Devendra Banhart

Cripple Crow

Image of Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow

About this item

"Cripple Crow" finds Devendra continuing his extraordinary growth as a writer, vocalist and musician. Songs like "Now That I Know" and "I Do Dig A Certain Girl" among others provide more of the hushed, mysterious acoustic alchemy that delighted listeners on preceding set though the new tunes show still greater artistic depth and delicacy. Other performances are more elaborate featuring a range of electric instruments, rock rhythm section, sitar, flute, violin, cello, exotic percussion, et cetera. Banhart and company evoke a tribe of sun-dappled psychedelic gypsies on "When They Come", while "Long Haired Child" has a more acid-damaged garage-band cut and thrust. "Pensando Enti", "Quedate Luna" and "Luna De Margarita" are gorgeous ballads sung in lilting Spanish. All in all, "Cripple Crow" witnesses Banhart furthering his mastery of the acoustic/experimental idiom he helped pioneer as well providing himself with fresh challenges an artist.

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