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Even Serpents Shine - 2024 Reissue

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A year after their acclaimed self-titled debut album, The Only Ones followed up with Even Serpents Shine. The sophomore album was met with positive reviews like "Even Serpents Shine doesn’t boast an out-of-the-box classic tune along the lines of 'Another Girl, Another Planet' from the debut, but in many respects, this is the more consistent album, achieving a similar degree of thematic and melodic variety while generating a more coherent sound and feeling”.


Andy says: Another moody but exhilarating outing which mixed heavy, brooding numbers with simply gorgeous pop in the likes of Flaming Torch, Out There In The Night and the exquisite Someone Who Cares. Just ask Johnny Marr!!


1. From Here To Eternity
2. Flaming Torch
3. You’ve Got To Play
4. No Solution
5. Inbetweens
6. Out There In The Night

1. Curtains For You
2. Programme
3. Someone Who Cares
4. Miles From Nowhere
5. Instrumental

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