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Crazy Itch Radio

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"Crazy Itch Radio" certainly scratches the spot, with Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton swerving from all-out drama on the operatic intro straight into the jet-packed kaleidoscopic pop of the future hit single "Hush Boy" which features live collaborator Vula Malinga, last heard on "Oh My Gosh". Rammed up next, "Take Me Back To Your House" is a sexy, energetic moment of what they're calling 'banjo house'. There's also Balkan folk woven into vocals from Swedish pop sensation Robyn on "Hey U", a hyper grime tune cussing vain boys from East London's Lady Marga, titled "Run 4 Cover" (previewed on one of their Stop label 10"s), and "Lights Go Down", a Wil Malone-scored beauty with legendary British singer Linda Lewis.

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