igniting post-punk depth and minting genres including blues, psychobilly and Americana.

                                                    Jeffrey Lee Pierce was an extraordinary character. Learning to play guitar at the age of 10, he quickly immersed himself firstly in reggae and later the Delta Blues, particularly works by Tommy Johnson & Robert Johnson. By 1976, he had become obsessed with Blondie, going on to become President of the West Coast Blondie Fan Club. It was Jeffrey Lee Pierce who suggested to the band they cover ‘Hanging On The Telephone’. The Blondie connection would later resurface in 1982 when Chris Stein signed and produced The Gun Club for his Animal Records label. In 1996 after releasing seven studio albums, 37 year old Jeffrey Lee Pierce sadly passed away following a stroke. What he left behind is a legacy of work that has had a prolific effect on some of the most distinguished rock acts of the past 20+ years, these include Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Sonic Youth, The White Stripes, Mark Lanegan, Primal Scream and The Black Keys.

                                                    6 x 7” singles reprinted with original artwork

                                                    Additional ‘Miami Demos’ 7” exclusive to this box set

                                                    All singles remastered especially for these vinyl editions

                                                    Booklet featuring never-before-seen photographs, flyers and rare ephemera.

                                                    In-depth liner notes from acclaimed author Clinton Heylin, as well as exclusive reminisces and words from Thurston Moore, Henry Rollins, John Doe & DJ Bonebrake of X, Dan Stewart of Green On Red plus more

                                                    Exclusive-to-this-box issue of ‘Fire Of Love’ Fanzine by Mike Mastrangelo

                                                    Rare Ruby Records Promotional Postcard

                                                    Bonus Gun Club ‘Gun’ Badge

                                                    All housed in a lift-off lid box with stunning never-before-seen Jeffrey Lee Pierce cover photo

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    1. Ghost On The Highway (1982) - Ghost On The Highway/Sex Beat
                                                    2. Fire Of Love 1982 – Fire Of Love/Walking With The Beast
                                                    3. Miami Demos (1982) – Carry Home/Brother And Sister
                                                    4. Death Party EP (1983) – The House On Highland Ave./ The Lie/Death Party
                                                    5. The Great Divide (1990) – The Great Divide/Crabdance
                                                    6. Pastoral Hide And Seek (1990) - Pastoral Hide And Seek/Black Hole/Emily’s Changed (Live In Paris, 91)
                                                    7. Cry To Me (1993) – Cry To Me/Give Up The Sun

                                                    Molly Burch

                                                    Romantic Images

                                                      Romantic Images, Molly Burch’s third album, marks a distinct evolution for Burch, both emotionally and sonically. Recorded in Denver with Tennis’ Alaina Moore and Pat Riley producing, the collection celebrates the timeless delights of a well-crafted pop song, flirting with Blondie, Madonna, and even Mariah Carey as it forges a joyful soundtrack to liberation and self-discovery.

                                                      Burch deliberately worked with more women collaborators than ever before on the album, and the results are transcendent, reveling in the passion and the power of the divine feminine. The collection prioritizes ecstasy and escape, and Burch’s commitment to collective catharsis in her lifted, airy delivery manages to exude both thoughtful introspection and carefree abandon all at once. The shadow still lurks on the album, to be sure, but the light ultimately wins, and the result is an intoxicating collection all about coming into our truest selves.

                                                      When it came to mixing and mastering the material, Burch put her faith in Gloria Kaba (Lauryn Hill, A Tribe Called Quest), Mikaelin “Blue” Bluespruce (Solange Knowles), and Heba Kadry (Bjork, Beach House) to truly understand where she was coming from with the music.

                                                      Burch designed the record to mirror the emotional journey that went into creating it, sequencing the music to work its way from jittery indecision to poised certainty over the course of ten mesmerizing tracks. Exhilarating opener “Control” takes a leap of faith as it learns to make peace with letting go, while the infectious “Heart Of Gold” grapples with wanting what you can’t have. By the time the silky “New Beginning” rolls around, Burch begins settling into a newfound sureness that dominates the collection’s second half, with the addictive “Emotion” (a collaboration between Burch and her Captured Tracks labelmate Wild Nothing) celebrating a spectrum of emotions as fuel for creativity.

                                                      “I’ve written quite a bit about anxiety and heartbreak in the past,” Burch reflects, “but this record is more inspired by confidence and self-love. This is the most me I’ve ever sounded on an album.”

                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                      Barry says: With a pretty legendary lineup of collaborators and producers working in conjunction with Burch, this was never going to be anything but superb. It's with a great deal of pleasure then, that I can confirm her singular writing style and unmistakeable vocal direction is at it's peak here. A brilliantly enjoyable and gorgeously evocative selection, drenched in nostalgic production and clever writing.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. Control
                                                      2. Games
                                                      3. Heart Of Gold
                                                      4. Romantic Images
                                                      5. New Beginning
                                                      6. Took A Minute
                                                      7. Emotion
                                                      8. Honeymoon Phase
                                                      9. Easy
                                                      10. Back In Time

                                                      Blanck Mass

                                                      Ted K - Original Soundtrack

                                                        This February the story of the infamous Unabomber Ted Kaczynski will receive its theatrical debut in a new Tony Stone directed film, Ted K. Kaczynski is notorious for both tragically murdering three people (and wounding an additional 23) via bombs sent in the mail and for his numerous writings on the evils of technology he composed during his primitive residency in the woods of Montana. Stone’s choice to have the renowned electronic artist Blanck Mass score the film is somewhat ironic and creates an obvious tension perfect for the controversial and complex subject matter.

                                                        2020 saw the first Blanck Mass movie score, for the soundtrack to Nick Rowland’s acclaimed cinematic debut Calm with Horses. This expansion into new areas of melodic composition and textural exploration won Blanck Mass many new fans, with the BBC’s acknowledged number one film buff Mark Kermode proclaiming the work the soundtrack of the year. In 2021, Blanck Mass won the prestigious Ivor Novello Award for Best Original Film Score and has firmly established himself at the forefront of the latest wave of experimental soundscape wizards.

                                                        Recording during lockdown at his studio in Edinburgh, Scotland, Blanck Mass’s Ben Power was in the perfect setting for a musical piece intended to capture the isolation central to Kaczynski’s story. Power was also working with a director in a time zone 10 hours behind and thus many sessions required working in the middle of the night, which added a fitting intensity to the composition process. He said of the project “I wanted it to feel like an ‘epic’” and drew on the legends Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone for inspiration in encapsulating the energy of the perceived good vs. evil.

                                                        The gentle madness of sound achieved is exquisite and slowly builds in intensity and desperation as the score moves along. Power is able to perfectly capture the complexity, the terror and the deep emotionality of the film while presenting an often breathtakingly beautiful and always masterful album that stands on its own as a work of art.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        1. Scroll
                                                        2. Montana (Main Theme)
                                                        3. Noise Destroys Something Wonderful
                                                        4. Pesticides
                                                        5. Revenge
                                                        6. ComTech
                                                        7. Greyhound
                                                        8. Second Test
                                                        9. Desecration
                                                        10. Tell Me Your Heart
                                                        11. Dark Materials
                                                        12. Becky’s Theme
                                                        13. Blue Tunnel
                                                        14. Manifesto
                                                        15. Ranger Gary
                                                        16. At Peace - Freedom Club
                                                        17. Prophecy
                                                        18. Skidders
                                                        19. Montana (Reprise)

                                                        Black Marble

                                                        Fast Idol

                                                          On Fast Idol, LA-based Black Marble reaches back through time to connect with the forgotten bedroom kids of the analogue era, the halcyon days of icy hooks and warbly synths. Harmonies are piped in across the expanse of space, and lyrics capture conversations that seem to come from another room, repeat an accusation overheard, or speak as if in sleep of interpersonal struggles distilled down to one subconscious phrase. At the same time, percussive elements feel forward and cut through the mix with toms counting off the measures like a lost tribe broadcasting through the bass and tops of a basement club soundsystem.

                                                          Melodies roll with the fizz and charm of Jacno and phrases repeated are electric torchlight ballads sung after hours in William Gibson’s San Francisco. ‘Somewhere’ opens in sombre herald, before dropping into a fast freeway tempo; the glassy synths and crisp beats cut through the anxious moods on ‘Bodies’ and ‘Try’ sits in a lineage with cult bands like Asylum Party. ‘The Garden’ is a journey through a post-apocalyptic cityscape, earthed by the pulse of a drum machine whereas ‘Ship To Shore’ could be a lost Oppenheimer Analysis B-side, and the album’s closer ‘Brighter and Bigger’ catches a sentiment like The Dadacomputer has learned to feel emotions. He captures the loneliness of Ray Bradbury’s atomic-era sci-fi and the apocalyptic but revolutionary spirit of Godard’s Sympathy for the Devil, as in ‘Preoccupation’, the beating heart of the album, which conjures ambivalent scenes of an empty world and the comfort to be found in a
                                                          shared humanity.

                                                          Emerging from the early 2000s New York synth scene, Black Marble carried on the tradition of early synthwave pioneers like Martin Dupont and Modern Art who repurposed synths once reserved for expensive studios and stadium rock superstars. Seeking to channel this spirit, Black Marble recalls the gauzy tape wow and flutter of The Membranes and the warbling VCO of Futurisk, carrying on a sound that seeks to channel the future while imprinting residue of the past.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          01. Somewhere
                                                          02. Bodies
                                                          03. Royal Walls
                                                          04. Try
                                                          05. The Garden
                                                          06. Say It First
                                                          07. Streetlight
                                                          08. Ceiling
                                                          09. Ship To Shore
                                                          10. Preoccupation
                                                          11. Brighter And Bigger

                                                          Blue Hours sees the much-loved folk-rock duo – made up of Andrew Davie and Kevin Jones – once again team up with producer Ian Grimble on what is one of their most personal records to date.

                                                          Speaking about the new album, Davie says: “Blue Hours is a kind of imaginary space you get into at night, a place where you process difficult things or where you try to figure everything out.”

                                                          Themes on the album include both self-reflection and mental health after both struggled with the latter in recent years. “It’s the main over-arching theme with this record,” Davie explains. The group, who have worked with mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) previously added: “It probably speaks to our struggles and hopefully many other people’s too. Men are not very good at talking. We’re not really taught how to – men have no idea how to talk about this stuff, certainly to each other.”

                                                          The pair describe the conceptual blue hours headspace that gives the new album its title as being “somewhere between a hotel, a mental health hospital, a bar that stays open later than anywhere else, a paradise, a dream, a nightmare and an endless sea of corridors and staircases leading you to rooms that represent memories – good, bad, happy or difficult.”

                                                          Despite the album’s challenging themes, it’s an album drenched in hope too. “We wanted this to be a celebration of music,” Jones continues. “I think that informed some of the bolder decision making on this record. At a time when music was so distant, it felt important to make an album that sounded hopeful, celebratory, ambitious and beautiful in spite of the heavy subject matter in some of the songs.” Jones adds: “It was almost like we needed to shout louder than before because we felt that there were more barriers between the audience and us. We needed something to transcend that.”

                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                          Barry says: This is another beautiful outing from Bear's Den, both orchestral and tender in equal measure. These are grand, bold pieces with a brittle and fragile core, both cathartic and touching.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          Side A
                                                          New Ways
                                                          Blue Hours
                                                          Frightened Whispers
                                                          Side B
                                                          All That You Are
                                                          Selective Memories
                                                          On Your Side
                                                          All The Wrong Places


                                                          Yesterday's Tomorrow Is Not Today

                                                            Screaming suburban blues straight from the pages of HeartattaCk magazine, Current exploded out of the early-’90s Midwestern emo scene in a fit of D.C. hardcore-inspired rage. Spread across three LPs, Yesterday’s Tomorrow Is Not Today compiles the quartet’s lone album, two EPs, split 7”s with Indian Summer and Chino Horde, miscellaneous compilation debris, and nine previously unissued alternates, including the infamous KLXU radio show. Remixed and mastered from the original tapes, Current’s complete discography is annotated in Leor Galil’s exhaustive survey, illustrated with period photos, flyers, and cut-n-paste sleeve art across 24 pages.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            Side A
                                                            1 Representation
                                                            2 Dial
                                                            3 Pave
                                                            4 Bag Of Threads
                                                            5 Two And A Dime
                                                            Side B
                                                            1 Ruin
                                                            2 Outside Is Better
                                                            3 Coliseum
                                                            4 She Can’t Write
                                                            5 Hark
                                                            6 Member
                                                            Side C
                                                            1 Basis
                                                            2 Repetition
                                                            3 Continued Rantings
                                                            4 Leech
                                                            5 Bastille
                                                            6 Frayed Ends
                                                            7 Overbearing
                                                            Side D
                                                            1 Member (Demo)
                                                            2 A Place
                                                            3 Past Time
                                                            4 Key
                                                            5 Monument
                                                            Side E
                                                            1 Could I
                                                            2 Slivered Lead
                                                            3 Come Down
                                                            4 Left At The Right
                                                            5 Happy As I Am
                                                            6 The River
                                                            Side F
                                                            1 Chairtied
                                                            2 Bag Of Threads (Instrumental)
                                                            3 Hark (KXLU Session)
                                                            4 Key (KXLU Session)
                                                            5 Monument (KXLU Session) 

                                                            Sex Pistols


                                                              If at first you don’t succeed, try again…

                                                              Sex Pistols 76/77, features no less than 80 alternate versions of tracks recorded between May 1976 and Sept 1977 that would help form the legendary album NMTB’s. This set includes 8 previously unreleased versions and 30 tracks available for the first time digitally.


                                                              The Sex Pistols as we know them, John, Paul, Steve and Glen, got together in the summer of 1975. It would be some 10 months before they first ventured into a recording studio with Chris Spedding, on May 15th 1976 at Majestic in London. Later that July they’d record first at Decibel and then at Riverside with Dave Goodman and subsequently at Landsdown and Wessex later that October. All these early recording sessions are included here, giving listeners the opportunity to hear just how the songs and the band’s sound evolved from the start.

                                                              During this period the band signed to EMI and also undertook sessions at their Manchester Square studio. Again these recordings are included on this set.

                                                              After issuing Anarchy In The UK, the adverse publicity around it and the band’s TV appearance (in place of Queen) on Bill Grundy’s ITV show on Dec 1st 1976, EMI would drop them on Jan 6th1977. The band kept the record company advance of £40K and promptly got together again with Dave Goodman at Eden and Gooseberry studios and carried on recording. Glen would depart in February and be replaced by Sid Vicious.

                                                              They then signed to A&M on March 9th (£150K), re-staging the signing outside Buckingham Palace the following day for the press. A&M quickly began pressing the single God Save The Queen for a March 25th release. 25K units were created but on release day A&M announced they’d pulled the single and dropped the band and would destroy the records. Meanwhile the band kept £75K in compensation and recording sessions continued.

                                                              Friday the 13th…..lucky for some? On Friday May 13 they signed to Virgin records and would continue recording right up until Sept 1977, with NMTB’s being released the following month.

                                                              76/77 shows just how NMTB’s came to be. There was no luck, instead inspiration, creativity and hard graft.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              Pretty Vacant
                                                              No Feelings (Take 1)
                                                              No Feelings (Unreleased Take 2)
                                                              No Feelings (Unreleased Take 3)
                                                              I Wanna Be Me
                                                              Pretty Vacant
                                                              Arnarch In The UK
                                                              No Feelings
                                                              Anarchy Un The UK
                                                              (Don't Gove Me) No Lip
                                                              (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
                                                              Johnny B Goode
                                                              Road Runner
                                                              Watcha Gonna Do About It?
                                                              Through My Eyes
                                                              No Fun (Full 7 Minute Version)

                                                              Anarchy In The UK (Instrumental (Manchester Square Backing Track)) [Mike Thorne Machester Square Studio Session Dec 11th 1976]
                                                              No Future (aka GSTQ) [Mike Thorne Machester Square Studio Session Dec 11th 1977]
                                                              Liar [Mike Thorne Machester Square Studio Session Dec 11th 1978]
                                                              Problems (Manchester Square Demos)) [Mike Thorne Machester Square Studio Session Dec 11th 1979]
                                                              God Save The Queen (Instrumental) [Mike Thorne Machester Square Studio Session Dec 11th 1980]
                                                              Pretty Vacant (Instrumental) [Mike Thorne Machester Square Studio Session Dec 11th 1981]
                                                              No Feelings (Instrumental (EMI Backing Tracks For TV)) [Mike Thorne Machester Square Studio Session Dec 11th 1982]
                                                              New York [Dave Goodman Eden Studio Mixes January 28th 1977 (recorded At Gooseberry Studios Jan 1977)]
                                                              Unlimited Edition (aka EMI) [Dave Goodman Eden Studio Mixes January 28th 1977 (recorded At Gooseberry Studios Jan 1977)]
                                                              Liar [Dave Goodman Eden Studio Mixes January 28th 1977 (recorded At Gooseberry Studios Jan 1977)]
                                                              Pretty Vacant [Dave Goodman Eden Studio Mixes January 28th 1977 (recorded At Gooseberry Studios Jan 1977)]
                                                              Problems [Dave Goodman Eden Studio Mixes January 28th 1977 (recorded At Gooseberry Studios Jan 1977)]
                                                              No Future (aka GSTQ) [Dave Goodman Eden Studio Mixes January 28th 1977 (recorded At Gooseberry Studios Jan 1977)]
                                                              God Save The Queen (Unreleased Instrumental ) [Dave Goodman Eden Studio Mixes January 28th 1977 (recorded At Gooseberry Studios Jan 1977)]
                                                              Pretty Vacant [Dave Goodman Riverside Studio Mixes 31/5/77 (Recorded At Denmark Street July 1976 But Mixed 1977)]
                                                              Seventeen [Dave Goodman Riverside Studio Mixes 31/5/77 (Recorded At Denmark Street July 1976 But Mixed 1977)]
                                                              Satellite [Dave Goodman Riverside Studio Mixes 31/5/77 (Recorded At Denmark Street July 1976 But Mixed 1977)]
                                                              No Feelings [Dave Goodman Riverside Studio Mixes 31/5/77 (Recorded At Denmark Street July 1976 But Mixed 1977)]
                                                              I Wanna Be Me [Dave Goodman Riverside Studio Mixes 31/5/77 (Recorded At Denmark Street July 1976 But Mixed 1977)]
                                                              Submission [Dave Goodman Riverside Studio Mixes 31/5/77 (Recorded At Denmark Street July 1976 But Mixed 1977)]
                                                              Anarchy In The UK [Dave Goodman Riverside Studio Mixes 31/5/77 (Recorded At Denmark Street July 1976 But Mixed 1977)]

                                                              Anarchy In The UK (Wessex Studios Rejected Version Oct. 1976) [Wessex Studio]
                                                              Did You Know Wrong (Alternative Vocal March 3rd 1977) [Wessex Studio]
                                                              17 (Alternative Vocal March April 21st 1977) [Wessex Studio]
                                                              Satellite (Rough Mix April 22 1977) [Wessex Studio]
                                                              Submission (Rough Mix April 22 1977) [Wessex Studio]
                                                              Holidays In The Sun (Rough Mix April 22 1977) [Wessex Studio]
                                                              EMI (Rough Mix April 22 1977) [Wessex Studio]
                                                              17 (Rough Mix May 16 1977) [Wessex Studio]
                                                              Holidays In The Sun (Alterntive Mix June 11 1977) [Wessex Studio]
                                                              Body (Demo & The Banter June 11 1977) [Wessex Studio]
                                                              Submission (Alternative Mix August 12 1977) [Wessex Studio]
                                                              EMI (Outtake - March 3rd 1977 ) [Chris Thomas NMTB Sessions, Wessex Studios March - August 1977]
                                                              God Save The Queen (Outtake - March 3rd 1977 ) [Chris Thomas NMTB Sessions, Wessex Studios March - August 1978]
                                                              Bodies (Outtake - Instrumental June 18th 1977 ) [Chris Thomas NMTB Sessions, Wessex Studios March - August 1979]
                                                              EMI (Outtake - August 12th 1977 ) [Chris Thomas NMTB Sessions, Wessex Studios March - August 1980]
                                                              Satellite (Outtake - August 12th 1977 ) [Chris Thomas NMTB Sessions, Wessex Studios March - August 1981]
                                                              Submission (Version 1 - Alternative Mix - August 12th 1977) [Chris Thomas NMTB Sessions, Wessex Studios March - August 1982]
                                                              EMI (Alternative Mix - April 22nd 1977) [Chris Thomas NMTB Sessions, Wessex Studios March - August 1983]
                                                              Seventeen (Alternative Mix - April 21st 1977) [Chris Thomas NMTB Sessions, Wessex Studios March - August 1984]
                                                              No Feelings (Alternative Mix - April 14th 1977) [Chris Thomas NMTB Sessions, Wessex Studios March - August 1985]
                                                              Submission (Version 2 - Alternative Mix - August 12th 1977) [Chris Thomas NMTB Sessions, Wessex Studios March - August 1986]
                                                              Belson Was A Gas (Demo) [John Boogie Tiberi Denmark Street Rehearsal Room, London, Sept 20th 1977]
                                                              Belson Was A Gas (Demo 2) [John Boogie Tiberi Denmark Street Rehearsal Room, London, Sept 20th 1978]

                                                              Seventeen (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              Satellite (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              Feelings (aka No Feelings) (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              Just Me (aka I Wanna Be Me) (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              Submission (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              Nookie (aka Anarchy In The UK (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              No Future (aka God Save The Queen) (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              Problems (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              Lots Of Fun (aka Pretty Vacant) (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              Liar (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              Who Was It (aka EMI) (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              New York (aka Looking For A Kiss) (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              Anarchy In The UK (Denmark Street Demo July 76) (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              Pretty Vacant (Denmark Street Demo July 76) (Spunk Version) [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]
                                                              No Fun (Unedited Version) (Spunk Version [Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc]

                                                              Various Artists

                                                              Mexican Summer: Five Years (Book And 10" Vinyl)

                                                                Fall 2013 marks the five-year anniversary of Mexican Summer and Software (Daniel Lopatin of Oneohtrix Point Never's Imprint), and with this milestone comes Mexican Summer: Five Years, a 256-page, 11”x11” hard-cover book limited to a one-time edition of 1,000 copies. The book includes unique and unseen art and ephemera, photos and written contributions from a host of Mexican Summer artists.

                                                                Designed by longtime collaborator Dan Schechter, Mexican Summer: Five Years features an embossed cloth cover, craft paper wrap, three interior paper stocks and an integrated 10” sleeve.

                                                                The sleeve houses a 10” record of unique collaborations from Bay Of Pigs (Spiritualized, Soldiers Of Fortune, and Neil Hagerty), Jorge Elbrose (Jorge Elbrecht and Ariel Pink), Autre Ne Veut and Fennesz, Quilt and Bobb Trimble, and The Lonely Sailor and Renée Mendoza Haran (members of Total Control, Lace Curtain & Ashrae Fax).

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                01. Jorge Elbrose (Jorge Elbrecht And Ariel Pink) - Called To Ring
                                                                02. Bay Of Pigs (Spiritualized, Soldiers Of Fortune And Neil Hagerty) - Bay Of Pigs
                                                                03. Bobb Trimble And Quilt - Starry Eyed Dreamer
                                                                04. Autre Ne Veut And Fennesz - Alive
                                                                05. The Lonely Sailor And Renée Mendoza Haran (members Of Total Control, Lace Curtain And Ashrae Fax) - Holdin' On

                                                                A Place To Bury Strangers

                                                                See Through You

                                                                  A Place to Bury Strangers defund post-punk orthodoxy with the most audacious and varied songwriting of their career on their sixth album, See Through You' on Oliver Ackermann's label, Dedstrange. Following up on 2021"s highly acclaimed Hologram EP, the rebooted lineup' vocalist/guitarist Oliver Ackermann plus drummer/vocalist Sandra Fedowitz and bassist John Fedowitz (both of Ceremony East Coast)' delivers an overclocked set of futuristic electronic punk music encoded with punishing industrial rhythms, swirling voltage-starved guitars and unclassifiable auditory annihilation. Across thirteen tracks recorded in seclusion throughout the nihilistic absurdity of the coronavirus pandemic, See Through You is proof-positive that the group hailed as 'The Loudest Band in New York' is still finding new ways to push the needle deeper in the red.

                                                                  Fans all over the globe know: Oliver Ackermann always brings surprises. The singer and guitarist of New York City’s A Place To Bury Strangers has been delighting and astonishing his audience for close to two decades, combining post-punk, noise-rock, shoegaze, psychedelia, and avant-garde music in startling and unexpected ways. As the founder of Death By Audio, creator of signal-scrambling stomp boxes and visionary instrument effects, he’s exported that excitement and invention to other artists who plug into his gear and blow minds. In concert, A Place To Bury Strangers is nothing short of astounding — a shamanistic experience that bathes listeners in glorious sound, crazed left turns, transcendent vibrations, real-time experiments, brilliant breakthroughs.

                                                                  And just as many of his peers in the New York City underground seem to be slowing down and settling in, Ackermann’s creativity is accelerating. He’s launched a label of his own: Dedstrange, dedicated to advancing the work of sonic renegades worldwide. He’s also refreshed the group’s lineup, adding bassist John Fedowitz and drummer Sandra Fedowitz, and the band has never sounded more current, or more courageous, or more accessibly melodic. The Hologram EP is the first release from the new lineup — and the first on Dedstrange — and it’s no overstatement to say that the reaction has been ecstatic. Ghettoblaster wrote that the band’s racket outpaced everything to emerge from New York City in the past decade. Brooklyn Vegan praised Ackermann’s “terrific, emotive” singing, and lauded the group’s recent commitment to foregrounding its melodies and lyrics. Pitchfork, Flood, AllMusic: they’ve all lined up to call Hologram an example of the best work of a tireless band with a deep discography and an unquenchable drive to create challenging, unprecedented music. A Place To Bury Strangers release their highly anticipated sixth album See Through You February 4, 2022 on their newly formed label Dedstrange.

                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                  Barry says: A thoroughly blazing, visceral return to their incendiary best for 'See Through You' from A Place To Bury Strangers. While 2018's 'Pinned' was undeniably brilliant, it had a little less of the industrial atmospherics and clashing, grinding groove that this has. A wonderful, soaringly heavy behemoth.

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  Side A
                                                                  1. Nice Of You To Be There For Me
                                                                  2. I’m Hurt
                                                                  3. Let’s See Each Other
                                                                  4. So Low
                                                                  5. Dragged In A Hole
                                                                  6. Ringing Bells
                                                                  7. I Disappear (When You’re Near)
                                                                  Side B
                                                                  8. Anyone But You
                                                                  9. My Head Is Bleeding
                                                                  10. Broken
                                                                  11, Hold On Tight
                                                                  12. I Don’t Know How You Do It
                                                                  13. Love Reaches Out

                                                                  Ariel Pink

                                                                  Dedicated To Bobby Jameson

                                                                    Los Angeles’s prodigal songwriting son Ariel Pink shares his eleventh studio album, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson. The album’s title makes a direct and heartfelt reference to a real-life L.A. musician, long presumed dead, who resurfaced online in 2007 after 35 reclusive years to pen his autobiography and tragic life story in a series of blogs and YouTube tirades.

                                                                    Standout tracks from Dedicated to Bobby Jameson include “Feels Like Heaven,” a lovelorn insta-classic paying tribute to the promise of romance, “Another Weekend,” which encapsulates the lingering euphoria of a regrettable weekend over the edge, “Dedicated to Bobby Jameson,” a rah-rah psych romp paying homage to L.A.’s punk history, and “Time to Live,” an ironic anti-suicide anthem that promotes survival as a form of resistance before devolving into a grungy, “Video Killed the Radio Star”-style breakdown that supposes life and death as being more or less the same fate and embraces the immortal anarchy of a rock song as an alternative to the prison of reality.

                                                                    Alternately contained and sprawling, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson is a shimmering pop odyssey that represents more astonishing peaks and menacing valleys in the career of a man who, through sheer originality and nerve, has become an American rock and roll institution. The album marks his first full-length release with the Brooklyn-based label Mexican Summer.

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    1. Time To Meet Your God
                                                                    2. Feels Like Heaven
                                                                    3. Death Patrol
                                                                    4. Santa's In The Closet
                                                                    5. Dedicated To Bobby Jameson
                                                                    6. Time To Live
                                                                    7. Another Weekend
                                                                    8. I Wanna Be Young
                                                                    9. Bubblegum Dreams
                                                                    10. Dreamdate Narcissist
                                                                    11. Kitchen Witch
                                                                    12. Do Yourself A Favor
                                                                    13. Acting

                                                                    DISC 2 (Deluxe Edition Only)
                                                                    1. Nighttime Is Great !
                                                                    2. Lil' Birdie Told Me
                                                                    3. Non-Sequitur Segues

                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                    Höga Nord 100 - The Effect Will Last Forever

                                                                      What better way to celebrate 100 releases than with a handmade box containing soul expanding music!? Höga Nord Rekords have reached an important goal and releases a rare box set containing all 12” from the HNRUK-series plus a new record from Birds, unique for this box. Except Birds, this compilation includes Dark Strands, High Boys, Vox Low, Timothy J. Fairplay, Fontän, Bird Of Paradise, Mythologen, Jamie Paton and Frak.

                                                                      The music is of course the main focus of all releases on Höga Nord Rekords but what birthday gift comes without a proper wrapping? This exclusive handmade box made in Norrmalms kartongfabrik in Stockholm, is a celebration to the Scandinavian Bronze age. You’ll find rock carvings like those on the artwork scattered over the land but mostly near Gothenburg, home of Höga Nord Rekords on the Swedish west coast.

                                                                      Archaeological evidence proves similarities in ornaments and pictures between the Nordic and European Bronze age, just like you find common features in the music released on our label. Though the acts in this compilation box come from all over Europe and beyond, they stem from an obscured and mysterious common source of escapism, purity and creativity.

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      Dark Strands - The Last Ride
                                                                      Dark Strands - We Own The Night
                                                                      Dark Strands - Black Dog
                                                                      Dark Strands - Wandering Star
                                                                      Vox Low - I'll Save You Anyway (Evelyne)
                                                                      Vox Low - I'm Coming To Your House (feat. Tarik Ziour)
                                                                      Vox Low - Loving Hell
                                                                      High Boys - Drunken Master
                                                                      High Boys - Down With Chaos
                                                                      High Boys - This Is The Captain Speaking
                                                                      High Boys - No Hope For A Sexual Revolution
                                                                      Timothy J. Fairplay - Mindfighter
                                                                      Timothy J. Fairplay - Nightmare City
                                                                      Timothy J. Fairplay - Lost In The Mirror Maze
                                                                      Timothy J. Fairplay - Jennifer Has Some Strange Ideas
                                                                      Fontän - Sen Sen No Sen (Red Axes Remix)
                                                                      Fontän - Mangsebung (Timothy J Fairplay Remix)
                                                                      Fontän - Gangri (Khjinda Remix)
                                                                      Fontän - Bardo (Mythologen Remix)
                                                                      Fontän - Shadows (Pardon Moi Remix)
                                                                      Birds Of Paradise - Tito
                                                                      Birds Of Paradise - Joy-Rides
                                                                      Birds Of Paradise - Smoking Holiday
                                                                      Birds Of Paradise - Breather Resist
                                                                      Mythologen - The Joy I Feel
                                                                      Mythologen - Canavan's Peckham Pool Club
                                                                      Mythologen - Blackheath
                                                                      Mythologen - House Of Parakeet
                                                                      Jamie Paton - Enhance 224
                                                                      Jamie Paton - State Line
                                                                      Jamie Paton - Disk Memories
                                                                      Jamie Paton - Leviathan Aftermath
                                                                      Frak - Corridor
                                                                      Frak - Stetoskop
                                                                      Frak - Micro Fisson
                                                                      Frak - Arcitect
                                                                      Birds - Solitary Dancers
                                                                      Birds - Night Time Life
                                                                      Birds - Dont Drink The Acid Water
                                                                      Birds - Young Blood

                                                                      Bob Mould

                                                                      Distortion: 1996-2007

                                                                        Distortion: 1996-2007 is the second in a series of four expansive vinyl box sets chronicling the solo career of legendary American musician Bob Mould. Bob Mould’s career began in 1979 with the iconic underground punk group Hüsker Dü before forming the beloved alternative rock band Sugar and releasing numerous critically acclaimed solo albums. Volume two in this new series covers 1996 to 2007, beginning with the 1996 self-titled solo album and continuing through to Mould’s 2006 collaboration with Rich Morel Blowoff. 

                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                        Barry says: As one of the most well regarded and enduring figureheads of the punk movement, this box set of Bob Mould's covers mid 90's to the mid 00's, some of his greatest work including his first solo album.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        LP 1: Bob Mould – Bob Mould
                                                                        Side A
                                                                        1. Anymore Time Between
                                                                        2. I Hate Alternative Rock
                                                                        3. Fort Knox, King Solomon
                                                                        4. Next Time That You Leave
                                                                        5. Egøverride
                                                                        Side B
                                                                        1. Thumbtack
                                                                        2. Hair Stew
                                                                        3. Deep Karma Canyon
                                                                        4. Art Crisis
                                                                        5. Roll Over And Die

                                                                        LP 2: Bob Mould – The Last Dog And Pony Show
                                                                        Side A
                                                                        1. New #1
                                                                        2. Moving Trucks
                                                                        3. Taking Everything
                                                                        4. First Drag Of The Day
                                                                        5. Classifieds
                                                                        6. Who Was Around?
                                                                        Side B
                                                                        1. Skintrade
                                                                        2. Vaporub
                                                                        3. Sweet Serene
                                                                        4. Megamanic
                                                                        5. Reflecting Pool
                                                                        6. Along The Way

                                                                        LP 3: Bob Mould – Modulate.
                                                                        (First Time On Vinyl)
                                                                        Side A
                                                                        1. 180 Rain
                                                                        2. Sunset Safety Glass
                                                                        3. Semper Fi
                                                                        4. Homecoming Parade
                                                                        5. Lost Zoloft
                                                                        6. Without?
                                                                        7. Slay/Sway
                                                                        Side B
                                                                        1. The Receipt
                                                                        2. Quasar
                                                                        3. Soundonsound
                                                                        4. Hornery
                                                                        5. Comeonstrong
                                                                        6. Trade
                                                                        7. Author's Lament

                                                                        LP 4 & 5: LoudBomb – Long Playing Grooves.
                                                                        (First Time On Vinyl, 45 Rpm)
                                                                        Side A
                                                                        1. Theme (It's A Perfect Day)
                                                                        2. Guys Like You
                                                                        3. Devil V. Angel
                                                                        Side B
                                                                        1. I Cannot Reverse You
                                                                        2. The Fall Collection
                                                                        3. This Is The Way I Want It
                                                                        Side C
                                                                        1. BB DuBois
                                                                        2. Factory Builders Convention
                                                                        3. NumberNine
                                                                        Side D
                                                                        1. Heaven's On Fire
                                                                        2. We Need The Truth
                                                                        3. Helium

                                                                        LP 6: Bob Mould – Body Of Song
                                                                        Side A
                                                                        1. Circles
                                                                        2. (Shine Your) Light Love Hope
                                                                        3. Paralyzed
                                                                        4. I Am Vision, I Am Sound
                                                                        5. Underneath Days
                                                                        6. Always Tomorrow
                                                                        Side B
                                                                        1. Days Of Rain
                                                                        2. Best Thing
                                                                        3. High Fidelity
                                                                        4. Missing You
                                                                        5. Gauze Of Friendship
                                                                        6. Beating Heart The Prize

                                                                        LP 7 & 8: BLOWOFF – BLOWOFF
                                                                        (First Time On Vinyl, 45 Rpm)
                                                                        Side A
                                                                        1. Hormone Love
                                                                        2. Here And Now
                                                                        3. Overload
                                                                        Side B
                                                                        1. Saturday Night All The Time
                                                                        2. Life With A View
                                                                        3. Man Keeps Winning
                                                                        Side C
                                                                        1. Lemonade
                                                                        2. Tag It
                                                                        3. Fallout
                                                                        Side D
                                                                        1. Get Inside With Me
                                                                        2. Beautiful
                                                                        3. The Ballad Of Mark Dirt

                                                                        LP 9: Distortion Plus: 1996-2007
                                                                        (First Time On Vinyl)
                                                                        Side A
                                                                        1. Dog On Fire (Demo)
                                                                        2. Wanted Was
                                                                        3. Eternally Fried
                                                                        4. Doubleface
                                                                        5. He Didn't
                                                                        Side B
                                                                        1. Castor And Pollux
                                                                        2. Surveyors And Cranes
                                                                        3. Love Escalator
                                                                        4. Lowdown Ground
                                                                        5. My Old Friend
                                                                        6. Nihil

                                                                        Bob Mould

                                                                        Distortion: 2008-2019

                                                                          Demon Records presents Distortion: 2008-2019, the third in a series of four expansive vinyl box sets chronicling the solo career of legendary American musician Bob Mould. Bob Mould’s career began in 1979 with the iconic underground punk group Hüsker Dü before forming the beloved alternative rock band Sugar and releasing numerous critically acclaimed solo albums. Volume three in this new series covers the period 2008-2019 and contains many of Bob Mould’s most celebrated recordings including Silver Age (2012), Patch The Sky (2016), and Sunshine Rock (2019).

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          LP 1 – District Line (2008)

                                                                          Side A

                                                                          1. Stupid Now
                                                                          2. Who Needs To Dream?
                                                                          3. Again And Again
                                                                          4. Old Highs, New Lows
                                                                          5. Return To Dust

                                                                          Side B

                                                                          1. The Silence Between Us
                                                                          2. Shelter Me
                                                                          3. Very Temporary
                                                                          4. Miniature Parade
                                                                          5. Walls In Time

                                                                          LP 2 - Life And Times (2009)

                                                                          Side A

                                                                          1. Life And Times
                                                                          2. The Breach
                                                                          3. City Lights (Days Go By)
                                                                          4. MM 17
                                                                          5. Argos

                                                                          Side B

                                                                          1. Bad Blood Better
                                                                          2. Wasted World
                                                                          3. Spiraling Down
                                                                          4. I'm Sorry, Baby, But You Can’t
                                                                          Stand In My Light Any More
                                                                          5. Lifetime

                                                                          LP 3 – Silver Age (2012)

                                                                          Side A

                                                                          1. Star Machine
                                                                          2. Silver Age
                                                                          3. The Descent
                                                                          4. Briefest Moment
                                                                          5. Steam Of Hercules

                                                                          Side B

                                                                          1. Fugue State
                                                                          2. Round The City Square
                                                                          3. Angels Rearrange
                                                                          4. Keep Believing
                                                                          5. First Time Joy

                                                                          LP 4 – Beauty & Ruin (2014)

                                                                          Side A

                                                                          1. Low Season
                                                                          2. Little Glass Pill
                                                                          3. I Don't Know You Anymore
                                                                          4. Kid With Crooked Face
                                                                          5. Nemeses Are Laughing
                                                                          6. The War

                                                                          Side B

                                                                          1. Forgiveness
                                                                          2. Hey Mr. Grey
                                                                          3. Fire In The City
                                                                          4. Tomorrow Morning
                                                                          5. Let The Beauty Be
                                                                          6. Fix It

                                                                          LP 5 – Patch The Sky (2016)

                                                                          Side A

                                                                          1. Voices In My Head
                                                                          2. The End Of Things
                                                                          3. Hold On
                                                                          4. You Say You
                                                                          5. Losing Sleep
                                                                          6. Pray For Rain

                                                                          Side B

                                                                          1. Lucifer And God
                                                                          2. Daddy's Favorite
                                                                          3. Hands Are Tied
                                                                          4. Black Confetti
                                                                          5. Losing Time
                                                                          6. Monument

                                                                          LP 6 – Sunshine Rock (2019)

                                                                          Side A

                                                                          1. Sunshine Rock
                                                                          2. What Do You Want Me To Do
                                                                          3. Sunny Love Song
                                                                          4. Thirty Dozen Roses
                                                                          5. The Final Years
                                                                          6. Irrational Poison

                                                                          Side B

                                                                          1. I Fought
                                                                          2. Sin King
                                                                          3. Lost Faith
                                                                          4. Camp Sunshine
                                                                          5. Send Me A Postcard
                                                                          6. Western Sunset

                                                                          LP 7 – Distortion Plus: 2008-2019 (2021, First Time On Vinyl)

                                                                          Side A

                                                                          1. Dear Rosemary (Foo Fighters)
                                                                          2. Father's Day (Butch Walker)
                                                                          3. I Don't Mind

                                                                          Side B


                                                                          Bob Mould

                                                                          Distortion Live

                                                                            Demon Records presents Distortion: Live, the fourth and final edition in a series of expansive vinyl box sets chronicling the solo career of legendary American musician Bob Mould. Bob Mould’s career began in 1979 with the iconic underground punk group Hüsker Dü before forming the beloved alternative rock band Sugar and releasing numerous critically acclaimed solo albums. The final volume in the series features 8LPs of live recordings from across Mould’s solo career.

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            LP 1 & 2
                                                                            Bob Mould
                                                                            Live At The Cabaret Metro, 1989

                                                                            Side A
                                                                            1. Sunspots
                                                                            2. Wishing Well
                                                                            3. Compositions For The Young And Old
                                                                            4. Heartbreak A Stranger
                                                                            5. Dreaming, I Am

                                                                            Side B
                                                                            1. If You're True
                                                                            2. Poison Years
                                                                            3. Sinners And Their Repentances
                                                                            4. Lonely Afternoon

                                                                            Side C
                                                                            1. Brasilia Crossed With Trenton
                                                                            2. See A Little Light
                                                                            3. Whichever Way The Wind Blows
                                                                            4. All Those People Know

                                                                            Side D
                                                                            1. Shoot Out The Lights
                                                                            2. Hardly Getting Over It
                                                                            3. Celebrated Summer
                                                                            4. Makes No Sense At All

                                                                            LP 3 & 4

                                                                            The Joke Is Always On Us, Sometime

                                                                            Side A
                                                                            1. Gift
                                                                            2. Company Book
                                                                            3. Hoover Dam
                                                                            4. After All The Roads Have Led To Nowhere

                                                                            Side B
                                                                            1. Where Diamonds Are Halos
                                                                            2. Slick
                                                                            3. Going Home
                                                                            4. Running Out Of Time
                                                                            5. Frustration

                                                                            Side C
                                                                            1. Changes
                                                                            2. Can't Help You Any More
                                                                            3. Helpless
                                                                            4. If I Can't Change Your Mind
                                                                            5. In The Eyes Of My Friends

                                                                            Side D
                                                                            1. Clownmaster
                                                                            2. Gee Angel
                                                                            3. Explode And Make Up
                                                                            4. The Slim

                                                                            LP 5 & 6


                                                                            Side A
                                                                            1. Moving Trucks
                                                                            2. Taking Everything
                                                                            3. First Drag Of The Day
                                                                            4. I Hate Alternative Rock
                                                                            5. Stand Guard

                                                                            Side B
                                                                            1. Classifieds
                                                                            2. Hear Me Calling
                                                                            3. Art Crisis
                                                                            4. Anymore Time Between

                                                                            Side C
                                                                            1. Skintrade
                                                                            2. Eternally Fried
                                                                            3. Roll Over And Die
                                                                            4. Lonely Afternoon

                                                                            Side D
                                                                            1. Egoverride
                                                                            2. Reflecting Pool
                                                                            3. Disappointed
                                                                            4. Hanging Tree
                                                                            5. Man On The Moon

                                                                            LP 7
                                                                            Bob Mould Band
                                                                            Live At ATP 2008

                                                                            Side A

                                                                            1. The Act We Act
                                                                            2. A Good Idea
                                                                            3. I Hate Alternative Rock
                                                                            4. See A Little Light
                                                                            5. Hoover Dam
                                                                            6. Circles

                                                                            Side B
                                                                            1. Paralyzed
                                                                            2. I Apologize
                                                                            3. Chartered Trips
                                                                            4. Celebrated Summer
                                                                            5. Makes No Sense At All
                                                                            6. New Day Rising

                                                                            LP 8

                                                                            Bob Mould
                                                                            Distortion Plus: Live

                                                                            Side A - Live At First Avenue, March 1995

                                                                            1. Fort Knox, King Solomon
                                                                            2. I Hate Alternative Rock

                                                                            Side B - Live At The 9:30 Club, 7th October 2005

                                                                            1. Could You Be The One?
                                                                            2. I Apologize
                                                                            3. Chartered Trips 

                                                                            The Lemonheads

                                                                            It’s A Shame About Ray - 30th Anniversary Edition

                                                                              Lemonheads’ seminal album ‘It’s A Shame About Ray’, lovingly reissued for it’s 30th Anniversary. The long overdue reissue includes a slew of extra material, including an unreleased ‘My Drug Buddy’ KCRW session track from 1992 featuring Juliana Hatfield, B-sides from singles ‘It’s A Shame About Ray’ and ‘Confetti’, a track from the ‘Mrs. Robinson/Being Round’ EP, alongside demos that are released for the first time on vinyl. 

                                                                              Described by music journalist and author Everett True as “A 30-minute insight into what it’s like to live hard and fast and loose and happy with like-minded buddies, fuelled by a shared love for similar bands and drugs and booze and freedom.”. ‘It's A Shame About Ray’ had a considerable impact back in those heady, carefree days of '92, the record perfectly captures Dando’s ability to effortlessly encapsulate teenage longing and lust over the course of a two-minute pop song.

                                                                              Singles such as 'My Drug Buddy' and the breezy perfect pop of the title track might stand out (plus the add-on of 'Mrs. Robinson' which later copies included), but the album's real strength lies in the tracks in-between; the truly fantastic 'Confetti' (written about Evan's parents' divorce), and the eye-wateringly casual acoustic cover of 'Frank Mills' (from the "hippie" musical Hair), a version that seems to resonate with every ounce of pathos and emotion felt for the lost 1960s generation. To hear Evan Dando sing lines like 'I love him/but it embarrasses me/To walk down the street with him/He lives in Brooklyn somewhere/And he wears his white crash helmet' is to truly appreciate how wonderful and tantalising pop music can be. Then, there's the rush of insurgency and brattishness on the wonderfully truncated 'Bit Part'; the topsy-turvy 'Ceiling Fan In My Spoon'... this was male teenage skinny-tie pop music on a level of brilliance with The Kinks, early Undertones, Wipers.

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              It's A Shame About Ray
                                                                              1 Rockin' Stroll
                                                                              2 Confetti
                                                                              3 It's A Shame About Ray
                                                                              4 Rudderless
                                                                              5 My Drug Buddy
                                                                              6 The Turnpike Down
                                                                              7 Bit Part
                                                                              8 Alison's Starting To Happen
                                                                              9 Hannah & Gabi
                                                                              10 Kitchen
                                                                              11 Ceiling Fan In My Spoon
                                                                              12 Frank Mills

                                                                              Essential Extras
                                                                              1 Mrs Robinson
                                                                              2 Shakey Ground
                                                                              3 My Drug Buddy (KCRW Session, 1992)
                                                                              4 Knowing Me, Knowing You (Acoustic)
                                                                              5 Confetti (Acoustic)
                                                                              6 Alison's Starting To Happen (Acoustic)
                                                                              7 Divan

                                                                              Demo Recordings
                                                                              1 It's A Shame About Ray (Demo)
                                                                              2 Rockin' Stroll (Demo)
                                                                              3 My Drug Buddy (Demo)
                                                                              4 Hannah & Gabi (Demo)
                                                                              5 Kitchen (Demo)
                                                                              6 Bit Part (Demo)
                                                                              7 Rudderless (Demo)
                                                                              8 Ceiling Fan In My Spoon (Demo)
                                                                              9 Confetti (Demo)

                                                                              Various Artists

                                                                              Ace Records 40

                                                                                A celebration of our 40years in business: 1975-2015 represented by seven vinyl singles in a luxury box/book.

                                                                                40 years on and, as the song says, we got to get right back where we started from. That was and still is the 7-inch vinyl 45rpm single. This traditional “album” contains seven 45s that could never fully represent the Ace story so far, but they touch on numerous aspects of what we have been doing all this time. There are unissued versions, highlights from our career, lost gems and an error corrected, but all truly terrific music. A small jukebox worth of recordings spanning the 20 years from which the bulk of Ace releases have been drawn. It is hard to believe only 20 years separate Etta James’ release for Modern from Joe Strummer’s first recording made for our Chiswick label, which in turn is now nearly 40 years old.

                                                                                After our dalliance with pop and rock, which lasted until the early 80s and wasn’t without its highpoints, we shifted our attention to recording London’s garage and psychobilly bands in the wake of licensing the Cramps’ catalogue. But the blues, its more active little brother rhythm & blues, even more active grandchild soul and wayward second cousin who got the funk have always been a major strand in what we do. We heard some of that rock’n’roll music, liked it and put a lot of it out, alongside its sweeter pop counterpart and teenage rebel nephew 60s psych and garage that contributed to the backbone of the past 40 years of releases.

                                                                                During that time, we have danced to many different tunes in many different styles. We jived, we twisted, then we shimmied (and shaked), glided elegantly across the northern soul dancefloor, pogoed and all the time shook a tail feather. These days it is more likely to be a soft shoe shuffle but the enthusiasm hasn’t dimmed. The dedicated team of Ace staff, engineers and consultants are still turning out a regular flow of great-sounding, handsomely packaged, articulately annotated CDs, with the odd LP and 45 thrown in for good measure. You can even download a lot of it, but unfortunately without the pretty pictures and sweet words as yet.

                                                                                They say the future is online and they may be right, but nothing can match that warm fuzzy feeling the whiff of wax brings.

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                Disc One
                                                                                1A. Confessin The Blues (Alt) BB King
                                                                                1B.Tough Lover (Alt) Etta James

                                                                                Disc Two
                                                                                2A. One Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette - Glen Glenn
                                                                                2B. Youre Under Arrest - The Shirelles

                                                                                Disc Three
                                                                                3A. Not My Girl - The Platters
                                                                                3B. No Other Guy - Lou Johnson

                                                                                Disc Four
                                                                                4A. Try A Little Tenderness (Alt) - Otis Redding
                                                                                4B. You Gotta Have Soul - James Carr

                                                                                Disc Five
                                                                                5A. Psychedelic Sally - Eddie Jefferson
                                                                                5B. Keep On Brother Keep On - Johnny King And Fatback Band

                                                                                Disc Six
                                                                                6A. I Got Mine - The Charlatans
                                                                                6B. Get The Picture (Alt) - The Scot Richard Case

                                                                                Disc Seven
                                                                                7A. Dont Cry For Me - The Zombies
                                                                                7B. Keys To Your Heart - The 101ers

                                                                                The The

                                                                                Radio Cineola: Trilogy

                                                                                  THE THE’s busy 2017 gathers pace with the announcement of the Radio Cineola: Trilogy box set, a run of screenings for The Inertia Variations documentary at the ICA in London and Home in Manchester, Watershed in Bristol and Showroom in Sheffield and their first live dates in 16 years. Released on Friday 20th October on Cineola, Radio Cineola: Trilogy will be available in three formats: a collector’s 3 x LP deluxe limited edition vinyl box set, a limited edition deluxe 3 x CD box set and a standard CD set. RADIO CINEOLA TRILOGY: A BROADCAST BY THE THE The three albums are based upon 12- or 24-hour time-cycles and as interlinked as Borromean rings. THE END OF THE DAY songs / interpretations / performances THE INERTIA VARIATIONS poetry / soundscapes / spoken word MIDNIGHT TO MIDNIGHT electronic scores / political commentaries / broadcasts.

                                                                                  The Trilogy features contributions from JG Thirwell, Thomas Leer, Johnny Marr, James Eller, Meja, Anna Domino, Zeke Manyika, Colin Lloyd Tucker, John Tottenham, Thomas Feiner, Liz Horsman, Charlotte Etc. Tom Bright, Gillian Glover, Willis, Johanna St Michaels, Jacob Sahlqvist, Kate Wilkins, Gerald Jenkins, William Engdahl, Neil Clark, David Edwards / Media Lens, Marian St Laurent, Lucinda Rogers, Neil Sanders, Abdi Assadi, Zoe Hepden, Eric Schermerhorn. Polly Maberly, Niall Greig Fulton and others across the discs.

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  Disc: 1
                                                                                  1. This Is The Day
                                                                                  2. Slow Emotion Replay
                                                                                  3. Weatherbelle
                                                                                  4. Gravitate To Me
                                                                                  5. Bugle Boy
                                                                                  6. Pillar Box Red
                                                                                  7. December Sunlight
                                                                                  8. Bluer Than Midnight
                                                                                  9. Love Is Stronger Than Death
                                                                                  10. Phantom Walls
                                                                                  11. We Can’t Stop What’s Coming
                                                                                  12. This Is The Night

                                                                                  Disc: 2
                                                                                  1. Introduction
                                                                                  2. Atmosfear
                                                                                  3. A Long Hard Lazy Apprenticeship
                                                                                  4. Fear Of Known Things
                                                                                  5. Atmosmear
                                                                                  6. Nothing
                                                                                  7. An Explanation
                                                                                  8. How Little How Far
                                                                                  9. Atmostear
                                                                                  10. Consolation
                                                                                  11. The Challenge
                                                                                  12. Atmoshear
                                                                                  13. Suddenly
                                                                                  14. The Rites Of Indolence
                                                                                  15. Yellow Afternoon Of The Soul
                                                                                  16. Tense Offering
                                                                                  17. Creation
                                                                                  18. Ceremony
                                                                                  19. A Time Of Reckoning
                                                                                  20. Art And Eros
                                                                                  21. Suddenly Again
                                                                                  22. Lying On My Side
                                                                                  23. A Wednesday In August
                                                                                  24. Molasses
                                                                                  25. That Time Of Day
                                                                                  26. I’m Not Tired
                                                                                  27. Taped
                                                                                  28. Chair, Sofa And Bed
                                                                                  29. Leaden Afternoon
                                                                                  30. Inaction Figure
                                                                                  31. The Island
                                                                                  32. Butterfly Springs
                                                                                  33. Rush Hour
                                                                                  34. Butterfly Pings
                                                                                  35. Droning
                                                                                  36. The Legacy
                                                                                  37. Drowler
                                                                                  38. The Shadows Of Purpose
                                                                                  39. Accomplishment
                                                                                  40. Time Moves, But Not I
                                                                                  41. Another Day
                                                                                  42. Butterfly Rings
                                                                                  43. Gaslight
                                                                                  44. Ruinous Tranquility
                                                                                  45. Beauty
                                                                                  46. Days
                                                                                  47. Inured To Otiosity
                                                                                  48. Blood Streams
                                                                                  49. Anomic Otiosity
                                                                                  50. The Measure Of A Man
                                                                                  51. Elsewhere
                                                                                  52. Alien Lungs
                                                                                  53. View From A Hill
                                                                                  54. Born Winner, Self-Made Loser
                                                                                  55. Dust Falls Regardless
                                                                                  56. Drench
                                                                                  57. Riveting Torpor
                                                                                  58. Drenched
                                                                                  59. The Prime Of Life
                                                                                  60. Entitlement
                                                                                  61. Lifelong Lean Period
                                                                                  62. Point Hope
                                                                                  63. Room With A Void
                                                                                  64. The Arrival
                                                                                  65. Figment To Filament
                                                                                  66. Constancy
                                                                                  67. Ode To Invented Melancholy
                                                                                  68. Improvidence
                                                                                  69. This Day
                                                                                  70. Feelings
                                                                                  71. Point Hope

                                                                                  Disc: 3
                                                                                  1. Introduction
                                                                                  2. Between The Living And The Dead
                                                                                  3. The Late Station
                                                                                  4. William Engdahl
                                                                                  5. Wireless Trip
                                                                                  6. Zoe Hepden
                                                                                  7. When Tomorrow Becomes
                                                                                  8. Night Flight
                                                                                  9. David Edwards
                                                                                  10. Same Face Different Mask
                                                                                  11. Wireless Ship
                                                                                  12. Abdi Assadi
                                                                                  13. Wargasm
                                                                                  14. Here Come The Drones
                                                                                  15. Secretum
                                                                                  16. Lucinda Rogers
                                                                                  17. Spyrograph
                                                                                  18. The Divided Selfie
                                                                                  19. Neil Sanders
                                                                                  20. Between Raindrops
                                                                                  21. Digital Dystopia
                                                                                  22. Marian St Laurent
                                                                                  23. Missing People
                                                                                  24. Radiophonique
                                                                                  25. Neil Clark
                                                                                  26. The Watchers And The Watched
                                                                                  27. The Invisible Empire
                                                                                  28. Wireless Blip
                                                                                  29. William Engdahl
                                                                                  30. The Future Isn't What It Used To Be
                                                                                  31. The New Normal
                                                                                  32. David Edwards
                                                                                  33. The Space Between Words
                                                                                  34. The Veil Of Amnesia
                                                                                  35. Goodnight
                                                                                  36. Every Secret Life

                                                                                  Bob Dylan

                                                                                  Travelin' Thru' 1967-96 The Bootleg Series Vol. 15

                                                                                    The latest chapter in Columbia/Legacy's highly acclaimed Bob Dylan Bootleg Series revisits Dylan's pivotal musical journeys to Nashville, from 1967 to 1969, focusing on previously unavailable recordings made with Johnny Cash & unreleased tracks from the John Wesley Harding, Nashville Skyline, & Self Portrait sessions. Disc One of Travelin' Thru, 1967 - 1969: The Bootleg Series Vol. 15 finds Dylan in Columbia's Studio A in Nashville recording alternate versions of compositions written for John Wesley Harding (October 17 and November 6, 1967) & Nashville Skyline (February 13-14, 1969) while introducing a new song "Western Road" (a Nashville Skylineouttake). Discs Two and Three of Travelin' Thru are centered around Dylan's collaborations with American music icon Johnny Cash including the much sought-after Columbia Studio A sessions & on-stage performances at the Ryman Auditorium (May 1, 1969) for the recording of the premiere episode of The Johnny Cash Show (originally broadcast on ABC-TV on June 7, 1969). Disc Three closes with tracks recorded on May 17, 1970 with Grammy Award-winning bluegrass banjo legend Earl Scruggs for the PBS television special, "Earl Scruggs: His Family & Friends" (originally aired January 1971). 

                                                                                    New Order

                                                                                    Education Entertainment Recreation (Live At Alexandra Palace)

                                                                                      Recorded live on 9th November 2018 (their only UK show of 2018), ‘education entertainment recreation’ is a brand new live album from London’s Alexandra Palace.

                                                                                      Sonically spectacular, spanning 2 hours 20 minutes, the show joyously mixed New Order classics, their latest acclaimed album ‘Music Complete’ and Joy Division’s finest.

                                                                                      Opening with ‘Singularity’ from ‘Music Complete’, they eased back in time to 1993’s ‘Regret’, to ‘Love Vigilantes’ from 1985’s ‘Low-Life’ to ‘Ultraviolence from 1983 debut ‘Power, Corruption and Lies’.

                                                                                      Later, their power over the dance floor was proven by sublime performances in the manner of the celebrated extended 12 inch remixes they are synonymous with - on ‘True Faith’, ‘Blue Monday’ and ‘Temptation’ before a Joy Division mini set to end.

                                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                      Barry says: This superb set from Alexandra Palace sees New Order in peak form, and perfectly captures the raw energy and unbelievable musicianship of this legendary band. A perfect mix of older material and new, with all the hits being perfectly placed throughout. Presented in gorgeous triple LP, double CD and even one format with a blue ray of the show! Essential.

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      2CD Set
                                                                                      CD 1:
                                                                                      1. Introduction
                                                                                      2. Singularity
                                                                                      3. Regret
                                                                                      4. Love Vigilantes
                                                                                      5. Ultraviolence
                                                                                      6. Disorder
                                                                                      7. Crystal
                                                                                      8. Academic
                                                                                      9. Your Silent Face
                                                                                      10. Subculture
                                                                                      CD 2:
                                                                                      1. BLT
                                                                                      2. Vanishing Point
                                                                                      3. Waiting For The Sirens Call
                                                                                      4. Plastic
                                                                                      5. Perfect Kiss
                                                                                      6. True Faith
                                                                                      7. Blue Monday
                                                                                      8. Temptation
                                                                                      9. Atmosphere
                                                                                      10. Decades
                                                                                      11. Love Will Tear Us Apart

                                                                                      2CD/ BluRay
                                                                                      2CD Tracklisting As Above
                                                                                      BluRay (Film)
                                                                                      1. Introduction
                                                                                      2. Singularity
                                                                                      3. Regret
                                                                                      4. Love Vigilantes
                                                                                      5. Ultraviolence
                                                                                      6. Disorder
                                                                                      7. Crystal
                                                                                      8. Academic
                                                                                      9. Your Silent Face
                                                                                      10. Tutti Fruitti
                                                                                      11. Subculture
                                                                                      12. BLT
                                                                                      13. Vanishing Point
                                                                                      14. Waiting For The Sirens Call
                                                                                      15. Plastic
                                                                                      16. Perfect Kiss
                                                                                      17. True Faith
                                                                                      18. Blue Monday
                                                                                      19. Temptation
                                                                                      20. Atmosphere
                                                                                      21. Decades
                                                                                      22. Love Will Tear Us Apart

                                                                                      3LP Set
                                                                                      LP 1 / Side 1
                                                                                      Love Vigilantes
                                                                                      LP 1 / Side 2
                                                                                      Your Silent Face
                                                                                      LP 2 / Side 1
                                                                                      Sub Culture
                                                                                      Vanishing Point
                                                                                      LP 2 / Side 2
                                                                                      Waiting For The Sirens’ Call
                                                                                      Perfect Kiss
                                                                                      LP 3 / Side 1
                                                                                      True Faith
                                                                                      Blue Monday
                                                                                      LP 3 / Side 2
                                                                                      Love Will Tear Us Apart

                                                                                      Charles Mingus

                                                                                      Jazz In Detroit / Strata Concert Gallery / 46 Selden

                                                                                        The radical discovery by Amir Abdullah of 5 two-track master tapes in the care of Hermine Brooks – widow of innovative Detroit drummer Roy Brooks – of the Charles Mingus Quintet recorded live in Detroit at Strata Concert Gallery is cause for some serious celebration. These electrifying recordings took place during Mingus’ week-long residency in February 1973. They were broadcast live by drummer/producer and broadcaster Robert “Bud” Spangler for WDET FM – a public radio station dedicated to jazz – from Kenny and Barbara Cox’s multi-purpose home for Strata Records at 46 Selden. Entrance to the gig was $5 dollars in advance and $6 on the door.

                                                                                        By the early Seventies Mingus’ militant musings, volatile character and hugely innovative musical offerings had already earned him global notoriety. He’d played with the Bird, Dizzy, Max Roach, Duke Ellington and had released universally acclaimed albums as a leader like ‘Blues & Roots’, Oh Yeah’ and ‘Black Saint & The Sinner Lady’. This gig – one of a Jazz In Detroit series that also included Keith Jarrett, Tribe and Herbie Hancock – took place a few months after the release of Mingus’ “third stream” masterpiece ‘Let My Children Hear Music’.

                                                                                        The music on these tapes is blazing. According to the late Roy Brooks, the band – which included himself and fellow Detroit trumpeter Joe Gardner - had not long returned from playing two tours in Europe. Fresh to the quintet was stellar pianist Don Pullen and listening to these recordings Pullen’s church-driven power, blues sensibility and harmonic sophistication perfectly complements the bassist’s own vision. On tenor saxophone we have the soulful and innovative John Stubblefield. Like Pullen he was a recent recruit. Unfortunately, the saxophonist’s time with Mingus lasted a mere 5 months: “I got in a fight with Mingus and I shouldn't have done that. After that, I couldn't get arrested in New York." Ironically, when Sue Mingus formed the Mingus Big Band in 1992, to perpetuate her husband's legacy, Stubblefield emerged as a talismanic presence in the ensemble until he passed in 2005.

                                                                                        Thanks to BBE, 180 Proof Records and Strata Records we can now tune in to WDET-FM and transport ourselves back to Detroit ’73, and get a taste of the furious energy and compositional sophistication of a unique and modern master at work in the most intimate of settings.

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        LP VERSION:

                                                                                        A1. Pithecanthropus Erectus
                                                                                        B1. Pithecanthropus Erectus (continued)

                                                                                        C1. The Man Who Never Sleeps
                                                                                        D1. Peggy's Blue Skylight

                                                                                        E1. Introduction By Bud Spangler / Celia
                                                                                        F1. Celia (continued)

                                                                                        G1. C Jam Blues
                                                                                        H1. C Jam Blues (continued)

                                                                                        I1. Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk
                                                                                        J1. Dizzy Profile

                                                                                        CD VERSION:

                                                                                        1. Pithecanthropus Erectus (Long Version)
                                                                                        2. The Man Who Never Sleeps
                                                                                        3. Peggy's Blue Skylight

                                                                                        1. Introduction By Bud Spangler / Celia
                                                                                        2. Bud Spangler Interview With Roy Brooks And Commentary

                                                                                        CD 3
                                                                                        1. C Jam Blues
                                                                                        2. Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk
                                                                                        3. Dizzy Profile

                                                                                        1. Noddin' Ya Head Blues
                                                                                        2. Celia (Alternate Take)

                                                                                        1. Dizzy Profile (Alternate Take)
                                                                                        2. Strata Gallery Announcement By Bud Spangler / Radio Broadcast WDET F

                                                                                        Kate Bush

                                                                                        Remastered Part II

                                                                                          Kate Bush is proud to present her CD Box II Studio Albums, boxset which spans the work of her later career and includes albums such as ‘Ariel’ and ‘Director’s cut’, right up to her most recent release - 2011’s ’50 Words for Snow’. This Massively anticipated release includes newly remastered versions of every studio album track, whilst the box comes exclusively with the Live Album ‘Before the Dawn’ in its original mastered form, and also much sought after 12” Mixes Rarities. The boxset comes in a CD package which creatively retains all of the album’s original artwork, whilst the exterior of the box sees a new artwork design reflecting the dynamics of the boxset’s classic and contemporary contents. 

                                                                                          The Creation

                                                                                          Creation Theory

                                                                                            Alan McGee was such a big fan of The Creation that he named his record label after the band, and named his own band after one of their songs – Biff Bang Pow. The Creation was formed in 1966 from beat combo The Mark Four, and was quickly signed to a production deal with Shel Talmy, The Who’s producer.

                                                                                            The first release was the urgent “Making Time”, which featured guitarist Eddie Phillips playing his guitar with a violin bow, two years before Jimmy Page started doing so. Whilst very popular in Germany, UK success largely eluded the band, and after a number of non-charting singles and line-up changes (including Ron Wood), the band broke up in 1968 without ever having released an album.

                                                                                            Phillips and lead vocalist Kenny Pickett recorded an album in 1987 that remained unreleased until 2004, and in 1995, following reunion concerts at Harlesden’s Mean Fiddler, Alan McGee and Joe Foster managed to persuade the original line-up to record a new album, for release on Creation Records.

                                                                                            Compiled with the assistance of Eddie Phillips himself, this limited edition deluxe media book presents a chronological history of the band. The four CDs include all eight single sides by The Mark Four (and three live reunion recordings from 1985), all of The Creation’s legendary recordings for Shel Talmy, in both mono and brand new stereo mixes, the 1987 album and the Creation Records album, and some solo recordings by Eddie from 1990 and 2011.

                                                                                            The DVD features a lengthy new interview with Eddie, filmed in October 2016, five songs from The Creation’s two live appearances on the legendary German 60s TV show “Beat Beat Beat” (from the original tapes, three songs appear on DVD for the first time), and 21 songs from the band’s two reunion concerts at the Mean Fiddler in the 90s.

                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                            CD 1:
                                                                                            Rock Around The Clock
                                                                                            Slow Down
                                                                                            Try It Baby
                                                                                            Crazy Country Hop
                                                                                            Hurt Me If You Will
                                                                                            I'm Leaving
                                                                                            Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
                                                                                            Going Down Fast
                                                                                            Making Time
                                                                                            Try And Stop Me
                                                                                            Painter Man
                                                                                            Biff Bang Pow
                                                                                            If I Stay Too Long
                                                                                            Cool Jerk
                                                                                            Like A Rolling Stone
                                                                                            Can I Join Your Band
                                                                                            Hey Joe
                                                                                            Life Is Just Beginning
                                                                                            Through My Eyes
                                                                                            How Does It Feel To Feel [UK Version]
                                                                                            Tom Tom
                                                                                            How Does It Feel To Feel [US Version]
                                                                                            I Am The Walker / Ostrich Man / Sweet Helen

                                                                                            CD 2:
                                                                                            Midway Down
                                                                                            The Girls Are Naked
                                                                                            Bony Moronie
                                                                                            Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
                                                                                            For All That I Am
                                                                                            Uncle Bert
                                                                                            Making Time [instrumental]
                                                                                            Painter Man
                                                                                            Biff Bang Pow
                                                                                            Sylvette [full length]
                                                                                            If I Stay Too Long
                                                                                            Cool Jerk
                                                                                            Like A Rolling Stone
                                                                                            Can I Join Your Band 
                                                                                            Hey Joe
                                                                                            Life Is Just Beginning
                                                                                            Through My Eyes
                                                                                            How Does It Feel To Feel [UK Version]
                                                                                            How Does It Feel To Feel [US Version]
                                                                                            Midway Down / For All That I Am
                                                                                            Instrumental # 1
                                                                                            How Does It Feel To Feel [instrumental]
                                                                                            CD 3:
                                                                                            Hurt Me If You Will
                                                                                            Got My Mojo Workin'
                                                                                            That's How Strong My Love Is
                                                                                            Lay The Ghost 
                                                                                            Psychedelic Rose
                                                                                            Radio Beautiful
                                                                                            Doing It My Way
                                                                                            Making Time [new Version]
                                                                                            Far From Paradise
                                                                                            White Knight
                                                                                            Spirit Called Love
                                                                                            The Jimi Hendrix Trilogy

                                                                                            CD 4:
                                                                                            Power Surge
                                                                                            Someone's Gonna Bleed 
                                                                                            Shock Horror
                                                                                            That's How I Found Love
                                                                                            Killing Song
                                                                                            Nobody Wants To Know
                                                                                            City Life
                                                                                            English Language
                                                                                            Free Men Live Forever
                                                                                            Ghost Division
                                                                                            Woodstock Daze
                                                                                            Good Times

                                                                                            Eddie Phillips Interview
                                                                                            Making Time
                                                                                            I'm A Man
                                                                                            That's How Strong My Love Is
                                                                                            Try And Stop Me
                                                                                            Painter Man
                                                                                            Try And Stop Me
                                                                                            Life Is Just Beginning
                                                                                            I'm A Man
                                                                                            If I Stay Too Long
                                                                                            Biff Bang Pow
                                                                                            Try And Stop Me
                                                                                            Life Is Just Beginning
                                                                                            I'm A Man 
                                                                                            If I Stay Too Long
                                                                                            Hey Joe
                                                                                            Making Time
                                                                                            Power Surge
                                                                                            Tom Tom 
                                                                                            That's How Strong My Love Is
                                                                                            How Does It Feel To Feel
                                                                                            Painter Man
                                                                                            Biff Bang Pow

                                                                                            Gary Bredow

                                                                                            The Belleville Three - High Tech Soul - The Creation Of Techno Music

                                                                                              "Bredow's cast of alumni - the holy trinity o f Atkins, May & Saunderson at the front - fill out this tale with passion, pride and, oddly for music of the future, nostalgia too." - Dazed and Confused

                                                                                              "An enjoyable education into the music, the city and the main players past, present and future." - DJ Magazine

                                                                                              The Membranes

                                                                                              Into The Eye!

                                                                                                Fresh from The Membranes biggest gig yet, a hometown sell out at The Ritz in Manchester, accompanied by a 25 piece choir; this DVD release sees various interviews from back in the day right up the present interspersed with live footage spanning nearly 35 years. The Membranes like to talk and get the facts right.


                                                                                                Brush Your Teeth

                                                                                                  Slow-motion-piano-punk with open stitches from Munich-based female duo akin to CocoRosie / Scout Niblett / Moldy Peaches

                                                                                                  One third piano, one third converted drums, one third singing sewing machines, talking skirts, buzzing laser guns und clacking typewriters. The Munich-based Duo beißpony reveal what it sounds like when a singer-songwriter and textile artist with roots in the riot-grrrl and feminist d.i.y-movement join forces. Laura hails from the singer-songwriter and antifolk-scene.

                                                                                                  They used the facilities to record the first couple of songs for their debut album “Brush Your Teeth" in a one- week kamikaze-recording session with a lot of ice cream. The final part of the album was recorded with the Zork Free Arts Lab in an abandoned police training building. Over the years, beißpony have played live shows in Italy , Austria and Germany, at festivals and in art galleries. They combine their shows with imaginative fashion und art performances and surprise their audience time and again.

                                                                                                  Fabian Zweck and Stefan Dorner produced the album; Florian Andreas Betz and Klaus Erich Dietl are also part of the bustling collective, doing artwork and occasionally joining in with the performances.

                                                                                                  Features cover of 'Diane' by Husker Du.

                                                                                                  Maximo Park

                                                                                                  As Long As We Keep Moving

                                                                                                    Maximo Park release this live album spanning their six albums to date. "Get High (No, I Don’t)" and "What Equals Love?" appear from latest album "Risk To Exist", as does Top 20 single "Books From Boxes", and the beloved "Going Missing" B-Side "A19". Much-loved on record, the band are famed for reaching new levels of dynamism, energy and excitement in a live environment. Many fan-favourites are given such life in this new release. Mixed by Adrian Bushby, he captures the band at the peak of their powers, showcasing what has made them such a popular live act over the last 14 years.

                                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                    1. Get High (No, I Don’t)(Recorded Live At Vada Studios)
                                                                                                    2. I Want You To Stay (Recorded Live At Vada Studios)
                                                                                                    3. Girls Who Play Guitars (Recorded Live At Vada Studios)
                                                                                                    4. Questing, Not Coasting (Recorded Live At Vada Studios)
                                                                                                    5. The National Health (Recorded Live At Vada Studios)
                                                                                                    6. A19 (Recorded Live At Vada Studios)
                                                                                                    7. What Equals Love? (Recorded Live At Vada Studios)
                                                                                                    8. Limassol (Recorded Live At Vada Studios)
                                                                                                    9. Midnight On The Hill (Recorded Live At Vada Studios)
                                                                                                    10. Books From Boxes (Recorded Live At Vada Studios) 



                                                                                                      As a response to China's astonishing economic progress over the last ten years its often claimed that the country still lacks a "global brand". Well, it may not have the same visibility as Coke or Nike just yet, but in the past few years the FM3 Buddha Machine has become a "lifestyle product" of choice throughout the world. From its humble origins, the Buddha launched with a happy synchronicity coinciding with early patronages from Mr. Ambient, Brian Eno, and the wildly enthusiastic Alan Bishop of Seattle's ground-breaking Sublime Frequencies organisation. Progress was rapid as the Buddha Machine moved through into more advanced versions, even a hyper-rare edition made of Pu'er tea. It became the meditative tool of choice amongst the intercontinental super-hip and a ceremonial plaything for those in the know. Now co-conspirators Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian have brought their baby back home opening up its embedded loops for remix, re-making and reversioning by the cream of China's contemporary musicians, from their old friend superstar Dou Wei, to the 8bit wunderkind Sulumi aka Sun Dawei through to the legendary Huan Qing, Sichuanese instrument-maker, field recordist and maverick musician. The result is a delightful kaleidoscope of what is best in the approach of Chinese musicians today, the notion of re-use of elements is integral to the Chinese culture and this shines through in this marvellous new collection.
                                                                                                      (Steve Barker - BBC On the Wire & The Wire magazine)

                                                                                                      HeXieFu comes as a worldwide limited edition of 2000 copies featuring a re-usable and re-sealable gold foil package, commemorative FM3 coin, a series of individually numbered FM3 "VIP" cards and gold metallic FM3 sticker.The packing, design and even name of HeXieFu continue FM3's guiding design principle of using items from our daily life and repurposing them for the music and art world. HeXie means "Harmony" and Fu is one of the most used characters in the Chinese vocabulary. It means "good fortune" or “luck" and Fu stickers are placed on doors and walls across the land during the Chinese Lunar New Year. The gold foil packaging is normally used for storing one of China's greatest joys: Oolong tea. Our commemorative coins are cast in metal from the very same factory that makes belt buckles, rings, necklaces and other metal items for the world's leading fashion labels. Your coin could have been a Gucci! And our plastic, members-only "VIP" cards - ubiquitous in status-concious modern China- pay tribute to the colours of the original Buddha Machines.

                                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                      1. Zi Yue - BenSheng
                                                                                                      2. Top Floor Circus - Faster And Faster
                                                                                                      3. Huang Jin – TongYanJuGu
                                                                                                      4. Luo Nanli (B6) – YuQiuYu
                                                                                                      5. Da Wang Gang - CaiShenMen
                                                                                                      6. Walnut Room – JieXie
                                                                                                      7. Li Jianhong-Buddha Machine In Li Family Village
                                                                                                      8. Dou Wei – HeWuTi
                                                                                                      9. Wan Xiaoli-TianLiangHaoGeQiu
                                                                                                      10. Sun Dawei (Sulumi) – ChuYuLiXing
                                                                                                      11. Huan Qing - GuangWu Road #108
                                                                                                      12. Zhang Quan - LiuShengHuo
                                                                                                      13. Lim Giong – ShengYiLe
                                                                                                      14. Li Daiguo And Liang Yiyuan - TongZhi, QingWen, Ni ZheJian JiaSha Na'er MaiDe?
                                                                                                      15. Du Wei - Lotus Sleeper

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