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Having escaped civil war in Sri Lanka, Maya Arulpragasam, aka MIA, spent her childhood on a London sink estate, ending up at St Martins School Of Art. Inspired by the likes of Peaches and Justine Frischman, she burst onto the London scene with the amazing Ross Orton (Fat Truckers) produced raggaclash track "Galang". After a handful of other singles (the XL released "Sunshowers" and re-released "Galang", promo-only "Hombre" and "Bucky Done Gun") she now delivers her scorching debut album "Arular". The tracks are built from a mongrel mix of hip hop, dancehall and electro, creating a backdrop of dislocated beats and pounding basslines for MIA to add her scattergun vocal delivery to, with topics ranging from teenage prostitution and poverty to war and consumerism. Full of in yer face punk attitude, but with depth too, "Arular" is set to be one of THE albums of 2005. Love it!

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