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The Zodiac

Cosmic Sounds - 2024 Reissue

    Cosmic Sounds is a collaborative concept album, based on the signs of the Zodiac and originally released in 1967 by Elektra Records. Mort Garson, who is known for his collaborations with Doris Day and Glen Campbell, was asked to compose the psychedelic rock music and record it together with producer and The Limeliters co-founder Alex Hassilev. Different session musicians were brought in to contribute to the recordings, including most notably Moog synth guru Paul Beaver and narrator Cyrus Faryar.


    Side A
    1. Aries - The Fire-Fighter
    2. Taurus - The Voluptuary
    3. Gemini - The Cool Eye
    4. Cancer - The Moon Child
    5. Leo - The Lord Of Lights
    6. Virgo - The Perpetual Perfectionist

    Side B
    1. Libra - The Flower Child
    2. Scorpio - The Passionate Hero
    3. Sagittarius - The Versatile Daredevil
    4. Capricorn - The Uncapricious Climber
    5. Aquarius - The Lover Of Life
    6. Pisces - The Peace Piper

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