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Buzz-worthy post-punk outfit HighSchool continue their ascendant 2024 with the release of their highly-awaited second studio EP, Accelerator.

Collating singles ‘August 19’, ‘Doesn’t Matter’ and ‘She Took You to Narnia’, HighSchool’s second EP builds seamlessly on the sounds of their 2021 cult-classic debut Forever At Last.

Having spent the intervening years polishing their craft across Melbourne and their adopted home of London, Accelerator was produced by rising producer Finn Billingham, mixed by GRAMMY-winning engineer Philippe Weiss (Earl Sweatshirt, Nas, Drake) and mastered by Blur and Depeche Mode producer Ben Hillier.

The resulting five-track collection is suffused with emotionally charged and elliptical songwriting, conjuring the tangible aura of the band’s post-punk forebears as filtered through a lens of contemporary lo-fi bedroom pop.


1. August 19
2. Doesn’t Matter
3. She Took You To
4. Narnia
5. Heaven’s Gate
6. Mondo Cane

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