Harri Pierson

DB12 013

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Duca Bianco

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Harri Pierson bangs the box with his new EP for Duca Bianco, a full thrill mix of disco and house sounds that want to get the party going. 'Instant Message' has a dense mix of raw drum sounds and squelchy synths with interesting melodic designs and steamy female coos. 'Techno Native' is laced up with piano stabs and a hint of old school energy then 'Trippy Too' cuts loose with a head-twisting mix of drums and whistles and bass and pads. 'Young Australians' then brings some big guitar licks to a Balearic beat that is for dancing under the stars. All four of these cuts are unique and compelling.


Mine says: Duca Bianco continue their edits series with 4 hot slices from Harri Pierson. There should be something for everyone on here but the stand out for me is the anthemic soft rock chugger Young Australians. I dare you to keep still while this is on... Am about to put it on in the shop and see how long it'll take Andy to perform a bit of air guitar/piano. Watch this space.


Instant Message
Techno Native
Trippy Too
Young Australians

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