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Amrak Seedna & Abtal Wa Harameyah - 2024 Reissue

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Wewantsounds is delighted to announce the reissue of Ziad Rahbani's cult album "Amrak Seedna & Abtal Wa Harameyah," one of his praised albums from the 80s, released on the sought-after Lebanese label Relax-in in 1987. This release is an event as the album, recorded at Rahbani's By-Pass studio, was only released in Lebanon at the time. Mixing Arabic music with Funk and Fusion Jazz and hints of Boogie, it's a bonified Rahbani classic, sought after by Arabic groove DJs and collectors around the world. The reissue features audio remastered by Colorsound Studio in Paris and a 2 page insert with a new introduction by Mario Choueiry from Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris (English/French).


1. Al Muqademah 1 (Introduction 1)
2. I'alan (Advertisement)
3. Mashad Al Fahes (Examination)
4. Tango
5. Break
6. Al Muqademah 2 (Introduction 2) - Inst.
7. Al Muqademah (Introduction) - Inst.
8. Tagheer Awal (First Change)
9. Oghniyat El Shahadeen
10. Tagheer Thani (Second Change)
11. Al Piano
12. Tagheer Thaleth (Third Change)
13. Al Jeel (The Generation)
14. Hake Ad Ma Baddak Fee
15. Oghniyat El Gharam
16. Mashhad Al Hob
17. End Of Chapter 1
18. Kabbaret Dancing
19. Kbareah Wa Mhajjaren
20. Slow
21. Mashhad Al Serk
22. Final - Al Adala

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