Love Child

Love Child

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Trash Flow Records

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In the secret history of indie-punk, Love Child were the missing link between Sonic’s Rendezvous Band and Bikini Kill. “[O]ne of Gotham’s most mercurial bands, able to leap from twee pop tunes to galvanizing skronkadelic constructs in a single bound.” - Trouser Press.

This, Love Child’s debut release, features shredding guitar (by future Drag City recording artist / author Alan Licht), cheeky lyrics, teen angst, proto-riot grrl, Ubu references, and songs that get way inside your skin and don’t let go. Plus: an incredible full-colour picture sleeve by Rudolph Grey.


1. Know It's Alright
2. Things I Noticed
3. Asking For It
4. He's So Sensitive
5. Crocus Says
6. Sofa

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