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Jus Wan

The Crossing / Flashpoint

Tube10 were blown away when they received Justin 'Jus Wan' Shield's demo CD, so they decided to give the tracks on it a vinyl outing: "The Crossing" is a heavy piece of uplifting dubstep like we've never heard before, by combining trance like sounds with the minimalness from Berlins techno scene Wan has concocted a new and innovative hybrid sound. The flip features "Flashpoint", which combines a 2step-ish break with JW's signature subs, showing there's more to dubstep then just wobbles and bass. Again, quality from the top shelf. DJ support comes from Appleblim, Ikonika, Joe Nice, Martyn, Bun Zero, F, Markle, Ben UFO, Headhunter, TRG and loads more!

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