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Babylon Dance Band

Somebody / Rubbertown

    Standard-bearers of the early Louisville scene, Babylon Dance Band created (largely out of whole cloth) the magic that later became identifiable as the Louisville sound: abstract yet urgent garagepunk stylings smothered in generous helpings of guitar heroism and surprisingly soul-shouterinfluenced vocals.

    In December 1980, the Babylon Dance Band’s massive artistic footprint landed them on the cover of NYC’s Village Voice (even before the band’s first single was released). A year later, they broke up before releasing this: their posthumous second single.

    Later generations of Louisville rockers from Squirrel Bait to King Kong to Slint to Will Oldham to Tara Jane O’Neil freely cite Babylon Dance Band as a major influence, as do northern compatriots including Yo La Tengo.

    In 1994, Matador Records issued a posthumous Babylon Dance Band LP. Today, Babylon Dance Band guitarist Tara Key and bassist Tim Harris continue to work together in the New York City band, Antietam.


    1. Somebody
    2. Rubbertown

    King Kong

    Bring It On

      The second-ever release by Louisville legends (and venerable Drag City recording artists) King Kong.

      This record is the centrepiece of Ethan Buckler’s high concept ‘blues’ trilogy that began with King Kong’s ‘Movie Star’ debut single (later reissued on Drag City) and concluded with the band’s debut LP, ‘The Old Man on the Bridge’.

      Here, a power-trio lineup plays a triad of perfect songs and, in so doing, saves rock and roll from being ‘Albinized’.

      In Conflict zine, Gerard Cosloy described this era of King Kong thusly: “King Kong have an almost unnatural understanding of the relationship between the various instruments. Or, as The Frogs would say: ‘That was a good drum break.’” You need this record.


      1. The Boy
      2. The Man
      3. The Birdy Song

      Love Child

      Love Child

        In the secret history of indie-punk, Love Child were the missing link between Sonic’s Rendezvous Band and Bikini Kill. “[O]ne of Gotham’s most mercurial bands, able to leap from twee pop tunes to galvanizing skronkadelic constructs in a single bound.” - Trouser Press.

        This, Love Child’s debut release, features shredding guitar (by future Drag City recording artist / author Alan Licht), cheeky lyrics, teen angst, proto-riot grrl, Ubu references, and songs that get way inside your skin and don’t let go. Plus: an incredible full-colour picture sleeve by Rudolph Grey.


        1. Know It's Alright
        2. Things I Noticed
        3. Asking For It
        4. He's So Sensitive
        5. Crocus Says
        6. Sofa

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