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Richard Hawley

Coles Corner - Coloured Vinyl Reissue

    Critics were almost unanimous in their praise for Coles Corner, originally released on 5 September 2005.

    Richard's third solo album (his fourth if you include the self titled mini album). It was recorded at Yellowarch Studio in his hometown of Sheffield and is a beautiful album, filled with nostalgia, emotion and romance. Its orchestral splendour sits alongside earthy rock and roll, with songs that are by turns intimate and soaring.

    The title immortalises the legendary Sheffield landmark Coles Corner, a popular meeting place of old and new lovers.

    The album was nominated for the 2006 Mercury Music Prize for best album.


    Coloured LP Info: 1500 copies on transparent amber vinyl.

    Richard Hawley

    Standing At The Sky's Edge - Coloured Vinyl Reissue


      2xColoured LP Info: Double LP with Gatefold Sleeve plus 8 page 12” booklet.
      700 copies on transparent blue sparkle vinyl.

      Richard Hawley

      Hollow Meadows - Coloured Vinyl Reissue

        Recorded at Sheffield’s Yellow Arch Studio in spring 2015, Hollow Meadows' sees Hawley return to the classic, sophisticated songwriting and subtle arrangements that made him so widely loved and revered in the first place.

        Meditating on such themes as ageing, fallibility and relationships, much of the album shares a brooding, yet wistful and romantic atmosphere in keeping with early albums Late Night Final and Lowedges, as well as touches of 2009’s Truelove’s Gutter (‘Nothing Like A Friend’) and Standing At The Sky’s Edge (‘Which Way’, ‘Welcome The Sun’).


        2xColoured LP Info: Double LP with Gatefold Sleeve and 8 page 12” booklet.
        700 copies on transparent blue vinyl.

        Richard Hawley

        Truelove’s Gutter - Coloured Vinyl Reissue

          Truelove's Gutter, the sixth studio album from Hawley, was first released on 21 September 2009.

          Another album title referring to an ancient street in Hawley's native Sheffield, now thought to be the location of present-day Castle Street, which was allegedly named after 18th-century innkeeper Thomas Truelove, who used charge local people to dump their rubbish in the gutter in the street that then flowed down to the River Don.

          Thematically, Hawley’s darkest album to date. The album features some uncommon instrumentation, such as the waterphone, megabass, and cristal baschet.


          2xColoured LP Info: Double LP with gatefold sleeve plus 8 Page 12” booklet.
          1100 copies on transparent amethyst vinyl.

          Richard Hawley

          Lady's Bridge - Coloured Vinyl Reissue

            Lady's Bridge is the fifth studio album from Richard Hawley, originally released on 20 August 2007.

            "Lady's Bridge" is filled with enough classics to last you a lifetime. Great music doesn't need hype, it makes its own friends. And "Lady's Bridge" will find plenty. As they did in "Coles Corner", ghosts haunt "Lady's Bridge" – the dying embers of past romances in "Valentine", the 16-piece string orchestral lush opener, there are the victims of the Great Sheffield Flood remembered in "Roll River Roll" and the glorious "The Sun Refused To Shine", the lonesome wanderlust of "The Sea Calls" and "Dark Road". There is tenderness (the lovely "Our Darkness" which finds our hero returning to the sanctuary of home) and grit too, the first single – "Tonight The Streets Are Ours" is quite possibly the most beautiful song about the brutality of the British government's anti-social behaviour policy you are ever likely to hear. The album's title "Lady's Bridge" is a Sheffield landmark and the oldest bridge to cross the river Don. 'I used to walk across it nearly every day, it was a gateway from the poor bit of town to the rich bit' - Richard Hawley. The album was recorded at Yellow Arch Studio in Neepsend, Sheffield in the dilapidated building that Hawley had helped out with the restoration of almost four years ago. Yellow Arch gives Hawley what he calls 'that Sun Studio red light factor' and the pressure of turning up with the bones of an idea and leaving with a masterpiece.

            The album was certified gold for sales of 100,000 copies in the UK on 11 June 2010.


            Coloured LP Info: 700 copies on transparent green vinyl.

            Eleven gorgeous, late night, storytelling songs by the erstwhile Pulp and Longpigs guitarist. Hawley croons lovelorn words which evoke the late 50s in their charm and sweetness. Musically it's pretty and melodic, acoustic guitar ballads, lushly fleshed out with lapsteel, vibes, Mellotron and shimmery, echoey electric (guitar). Warm, poetic and inviting, this is a beautiful record and a balm for aching hearts everywhere!

            Originally released in 2003, this was his second album, or third if you include his self titled mini-LP too. Although it follows a similar late night, love lorn style as his previous releases, it's musically and atmospherically a much bigger sound and hinted at what was to come with it's stunning follow-up Coles Corner. 

            Truly classic, timeless songs, americana guitars (think Mazzy Star or maybe even Lambchop), and echoed vocals mixed with a very English sound. Imagine the soundtrack to Blue Velvet, recorded in Sheffield! Absolutely brilliant!

            The Tacticians

            Some Kind Of Urban Fulfilment

            Brothers Joe Jr. and Ollie, the songwriting core of the band, have a soft spot for three minute pop songs drawing inspiration from their outsized record collections - old soul, ska, country, 60s pop. People have made comparisons to The Kinks mainly due to their tongue in cheek moments and the brother situation. They're not going to argue with that. That said, don't get confused and think retro, The Tacticians are London 2007.

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