We love a good compilation here at Piccadilly towers and here's 20 of the best from 2022.

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Piccadilly Records Compilation 2022
Vinyl fans rejoice! We’re delighted to announce that we’re once again, after a year’s hiatus, releasing a EOY compilation LP.
On classic black vinyl at the bargain price of £11.99!
Released on December 9th the
'Piccadilly Records Compilation 2022' is available to order here now.
And don't forget our super deluxe perfect bound 92 page full colour End Of Year Review Booklet is available now too, beautifully designed yet again by Mark Brown Studio, you can pick up a physical copy here, free instore or view online here.

1 - Various Artists

Luke Una Presents É Soul Cultura - Special Piccadilly Edition

    With some of the best DJs and selectors there is a certain mysterious sound or underlying feeling which unites the music they play, regardless of genre, year or tempo. Luke Una is a master of telling a story through music and this compilation is a perfect example of his musical alchemy in action. Featuring tracks from Yusef Lateef, Airto Moreira, Crooked Man, Henri Texier and many more, it is a collection of new, old, rare and under-discovered music from around the world, all united by Luke under the banner of "E-Soul Cultura".

    It's best described by Luke himself, who writes: "As the 5AM city sleeps and the strobe lights are slowly turned off, we gather on the wrong side of town in a transcendental journey alone together. We are the late night disenfranchised holding on in various after parties, flats, lofts, random kitchens and basements into the outer cosmos with É Soul Cultura. Music from exotic tear jerkers, Afro-spiritual jazz, cosmic Brazilian celestial grooves, machine street soul, dark horses, lost B-sides, £1 bargain-bin bombs, hidden gems, late night Italo dubbing, deep velvet N.Y.C garage, bass buggin sonic futurism, wrong speed 33BPM pitched up +8 new beat, majestic sunset strings, sweet vocals from heaven, no half steppin jazz dancing in outer-space and odd numbers. Yes… magical moments, together, holding on in witness protection suburban cul-de-sacs and Castle Court flats. Cosmic É high, 3000ft above the city getting evangelical to murky, wonky timeless beautiful music. This thing of ours dreaming of better days. Fail we may, sail we must, the sun will come up again." For anyone who has enjoyed his epic 5 hour shows on Worldwide FM, you know what to expect from the man who is Luke Una. Variety and quality all the way. 


    1. Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti – Eva
    2. Chene Noir - Le Train
    3. Metropolis - Every Time I See Him
    4. The Brand New Heavies Featuring N'Dea Davenport – Stay This Way (The Lunar Dub)
    5. Typesun - The P.L. (Extended Edit)
    6. King Errisson - Space Queen
    7. Yusef Lateef - Robot Man
    8. Daniel Humair, Francois Jeanneau, Henri Texier - Le Cyclope
    9. Airto Moreira - O Galho Da Roseira (The Branches Of The Rose Tree)
    10. Francisco – Wache
    11. Nar'Chiveol - Apocalypse Now Ho
    12. On - Southern Freeez
    13. Soylent Green - After All

    2 - Various Artists

    Garage Psychédélique (The Best Of Garage Psych And Pzyk Rock 1965-2019)

      Two-Piers, the label that brought you ‘Pop Psychédélique (The Best of French Psychedelic Pop 1964-2019)’ bring you the second instalment in the series ‘Garage Psychédélique (The Best of Garage Psych and Pzyk Rock 1965-2019)’. A thrill a minute dive into the crazy awesome world of Garage Psychedelic Rock.

      From the Psych sound explosion onto the Underground club scene in the US and UK in the mid 1960s, its discovery by a wider audience via the exceptional Nuggets and Pebbles compilation series in the 1970-1980s. Through its mainstream revival with the Garage sound of the late 1990- early 2000s, to the current crop of exceptional bands flying the Garage Psych flag today, ‘Garage Psychédélique’ takes you on a journey and gives you a little taste of some of the finest music from the scene and the bands that blazed a trail for others to follow…..Sit back and enjoy the ride!

      From the opening bars of The Sonics ‘Have love Will Travel’ through the Psych workout that is Count Five’s ‘Psychotic Reaction’ to the joys of 60s Beat Psych groups from the US such as The Paragons, The Preachers, The Strangeloves, The Squires, and the eccentric stylings of The Monks. The album careers along at a blistering pace of Garage Psych brilliance, jammed packed full of Underground floor fillers a plenty.

      US legendary underground acts such as The Electric Prunes, The Chocolate Watch Band and MC5 all deliver classic tracks for the cause, and singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson even makes a foray into the psych rock sound with ‘Jump into the Fire’.

      In recent years such bands as Thee Oh Sees, Moon Duo and Allah-Las from the US have taken the Garage Psych influence and 60s sound and made it their own. A whole crop of bands such as White Hills, Gnod and Goat from the scene have evolved the music into a heavier ‘Pyzk Rock’ feel with a darker and heavier vibe, but crucially still with the joyous undertones that the scene brings to its devotees.

      The Garage Psych sound has influenced groups from around the globe with bands like Liverpool’s The Stairs ‘Weed Bus’, Scotland’s finest The Poets with ‘That’s the Way It’s Gotta Be’, The Bogeymen, a largely undiscovered 90s Psych Hammond band from France with ‘Electrocution’. Hailing from Sweden Goat bring us ‘Gathering of Ancient Tribes’ and The Hives their dancefloor anthem ‘Main Offender’. From Perth, Australia Pond’s Psych leanings on ‘Fantastic Explosion of Time’ are clear to see. Finally, Kevin Parker’s band Tame Impala were very influenced by the whole garage psych sound in their early band incarnation, as perfectly showcased here on the epic wig out that is ‘Half Full Glass of Wine’ that closes the album.

      This isn’t meant to be a ‘crate diggers’ album or a compilation of ‘obscure hard to find tracks’ to out-do your mates. It is quite simply a celebration of the Garage Psychédélique scene and a chance to revel in its brilliance and dance around your kitchen. If it means you go down a rabbit warren of discovery to unearth more gems and brilliant bands from the Garage Psych scene then job done! 


      2LP Vinyl Tracklist:
      A1) The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel
      A2) Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
      A3) The Paragons - Abba
      A4) Kim Fowley - The Trip
      A5) The Preachers - Who Do You Love **
      A6) The Strangeloves - Night Time
      A7) The Monks - Oh, How To Do Now
      A8) The Bogeymen - Electrocution
      B1) Harry Nilsson - Jump Into The Fire (Single Version)
      B2) The Eyes - When The Night Falls
      B3) 13th Floor Elevators - Reverberation (Doubt)
      B4) The Poets - That’s The Way It’s Gotta Be
      B5) The Squires - Going All The Way
      B6) The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
      B7) The Chocolate Watch Band - I’m Not Like Everybody Else
      B8) MC5 - Gotta Keep Movin’
      C1) The Stairs - Weed Bus
      C2) The Hives - Main Offender
      C3) Pond - Fantastic Explosion Of Time
      C4) Novella - Somethings Must Change
      C5) Thee Oh Sees - Web
      C6) Allah-Las - Catamaran
      D1) Moon Duo - Eye 2 Eye
      D2) White Hills, Gnod - Run-a-Round **
      D3) Goat - Gathering Of Ancient Tribes
      D4) Tame Impala - Half Full Glass Of Wine
      (** Exclusive To Vinyl)

      CD Tracklist:
      1) The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel
      2) Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
      3) The Paragons - Abba
      4) Kim Fowler - The Trip
      5) The Strangeloves - Night Time
      6) The Monks - Oh, How We Do Now
      7) The Bogeymen - Electrocution
      8) Harry Nilsson - Jump Into The Fire (Single Version)
      9) The Eyes - When The Night Falls
      10) 13th Floor Elevators - Reverberation (Doubt)
      11) The Poets - That’s The Way It’s Gotta Be
      12) The Squires - Going All The Way
      13) The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
      14) The Chocolate Watch Band - I’m Not Like Everybody Else
      15) MC5 - Gotta Keep Movin’
      16) The Stairs - Weed Bus
      17) The Hives - Main Offender
      18) Pond - Fantastic Explosion Of Time
      19) Novella - Somethings Must Change
      20) Thee Oh Sees - Web
      21) Allah-Las - Catamaran
      22) Moon Duo - Eye 2 Eye
      23) Goat - Gathering Of Ancient Tribes
      24) Tame Impala - Half Full Glass Of Wine

      3 - Various Artists

      Music For The Stars (Celestial Music 1960-1979)

        "Music For The Stars is a collection of songs that may lend themselves to the end of the night in headphones, for me it’s an Ode to Horsenden Hill in West London, where we used to gather of an evening with the compilation tapes we had made introducing each other to new songs which we found; songs some of which would remain with us forever, we would sit there till late overlooking the West End’s City Lights but could lay back and watch the stars." - Ruben Windflower

        From the Two-Piers label that brought you the acclaimed ‘Pop Psychédeliqué (The Best of French Pop 1964-2019) comes new compilation ‘Music for the Stars (Celestial Music 1960-1979), a collection of laid back, late night songs perfect for lying back, losing yourself in the moment and just staring at the stars. Includes tracks from legends such as Willie Nelson, Lonnie Liston Smith, and Nina Simone, the English folk sound of Bill Fay and Kevin Ayres, the tortured genius of Tim Buckley, from the 60’s West Coast scene The Electric Prunes, to the sonic sounds of Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, and the soulful beauty of Shuggie Otis.

        From the beginning of the evening with Alexander “Skip” Spence, until later that night when Willie Nelson may end a tape and it’s time to walk home - sit back and lose yourselves in Music for The Stars.


        Laura says: As we drift from Summer to Autumn, and the nights draw in, this compilation provides a perfect soundtrack. Pour yourself a glass of something nice and lie back and watch the stars....


        A1. Alexander 'Skip' Spence - Broken Heart
        A2. Fred Neil - I've Got A Secret (Didn't We Shake Sugaree)
        A3. John Fahey - Jesus Is A Dying Bedmaker
        A4. Bert Jansch - Poison
        B1. Roedelius - Balsam
        B2. Shuggie Otis - Jennie Lee
        B3. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Observatory Crest
        B4. Kevin Ayres - May I?
        B5. The Electric Prunes - Holy Are You
        C1. Eden Ahbez - Edens Island
        C2. Nina Simone - Come Ye
        C3. Damon - The Night
        C4. Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Sais (Egypt)
        D1. Kathy Smith – It’s Taking So Long
        D2. Tim Buckley - Buzzin' Fly
        D3. Bill Fay - I Hear You Calling
        D4. Gene Clark - With Tomorrow
        D5.Willie Nelson - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

        4 - Various Artists

        Bob Stanley And Pete Wiggs Present Fell From The Sun

          “Fell From The Sun” gathers the best of the 98bpm records that soundtracked the summer of 1990. It has been compiled by Bob Stanley, whose own group Saint Etienne makes an appearance alongside acknowledged classics (Primal Scream’s ‘Higher Than The Sun’) and forgotten beauties (Soul Family Sensation’s ‘I Don’t Even Know If I Should Call You Baby’).

          1989 had been a long hot summer, but 1990 felt longer and hotter. Since the house music explosion of 1987, Britain had had a whistle in its mouth, and it needed a lie down. February 1990 brought two records that were made to accompany the sunrise and would shape the immediate future: The KLF’s “Chill Out” was a continuous journey, a woozy, reverb-laden mix; and Andrew Weatherall’s drastic remix of a Primal Scream album track – ‘Loaded’ – slowed down the pace on the dancefloor itself, right down to 98 beats per minute.

          Within weeks of ‘Loaded’ and “Chill Out” emerging, a whole wave of similarly chilled, floaty, mid-tempo records appeared. The charts were full of chugging Soul II Soul knock-offs, but further out were amazingly atmospheric records such as the Grid’s ‘Floatation’, which married the new-age relaxation method du jour with Jane Birkin-like breathy sighs; BBG’s ‘Snappiness’, which was all sad synth pads and Eric Satie piano; and the Aloof’s ‘Never Get Out Of The Boat’, which re-imagined Apocalypse Now as if it had been shot in Uxbridge.

          “Fell From The Sun” gathers the best of the 98bpm records that soundtracked the summer of 1990. It has been compiled by Bob Stanley, whose own group Saint Etienne makes an appearance alongside acknowledged classics (Primal Scream’s ‘Higher Than The Sun’) and forgotten beauties (Soul Family Sensation’s ‘I Don’t Even Know If I Should Call You Baby’).

          This was a modernist sound, grabbing bits of the past, the feel of the immediate now, and creating something entirely new. There was a notable 90s-does-60s vibe, a neo-psychedelia that didn’t involve guitars. For a moment, or at least for a summer, it felt like the perfect future had already arrived. “Fell From The Sun” encapsulates that moment.


          Matt says: Mega comp of comedown downbeat, sunrise indie-dance and woozy morning moods; curated by our good friends and musical heroes Pete Wiggs and Bob Stanley who really seem to know how to organize a collection with sincere and heartfelt sentiment. Unmissable!


          1. HIGHER THAN THE SUN (HIGHER THAN THE ORB)(Extended Mix) - Primal Scream
          2. IT COULD NOT HAPPEN (Essential Trance Hall Mix) - Critical Rhythm Feat Jango Thriller & Vandal
          3. CASCADES (Hypnotone Mix) - Sheer Taft
          4. AFRIKA (Love And Laughter Remix) - History Feat Q-Tee
          5. FLOATATION (Original Version) - The Grid
          6. SPEEDWELL (Radio Edit) - Saint Etienne
          7. FALLEN (Album Version) - One Dove
          8. TEMPLE HEAD (Pacific Mix - Airwaves) – Transglobal Underground
          9. JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE (Electro Instrumental Mix) - Massonix
          10. U MAKE ME FEEL (Running Water Aka Workhouse Mix) - Elsi Curry
          11. I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF I SHOULD CALL YOU BABY (Marshall Jefferson Symphony Mix) – Soul Family Sensation
          12. SNAPPINESS (7” Edit) - BBG
          13. NEVER GET OUT THE BOAT (The Flying Mix) - The Aloof
          14. SPIRITUAL HIGH (The Moodfood Megamix) – Moodswings

          5 - Various Artists

          Paul Hillery Presents Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours Vol. 1

            For volume one in the series, Paul has compiled nineteen tracks that represent the journey he’s been on with the Folk Funk and Trippy Troubadours sound to date. There’s music here that has never seen the light of day, demo versions that never made the cut, new exclusive material and beloved classics from the FFTT vaults. The compilation is a sonic landscape of canyon rock, hot tub soul, Frisco folk, Balearic breeze and trippy troubadourial treasures, all lovingly handpicked for the series.

            To whet people's appetites for this alluring funky, psychedelic collection, do listen to a first single in form of 'Sweet Sweet Stay A While' by American singer songwriter Jeb Loy Nichols above. Dubbed ‘The high priest of country cool’ by Rolling Stone Magazine, Nichols was raised on bluegrass and country in Missouri, lived in New York in the late 70s during the birth of hip hop and rap and shared a squat in the early '80s with The Slits' Ari Up, Adrian Sherwood and Neneh Cherry in post punk London. All meaning that his complete disregard for genre purity have been one of Nichols biggest influences, which is there in great abundance on the soulful 'Sweet Sweet Stay A While'.

            More about dj and curator Paul Hillery
            Paul has carried his record boxes to many a venue and played alongside The Polyphonic Spree, Arthur Lee and Love, Bonnie Dobson, Spiritualized, 4 Hero, Happy Mondays, Simian, The Bees, Julian Cope, Courtney Pine and many, many more. He has also graced the turntables at Spiritland, Refuge, Festival No.6, Lunar Festival, Edinburgh Festival and Psychemagik’s Magik Forest to name a few and has supplied guest mixes for radio stations in South America, the USA, Europe and all over the UK.

            Over to Paul to talk more about the compilation here:
            “So, what is this ‘Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours’ thing anyway? Well, it’s tricky to put a finger on. Folk-funk had been around for a while, so I added ‘and Trippy Troubadours’ to give me a little wiggle room from the genre police. To me, the folk- funk groove sounds like it has one leg shorter than the other; let’s call it a funky limp. ‘Feel the Spirit’ by Heaven & Earth, ‘Taking So Long’ by Kathy Smith, ‘Mountain Song’ by Penny Nichols, and ‘Wooden Ships’ by Christine Harwood are all great places to start.”

            Folk Funk and Trippy Troubadours is series of releases that both Paul and all at RE:WARM hope you will come to treasure and hold dear: a heartfelt compilation released with the full support of all featured artists. Tune in, turn on and drop the needle on four sides of the compilation and join us as we travel deep into a vast and wonderful musical universe...

            TRACK LISTING

            Side One
            A1. Duncan Pryce Kirk - 'Space Out'
            A2. Eik - 'Mr Sadness'
            A3. Joe Hall And Eyeball Wine Company - 'Movable Feast'
            A4. Christian Besa Wright - 'Cherry Blossom Oak'
            A5. Wendy Grose - 'Blue Sunny Sky Day'
            A6. Ruth Finlay - 'Deep Calls To Deep' ^
            Side Two
            B1. Will And James Ragar - 'Clouds Lift' §
            B2. Scott Seskind - 'I Wonder'
            B3. Tim McKenna - 'Where Are You?' ∞
            B4. Jeb Loy Nichols - 'Sweet Sweet Stay Awhile'
            B5. Gary Boyle - 'So Many Times Before'
            Side Three
            C1. Peter Wale - 'One Quiet Sultry Sunday'
            C2. Sorahan - 'With His Siller In His Hand'
            C3. Cindi Titzer - 'All For You' ∞
            Side Four
            D1. Smokey - 'Topaz'
            D2. Geoff Bartley - 'Don’t Want To Know About Evil'
            D3. Robin Woodland - 'One Golden Moment'
            D4. Richard Pass - 'We’ll Find Love'
            D5. Kip Carmen - 'That’s Enough For Me' §

            ^ First Time On Vinyl
            § Previously Unreleased, Or Unreleased Version
            ∞ Remastered

            6 - Various Artists

            Soul Jazz Records Presents - Life Between Islands - Soundsystem Culture: Black Musical Expression In The UK 1973-2006

              Soul Jazz Records’ new ‘Life Between Islands’ collection is inspired by the launch of Tate Britain’s exhibition of the same name. This landmark exhibition explores the links between Caribbean and British art and culture from the 1950s to now. ‘Soundsystem Culture: Black Musical Expression in the UK 1973-2006’, focuses on the most important Black British musical styles to emerge out of the distinctly Caribbean world of sound systems. The album features an all-star line-up including Dennis Bovell, Shut Up and Dance, Cymande, Digital Mystikz, Brown Sugar, Funk Masters, Janet Kay, Ragga Twins and more.

              The album is a lightning-rod journey across Roots Reggae, Jungle , Jazz- Funk, Lovers Rock, Jazz, Dubstep and more. Much of Soul Jazz Records’ catalogue comes out of these genres and this album is partly an overview of some of Soul Jazz’s earlier releases (including Digital Mystikz’ long-deleted groundbreaking and now highly collectible single ‘Misty Winter’) alongside some choice rare and classic tunes that span over 30 years of sound system culture.

              Many of the tracks represent how Black British artists defined their own identity, with songs such as Brown Sugar’s righteous ‘Black Pride’, ‘I’m In Love with A Dreadlocks’ and Tabby Cat Kelly’s powerful ‘Don’t Call Us Immigrants’. Aside from being musically rooted in the distinctly Jamaican-born phenomenon of the sound system, much of this identity is also shaped by the triangular relationship of being British-born, of Caribbean heritage, and with an equal love of African-American Jazz, Funk and Soul, as evidenced with many Lovers Rock reggae covers of American soul tunes (such as those of Jean Carn, William de Vaughan and Rose Royce featured here). This stateside influence can also be heard in groups such as the Funk Masters, a group formed by reggae radio DJ Tony Williams, whose jazz-funk music successfully crossed over into New York’s clubland, as well as the great Cymande, whose unique street-funk became staple material for numerous US hip-hop artists in the years that followed.

              In the early 1990s, jungle and drum and bass artists took the essence of reggae’s soundsystem culture - MCs, dubplates, crews - and applied them to their own music, applying heavy reggae bass lines to intense double-speed drum breakbeats. At the forefront of this new movement were the duo Shut Up and Dance, working closely with The Ragga Twins, aka Deman Rocker and Flinty Badman, both MCs for North London’s infamous Unity reggae soundsytem. In the early 2000s, dubstep, spearheaded by Digital Mystikz, became the latest instalment in this ever evolving soundsystem culture.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Dang this is good! Skilfully joining the dots of sound system culture from its very beginning till now would seem like a daunting task for anyone. But guided by the Black identity of the majority of Sounds, Soul Jazz offer up a catch-all release that takes us from roots reggae and soul to jungle and dubstep without ever losing sight of the subwoofer. A phenomenal collection which, by way of a few choicely licensed joints ("Misty Winter", "RK1" especially), should be a instant-buy for anyone with a penchant for UK dance music.

              TRACK LISTING

              Black Slate - Sticks Man
              Dee Sharp - Rising To The Top
              Asher Senator - One Bible 
              Cymande - Fug
              Digital Mystikz - Misty Winter
              Winston Curtis - Be Thankful For What You’ve Got
              Trevor Hartley - It Must Be Love
              Shut Up And Dance featuring The Ragga Twins - Java Bass
              Brown Sugar - Black Pride
              The Terrorist - RK1
              Black Harmony - Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
              Pebbles - Positive Vibrations
              The Ragga Twins - Ragga Trip
              Janet Kay And Alton Ellis - Still In Love
              Funk Masters - Love Money
              Cosmic Idren - Compelled
              Harry Beckett - No Time For Hello
              Sandra Reid - Ooh Boy
              Tabby Cat Kelly - Don’t Call Us Immigrants
              Brown Sugar - I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks

              7 - Various Artists

              A Crushing Glow Volume 2 - Compiled By Matt Sewell

              Celebrated UK illustrator & discerning musical globetrotter Matt Sewell has curated & beautifully illustrated this second musical volume. 14 Tracks which take us on an alchemic & singular cosmic journey through sound & vision!

              Obscure pastoral 60s psyche opens proceedings via Philamore Lincoln and Alameda, the perfect tracks for lying in meadows looking up at blue skies whilst tripping on LSD. Juggy D quickly injects some Punjabi rainbows into the mix; accentuating our trip and taking our minds across the globe before esteemed ambient guitarist Mark McGuire deploys a perfectly timed bliss-out for the first part of our journey.

              Side B sees the first forays into electronic rhythms, Manchester hero Ruf Dug getting all 4:20 with the stoned grooves of "Elephant Skank". Four Trees continue the electronic revelry with an out-there piece of kraut sequences supplemented by live drums. Then it's the turn of downbeat legends Prefuse 73 to stimulate us with highly advanced synthesis, glitches and mellifluous songwriting. The sequencing and curation by Matt already perfectly highlighted across this first disc.

              More spiritual Indian vibes return on disc 2: the Ganesh-inspired, Sitar-accompanied hymn "Devinamam" by Amme Bhaghavathi-Devalakshmi alligning our chakras in time and taking us ever closer to Samadhi. Again, the symbiosis of human and machine is celebrated, with Farbror Resande Mac becoming one with his synthesizers on "Monoverse" before Allesandro Allesandroni provides a brief but captivating interlude of plucked devine sensuality via their track "Aliante Giallo". Broadcast's "Echo's Answer" is a deeply personal lullaby that whisper into our ears the closure of side C.

              David Darling channels African township vocals on "Pis Lai" - mixing the melancholic with the uplifting in ways that only tribes from the Great Continent seem to muster. Bruice Langhorne sends out signals from the lighthouse, slowly pulling us out of our psychedelic revelry as penultimate track "Ending" signifies; before Phil France gently caresses our ears into a post-peak-experience slumber; the trip complete; we're both mentally rejuvenated yet physically tired. A good sleep on the cards with New Beginnings that follow.

              A truly healing and transportive compilation, incredibly well sequenced and the ultimate companion for astral travelling. You won't want to get up and flip the records over! Highly recommended.

              TRACK LISTING

              Side A:
              1 Philamore Lincoln - Plains Of Delight
              2 Laurel - Alameda
              3 Akheer-Juggy D
              4 Mark McGuire - In Search Of The Miraculous
              Side B
              1 Ruf Dug-Elephant Skank
              2 Four Trees-Telemetry
              3 Prefuse 73-It Never Entered
              Side C
              1 Amme Bhaghavathi-Devalakshmi - Devinamam
              2 Monoverse-Farbror Resande Mac
              3 Allesandro Allesandroni-Aliante Giallo
              4 Broadcast-Echo's Answer
              Side D
              1 David Darling-Pis Lai
              2 Bruce Langhorne-Ending
              3 Phil France-Phil France 

              Growing up in Chicago, later Detroit-based music producer, Theo Parrish is internationally well known for his own inimitable downtempo house music style. The approach Parrish took to compiling DJ-Kicks was very ambitious, inviting his Detroit peers to produce a collection of brand new material, and in turn creating the first ever all exclusive entry to the esteemed series.

              "Detroit creates. But rarely imitates. Why? We hear and see many from other places do that with what we originate. No need to follow. Get it straight. In the Great Lakes there are always more under the surface than those that appear to penetrate the top layer of attention and recognition. What about them that defy tradition? Those that side step the inaccurate definitions often given from outside positions? This is that evidence. Enjoy."

              • First official compilation by Theo Parrish
              • All exclusive unreleased material
              • Includes new music from Theo Parrish
              • 19 tracks mixed across a two volume CD set
              • Triple LP sampler containing 15 full length tracks

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: Never afraid to veer away from the norm. The Detroit innovator instantly breaks convention by commissioning all-exclusive content from his Motor City broths and sisters. Not only does this add to the collectability of the compilations, it gives his community a platform and shines the spotlight on artist I haven't even heard of. A truly celebration of community spirit and also one of the most geo-centric DJ Kicks releases to date. A briliant, inventive and thoughtful concept incredibly well executed. And given Theo's dedicated craft at mixing records, the mixed CD version is just as essential as the vinyl compilation!

              TRACK LISTING

              1. De'Sean Jones & Ideeyah - Pressure
              2. Donald Lee Roland II - Simba's Theme
              3. Meftah - When The Sun Falls
              4. Theo Parrish & Duminie DePorres - The Real Deal
              5. Specter - The Upper Room
              6. Deon Jamar - North End Funk
              7. Ian Fink - Moonlight (Duality/Detroit Live Version)
              1. John C & Meftah - Full
              2. MBtheLight - AGAIN (T’s Edit)
              3. De'Sean Jones - Psalm 23
              4. Raybone Jones - Green Funk
              5. Jon Dixon - Wind Drifts (Instrumental)
              6. Whodat & Sophiyah.e - Don’t Know
              7. KESSWA - Chasing Delerium Feat. Nova Zai
              8. Raj Mahal - Hudsons
              9. De'Sean Jones - Flash Spain
              10. Jason Hogans - Surrounded By Trees
              11. Howard Thomas - Experiment 10
              12. Sterling Toles - Janis

              A1. De'Sean Jones & Ideeyah - Pressure
              A2. Donald Lee Roland II - Simba's Theme
              A3. Jason Hogans - Surrounded By Trees
              B1. John C & Meftah - Full
              B2. Meftah - When The Sun Falls
              B3. De'Sean Jones - Psalm 23
              C1. Ian Fink - Moonlight (Duality/Detroit Live Version)
              C2. KESSWA - Chasing Delerium Feat. Nova Zai
              D1. Specter - The Upper Room
              D2. Raj Mahal - Hudsons
              E1. Raybone Jones - Green Funk
              E2. Whodat & Sophiyah.e - Don’t Know
              F1. Howard Thomas - Experiment 10
              F2. MBtheLight - AGAIN (T’s Edit)
              F3. Sterling Toles - Janis 

              9 - Various Artists

              Too Slow To Disco Vol. 4

                After smooth detours into Soul covers, French Neo-Disco, modern Sunset Disco and Brazilian AOR, in 2022 DJ Supermarkt’s Too Slow to Disco series makes a joyous return to its original Westcoast AOR/Yacht roots. Celebrating the 10th TSTD compilation. Who would have thought….

                The Berlin curator releases a killer 4th edition of the original compilation art form, “Too Slow to Disco”, featuring forgotten and overseen gems from the mid 70s to the early 80s from a global world of smooth, brilliant lost and overproduced tracks from Finland via London and L.A. to Trinidad and beyond.

                The great ‘un-vanisher’ of lost lazy classics, DJ Supermarkt once again unearthed some incredible music that labels, publishers (in many cases also those, who actually own the rights to those tracks…) and streaming services have often long overlooked. You’re welcome, world! 

                TRACK LISTING

                1. The Dukes – Mystery Girl
                2. Prime Time Band - Fall In Love In Outer Space
                3. Kenny Nolan – You’Re So Beautiful Tonight
                4. Peter Skellern – Now That I Need You
                5. Marc Jordan – Generalities
                6. Severin Browne – Stay
                7. The Faragher Brothers – Stay The Night
                8. Alan Price – Groovy Times
                9. James Felix – Open Up
                10. Hirth Martinez – Altogether Alone
                11. Max Leake – Tell Me The Reasons Why
                12. Stpehen Encinas – Music In Me
                13. Eric Andersen - Can'T Get You Out Of My Life
                14. Jimmie Spheeris – Beautiful News
                15. Jeannine Otis & Heikki Sarmanto – Magic Song
                16. Pleasure – Nothin’ To It 

                10 - Various Artists

                Revenge Of The She-Punks: A Feminist Music History - Compilation Inspired By The Book By Vivien Goldman

                  Since the historiography of punk is a male-dominated one, a "Revenge of the She-Punks" was long overdue. This feminist reckoning was written by none other than post-punk pioneer Vivien Goldman, who has an insider's perspective due to her work as a musician and one of Britain's first female music writers. Along four themes - Identity, Money, Love and Protest - the "punk professor" traces empowering moments that punk holds especially for women. This Compilation is inspired by the book, which was originally released by University of Texas Press in 2019.

                  Compiled and with liner notes by Vivien Goldman. “We're not talking a mean-spirited gotcha! revenge here. As both my book that inspired it and this recording prove, us She-Punks' revenge is about our complex survival in an all too often hostile environment.The book offers a template to finding a way through the patriarchal labyrinth of the music industry by telling the back- stories of thirty-eight songs by women from not only the Anglophone countries, but Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Eastern and Continental Europe. Together, they demonstrate how girls around the world, with no or few role models, found ways to thwart blockages and become self-expressive musicians, breaking traditions and expectations, setting new standards with every chord. Alas, for a raft of factors it was impossible to include them all; but herein lies a stirring and representative selection. Cumulatively, we hear how female artists everywhere are moved to sing about the common issues that I distilled down to be the core themes of the book: the bare-bones of living that connect us, wherever we are. We open with Identity featuring Fea, Big Joanie, The Raincoats, Blondie and Poly Styrene with X-Ray Spex. Then comes Money with Patti Smith, Shonen Knife, Malaria! and the Slits; followed by Love/Unlove: Crass, Cherry Vanilla, Grace Jones, Rhoda Dakar with the Special AKA, Alice Bag (The Bags), Tribe 8 and the Au Pairs, the Mo-dettes, Neneh Cherry from the UK/Sweden/US and this writer/musician. The closing chapter, Protest, features Sleater-Kinney, Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters Skinny Girl Diet, Vi Subversa and the Poison Girls, the Czech Republic's Zuby Nehty, Colombia's Fertil Miseria and Jamaica's Tanya Stephens. Many people have questioned how I arrived at those four themes (answer: thinking,) and so far, no-one has disagreed.However, in sequencing this compilation, the important thing was to sonically flow through the breadth of our creativity, led by the rhythms and sound, rather than the lyrics; they, I already knew, formed a compelling whole, an implacable critique. My perspective on punk is based on spirit rather than adherence to the venerated concept of the genre as only a frenetic full-frontal sonic attack (though that is also represented here). Having been involved with the movement at the start in mid-1970s London, as Features Editor of the punk rock weekly, Sounds, I understood it to be a front line, inclusionary genre, with DIY at its core, which is why it was the first genre to give anything approaching an equal platform to women musicians.

                  Especially for the less conventional, all too often the path for women artists is still steeper than that of male peers. Despite the massive success of today's female superstars, there remains a quota perception in an industry that still largely lives in boystown (though always factor in that it's not the men, it's the mentality,) who are less receptive to forceful females; like the sort of bookers who say, Well, we've done our bit, we've booked our female artist - as if booking women were some grim post-MeToo duty.But as heard in these tracks, in all its forms, whether sounding strident or soft, punk is a music of resistance; women's punk specially so. We continue to rail at and use our music to shift a system which, in America as this release comes out - let alone in countries long known to be suppressive of women - our basic human agency is under attack on more than one front, notably where equal pay and abortion are concerned. Welcome to some very necessary and in many cases, too little heard voices of women whose creativity could not be stopped, and who managed to use music to mould their environment, create their own space, and live as self-actualized artists.”

                  TRACK LISTING

                  LP 1
                  A1) Tanya Stephens – Welcome To The Rebelution
                  A2) Au Pairs – It’s Obvious
                  A3) X-Ray Spex – Identity
                  A4) Fea – Mujer Moderna
                  A5) The Bags – Babylonian Gorgon
                  A6) Fértil Miseria – Visiones De La Muerte
                  A7) Crass – Smother Love
                  A8) Rhoda With The Special AKA – The Boiler
                  B9) Jayne Cortez And The Firespitters – Maintain Control
                  B10) Skinny Girl Diet – Silver Spoons
                  B11) Big Joanie – Dream No 9
                  B12) Malaria! – Geld
                  B13) The Slits – Spend, Spend, Spend
                  B14) Poison Girls – Persons Unknown
                  LP 3
                  C1) Bush Tetras – Too Many Creeps
                  C2) Grace Jones – My Jamaican Guy
                  C3) Patti Smith – Free Money
                  C4) Tribe 8 – Checking Out Your Babe
                  C5) Cherry Vanilla – The Punk
                  C6) Blondie – Rip Her To Shreds
                  C7) Sleater-Kinney – Little Babies
                  C8) The Selecter – On My Radio
                  D9) Mo-Dettes– White Mice
                  D10) Shonen Knife – It’s A New Find
                  D11) The Raincoats – No One’s Little Girl
                  D12) Vivien Goldman – Launderette
                  D13) Zuby Nehty – Sokol
                  D14) Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance

                  11 - Various Artists

                  SEX - We Are Not In The Least Afraid Of Ruins

                    The second installment of gems and nuggets straight from the infamous jukebox at Malcolm and Vivienne's King's Road SEX boutique.

                    Compiled again by Marco Pirroni (Adam and The Ants, Siouxsie and the Banshees) another collection of carefully curated tracks that were played on rotation at 430 kings road Chelsea, throughout 1974-1976.

                    Years in the making, this follow up to Marco’s 2004 “SEX: Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die” continues to complete the jukebox playlist with tracks contributed from those friends who frequented the shop - Jordan Mooney (RIP), Paul Cook, Steve Jones and Sam Bully amongst others – remembering those all-important songs that soundtracked the shop and left lasting impressions on them over 47 years ago.

                    Another wild ride and a kaleidoscope of jukebox bangers from The Animals to Max Byraves, Nico to Burundi Black, these tracks undoubtedly played a heavy influence on SEX’s customer’s young ears many who would go on and change the musical world forever - Sex Pistols, The Clash, Chrissie Hynde, Siouxsie Sioux to name just a few.

                    Artwork supplied by Personality Crisis with unpublished photographs from Jane England, a student at the time but already understood the cultural significance and beauty of both the shop and Jordan Mooney who the compilation is dedicated to.


                    “This is the second album of music from the jukebox at 430 Kings road Chelsea, this place was the center of my world from 1973 to early 1977 when I had to grow-up and move on. The tracks have nothing much to do with each other but in my mind, they all go together: Winifred Atwill and the Animals, Mott the Hoople and Max Bygraves have for the last 40 years become forever interlinked. Malcolm, Vivienne, Jordan, Steve Jones and Paul Cook (who would both put their favourite songs on the jukebox) all have a hand in it. In the internet age I still know almost nothing about these artists and I’ve never bothered to look them up. Sex: Vol 1 and 2 are to be played in the old-fashioned way. That is, you put them and listen all the way through (jukeboxes don’t have remotes). Hopefully, it will give a flavour of the time, when none of us who hung around in The scene later to be known as punk had the slightest clue what we were doing or why we we’re doing it. I could probably hazard a guess but it really doesn’t matter. Its nostalgia for a bygone age with a soundtrack from an even more bygone age. But I loved it all then and I love it now.

                    Marco Pirroni, 2022

                    “Just imagine being in this mystical clothes shop at any time during 1974-1976 and being part of what I saw as a place of creative ideas, like the cafés you’d have found in Russia or Prague where great philosophers used to churn over ideas and punch holes in the norm. Dark luxurious rubber clad walls with slogans that may be old but were still pertinent to US. At the end of this tunnel of decadence and the risqué was that jukebox. Filled with music to inspire and encourage you to dig deeper.”

                    Jordan Mooney

                    “Memories of a jukebox. The first thing we did when going into the shop was head to the jukebox and fire up some music. It was great listening to all those 50’s/60’s tracks and it was a bit of an education music wise. Blasting out great Rock’n’Roll, Garage / Rebel Rock, it had to be the coolest jukebox in London at the time and we’d spend hours hanging around, digging the scene and looking cool. As time went by we’d add our own 45’s into the mix but the jukebox choice had Malcolm's stamp all over it with a selection of outsider, freaky misfits.”

                    Paul Cook

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Vinyl Tracklisting
                    SIDE A
                    1. The Animals - We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place
                    2. Chris Farlowe - Out Of Time
                    3. Dave Berry - Don't Gimme No Lip Child
                    4. Peanuts Wilson - Cast Iron Arm
                    5. The Cougars - Saturday Nite At The Duck-Pond
                    SIDE B
                    6. Dave & Ansell Collins - Double Barrel
                    7. Burundi Steïphenson Black - Burundi Black
                    8. John Leyton - Johnny Remember Me
                    9. The Dakotas - Cruel Sea
                    10. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy- Paralyzed
                    11. Fats Domino - Sick & Tired
                    SIDE C
                    12. Winifred Atwell - Hawaiian Cha Cha
                    13. Max Bygraves - You Need Hands
                    14. Lloyd Price - Where Were You On Our Wedding Day
                    15. The Ethiopians - Train To Skaville
                    16. Dave & Ansell Collins - Monkey Spanner
                    SIDE D
                    17. Billy Fury - Wonderous Place
                    18. Nico - I'm Not Sayin'
                    19. The Leaves - Funny Little World
                    20. The Animals - I Can’t Believe It
                    21. Ron Moody - You Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two
                    22. Dave Berry - The Crying Game
                    23. Mott The Hoople - The Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll

                    1. The Animals - We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place
                    2. Chris Farlowe – Out Of Time
                    3. Dave Berry - Don't Gimme No Lip Child
                    4. Peanuts Wilson - Cast Iron Arm
                    5. The Cougars - Saturday Nite At The Duck-Pond
                    6. Dave & Ansel Collin – Double Barrel
                    7. Burundi Steïphenson Black - Burundi Black
                    8. John Leyton - Johnny Remember Me
                    9. The Dakotas - The Cruel Sea
                    10. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Paralyzed
                    11. Fats Domino - Sick & Tired
                    12. Winifred Atwell - Hawaiian Cha Cha
                    13. Max Bygraves - You Need Hands
                    14. Lloyd Price - Where Were You On Our Wedding Day
                    15. The Ethiopians - Train To Skaville
                    16. Dave & Ansel Collins - Monkey Spanner
                    17. Billy Fury - Wonderous Place
                    18. Nico – I'm Not Sayin'
                    19. The Leaves - Funny Little World
                    20. The Animals - I Can't Believe It
                    21. Ron Moody - You Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two
                    22. Dave Berry - The Crying Game
                    23. Mott The Hoople - The Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll

                    Z Records continues its commitment to unearthing the obscure and long forgotten tracks from the last 40 years through the ever-popular "Under The Influence" series. Following on from Red Greg, Nick The Record, Sean P, Faze Action, and last years Alena Arpels. It’s now the turn of one of the scene’s most impressive collectors & DJs; Rahaan

                    Hailing from Chicago his love affair with music started in the late 70’s early 80’s, listening to music on the radio combined with his mum and dad playing their records every weekend. In the early 80’s on the South side of Chicago, he started hearing something a bit different, what they called ‘house music’. 

                    Here Rahaan digs deep into his impressive record collection that he has collected, built up and crafted over his many years of travelling, networking and DJin to showcase 22 of his finest and rarest cuts. Many of the tracks on the album would cost hundreds and that’s if you were even able to find the originals!

                    As always with ZR compilations a lot of time and effort has been spent on creating these masters from the original vinyl, cleaning them up, removing all the clicks and pops resulting in the cleanest sounding copy possible.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: 22 tracks from the Chicago stalwart’s personal collection spanning disco, boogie, funk & gospel. Under The Influence save us time and (lots of money) by not only sourcing these lesser known gems and highly coveted offerings, but cleaning up the masters and presenting them to us in their best possible fidelity.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Side 1
                    1. Santrax - Come & Get It (5:18)
                    2. Marini - Let’s Get It On (6:43)
                    3. Time Unlimited - Back Fire (8:34)
                    Side 2
                    1. Venus Dodson - Shoot Me (With Your Love) (6:16)
                    2. Wings Of Light - He Loves You (5:00)
                    3. Ship Of The Desert - Count Of Monte Thisgo (6:00)
                    4. Frank Hatchett Dance Explosion - Super Hero (1:51)
                    Side 3
                    1. Cherish - For You (3:26)
                    2. Jaze - Wanna Get Down With You (7:21)
                    3. The 21st Century - One Of These Days (5:23)
                    4. Porno Disco - Go Down Moses (4:19)
                    Side 4
                    1. Cousin Ice - Catch Your Glow (feat Zack Sanders) (6:18)
                    2. Boobie Knight - Juicy Fruit My Love (6:27)
                    3. John Lamkin - Ticket (6:21)

                    13 - Various Artists

                    Deep In The Woods - Pastoral Psychedelia And Funky Folk 1968-1975 (Compiled By Richard Norris)

                      Triple CD set collecting rare cuts and cult favourites from the worlds of psychedelic, pastoral and funky folk, 1968-1975.

                      Focusing on the outpouring of psychedelic folk flavours that emerged swiftly after the first psychedelic era.

                      Featuring some wonderful selections from long collectable acts such as Sunforest, Mellow Candle, Trees, Heron, Trader Horne, Christine Harwood and many more. 

                      Compiled by Richard Norris (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve/The Grid) , the compilation is themed around UK and Irish music from that hallowed period, and comes with a 7000 word essay and sleeve notes from the musician/producer.

                      Celebrating the collision of traditional folk with new psychedelic studio techniques, new and exotic textures, and a developing groove. It's a wide and broad range of styles, drawing from folk, its oral storytelling tradition, and also from jazz, beat, rhythm and blues, and the more mind opening sounds of psychedelia.

                      Housed in a 3 CD digipack, designed in a striking wraparound collage by Lyndon Pike .

                      TRACK LISTING

                      DISC ONE
                      1. FAT MATTRESS Leafy Lane
                      2. KNOCKER JUNGLE Not Even A Letter
                      3. DUFFY POWER I Need You
                      4. MIKE HURST Face From The Past
                      5. RAY FENWICK I Wanna Stay Here
                      6. HARDIN AND YORK Natural Gas
                      7. OPEN ROAD Mother Earth
                      8. PAUL BRETT Motherless Child On A Merry-Go-Round
                      9. THE WOODS BAND Noisey Johnny
                      10. MEIC STEVENS Yorric
                      11. MARC ELLINGTON You Just Can’t Believe What You See
                      12. ALAN JAMES EASTWOOD Crystal Blue
                      13. ARRIVAL La Virra
                      14. DANDO SHAFT Cold Wind
                      15. LINDA HOYLE Hymn To Valerie Solanas
                      16. NIRVANA Nova Sketch
                      17. BRIAN DAVISON’S EVERY WHICH WAY Castle Sand
                      18. JADE WARRIOR Yellow Eyes
                      19. WRITING ON THE WALL Buffalo

                      DISC TWO
                      1. CHRIS HARWOOD Wooden Ships
                      2. BRIDGET ST. JOHN Fly High
                      3. DANDO SHAFT Rain
                      4. HERON Lord And Master
                      5. MELLOW CANDLE Silversong
                      6. TREES Murdoch
                      7. KEITH CHRISTMAS Foothills
                      8. TRADER HORNE Morning Way
                      9. MILLER ANDERSON Shadows ‘Cross My Wall
                      10. THE GHOST Time Is My Enemy
                      11. KEVIN COYNE Flowering Cherry
                      12. SECOND HAND Hangin’ On An Eyelid
                      13. FUCHSIA Shoes And Ships
                      14. MIKE HURST Place In The Country
                      15. AMBER Swan In The Evening
                      16. GLOBAL VILLAGE TRUCKING COMPANY The Inevitable Fate Of Ms Danya Sox
                      17. MIGHTY BABY Jug Of Love

                      DISC THREE
                      1. SUNFOREST Magician In The Mountain
                      2. CHRIS HARWOOD Crying To Be Heard
                      3. WIZZ JONES City Of The Angels
                      4. JADE WARRIOR Lady Of The Lake
                      5. KNOCKER JUNGLE Oh To Be Free
                      6. BRIDGET ST. JOHN Silver Coin
                      7. FRIENDS In The Morning
                      8. ALAN JAMES EASTWOOD Lotus Child
                      9. THE DEVIANTS Bun
                      10. JADE Amongst Anemones
                      11. PRINCIPAL EDWARDS MAGIC THEATRE The Death Of Don Quixote
                      12. YVONNE ELLIMAN Hawaii
                      13. THE OCCASIONAL WORD The Evil Venus Tree
                      14. IAN A. ANDERSON Goblets And Elms
                      15. BILL NELSON Rejoice
                      16. ZIOR Time Is The Reason
                      17. CURTIS KNIGHT WITH ZEUS New Horizon
                      18. LINDA LEWIS Reach For The Truth

                      14 - Various Artists

                      Silberland Vol. 1 - The Psychedelic Side Of Kosmische Musik 1972-1986

                        Fellow humans, Bureau B invite you on an expedition to Silberland, a singular span of spacetime created by Germany’s sonic futurists of the seventies and eighties. Embracing the early electronics and tape experiments of the sixties’ avant-garde, these artists aimed to boldly go, eschewing small steps for giant leaps into a nebulous and novel sound.

                        Their music depicted the dynamism, energy and movement of the era - celebrating modern technology as both the medium and the message. Brimming with fractal sequences and shimmering textures, gaze fixed firmly beyond the limits of possible,there were aesthetic echoes of the visual arts of the early twentieth century. But where the Italian futurists’ rejection of the past paved the way for fascism, the kosmische generation emerged from the revolutionary student movement of ’67 and ’68, opposing any lingering political ties to Nazism and occupying the cultural vacuum which endured long after the post-war era. Encompassing both better known and more obscure artists, this collection is a trip into the psychedelic and cerebral strain of this amorphous genre, pairing the pulsating and propulsive with moments of cosmic calm.

                        Opener “Strahlsund” by Die Partei serves as the national anthem for this no-place, its utopian melodies and stately rhythmevoking an optimism which is swiftly skewed by the chrome tones and snapping percussion of Ralf Trostel’s “Two Face”. The delirious drive of Michael Bundt’s “Full Steam Ahead” embraces the uncanny as jarring bursts of laughter drown out a serpentine topline before the fever breaks into the cold sweat of Moebius’ “Etwas”, a sweet synth sonata decorated with detuned keys. “Scharfer Schnitt (No1)” is the first suggestion of Silberland’s full scope, the Populäre Mechanik A-side fusing postpunk and dubby funk and perfectly paving the way for the ritualistic stomp of Roedelius’ trance-dancing “Regenmacher”. Splitting the difference between Berlin and Düsseldorf schools, Tyndall give us the typically glittering "Großstadtgefühl”, which smoothly segues into the synth scree of Conrad Schnitzler’s beatless and balletic “Bis Die Blaue Blume Blüht”. The zero gravity drift continues with a contribution from Cologne’s Phantom Band, who achieve an effortless groove without the faintest hint of a bassline, while Bernd Kistenmacher takes us to the midpoint with the deep space repetition and Teutonic tessellations of “Quitting Time”. The return journey begins with the beauty and sadness of Heiko Maile’s “Nachtspaziergang” then sidesteps into a punkish pair from Moebius & Plank and Faust, the former fusing tape snippets, desk fx and grunting electronics into a narcotic stagger, while the latter employ breakbeat and distortion on a churning outtake from their Wümme period. If this bristling brace toyed with the terrestrial, Riechmann takes an aerial view of Earth via “Weltweit” and Asmus Tietchens strays way too close to the sun with a playful take on Venusian exotica. Things take a turn for the psychedelic via the Arabesque piano of Cluster’s transformative “Avanti” and Günter Schickert’s strung out and smouldering “Wanderer”, before the roving sequences of You’s “Live Line” fire up the hyperdrive for a foray into warp speed. Cutting the thrusters almost entirely, the synthesist himself Harald Grosskopf takes the controls for re-entry, gliding through the upper atmosphere on the heartfelt waveforms of “Emphasis”, cushioning the craft into Eno, Moebius and Roedelius’ hypnagogic “Base & Apex”.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Die Partei – Strahlsund
                        2. Rolf Trostel – Two Faces (bureau B Edit)
                        3. Michael Bundt – Full Steam Ahead (bureau B Edit)
                        4. Moebius – Etwas (bureau B Edit)
                        5. Populäre Mechanik – Scharfer Schnitt No. 1
                        6. Roedelius – Regenmacher (bureau B Edit)
                        7. Tyndall – Großstadtgefühl
                        8. Conrad Schnitzler – Bis Die Blaue Blume Blüht (bureau B Edit)
                        9. Phantom Band – Pulsar
                        10. Bernd Kistenmacher – Quitting Time (bureau B Edit)
                        11. Heiko Maile – Nachtspaziergang (Tape 40)
                        12. Moebius & Plank – News
                        13. Faust – Vorsatz
                        14. Riechmann – Weltweit (bureau B Edit)
                        15. Asmus Tietchens – Trümmerköpfe
                        16. Cluster – Avanti (bureau B Edit)
                        17. Günter Schickert – Wanderer (bureau B Edit)
                        18. You – Live Line (bureau B Edit)
                        19. Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis
                        20. Eno Moebius Roedelius – Base & Apex

                        15 - Various Artists

                        We Are The Children Of The Sun

                          Selected by British DJ and vinyl hunter Paul Hillery, new BBE Music compilation 'We Are The Children Of The Sun' showcases a shimmering collection of rare folk funk and AOR with a distinctly Balearic feel. Former tour DJ for Polyphonic Spree and the man behind YouTube channel and mix series ‘Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours’, Paul Hillery’s lovingly handpicked musical assembly takes in strummed soft rock, blissful beach beats, the soft fizz of electronica, all carried to your ears by a gentle summer breeze. The music on 'We Are The Children Of The Sun' ranges from hazy, long-forgotten early 70s tapes, right through to digital compositions recorded during lockdown in 2020. “Tune in” says Paul, “and ruminate while consciousness is awoken with transmissions dropping out from the fringes of psyche tranquillity, holding hands with folk-funk that runs deep and hazy, as the bejewelled turquoise waters lap gently at the ocean’s shore.”

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Jim LaMarche, Theresa Moylan, Music Industry Arts - Make Believe
                          2. Mike Baumann, Tom Huntington - Man Of Misery
                          3. David Datunashvili - Wonders
                          4. Pixie Lauer - Sunday Morning
                          5. Ron Drago - Phase Dance
                          6. Guy Schwartz - Ride That Train
                          7. Marla Fant - Land Of Wonder
                          8. Diana Pequeno - Mistérios
                          9. Airborne - Marie
                          10. Scott McGregor Moore - So Good When It Comes
                          11. Checkpoint - I Send You All My Love
                          12. Gabriel Gladstar - Flow
                          13. White Feather - Summer Days Golden Haze
                          14. Philip John Lewin - Fear Of Flying
                          15. Monica Rypma - Let Love Flow
                          16. Alex Crispin - Effert
                          17. Michael Welch - Phone Home
                          18. Guy Maxwell - You Never Sang This Song

                          16 - Various Artists

                          Stranger Things: Soundtrack From The Netflix Series Season 4 OST

                            Stranger Things: Soundtrack from the Netflix Series, Season 4 will include key music covering various classic eras and styles as featured in "Stranger Things 4." The soundtrack album is conceptualized and produced by The Duffer Brothers and Nora Felder (Grammy and Emmy nominee Nora Felder has served as music supervisor for "Stranger Things" since the show's inception and was nominated for a Music Supervision Grammy the first year the category was recognized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences). The compilation album is produced by The Duffer Brothers and 2x Grammy nominee Timothy J. Smith.

                            "Stranger Things 4" is scheduled to be released worldwide exclusively via Netflix's streaming service in two volumes, with the first set for May 27, 2022, and the second five weeks later on July 1, 2022. The fourth season will have nine episodes and has continued to be produced by the show's creators the Duffer Brothers, along with Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, and Iain Paterson.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (Bryce Miller/Alloy Tracks Remix) - Journey
                            2. California Dreamin' - The Beach Boys
                            3. Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
                            4. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) - Kate Bush
                            5. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) - Dead Or Alive
                            6. Chica Mejicanita - Mae Arnette
                            7. Play With Me - Extreme
                            8. Detroit Rock City (Single Version) - KISS
                            9. I Was A Teenage Werewolf - The Cramps
                            10. Pass The Dutchie - Musical Youth
                            11. Wipe Out - The Surfaris
                            12. Object Of My Desire (Single Version) - Starpoint
                            13. Rock Me Amadeus (The Gold Mix) - Falco
                            14. Travelin' Man - Ricky Nelson
                            15. Tarzan Boy - Baltimora
                            16. Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
                            17. Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo (Single Version) - Rick Derringer
                            18. Fire And Rain - James Taylor
                            19. Spellbound - Siouxsie And The Banshees
                            20. Master Of Puppets - Metallica
                            21. When It's Cold I'd Like To Die (featuring Mimi Goese) - Moby
                            22. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (Steve Perry & Bryce Miller Extended Remix) - Journey

                            17 - Various Artists

                            Fabric Presents Leon Vynehall

                              Leon Vynehall follows his second album Rare, Forever that landed in many of 2021’s Best Album charts with a spot on the ‘fabric presents’ series. His mix bursts with exclusives from collaborators Skee Mask, Or:la, Gaunt, Avon Blume and Ehua, and his own ‘Sugar Slip (The Lick) that merges a garagey bassline with euphoric moments of 90s trance. The compilation opens with a spoken word introduction from Wesley Joseph, and proceeds effortlessly through ambient from artists Zebrablood and Newworldaquarium, hip-hop (from Wax), breakbeat, the dense dub of Mala and the Afro-Portuguese edge of house with tracks from Bubas Produçoes and A.k.Adrix. Vynehall displays his unique ability to weave together different genres and textures in a way that is technically fascinating while still warm and very listenable.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Leon Vynehall - Climb Into The Cistern Ft Wesley Joseph [Vynehall Ltd]
                              2. Zebrablood - Whatcomesup96 [Youth]
                              3. Newworldaquarium - Star Power [NWAQ]
                              4. Low Jack - Virgin Traff 22 [Editions Gravats]
                              5. Lady Blacktronika - Good Dick [Kinda Soul Recordings]
                              6. Mute - Never [Running Back]
                              7. Louise Bock - Horologic [Geographic North]
                              8. Or:la - Allaballa [Or:la]
                              9. Pole - Überfahrt [Pole]
                              10. Gombeen & Doygen - D'Americana
                              11. Round Four - Found A Way [Main Street]
                              12. Woo - Wah Bass [The Sunshine Series]
                              13. Mosca - This Branch Is Weak [Twin System]
                              14. Steevio - Syzygy [Wisdom Teeth]
                              15. A2 - Midsummer Misery [Them Vs Us Records / Cloud X]
                              16. DJ Deep & Traumer - La Valle La B (La Deep Mix) [Rekids]
                              17. DB Selective - Dub Train [VIP Records]
                              18. Wax - Switch [1up]
                              19. Hagan - FWD [Push & Run]
                              20. Bubas Produçoes - Padjinha Pt 3 [Club Yeke]
                              21. A.k.Adrix - FL Studio, Obrigado [Príncipe Discos]
                              22. Skee Mask - Untitled 279 [Skee Mask]
                              23. Avon Blume - South Bermo [Avon Blume]
                              24. Sector Y - Road To World Cup [Booma Collective]
                              25. Innersphere Aka Shinedoe - Phunk [Intacto Records]
                              26. Gaunt - Raw Cartoon [3 OH EN]
                              27. Piero Umiliani (Zalla) - Produzione [Liuto Edizioni Musicali]
                              28. Commodo - Scabz [Sector 7 Sounds]
                              29. Leon Vynehall - Sugar Slip (The Lick) [Vynehall Ltd]
                              30. Mala - Misty Winter Ft. Crazy D [I&I Music]
                              31. Ehua - Helios [Ehua]
                              32. N-ERGY - The Mad 808 [Global Warming Records]
                              33. Ana Roxanne - Suite Pour L'Invisible [Kranky]

                              A1 - Leon Vynehall - Sugar Slip (The Lick)
                              A2 - Or:la - Allaballa
                              B1 - Skee Mask - Untitled 279
                              B2 - Ehua - Helios
                              C1 - Avon Blume - South Bermo
                              C2 - Gaunt - Raw Cartoon
                              D1 - Piero Umiliani (Zalla) - Produzione
                              D2 - Ana Roxanne - Suite Pour L’Invisible 

                              18 - Various Artists

                              Dave Lee - Produced With Love II

                                The follow up to his 2017 album, Produced With Love II is a collection of brand new songs from one of the UK’s most longstanding, respected and fiercely independent artists. In a flash-in-the-pan industry like music, Dave Lee’s career is notable for both its longevity and consistency. As a record producer and remixer, DJ and curator, he’s now clocked up well over 30 years and, if such things existed, would be nailed on for a carriage clock for long service to add to the numerous hits and landmarks he’s enjoyed over a storied career.

                                His latest album, Produced With Love II, continues the work he started with 2017’s superb collection. Incorporating aspects of house, soul and disco and crafted with the attention to detail you’d expect from someone of Lee’s heritage and calibre, Produced With Love II comprises 12 brand new songs and will arrive in June 2022.

                                The writing process has always remained the same and Dave has always preferred to work face-to-face with artists whenever possible – albeit with a few enforced remote sessions due to the pandemic. Released as the lead single from the album in April, Starlight sees Lee team up with Omar: a former principal percussionist of the Kent Youth Orchestra and later a graduate of the Guildhall School Of Music who was awarded an MBE in 2012 for services to music. Starlight is a gorgeous, mid-tempo dance record, with Omar’s silky vocals backed up with rich production: soaring live strings, groove-laden clav and synth over a chugging bassline creating a heady, inviting atmosphere.

                                It’s an almost viscerally life-affirming record: a theme that continues throughout the entire album. Take a track like ‘If You Ever Need Somebody feat. Tiffany T’zelle', or ‘Taste My Love' with vocals from the aforementioned Billy Valentine. These songs would stand toe-to-toe with any soul standard from the 70s or 80s: to have production this rich and bold in 2022 isn’t far short of miraculous. And that’s what you get throughout Produced With Love II – an attention to detail and level of creative collaboration rarely seen. It’s why a Dave Lee album is a rare thing. These things take time, but when they do come along, it’s something worth treasuring

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Modern supremo Dave Lee refuses to retire from his console; rolling out another jam packed and unmissable selection of disco, boogie, soul and house - all new productions and featuring a wealth of talent old and new. Don't need to tell you how collectable this series is do I?!

                                TRACK LISTING


                                Disc 1:
                                1. Raw Essence Feat Lifford “Do It Again”
                                2 .Mistura Feat Tiffany T’zelle “If You Ever Need Somebody”
                                3. Dave & Omar “Starlight”
                                4. Dave & Maurissa “Look At The Stars”
                                5. Dave Lee Feat Billy Valentine “Taste My Love”
                                6. Mistura Feat Jemini “Want Me Back”
                                7. The Sunburst Band “Magnificent Mango”
                                8. Foreal People Feat Xan Blacq “Raise A Blaze”
                                9. The Sunburst Band Feat Angela Johnson “Face The Love”
                                10. Dave Lee Feat Billy Valentine “Power Of The Mind” (Power Trip Mix)
                                11. Jayenne Feat. Gina Carey – “Love Walked In The Room”
                                12. The Sunburst Band “Let’s Do It In Style”

                                Disc 2:
                                1. Leroy Burgess – “One Plus One” (Dave Lee Extended Mix)
                                2. Kokomo – “Use Your Imagination” (Dave Lee Re Imagined Mix)
                                3. Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Dave Lee Philly World Mix)
                                4. Str4ta “After The Rain” (Dave Lee Alternative II Mix)
                                5. Destiny II “Play 2 Win” (Dave Lee Destination Boogie Mix)
                                6. Sunburst Band Feat Wayne Hernandez “Listen Love” (Dave Lee Jazz Funk Renaissance Mix)
                                7. Prospect Park “Shake It Up Tonight” (Dave Lee Disco Re Shake)
                                8. The Vison Feat Andreya Triana “Mountains” (Dave Lee Live And Direct Extended Mix)
                                9. Roland Wrightangle Feat Darcus “In Your Blood” (Dave Lee Funk In Your Blood Mix)
                                10. Ja’Shay “Shout Hallelujah” (Dave Lee Redemption Mix)


                                Disc 1:
                                A1. Dave & Omar – Starlight
                                A2. Jayenne Feat. Gina Carey - Love Walked In The Room
                                B1. Foreal People Feat. Xan Blacq - Raise A Blaze.
                                B2. Mistura Feat. Jemini - Want Me Back

                                Disc 2:
                                C1 Dave Lee Feat. Billy Valentine - Taste My Love
                                C2 Mistura Feat. Tiffany T'Zelle - If You Ever Need Somebody
                                C3 The Sunburst Band Feat. Angela Johnson - Face The Love.
                                D1 Raw Essence Feat. Lifford - Do It Again
                                D2 Dave Lee Feat. Billy Valentine - Power Of The Mind (Power Trip Mix)
                                D3 The Sunburst Band - Let's Do It In Style

                                Bonus 12”:
                                E1 Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Don't Leave Me This Way (Dave Lee Philly World Mix)
                                F1 Kokomo - Use Your Imagination (Dave Lee Re-Imagined Mix)

                                19 - Various Artists

                                Blue Note Re:imagined II

                                  Legendary labels Decca Records and Blue Note have joined forces for Blue Note Re:imagined; a brand-new collection of classic Blue Note tracks, reworked and newly recorded by a selection of the UK scene’s most exciting young talents.

                                  Blue Note Re:imagined returns this year with a new 16-track compilation featuring fresh takes on music from the illustrious Blue Note vaults recorded by a heavyweight line-up of the UK jazz, soul and R&B scene’s most hotly-tipped rising stars. Arriving off the back of the widespread international success of the first volume, which topped jazz charts around the globe, Blue Note Re:imagined II once again infuses the spirit of the new UK jazz generation into the legendary label’s iconic catalogue, balancing the genre’s tradition with its future and reflecting the melting pot of talent and diversity within the current scene.

                                  “For more than eight decades the artists of Blue Note Records have continually pushed the envelope of contemporary music, and Blue Note Re:imagined II once again honours that legacy by letting the UK’s most creative young artists reinvent the treasures of the Blue Note catalogue through their own lens.” – Blue Note President, Don Was.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Yazz Ahmed - It (Chick Correa)
                                  2. Conor Albert - You Make Me Feel So Good (Bobbi Humphrey)
                                  3. Parthenope - Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones)
                                  4. Swindle - Miss Kane (Donald Byrd)
                                  5. Nubiyan Twist - Through The Noise (Chant No.2) (Donald Byrd)
                                  6. Ego Ella May - Morning Side Of Love (Chico Hamilton)
                                  7. Oscar Jerome - Green With Envy (Grant Green)
                                  8. Daniel Casimir Ft. Rita Moran - Lost (Wayne Shorter)
                                  9. Theon Cross - Epistrophy (Thelonious Monk)
                                  10. Maya Delilah - Harvest Moon (Cassandra Wilson)
                                  11. Kay Young - Feel Like Making Love (Marlena Shaw)
                                  12. Venna & Marco - Where Are We Going (Donald Byrd)
                                  13. Reuben James - Infant Eyes (Wayne Shorter)
                                  14. Binker Golding - Fort Worth (Joe Lovano)
                                  15. Cherise - Sunrise (Norah Jones)
                                  16. Franc Moody - Cristo Redentor (Donald Byrd)

                                  The first volume of Back To Mine was released back in 1999 by Nick Warren, designed to showcase a selection of tracks you’d find and be heard playing at the artist's home. Selectors have come in the form of New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Fatboy Slim, and Faithless who all dug deep to find their essential at-home listening. The latest compilers in the Back To Mine series are none-other than the renowned four-piece, Horse Meat Disco. The horsemen are known for their incredibly fun, deep-diving selections, and this shines through in their Back To Mine compilation in flamboyant style.

                                  Over the course of 16 years of their nightclub tenure, they have become a global brand as pinnacle players of the queer party scene in London and beyond, holding down residencies in New York, Berlin, and Lisbon. Their flamboyant nature and incredibly fun, deep-diving selections have made them one of Disco’s most beloved acts. Across 15 eclectically brilliant tracks, Horse Meat Disco, which comprises Jim Stanton, James Hillard, Luke Howard, and Severino Panzetta expertly traverse through classic disco cuts, wonky dancefloor groovers, and silky smooth soul.

                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                  Barry says: You always know you're in good hands with a 'Back To Mine' and this time sees London disco favourites Horse Meat Disco pull out an absolutely simmering collection of late night funk and disco classics, as well as a good few lesser heard gems. Superb.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A1. Gwen McCrae - Move Me Baby (Danny Krivit Edit)
                                  A2. Alien Alien Feat Igino - Perfidia (Severino Panzetta & Ray Mang Remix)
                                  A3. Escape From New York - Fire In My Heart
                                  B1. Margie Lomax - God’s Greatest Gift To Man Is A Woman
                                  B2. Róisín Murphy - Ancora Ancora Ancora (Severino & Nico De Ceglia Remix)
                                  B3. Marianne Faithfull - Sex With Strangers (feat. Beck)
                                  B4. Lisa King - You've Got Magic
                                  C1. William Stuckey - Just Around The Corner
                                  C2. Larry Heard Presents Ona King - Premonition Of Lost Love (Extended Adult Mix)
                                  C3. Kassav - Avèou Doudou
                                  C4. Fajardo '76 - C'mon Baby, Do The Latin Hustle (Oye Mami Ven Y Baila El Latin Hustle)
                                  D1. GAME - Gotta Take Your Love (Single Version)
                                  D2. Horse Meat Disco & Kathy Sledge - Jump Into The Light (Wash House Dub)
                                  D3. Horse Meat Disco Featuring Xavier Smith & ROY INC. - Self Control (Eagle Dub)
                                  D4. The RAH Band - Messages From The Stars

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