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Toko gift us another timeless classic from the much-lauded archive, with Attaboy (Paul Ingall, Alec Greenhough and in house producer Si Bradshaw) penning this deep house masterpiece sometime in 1997. Now a highly coveted 12", the label have decided it time to reissue it on mint vinyl without the £25+ price tag.

"Autopsy In B Flat" is a driving, late night house affair; with heavily compressed, echo drenched percussion working beautifully alongside the hefty bass plumes and niggly lead licks. It's perfectly arranged to let waves of ecstasy-fueled ripple through your body during the subtle breakdowns, before the heads-down, energetic dancing takes over again when the drums kick back in.

"Kookaburra" is equally hypnotic, with extended passages of percussion and bass tethering the whole track onto a dreamy yet driving line of revelry. The wafty synth stabs and growling square waves all complete the sonic canvas in a grandiose style; there's simply no element out of place or unthought out.

Both tracks possess an ever-so-slight proggy element to them too, making them as perfect for big, open air arenas as they are for pitch black nightclubs with low ceilings and a red light.

Limited reissue - won't hang around long! 


Matt says: A top drawer, lesser known deep house nugget from '97 gets reissued by the Toko label. Stylish and direct, it's remained remarkably timeless some 25 years later


A. Autopsy In B Flat
B. Kookaburra

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