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Slaughter And The Dogs

A Dog Day Afternoon

    Wythenshawe's finest Slaughter And The Dogs on TKO's "Ringside" live series "A Dog Day Afternoon" is the live album documenting t'Dogs historic first ever US tour. They're all here from 1976's "Cranked Up Really High" to tracks from their 2001 LP "Beware Of Slaughter And The Dogs". Don't forget your rabies vaccines.

    The Boils

    Pride And Persecution

      Second album from Philadelphia punk rock anarchists the Boils. They've toured, and gigged and gigged and toured and are a slick as shit and twice as pustulose as a snot grobblin' band has any right to be. "Pride And Persecution" has been a long time coming, and it proves to be well worth the wait. An adrenaline-amped mixture of old school punk and hardcore.

      The Stitches

      12 Imaginary Inches

        One of the most impressive old skool punk outfits around today, The Stitches are TKO Records' most important Southern California band (also to the current punk music scene too). This is the first Stitches full-length CD from the band voted among the top 10 current punk bands in Spin Magazine's 2001 Punk Rock Special Issue.


        Honour Among Thieves

          "Honour Among Thieves" is Antiseen's highly regarded debut album. Presented for the first time with the 'original' artwork that was never used, TKO Records has also gone through great lengths to remaster this recording for the pleasure of your delicate ears. So thank your stars you can finally get your grubby little hands on a record that was thought to be lost to the ages. But be sure to wear gloves, this one is noxious.


          Southern Hostility

            Vintage punk rock from Antiseen, the aptly titled "Southern Hostility". The band, that could barely get along at the time, churned out a distortion frenzy the like the world had never heard! It's all here in its original monster wall-of-noise glory, now remastered to give it that extra kick to the head you'll need to get through to the last track!


            Drastic / Royalty

              Giving the finger to the concept of melody and subtlety Antiseen's debut recordings are dredged up on one highly inflammable CD. The "Drastic" and "Royalty" EPs are remastered to bring out the fullest potential of these scuzzy old skool destructo masterpieces that'll either have you jumping for joy, or jumping out a window!

              The Ritchie Whites

              Snitches Get Stitches

                Influenced by bands like the Ramones and the Misfits, Texans the Ritchie Whites mix anthemic punk to mid-tempo sleaze. Their catchy brand of punk 'n' roll is hammered out with a style reminiscent of early US punk rock.

                The Beltones

                Cheap Trinkets

                  Another strong TKO release. This is the Beltones second album and these Florida punk boys are great at combining typical high speed US punk with a gritty mixture of 50s rockabilly and 60s mod. Well worth checking out.

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